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Will idle but not accelerate - 2000 Saturn SL

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If it loses power possible fuel filter
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My 2007 saturn ion makes a growling noise when accelerating from 0 to 40 and the idle sound is not quite right. Slight vibrations. Also, the RPM is higher than normal (idle 1500) and raises to 2500 when it growls.

Do you have a check engine light on? ... Cars & Trucks

Saturn sl2 rough idle wont accelerate. We replaced the timing chain, spark plugs, air filter, TPS sensor, and changed oil. We check the coils, plug wires, fuse block, and negative ground. Problems started leaving work. started fine, went to accelerate from the parking spot and it killed. Wouldn't idle or start. We made the above repairs and now it will idle but wont accelerate.

... 1999 Saturn SL

Acceleration issue I have a 1999 Saturn SL1. When I am accelerating between 60 - 110 km/h or so the car seems to chug and loose power as though it is not getting enough gas. It will gradually increase but slowly. If I press the pedal enough to engage the lower gear it accelerates fine. It seems like there is not enough fuel provided to the engine in the higher gear but good if more pressure by higher rpm's. The car also idles at around 500 - 600 rpm when hot. Please help as I travel on the highw

Just a suggestion, but the EGR valve can cause that problem. If that checks ok, then I would have the catalytic converter checked for clogging. Both ideas would cause that specific problem. I sincerely hope that this can solve the problem, or at leas ... 1999 Saturn SL

02' Jeep liberty speedometer is fluctuating between 0 and 90 miles per hour at idle. And if you accelerate it goes to 120 mph and stays there. If you stop at a stop sign/light it starts dinging until you accelerate again and the motor surged at one point while accelerating. Can anyone help me figure out what is causing this problem?

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I have a 2001 Saturn Sc with the 1.9L. It has a high idle but seemingly no oil leaks. It will idle about 2500 rpm for a few seconds then go down to normal when sitting. When I drive, it seems as if the idle stays high when I release the accelerator then goes down after a few seconds. Any suggestions?

My 2001 Saturn SC2 would randomly rev itself, i did a diagnostic test at auto zone and found the temp. sensor was going out fixed the problem. Ya its fun when your car keeps going when you let off the gas O_o. Hope this helps! ... 2001 Saturn SC

My used Saturn ion 2003 making loud clicking noise when idling and not accelerating

You buy a 10 year old car that isn't even made anymoreand know it has issuesDo you not have a repair shop you use for many years that has been around for decadesYou need a shop to go thru the entire car & fix ALL problems ... 2004 Saturn ION

My 2001 Saturn SL1, when in gear idles (when I have my foot on the brakes) at 1300-1500 RPM. When I put it in park it idles at 2500 RPM. Tonight I noticed that from a complete stop at a stop sign, I can let my foot off the brakes and it will go and gain speed up to about 35 MPH without me stepping on the accelerator. Is this a throttle issue or something else?

... 2001 Saturn S-Series

I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee 4.7 liter 4x4. the problem i am having is that when i turn the jeep on and it is idling the oil pressure is at about 40 lbs. however as soon as i touch the accelerator the pressure will drop to 0 until i let off the accelerator and then it will return to normal. it only does this after the engine gets cold or the first start of the day. the outside temperature seems to affect this some what because i used to be able to let the jeep warm up for 10-15 minutes when

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Idles high I have a 95 saturn with service light on codes read 32 33 EGR and MAP sensor. When this happens the car idles about 1500 - 2000 rpm and hesitates on acceleration. I'm not sure about the model it's a 4 door car.

Zab, First things first, check for any vacuum leaks, hoses that are disconnected, cracked or just plain worn out. Also check for vacuum leaks around the throttle body.\015\012 It really sounds like you have an EGR valve that is stuck open ever ... 1995 Saturn Sl

2009 Saturn Aura stutters and will not accelerate when pressing on accelerator, will give a small kick back.. Mechanic said fuel pump. When gas is low stutters more. Can't idle for long stutters like it will cut off.

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05 vue 3.5 runs&dies starts&dies several times until i put my foot on the accelerator petal then it idles but 0 acceleration when pressed

CHECK THE TPS SENSOR AND MAF SENSOR IF OK CHECK FUEL PRESSURE.\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012TIM ... 2005 Saturn VUE

The service engine light is on and sometimes blinks; auto zone ran dianostics Code P0304 the car idles roughly uses more than normal gas backfires when I accelerate ( small backfires ) shakes when it idles 2.2 liter 4 cyclinder 2001 Saturn

P0304 means Cylinder 4 Misfire DetectedThe first thing I would do is replace the #4 spark plug and spark plug wire. If you want to you could try the wire first because that may be whats causing the problem. Personally, I would just do both. Als ... Saturn SL2

1994 Lexus SC: has 175,000 miles, drives great. Lately, will not hold idle at all. I could be travelling 65 mph, but if I completely take my foot off the accelerator, it will drop to 0 rpm and die. Same at slow or medium speeds. Starts up easily, but dies unless I throttle it with ACCELERATOR constantly at 500 rpm or higher. Problem developed gradually.

Your throttle body needs to be cleaned and serviced, it's possible that your idle air control motor is dirty internally or gone bad also. If it starts up cold ok and idle's ok then starts stalling after it warm's up you just need to have the throttle ... Lexus SC 400

2000 Saturn lw2 p300 p171 p174 rough idle on start a loss power on acceleration

... Cars & Trucks

1997 Saturn SC2 5-speed idling/revving oddly on start-up, up-shift, and stop. While starting, revs double normal for 5-10 secs, then settles; shifting while accelerating, revs 500+ RPM higher AFTER stepping in the clutch; and stopping (with clutch in), engine doubles normal idle til stopped completely for at least 5-10 secs.

There are a couple of things to look at. first take a look at the tempature controll sensor, its on the right side of the block. It kinda looks like a spark plug sticking out the side of the block. If its cracked or broken then it will mess with y ... Saturn SC2

1987 2 0 liter idles buts stalls when accelerated

1\015\012Inspect\015\012\015\012here are the possiblilties\015\012\015\012\015\012FreshAir Intake Hose\015\012Clogged or Damaged FreshAir Intake Hose.\015\012\015\0123\015\012Inspect\015\012Throttle Position Sensor\015\012Faul ... 1987 Ford Ranger

My 2000 saturn will idle but will not accelerate

... 2000 Saturn Ls 4dr Sedan

When pushing on the accelerator the car will just idle on my 2000 SL2 Saturn

This car has a fully electronically controlled throttle, so you must have the dealer or a well equipped shop run diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem. The throttle has not mechanical parts, just electrical sensors and a motor that opens ... 2000 Saturn SL

Boost problem 95 chevy 2500 6.5 diesel.Recently stopped making any boost at all.turbo still spools but holds no boost.does not black smoke to bad.it stumbles when i accelerate fast and has no power.it idles at 0 psi and maybe goes up to 4 at higher rpms.it has many mods and should have around 15 lbs of boost.whats wrong?

Check vacuum pump. Be sure lines are good all the way to to wastegate soleniod. be sure wastegate solenoid has power. Confirm rod is connected to solenoid and turbo wastegate.\015\012Also check all plumbing for leaks. ... 1995 Chevrolet C2500

1991 Saturn SL SOHC has two strange conditions that I can't figure out. First, the car seems to have a slight but constant acceleration at any speed under 30mph, and second, when you put the car into neutral or park it revs to 2500-3000 rpm for several seconds before going into a normal 1000 rpm idle. Any suggestions?

The idle air control valve can cause the symptoms your describing and it may not set a trouble code have it replaced and see if that repairs your issue ... 1991 Saturn SL

I have a 2007 Saturn ION, been wonderful so far, I have a little over 90,000 mi on it, now my "check engine" light appears then disappears, I'm getting the p0300 error, something about it misfiring, It idles poorly and when the "check engine" light is lit up, it tends to "kick" as I accelerate, but seems to run well when the "engine" light is NOT lit up, any "idears"

I've had the same problem before. Autozone had a code reader and said that it was/had misfired on cylinder #3, which will trigger the check engine light. Start with the cheapest and easiest fix first, install new spark plugs. If that works, great! ... 2007 Saturn ION-2 Quad Coupe

Got water in gas tank, now will not accelerate, is idling low. Speedomoter and RPMs not working. Engine revs up to 3 RPMs when going about 40 and seems to ge stuck there. Says doing 40 but feels like I'm doing 20. Rounded corner on test drive this morning and both RPMs and speedometer went to 0 but car was still moving.

It almost sounds like an electronic problem (i.e. ECU). I don't think it would be a fuse because you wouldn't have anything at all. Sometimes when the instrument cluster starts to act up, you'll get a lot of problems with the engine running. In this ... 2004 Ford Escape

My Saturn just started hesitating and missing today. We went through and changed the fuel filter and fixed the negative battery cable where it had broken on the bellhousing. When we got it all back together it still rumbles while at idle and while accelerating up to about 3000 rpms. Most of the noise that goes along with this seems to be coming from the exhaust. I am unsure where to turn to next to try and fix this problem and make my car run smoothly again.

Sounds like a miss IN the engine. You changed the fuel filter so the next step would be to check your "coil pack". (The coils the spark plugs are attached to). Depending on when you last changed your plugs and wires, or if they're original, they need ... 1996 Saturn SL

Saturn sl2 sputters when i accelerate and check engine light came on when i kicked it down into passing gear,seems to idle a little low now seems to be getting worse

You'll need to get the trouble codes to see what is the problem. Many auto parts stores will pull the codes for free - I'd start there. ... 1993 Saturn SL2

Car dies My 1994 saturn sL1 runs fine till it warms up. When I get to a stop light and accelerate to go the rpm's shoot up to 3000 and dies acting as if its out of gas. Then takes about 5 to ten min to start up again. It also has died in the same manner on the hi way. I've replaced the idle sensor valve and cleaned out the erg value. Please help. Violet

Disconnect the vacumm line to the EGR valve and plug the hose. If this solves the problem then your valve is bad. ... 1992 Saturn SL
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