Having problems with your 2000 Saturn L-Series ?

When should I get a tune-up for my 2000 Saturn LS?

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Jai lamp srs alume sur ma classe 99??????
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He has a wire pinched under one of the coils that go over the spark plugs.Good Luck sounds like a real good guy! ... Saturn L300

I've just recently gotten a oil change and tune up to my car. After I had a accident with my car involving a dear a year ago. Now before I got this tune up my car was working fine and the minute I get my car is shaking really crazy it almost sound like the engine wants to shut off, but it doesn't when you press on the gas it jumps and slowly accelerates. The people at the garage said that I need a coil and it would smooth. How many coils does a Saturn have? Do you think a coil could fix the prob

If the coils were bad, you would have more then that issue and does any check engine light show up on your dash. What kind of tune up did they do??? Wondering if they crossed the spark plug wires, if they did change that or if they just replaced the ... 2001 Saturn SL

When should I get a tune-up for my 2000 Saturn LS?

Jai lamp srs alume sur ma classe 99?????? ... 2000 Saturn L-Series

Fuel system 96 Saturn sc2 i turn key on and i get 46 psi for 10 sec then it drops to 0 it still starts for about 45 sec pump does not kick back on and it stalls if i turn off and back on it starts all over.

Car is not seeing rpm's. Sounds like a bad crank sensor. The rpms signal the pump to turn on while the vehicle is running. ... 1993 Saturn SC2

When should i get a tune up on a 2006 saturn vue v6

... 2006 Saturn Vue

Hi i have a question about car engine, i have a projekt im am building and for that i have a stock 130 hp 2 l 4 cylinder engine no mods or tuning done ion it its just stock, but if i want to have something like a nos effekt could i instead of nos use pressureized air , so if i have a small 20-30 l air tank on my "car" at maybe 10 Bar then requlate it down to 0,5 -1 bar and press it into the engines air intake then i should get + certain increase of horsepower for adleast a little while , i

It would have to be a high pressure tank to do you much good, 2000 to 3000 lbs pressure regulated down, it would be close to a nitros setup, you'll have to dial in the right manifold pressure,these setups are like a passing gear,top gear, pedal to th ... 1992 Saab 9000

2004 Chevrolt Aveo LS Hatchback: hold light keeps coming on/engaging by itself, causing car to go no higher than 3rd gear when driving. rpm are around 4-5 when this is happening. dealer says get a tune up- we get tune up, ok for maybe 2-3 weeks, then problem starts again. dealer always says tune up. clearly tune up is not the problem.

This is not a tune up your transmission is flaring. Some erratic shiftting may not set a code problem,These problem have been traced to a harness to the transmission from poor connection ... Chevrolet Aveo

This is another problem I have with my 93 Saturn. When I get stopped in traffic or drive for long distances then get off hwy- my Saturn won't shift out of 2nd gear--it is a automatic. I have to pull over and let it sit for about 5-7 minutes then I start it up and it runs fine and will shift until I get in stop and go traffic again.. I think my car has a mind of its own.. Anybody have any suggestions? I replaced my tranny about 10 yrs ago but now failing me..this has been a problem for me for sev


Gas Consumption We purchased the Jeep in May used it was running great, we did have to change the starter and a tie rod end to the tune of around $450.00. But I am getting really worried about the consumption of gasoline. I asked a mechanic friend and he stated we should get a tune up this is what I had planned on doing but he also said he could be the tranmission getting the rpm's but not the speed or something to thast effect. We have put gas in the jeep and it is almost filled we drive the fi

Sell the jeep or get a gas converjan ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

How to tune a b210 caburatorI manage get the idle tuning perfect next how to tune the rune up(when in running it put out blak smoke)

Something internal in the carburetor is wrong, maybe the accelerator pump seal or gasket is bad. Think you will have to put a rebuild kit in the carb. There's no outside adjustment for it being way too rich. ... Nissan Pickup

2002 Saturn L300, engine starts but only idles. Will not respond to throttle movement. Also get "reduced power" light on intrument panel as well as a P1516 code (Electronic Throttle Module). Do I just need to replace the throttle module at the throttle body? I'm also getting a P2105 but according to Saturn, it doesn't exist. A U2105 (communication error) does however, and I'm wondering if my reader just got the prefix code wrong.

Hi,P1516Tests/Procedures:1. Clear code and start engine, if code does not reset stroke accelerator pedal to rev engine and see if code resets.2. If code sets, lab scope the 2 Throttle Position Se ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

96 chevy cheynne 5.7 vortechas about 40to50 pounds oil pressure when first sart in morning and when it gets to temp. it drops to 20to25pnds and at a stop it goes to 0 and gauge light comes on until i give it a little gas then it comes up a bit and light goes out. lately it has gotten worse and i finely put a manual oil gauge on it . it shows around 30pds cold and goes to 0 warmed up. and it takes a lot of rpm's to get it back up to maybe 5-10pds. i even changed oil to straight 40wt. didn'

Well it could be the sending unit for the gauge.But odds are the oil pump or engine bearings are worn out.As the engine warms up, the metal spaces expand and the oil gets thinner. The oil pressure drops some under normal conditions, but not ... 1996 Chevrolet C1500

Hey there. My issue is that my clutch is getting very soft (to the point to where it may go soon) and im not sure where i can go to get repairs since Saturn closed down. Should i try buying a clutch kit and have a garage install it or is there another dealership thats connected with Saturn maintanance now? thanks for your help/time...

The choice is really yours, you could buy the part and take it to another shop although most don't like doing this. You could buy the part and if you have mechanical knowledge and skills you could replace it yourself or you can go to just about any ... 2000 Saturn SL

Do i need to get a fuel tune up for my 2006 jeep wrangler?!, it has less then 40,000 miles for it's been sputtering and sounds like it wants to conk out and the enegine light has been on but only when i get gas at this 1 place. in the hand book it says becuz the gas cap isn't on tight or even bad gas too for it's been cold out but idk?!? is it worth to pay Firestone to do it..kinda pricey?! could i do the fuel tune up myself?!

So you only have this problem when you get gas at one station? if so it is bad gas. I would not let firestone do it they just wanna sell a service this may not cure get some lucas fuel treatment or seafoam and run thru gas get some good gas and see i ... 2006 Jeep Wrangler

I just got a 1994 saturn sl2 and when i try to pull the key out of the ignition, the key gets jammed and i have to shake it hard to get it out. is this common with other saturns?

Lock cylinder come apart on inside(tumblers) you will need to replace lock cylinder code the ignition lock cylinder and get a new key ... Saturn SL2

Ok well my 2001 ford expedition was running perfect until yesterday i get in it and it would not start so i tried to get a boost off but my battery is only two months old the radio works the lights and everything in the inside works i just recently paid for a complete tune-up, oilchange,and i forget but they changed a part to make it run smoother and faster after the tune-up it did so now when i turn off the ignition the abs, oil, coolant and the theft light all stays on and the theft light blin

Csmock132... is this for real? another signal can make weird things happen to the expedition? i'm also trying to find out what the weird noise is when the truck is warmed up when i make left or right turns. when i am accelerating while turning it ki ... 2001 Ford Expedition

97 Toyota Camry Has been having issues lately. First it started to miss fire a lot kept getting the code p1300 so i was advised to get a tune up i did that. Tune up included spark plugs changed, wires changed, mostly the electric stuff. They also noticed that the catalytic converter went bad i think it started to hear up to roughly 700F.. After thous two things done the car still kept miss firing so they tested if the coil was bad changed it out with a good it still didn't fix the problem so th

Has anyone checked the Crank position sensor or knock sensor? If the Crank position sensor isn't reporting the correct position of the crank when it turns the spark plugs are firing at the wrong time. This could be because of a worn timing belt or f ... 1997 Toyota Camry

I screwed up my 1999 Saturn SL 1.9 SOHC spark plug wiring while trying to put in new one. I tried to do each one separately but the saturn's have a wiring holder i just couldn't get apart to do this. what I need is from left to right looking at the engine spark plugs which cylinder goes to which coil terminal from left to right. There are four coil terminals Please help I am desperate. I can get the car to start and run but it runs really really rough now and I dare not drive it. Stalke

... 1999 Saturn SL

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Montero, new battery and new alternator. Car loses charge while driving, can actually see the battery gauge going from 16 to 12 in ten minuets then gets to 8 and radio goes off and lights dim till it gets to 0 and dies...if I get a jump for 5 min. it will drive another 5-10 minuets before it does the same thing. If I charge it with a charger for 3 hours it will run for 20 minuets before starting to lose battery power and get's down to 12 by the time I get home, then it s

You need to check the charging system. Take a volt OHM meter and go to the positive and then the negative posts. It will tell you how many volts it is putting out. If it is not charging at least 13.9 volts, then you bought a faulty alternator. If ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

P1471 hi my name is steven I have a 02 land rover freelander and I've been having trouble with it. it has been running rough and it has trouble starting up like its getting no gas so I have to push on the gas to get it started so I hooked up a code reader and I'm getting the code p1471. And I did a live data check and it says I'm only getting 35 for the fuel pressure and 0 on the fuel rail. And sometime when I'm driving and press on the gas the rpm will shoot up but my speed will stay the same o

High pressure fuel pump under the rear drivers side wheel arch ... 2002 Land Rover Freelander

99 durango 165,000 miles runs good when running. It had the PCM changed when I bought it. Did a tune up and all maintenance. It would shut down after a while. Replaced coll temp,wire harness to PCM, map sensor. Get p0443 code. Purge control was replaced. Can't even get it to start now. Also when battery gets down to 11 volts, can't get starter to kick over. Help please

Make sure they put the right pcm in it. The dealer can tell you with the vin#. Then check to see that your pcm has that same number, letters etc. All may not be needed. Try to have the pcm#s when you call them ... 1999 Dodge Durango

I have a 1999 saturn sc1 and i have to press the gas pedal to the floor to get it crunko th

... Saturn Ion

Mercedes 500SL 1990 FM radio only tunes to 88.9. How do I get it to increase the range so I can tune in to all stations?

... Cars & Trucks

Need to get an emission test, but recently changed battery so codes show as inconclusive. Emission tester said I have to drive more to get results for the codes. How much do I have to drive to get codes to show results? Car is 2001 Saturn SC2. Thanks.

At least 100 miles ... 2001 Saturn SC

1994 jetta 1.8L will not stay running for very long, getting worse. Started with loose throttle body. Repaired that, started to stall out. Did tune up, still stalled at progessively shorter intervalls. Replaced fuel pump, 8 trys to get right one. Stalling out getting worse.

... 1994 Volkswagen Jetta
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