Having problems with your 2000 Porsche Boxster ?

Girlfriend has a Porsche Boxster that won't start after refueling. Holding down the accelerator for 30 seconds seems to allow the engine to start. This only occurs after she refuels and no other

\015 Could this be a faulty fuel vapor charcoal cannister purge VALVE stuck open or intermittently sticking open, venting fresh fuel vapors into the engine creating an extremely RICH condition and hard start?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Hello there
Make sure that your gas cap is on correctly ,if not the car will have
vacuum leak
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Girlfriend has a Porsche Boxster that won't start after refueling. Holding down the accelerator for 30 seconds seems to allow the engine to start. This only occurs after she refuels and no other

Hello thereMake sure that your gas cap is on correctly ,if not the car will have vacuum leakproporsche ... 2000 Porsche Boxster

My 95 VW Jetta III GL with a 2.0L is stuttering. It occurs only when aplying light throttle at speed. Seems to be fine when you are accelerating (under a load) to reach speed through all gears with no apparent lack of power. It generally is brought on after car is at an idle such as sitting at a traffic light. It is temprarily corrected by turning engine off and immediately restarting while in motion. It will be fine until you have to stop and car is allowed to sit at idle for a short period. As

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2004 silverado z71 crew cab 3 button shift selection 2H 4H 4L eratic shifting seems like its in high gear at take off indicator light may show 2H, neutral or 4L shut the engine off then at next engine start it may show 2H, neutral, 4L or no light at all. shifting problems seem to occure mostly when indicator light is in 2H or no light on at all This doesn't sound like a mechanical problem but what do know i just drive the damn thing

Two problems with these trucks the push buttons there self and the encoder on the transfer case. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Engine stumbles 1987 Chrysler 5th Avenue, 120,900 miles, 318 V8, Holley 6282 carburetor. Ports formerly for idle mixture adjustment are plugged. Car driven by little old man with light foot. In last 10 years, car rarely driven. Acceleration in 1st gear is accompanied by engine stumbles. Some very minor stumbling occurs in upper speed and gear ranges and are noticeable. The first gear stumbling seems to lessen with increasing outside temperature, occurs in majority of accelerations from a

Especially with the little old man driving, not getting fully heated up for 10 years the converters never get fully cleaned on that car. three on it all together, after dark, run about 15-25 minutes, look under the hood at where the y-pipe connects ... 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

What can cause a 2005 Escape's Theft light to appear and the engine to hesitate mostly at speed? This occurs unpredictably, lasting for a second or so. This has also occurred while backing out of a parking space. Have read much about this on the Web--seems like a morass of conjecture on the part of well-meaning individuals. "Getting the various Codes--TSBs, DTCs and the like--seems quite important. But all of this dealer-haze; the replacing of parts, almost at random. What is that? There are so

... Ford Escape

The problem starts with a 2.5 japenese engine that replaced the original 3.0 liter. I was told by Engine World in Houston, Tx that this engine would be cheaper and more economical on fuel than the 3.0 liter engine so I bought it and had it installed. Intially, everything looked and ran ok but as soon as a week rolled by all he'll seems to have broken loose. Currently, when the car is idling in park, fuel flow is works fine. Once a shift to drive occurs, fuel flow drops. Rpm's only reach 2500 eve

The transmission is shifting bad because of the engine problem, it is all connected/related, the first thing u need to do here is get the engine control electronics tested for fault codes and also have the fuel pressure tested, it sounds like u eithe ... 1994 Lexus Es 300

The engine revs to 5000 rpm and seems like it will keep going higher if i do not cut the engine. Also when changing gears the engine is revving up to 4000 RPM before it shifts. I have only allowed this whe going from first then second then into third. I parked my car because i was afraid i would blow the engine. My car is a 2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0L 4CYL.

You are correct that engine damage can occur due to this high engine RPM problem. Your problem seems to be with the throttle return and/or the throttle shaft, causing the throttle not to close all the way, leaving it open as if your pressing the acce ... Hyundai Elantra


I had the same problem of loss of power with my Rexton E320, especially at low speed , I changed the plugs but the problem could not go away, until I changed the fuel filter and that problem is gone. I have made a lot of kms now without any such prob ... Mercedes-Benz E320

2004 F350 6.0 EGR sensor and valve replaced less than 1000 miles ago, milage is 66K. We just took a trip to Yellowstone with 5th wheel trailer. On the drive home the engine started to **** accompanied by a whiney swishy noise while traveling at about 65 MPH on level surfaces; when I accelerated the engine seemed to settle down. The jerking (missing?) did not occur while the engine was pulling or on an incline. My guess after reading other complaints, is the problem is possibly with the injec

You may want to step onthe brake alittle to disengage the lock up in the torque converter and see if it quits making the noise and shudder ... 2004 Ford F350

I have a 1994 Park Avenue that was owned by an elderly woman. Vehicle has ~99000 miles on it. Overall problem is random sputtering, loss of engine power at idle or between stop & go traffic. I have a hunch there is a fuel system problem, as the car was sitting for several months unusued. I have noticed that the Engine Fans come on MAX speed with key turned to ON position, even if the engine is cold and not running. Pulling the fuse for the fan does seem to allow the car to idle without a s

If u r not getting a check engine light then change fuel filter, add dry gas to gas , from sitting... gas went bad, sometimes u will have to drain off fuel rail and lines to clear bad gas from system. temp sensor for fan is bad. ... 1994 Buick Park Avenue

When I accelerate to enter the freeway the engine cuts out and when you floor it the problem worsens. I can also hear some sort of vibrating noise when I do this. The other day the engine when I was doing a test drive, the engine just died, but did restart. I thought maybe the problem occured when I had the fuel injectors cleaned at EZ Lube, since the car doesn't seem the same since they did that. I took it back, but all they could find was a loose air filter. They tightened that up saying that

I am thinking your catalytic converter is plugged,But we need to run your codes to verify,but when you pull the top of your air cleaner were it goes in the engine see if it is real black and smells like alot of fuel,if it is it is ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 99 mazda 626 4cylinder engine. It has been cutting off when it's hot outside, drive it alot in one day, &/or refuel. I've seen the post about not allowing the fuel tank level to g

... Cars & Trucks

Okay, this car has been giving me alot of problems. Currently I am experiencing a starting problem with the vehicle. This seems to occur when the engine is warm, yet sometimes even then it starts perfectly. I have replaced several parts on the vehicle, had a recent major service etc. I have been told my fusebox needs replacing - its worn out and the one fuse has been burnt. Yet my friend took a look at it and it seems okay to him... Would a faulty fusebox cause such behaviour in the vehicle?

HI, I had the same problem about 6 months ago. Replaced the coolant sensor as you suggested and it fixed the problem. (about £15 from a local shop - just click the old one out and the new one in, reset the warning lights with a friends VAG and ... 2005 Audi A3

1999 volvo v70 awd xc. Trouble code p1618. Symptoms are it wont start. LImp mode? Seems that after testing and resetting codes, we turn the key, it starts as normal for about 3 seconds, then dies. Trying to start it again results in no real "ignition" allowed. Seems computer is telling fuel pump to stop or some relay. Tested and bypassed relay. same same. Pump operating normally. Only other issue is the up-arrow light is flashing on the dash sometimes (and check engine). The flashing arrow light

I got the same car as urs. its seems to me that its the classic problems that you have. To slove them. Dont go to a dealer, coz they ll rip u off. Now, check on DIY guide for uninstalling ABS moudle. Go to ebay, find urself a ABS Moudle rebuild. 60-8 ... 1999 Volvo V70

I have a 91 ford thunderbird sport V8 5.0L HO Recently I have noticed a smell of burning plastic and small white whisps of smoke coming out from under the engine at red lights/ after driving. The smell usually occurs after driving 90-110 km/h. It seems to be coming from the engine close to the firewall. Any idea as to what the problem is and how much it might be to repair?


Running Hot I am having problems with my 91' Lexus LS400 holding onto antifreeze coolant. It seems to have small leak in the front center of the engine. As soon as the engine is cut off it is amost like a valve is letting loose and majority of the fluid runs to the floor. More recently it is allow steam anf presser to escape almost as if air is coming through a hole that can be reached. Please help if you have an suggestions, college student just trying to get to class!!!!

This may be a bad water pump. There is a small hole (called a 'weep hole') at the center of the shaft. When the pump goes bad, the coolant will leak out here. If you can get a look at that area, it should be obvious where the leak is coming from. ... 1991 Lexus LS 400

When engine is hot, if I accelerate too fast to pass, a very loud noise begins, almost like a motorcyle being revved. This goes on for a few seconds then stops. The engine does not seem to lose power or anything when this occurs. What could it be?

Check the resonator on the exhaust to see if it has come apart on the inside,also the fan clutch,and pulleys need to be inspected to see that the noise is not there. ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

My 2004 chevy impala has an intermittent problem. After sitting at idle for a while it begins to idle very rough and occasionally dies. It seems to clear up after reving the engine a couple of times. When this occurs it also seems to cause an acceleration hesitation and cuts out at highway speed. Any ideas?

Do you have a check engine light on and what are the codes if any? Your symptoms describe 4 things I have seen go bad on this car. A bad cat converter can cause this. A bas fuel pressure regulator can cause this. Pull vacum hose of fuel pressure regu ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

While driving, engine starts losing power and exhaust smells like engine is flooding. Then it will clear up and stsrt running fine again. This is a sporadic problem and doesnt occur at any special temp or operating condition. It almost seems like a vacuum or electrical problem. Is it possible the ecs is acting up?

Your catalytic convertor is plugged or partially plugged......\015\012\015\012silvio ... 1987 Nissan Pathfinder

Hi, I have an AUDI A8, 1998 model in beautiful condition. It has the 2.5 TDi engine. I have two problems. First of all at between 1,500 and 2,000 rpm the engine starts to "search" with power rising and dropping but the rev. counter seems to remain constant. The second problem is an intermittent one and has occurred both before and after having new front brake pads fitted. I get the ABS light and the one two below it (Triangle with an arrow circling it)both come on. This does not affect the braki

The circle with an arrow on it it telling you that brakepads are due(are they audi genuine,with wear sensors.or not)also the abs/traction control warning lights come on together.(2 lights)\015\012as for the engine, it is normal.the gearbox is c ... 1998 Audi A8

My (1999) Saab 95 (2.3 litre) engine cuts out without warning. This tends to happen after slowing down. It immediately re-starts as if there had been nothing wrong and functions perfectly otherwise. The computer system says there have been no faults and I have had the throttlebody induction flushed. The garage says the car seems perfect, but after a couple of miles, the problem occurs again. The only other thing I have noticed, is that the power steering seems slightly heavier than it used to be

The iac valve on the throttle body is maybe sticking and the idle speed is to low.that will affect the power steering pump.the air filter has to be clean otherwise the mixture will lean out because of reduced airflow and stall ... 1999 Saab 9-5

Car is not cranking over been happening more frequently now it just wont crank over at all.. battery is new .. alternator and starter checked and they are ok.. could it be fuel pump or? Car several months ago started giving me a hard time by not cranking over.. seemed like the engine was trying but no luck then all of sudden after a couple of tries it would start... this incident has been occuring more and more frequently and now it just doesnt crank over at all... I hear the engine atte

Have you tried the spark plugs and fuel injectors as well as the air intake system? ... 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

My 1989 350 suburban show the oil pressure maxed above 60 on the gauge. this occurred at the same time as a leak occurred in the intake manifold releasing a small amount of water into the oil. I have replaced the intake manifold gaskets, oil, oil filter and antifreeze. there seems to be no more leaking of water to oil. the engine sounds good, no ticking.

Sometimes you can get a little water trapped. you can try removing the sending unit and cleaning it. you will probably have to replace the unit. the pressure is acceptable though as long as youre not pourong oil out through the seals. ... 1989 Chevrolet Suburban

As accelerating, engine hesitates,back off gas pedal, accelerate again engine sometimes allows acceleration or hesitates then accelerates and gear changes accordingly.truck is automatic, 5.7 v8 4x4. checked mass air flow sensor,seemed to be in good shape however did not try a new one,

Try a new one or try fuel filter ... 1998 GMC Sierra

1991 Maxima SE started running rough. Seems like a dead miss. It started this after purchasing gas at a Wal Mart store. After a day or so it stopped missing. Started intermitant dead miss off and on for a while. A couple of months later it started again. Now miss won't go away. A scratching sound in rear of engine it seems like a dry belt where there is no belt. Car starts immediately and never goes dead. Plugs and wires were changed less than a year ago. Leak in power steering hose allows oil t

For one thing get the leak stopped and then run some Dry Gas through your tank. Could be water in there. ... 1991 Nissan Maxima
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