Having problems with your 2000 Porsche Boxster ?

Rough engine idle and check engine light on and engine knock

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Take it to a dealer unless there is someone that you know that can work on that kind of a car, sounds like the motor is going to have to be rebuilt if there is rod knock
My 99 boxster while at idle check engine lite came on and started running rough
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I have a 2005 camry with a check engine light on, a dtc of PO328 for the knock sensor, sometimes runs rough at idle shortly after starting and wouldn't shift into overdrive going 55mph. I recently changed the spark plugs since the car just rolled over 100k, I check the plugs and found one of them loose, retorqued all of them, cleared the dtc, started the engine and the check engine light comes back on. Any help would be much appreciated!

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I have a 4 liter V6 2003 Ford Explorer ( 2 door). The check engine came on and then it started idling rough. When it idles rough the AC blows hot. Recently it has started stalling when idling at a traffic light or in stop and go traffic. The problem has been consistent until tonight when I had no problems but check engine light still on (rough idle has only been during the heat of the day so far). Read the codes for the engine light and they were as follows System too lean bank 1 system too

Hello! Most probable cause is a leak in the vacuum line or broken elbow connection to the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve...Check PCV and its vacuum line...Send results...Guru..............saailer ... 2003 Ford Explorer

-Engine check light came on as driving Car lost power and jumped alot with some knocking sounds from engine. -Temperature did not change. -Rough Idle if at all. -Light smoke mist from exhaust smelt of fuel. -Checked plugs & replaced as very fouled. PLEASE HELP?? GV 2003 H25a V6 Manual (RH Drive Australian )

Hi, this problem you wrote will do fine. We can use this thread to finish getting the car started again. ... Suzuki Grand Vitara

2005 chevy trailblazer 4.2 engine. Was driving on interstate engine intermittently began to run rough similar to a miss. Then check engine light was blinking for a minute or two then went off and engine ran smooth. Problem reoccurred several times, then once off the interstate pulled up to a red light and engine at idle was very rough, changining between 500-650 rpms. Parked the vehicle for several hours then drove it again, ran smooth till engine warmed up then the rough idle began. The check e

Sounds like it is the EVAP and I think there is a TSB on this that the dealership should fix for you. ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My 2003 Ford Taurus LX has 47,000 miles, a 3.0 V - 6 cylinder OHV engine (engine code 2) and is not firing on cylinder No. 5 when idling. At speeds above idle, all cylinders appear to be firing OK, but the engine runs roughly when idling. I am getting normal mileage of 25 mpg on the Interstate at full speed. The amber ?Check Engine Soon? light is ON steadily, but if I am sitting at a red stop light for a minute or so, the ?check engine light? starts blinking and the engine really gets mu

All system checked already, try that, direct the injector positive wire to 12v constant @ battery post, direct the ignition coil ground to engine mount, and make sure that the fuel pressure is not less than 30psi, check all the supply voltage for ac ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Rough engine idle and check engine light on and engine knock

Take it to a dealer unless there is someone that you know that can work on that kind of a car, sounds like the motor is going to have to be rebuilt if there is rod knock ... 2000 Porsche Boxster

I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport SOHC. Check engine light came on and started flashing. Took it to have it checked. They told me engine misfire in a couple different cylinders and o2 sensor. I changed all plugs and wires, put a new coil pack and a new o2 sensor. Also cleaned throttle body and air filter. Used gas treatment. Still having same problem with check engine light. Also idles rough and is very sluggish. Doesn't stay on when idling at light or stop sign. What else should I do?

Fuel filter,module. ... Cars & Trucks

Rough idle I just changed my spark plugs and the EGR valve in my '96 tahoe and finally got the check engine light to turn off. But then I was driving on the highway going up a hill, the engine started running rough and the engine light started flashing. It ran better at the top of the hill but the light stayed on but when I turned it off and turned it back on after a while the light was off . It happened to me a couple of days ago and it hasn't done it since. If the light goes on I can check it

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My 2006 chevy trailblazers check engine light comes on and a large reduction in power occurs when i put the pedal to the floor and activate the kickdown. It loses power, check engine light comes on and idles really rough almost to stall. If i shut off engine for approx 2-3 minutes it starts back up and runs fine but the check engine light stays on until the next day when i start it up the check engine light is off. Any help would be appreciated.

You will need a OBD2 Scan tool to retrieve proper code to repair guessing is to expensive. ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Sitting in car in parking lot with engine running - it dies, won't turn over... I get a jump start No changes in termperature gages at all Idles rough, check engine light on, reduced engine power reading - will only drive about 10 mph pull over and turn off - 3 minutes turn it back on and power seems normal - drove it 10 miles at normal speeds Check engine light still on, no more reduced power reading Autozone check reads - P1516 Manufacturer control vehicle speed, idle speed control, auxiliary

Hi and welcome to FixYa!It is safe to drive and I assume that you are on limp mode. This is to restrict the speed to avoid further damage to the engine. You can be facing some sensor issues like the MAF (mass air flow) sensor or TPS (throttle p ... 2003 GMC Yukon XL

My 1995 Nissan Altima GXE intermittently idles rough, stalls out when taking off from a stand still to the point of the engine turning off and will not keep a constant speed when accelerating. Tachometer jumps around and will bottom out with no warning. There is no check engine light on and I have replaced the knock sensor, EGR valve and spark plugs and wires all within the last 2 months. Since its not throwing codes I have no idea where to even start to fix it. Please help.

The distributer on this car is an optical laser and they can be a real problem as the car gets on.Try to find a low km one at the wreckers.You will have to time it in when you change it.This is where I would go it sounds like the problem I had and th ... 1995 Nissan Altima

Engine light came on checked problem and got code P0420 / P0325 with the message, Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) Knock sensor 1 CKT Malfunktion. The only symptoms are running a little rough at idle and seems to be using a lot of gas (a little over 10mi/gallon). It Fail smog check . any information you could offer would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

Hi,\015\012\015\012p0420 is ur bank 2 o2 sensor that mean is the 02 sensor either on the cat or on the engine pipe and knock sensor for the car is always go bad.\015\012\015\012You will need to replace the knock sensor unless ... Nissan Xterra

97 plymouth breeze rough idle, drives fine, no check engin light, slight click in engine compartment ( not a knock) gift to brother. Thankful for any thoughts.

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I am having issues with my 2003 dodge grand caravan. It was running rough and wouldn't hold idle. The check engine light was on and it was for the ignition in cylinder 3. The spark plugs and wires were replaced and the check engine light went away. Now, it runs good on the top end but it sputters badly at idle particulairly in the morning. It will die out frequently at idle. A lot of black carbon out of the exhaust pipe as well. I'm not sure if it an airflow restriction or and idle selenoid. Any

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Hi everyone i have a iszu trooper 3.0d turbo 4jx1 engine,i have a problem with rough idleing i have cleaned the egr valve and replaced the fuel filters and bleed and all seemed fine when i started her up its only when the engine was getting warm didi i notice there was blue smoke coming out of the exhaust and the engine started to rough idle again she would surge between 750 to 1200 rpm,ive checked all the vac pipes for cracks they all seem fine,i do have a check engine light on but dont have a

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2002 2.4l santa fe accelerating uphill and check engine light came on. Instant loss of power with loud knocking sound. Engine idles smooth with no knocking but when increasing rpm's the knocking also increases with a decrease in power. Check engine code was PO300 multi-cyclinder mis-fire. Have replaced both coils, wires and plugs. Still knocks very hard and still no power. Checked timing marks, two top marks lined up. Performed leak down test, seemed fine. Timing Belt and tensioner installed D

You should do a compression check to make sure the cylinder walls are good then check the crank position sensor. If the Timing is good and the timing belt is good but your getting misfires on coil packs it's time the check the crank position sensor. ... Hyundai Santa Fe

1998 Tacoma V6 ext cab 184,000mi. Engine light on, per mechanic read knock sensor and shift solenoid. Took top end off and replaced both knock sensors, wire harness for sensors and checked grounding, and also put on new cat converter to get it to pass smog. No go. Engine light came back, ran code again, still said knock sensor, so he suggested trying a different ECU. Worked for a few minutes but engine light came back. Running rough. Ran code again and its the same, but now saying both knock sen

... 1998 Toyota Tacoma

Idles rough I bought a 2001 Aurora and a few months after i got it, it started to idle rough in park or at a stop light. The check engine light is on, i checked for codes at an O'Rileys and it didn't come up with anything. I've ran fuel additives threw it etc. nothing seems to help. The guy at O'Rileys says it could be a vaccum line issue. Gas cap is on tight... I don't think it's effecting my milage much at all. still get 22-24 on the hwy. It has killed a couple times due to the idle issue. Tha

To add Solution #1...Based on the mileage you are getting, this looks like a 4.0. More than likely the intake plenum has a crack in it. The carb cleaner should verify this - when you spray it around the throttle body the engine should run very smoo ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

91 S10 2.5L 4cyl 5speed manual idles rough and have to keep rpms high when driving, check engine light comes on. I've replaced plugs,cap,rotor,oil,oil filter,air filer and electric fuel pump in tank. I've pulled the EGR valve and cleaned it. It moves fine and the diaphram works. When idling if I use my fingers to open the EGR valve it idles a lot rougher.A repair book I have says the check engine light will flash a code when I turn the key on and off, but mine doesn't, it just flashes once then

Book aint right. Can jump ALDL connector, turn key on light flashes code. ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

My dodge is a 1996 dodge ram 1500 with a 3.9 v6. my truck runs rough most of the time, i took it to autozone and they said that the check engine light was indicating that the truck was running too lean. after we checked the code i started the truck and let it idle for about 5 minutes after it was all warmed up and the check engine light turned off and the truck was running just fine. the trick to this is that it only runs fine for a couple of hours and then goes to running rough again. any sugge

Intermittent lean condition may be caused by leaking intake manifold gaskets. Get some carb cleaner and start the truck. Open the hood and spray carb cleaner on the intake manifold gaskets. If the engine reacts at all, you have a gasket leak. If ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

I have a 2003 Chevy Impala that is giving me problems. It's sputtering when idling and slowing down, has stalled a couple times at a traffic light. Sometimes has a knocking sound, when in reverse the knocking is very loud and the whole car shakes. Also the check engine light often blinks. I took it to Autozone and they read the check engine light and said it was a random misfire or the EGR valve. I had the spark plugs and wires replaced along with the EGR valve. Everyone that's looked at it said

I suggest changing your egr valve. I have a 03 impala with the same problem and check engine light came on and through the code for the egr valve. they are 154 at autozone ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2001 Ford Escort. It was idling rough and starting to cut out when sitting at stop lights. I changed the plugs and within a week the Check Engine light came on. It is still idling rough but not cutting out. It runs fine on the highway, no hesitation. I had it checked and they said the cylinder 3 is misfiring. I have had the injection system cleaned, put on a new PCV sensor and put new plugs and wires on. Also I put a new fuel filter in. What else can this be? I would appreciate any help

Well the misfire in Cylinder 3 will commonly be that your plug has gone bad. If that is the only code that it is throwing out then it could be an array of things going on. It sounds though that you may have a throttle position sensor out or that you ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

Runs rough or dies when idleing. Change mass air flow sensor and all 4 o2 sensors as this is the code it pulls. Check engine light came on after reset and still rough idle and engine dies at stop lights.

Hi,Your throttle body may be carboned up and need to be cleaned! This can\015\012cause all sorts of idle and hesitation problems. This is caused by the\015\012throttle plate not seating properly. The First thing i would do is\015\012clean ... Ford F-150

I have a 2000 lincoln ls v8. the check engine light came on while driving today. when stopped at an idle it is idling rough there is also a sound when giving it gas. also while driving the check engine light started blinking and it was kind of sputtering

Need to pull codes. Give me the codes and is it a V6 or V8 ... 2000 Lincoln LS

My '03 Ford Explorer has only 77,000 mi. on it. check engine light came on so I took it in and the mechanic said to get a tune up, which I did. Check engine light remains on and it runs a little rough,( mostly when at a stop light or when it idles) . SO we took it to the Ford dealer. they ran a bunch of tests and said they need to pull the engine and replace all the piston rings. Cost would be about $3,000.00.also , it is sucking gas like crazy. Any ideas out there? 3 mechanics says its "safe" t

Is it blowing blue smoke out the exhuast pipe or lose of compression? Then that means you have bad rings. What where the codes that they got out of the computer? Sounds like the dealer is trying to rip you off unless you never did oil changes to the ... 2003 Ford Explorer
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