Having problems with your 2000 Pontiac Montana ?

Steam or smoke coming from drivers side of engine, near where engine coolant tank sits. Smells like something is burning and car is over heating. No puddles under car. Any suggestions to possible causes?

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Steam or smoke coming from drivers side of engine, near where engine coolant tank sits. Smells like something is burning and car is over heating. No puddles under car. Any suggestions to possible causes?

... 2000 Pontiac Montana

Swapped out tranny with a used one after a leak in the pump plate sprung, burning up the gears....running fine now, but, evap and catalyst monitors won't re-set, cannot get inspected, engine running very rich, according to DMV tech who came out to see the car..... car seems to be running fine. 149,000 miles on engine, cleaned out the mass airflow sensor, filters are good, is there anything typical of these cars that cause this issue? What do you suggest?

Hi.first make sure that there are no plugs that have been disconnected of disturbed during the transmission workif it is just a matter of resetting the monitors, then disconnecting the battery -ve clamp for 1/2 hour should work espe ... Kia Rio

I have a 91 Dodge Caravan LE 3.3 liter V6 engine, The long story on what problems I have had with this car is as follows. The first thing that happened was I had a fusable ling burn out on the van, this I found was connected with the Cooling fan, the bearing went out on the fan causing the fan to draw excessive current burning out the fusible link. This also had caused the alternator to burn up. The problem was not known till I made a short trip back in April, and on this trip the van over heate

For first check the coolant level.If its low then it must be made full.If its full then check out for any kind of coolant leak.If the coolant is low or getting leaked from somewhere then the car will overheat.So get the ac pressure test done.At any l ... Dodge Caravan

I have a 2007 suzuki swift (20000 miles). Three months ago I had a replacement engine installed because of an accidentally damaged sump and oil leak issue. Two days ago the car was happily going along at 3000rpm when all of a sudden the revs dropped and plumbs of 'smoke' bellowed out from underneath. The local main dealer suggested, upon picking it up, that there may be a hole in the radiator which has caused the engine to over heat and now the head gasket has gone. There were no warning lights

Sounds like you are being lied to,what are the chances of them being right on with the diagnosis without even looking at the car,sounds like they found something they did wrong and dont want to admit it because they would have to repair it for free,s ... 2006 Suzuki Swift

Leaking radiator fluid under hood, sprays everywhere i belive from hose, not actually coming from radiator. What its doing is causing the engine to over heat burning oil eventually leading the car to

You have three hoses on top, one from rad to engine, and 2 for the heater. You have one hose on the bottom rad to the engine. Given the car is 10+ years old, I would replace all of them. ... 2002 Ford ZX2

I have a 1996 voyager, 150K miles, 3.3l, with the 41TE transmission. A few days ago on the highway, it pops out of gear and the engine revs high for a minute. i let the car coast to a stop on the shoulder, put it in gear again, and now it will only work in first gear and reverse. the solenoid pack was replaced maybe 5 years ago as it was cracked and leaking. fluid is at the proper level, nice and clear no burned smell at all. no trouble codes that i know of. Any suggestions on a possible cause?

A good place to start is to get the trouble codes this vehicle on-board diagnostic system the OBDII where codes are displayed on a MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) on the instrument cluster (flashing light) and other codes which can only be read with ... 1996 Plymouth Voyager

While driving from work to home (roughly 10 miles) i noticed a large amount of smoke trailing my car. i proceed to pull over and check the issue and found that transmission fluid was leakin from some where and burning off on the muffler causing the smoke. i continued to drive it so i could get it home to try and work on it and didnt make it the transmission stopped working ( the engine still ran but the felt like it was in neutral) so i had to get it towed. Any suggestions to what the issue coul

Whenever you have a transmission leak you have to get it towed, sounds like you need to start looking for a replacement transmission at a wrecking yard ... Cars & Trucks

It has a problem that seams to be caused by moisture if it sits out in the rain and or fog for more than a day. The car will start but will be misfiring and engine will die unless you rev it up to 1,500 rpm or more. However, the miss firing is still very noticeable. Once the engine compartment gets some heat in it, shut off the engine, and let the car sit awhile the problem goes away. Its like moisture is getting in or on something that is causing the misfire. This only happens if it sits will r

Most likely cause is a crack in the distributor cap. This allows moisture to penetrate the cap and causing misfires and stalling. This would be the 1st place to check. ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

I have 05 Mitsubishi Lancer making Knocking sound. The engine is making noise always when the engine ON. I have been driving this car for 1yr with knocking sound the car never stopped and never heated. I showed to mechanic. he observed that engine oil is burning and said that the knocking sound is coming from inside the engine. he also said that sludge is deposited inside the engine, removing sludge cost more than worth of car and asked me to put 1qt Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer along with 1q

Hes dead right ... Mitsubishi Lancer

This car keeps over heating. I have changed the thermostat, the fuse for the motor fan and the radiator cap. The car has blown three 30 amp fuses for the fan. The fluid is not coming out of the reservoir however the engine head is super hot. The car over heats within a mile of driving and the gage shoots up to 125 and bounces The car over heats after idoling for 20 minutes. What is causing the fuse to blow?

Recommend replacing the fan, as it should not be drawing that much current. Also make sure there is nothing blocking the airflow through the radiator. Do you have any leaks? I have a few tips here that may be worth reading: ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

1996 Saturn SL, 4 cylinder, auto trans.. Car starts and runs fine. However if you turn off the ignition when the car is hot, the car will not start again until the engine cools down. When you turn the key while the engine is hot the dash lights come on as normal, but the engine does not turn over, not even a click when you turn the key. i have the same problem with my '96 wagon, don't know what to do, wont turn over when hot, have replaced the starter three times in 6 months cause it is burning

Form the saturn..........when starters age they tend to have problems when engine hot.You need to replace the starter.As for the wagon it sounds like some sort of ignition problem if it's turning but not starting........I have seen o2 sensors c ... 1996 Saturn SL

I have a Golf 3, suddenly the engine won't start. The mechanic said its brainbox damage. I changed it, then the car engine started, after sometimes, i switched off the engine. I tried again to start it, it won't start again, then we swapped another brainbox from another golf 3, and it starts the engine but the brainbox got heated. So what we found out was the brainbox got over heated when the engine is turned on. What is the cause and the solution please. Thanx

... Cars & Trucks

Fuel Leak I have a 1996 Saturn SC1. When I start the car first thing in the morning it doesn't want to kick over right away. After about 3 or 4 attempts it starts but I smelled gas. I happened to look under the car and saw a puddle of gas right under the engine. After the car is running the gas leak stops. It doesn't leak when the engine is running. It doesn't leak when the car is shut off and the car starts immediately after it has been running. Any suggestions for the gas leak when I initially

I wouldn't drive or start it with a fuel leak, it needs to be up on a lift to see it all clear, before any proper diagnosis. ... 1996 Saturn SC

Ford Taurus 2002 Ford Taurus wagon. 102,000 mi. past two years, unpredictable: anti-theft will start blinking when I insert key. I start engine. Engine starts but when in I put car in gear, car won't go. Device causes car to stall. Repeated attempts to drive, same: will not go. Wait at least two hours and starts fine-- no more problem. Has happened at least a dozen times. At first had car towed. By the time mechanic looked at it mechanic could find nothing wrong. Suggested magnetic in

Try replacing the cars computer with a known good one. It seems the computer or "brainbox" is deprogramed for some reason. ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

I have a 96 poniac sunfire 2.2L. i had to change the thermostat in it> i have no air in system for sure. when the car is at stand still heat will burn you out the car but when you drive the temp drops to below 100 on engine and then starts to blow cool air out then when you stop at light car will slowley start to heat up and temp gauge goes back to the middle where it belongs. their is no air in line i blead system out. i dont no what else to do. please help me.

The thermostat is defective As always be sure the car's antifreeze level is topped off to where it should be and after running the car a while squeeze the upper radiator hose it should be firm it should have pressure in the hose if not the system is ... Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The vehicle has recently started over heating. When I start to drive the car in the morning, the engine temperature reads cold until I turn the heater on. Once the car starts overheating, the only way to stop it is to turn the heater on high. This prevents it from overheating and eventually cools the engine down to normal. For the first time today, I noticed a small puddle of coolant under the car.

If running the heater keeps the engine from overheating, this is usually a sign of a fan failure. I don't want to dismiss the coolant on the ground, but if your engine is getting hot enough, it's going to boil the coolant and it will come out the ove ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My son's 2001 Jetta 2.0 recently had the battery replaced and now the car will not start. Checked the codes - PO321 suggest the engine speed sensor. Will that cause the car not to start and where do I find this part on the car with this engine?

... Volkswagen Jetta

When I drive my ford focus 2000 se more than 15 miles the air conditioner causes my engine heat gauge to rise high. This overheating issue only happens while using air conditioner. Heater works fine! Also, once the car overheats the first interval of using air, it takes less and less time to overheat again. I can shut the car off and instantly turn back on and the heat gauge returns to normal. What could be my problem? The cooling seems to work fine and there is no strange noises during this

Radiator Fan Relay should be the problem..they had a recall on 01's for it..both fans need to run when the ac is on..more than likely one of the 2 is not working..change the relays ... 2000 Ford Focus

92 buick century fan works but won't come on when car engine heats causing over heating and service engine light to come on. Cooling sensor has been repaced and fuse was checked located in the glo

A cheap cooling sensor might not start the fan. Make sure the one you or your mechanic bought is a quality product. ... 2007 Buick Century

I have a 95 Lumina with 4t60e ******. The ****** shifts too soon. It goes from first to 3rd below 20 miles an hour which causes the engine to chug as if it were a manual transmission that has been shifted in too high a gear. Then as I slow down to a stop it wont down shift to 1st until the car is almost at a complete stop whuch also causes the engine to chug as if it is in too high a gear. Any suggestions?

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2003 Nissan Altima 2.5l recently replaced radiator myself and since then my check engine light came on for misfire ignition #4...after a cold night went to start car and sounds like car wants to turn over but wont. I'm not sure if its the misfire that's causing the problem or something to do with fuel not getting to the engine. I checked the fuel pump and it sounds like its working when I turn the key. I've tried holding the gas pedal down while turning over and got nothing. Any suggest

Remove plugs and check. make sure that the plug gap is not closed causing misfire. we have some issues with power valve screws coming loose and getting inside of the cylinder closing the gap on plugs. some power valve plates come loose also and get i ... Nissan Altima

My 2000 DB7 - sparatically when driving, the engine light comes on, the heat gauges goes to the extreme red and the car goes into limp mode. I shut it down, wait and restart and sometimes it corrscts itself except for the engine light staying on. It is full of fluids and I relaced the TCM complete. Still does it. Is it a faulty thermostat or what are the likely causes. I am afraid to drive the car as I never know when it will happen.

Yes, a faulty thermostat can cause that condition, however i would also check the cooling fans,and that fault can set a code. i dont think the ecu or tcu is the problem, most likely a fan module is the problem, or a relay. ... 1998 Aston Martin DB7

Over-heating Problem; On 2001 Eldorado Cadillac, 32 Valve Northstar Engine. I Have replaced Pulley on WaterPump and Replaced the Coolant Reservior. The Car runs Excellent when cool. What is the least it could be or the worst that could be causing this over-heating ? The Car has 95k ....

... 2001 Cadillac Eldorado

Alright,I have a Cadillac SLS 1996 and I had it for 4 months then it said a/c off for engine protection STOP ENGINE and went into safe mode.I assumed it was the Headgasket after asking a couple mechanics,Which is 5 grand in my area(I got the car for 990$)so I just used bars leak copper seal,which worked like miracle in a bottle,I was driving it on 100 miles trips every weekend so it worked great.Then about 3 months later it over heated,I ended up having the car imounded cause i left it there for

Sir, you may have some real problems. The radiator may be stopped up, the thermostat may be stuck closed and there still remains the fact that the head gasket(s) may still be leaking. You can get a tool or have a shop che ... 1996 Cadillac Seville CA Value


It might have a blown head gasket unfortunatly\015\012need to go to the dealer to have checked ... 1998 Volvo S70
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