Having problems with your 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette ?

Losing power while driving, after car heats up-approx. 10 min. of drive time. Oil has been changed, air filters changed, auto trans fluid checked, no warning lights...

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

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Losing power while driving, after car heats up-approx. 10 min. of drive time. Oil has been changed, air filters changed, auto trans fluid checked, no warning lights...

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2010 Mazda 3 Auto Trans 66,000mi. Slipped out of 3rd gear and would not engage in reverse on hot days. No warning light. Changed fluid and filter and problem persists. Just got a AT light on and would not shift into 3rd gear while hot and no reverse. Next morning AT light off and shifts normally. Could the solinoid be going out?

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Have a 93 1500 350 5.7 auto 4x4 it stalls randomly and the check gauges and service engine light comes on, if i wait a few seconds or even throw it into neutral it starts right away a few times i had to wait a little longer. just put new battery alternator air filter fuel filter fuel pump starter on just did oil change, all they said i needed was a rad. flush and fluid but i will be doing it soon, its carb. not fuel injected what could the problem be?

Hi, has anyone checked for stored trouble codes? There are a number of things that can cause your stalling problem, I have found bad connections at the ECM you maybe loosing the crank signal there. Also these motors are know for the ... 1993 GMC Sierra

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport 2WD that I am having some problems with. It first started with the overdrive kicking off and the trans not shifting properly. When taken to my normal mechanic the check engine light code was the torque converter solenoid. We have since replaced the sensor trans fluid and filter. There were no signs os trans damage when changed. Fluid was clean and not burnt and filter was clean as well. Had the light reset and now the overdirve hs turned off again an


1995 GMC Jimmy trans shift problem- but no check engine light at any stage of the problem . I can get the transmission to shift from 1-2, 2-3, but only by giving full throttle and then letting my foot off the throttle- then it ususally shifts. If the TPS is bad or a shift solenoid bad wouldn't the check engine light be on? Trans was pro rebuilt only a couple of years ago and fluid and filter just changed.

... 1995 GMC Jimmy

Check engine light is on . Replaced mass air flow sensor last time it came on and solved problem. It's only been 2 months sense its been changed . Have a K&S filter system , made sure I didn't over oil it. Thought about going back to stock air filter . Replaced MAF sensor twice in past 1 1/2 years . Heard engine light can be caused by bad fuel cap ? All fluid systems are fine .

Take the vehicle to AutoZone and have them read the OBDII code in the computer so you actually have some idea what might be wrong instead of guessing ... 2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

I have a 2004 grand prix 3800 engine non turbo. Engine was eratic at cruise with rpms at 1200-2000. rpms would lope 2-300 rpms. I Changed air and fuel filter, and cleaned the throttle body. also checked the coil block connector for corrosion. Started the car with the mass airflow sensor hose disconnected by accident. The engine immediately went to limp mode. I had check engine light on, reduced power warning and traction control warning. reconnected the hose, no change. I disconnected the ba

I had a problem with all my lights coming on in my 2006 explore took it to dealer to find out that the battery was dying replaced it and they went away ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, auto trans, will only engage in park, reverse and neutral. The engine sounds fine but it will not move forward (engage the other gears). A friend checked the linkages and said they looked fine. Transmission fluid was a little low and had air bubbles on the stick when checking. We added fluid but no change in problem. Did have a problem with ants getting in the engine area - found dead ones in washer fluid reservoir.

You have serious trans problems, it will need to serviced by a transmission shop ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 1998 Saturn SL2. I want to change the auto trans fluid and filter. Can you give me instructions on changing,fluid and filter and can I drain all the fluid out from the trans pan plug? What do you reccomend? I have 81,000 miles and had the dealer change the trans fluid & filter around 40,000 miles. It cost me $85.00. Thank you for you help.

Unless you drive in very dirty conditions where you have a lot of dust of damage to trans. Most highways and freeways are pretty clean. There is no real need to replace filter, so save yourself some money and just drain what ever fluid comes from plu ... Saturn SL2

03' Chevy Impala. V6 - 3400. Changed my transmission fluid and filter this weekend, and now the engine stumbles, and makes a knocking sound. Engine light came on, and blinks while driving. Auto parts said it was P0303 Error code. Changed all spark plugs and wires. Check Engine Light still on and blinks while driving. And still stumbles while idling or at low speeds. Looked underneath and saw smoke coming from the bottom of the exhaust, just before the muffler, at the flange bolts.

The steam indicates coolant leaking into your cylinders either through a blown head gasket, cracked head, or cracked cylinder liner / liner o-ring.Smoke that only comes out at startup would indicate that your valve stem seals are l ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

OK so I am fixing my 2004 mercury mountaineer after my bro had left it in new Mexico sitting for about a year. After changing battery, fuel filter, oil and air filter, I started it and everything was fine. When I started to drive it around the service engine light came on. I had it checked at auto zone and it pulled the code P0193. I know it has something to do with fuel but where do I start. Also since this light came on my MPG has dropped to low 9's on the gauge. I still drive it around to

Code 193 is a problem with the fuel pressure sensor in the fuel rail near the injectors.The problem could be the sensor, or you could have a fuel pressure issue. ... Cars & Trucks

1993 Mustang 2.3 AOD Auto Trans, after storing over winter took on 200 mile trip did find, next time after warmed up and turned off then back on trans slips in upper forward gears. ????? When cold fine, or when accelerating after warm slips. Something simple I feel pretty sure. Fluids have been flushed and filter changed since, no comment from mechanic who did the change. Check vacuum and modulator seemed fine.??? I did just find a wire off the EEC (??? marked on top of unit) and reconnected it

Rapid,\015\012\015\012Thank you for the tip. Turns out the modulater wasn't leaking oil, but was not working right I replaced it and my friend said it haS NEVER SHIFTED SO WELL....\015\012\015\012All else had checked out and t ... Ford Mustang

EEC? Yesterday I gave my 94 Grand Marquis a tune up and had a mechanic flush the trans and change the trans filter and gasket. The car ran great last night and most of today. I was driving and it stalled like it was out of gas. I had it towed home and added more gas. If I spray starter fluid in the air breather(?) it will try to turn over but just die. Does this mean it is fuel related? Is there a way to check to see if the pump, or relay is defective? Also, when checking the fuse to the fuel pu

Well that sounds like you may have a short to power or a short to ground means you may have 2 wires rubbing against each other or you may have an internal problem with the cars computer.start by back tracking the wires leaving the box where the fus ... 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 1999 ford tauras se was out of trans fluid check engine light came on had it checked it said check fluid level or faulty trans filled with fluid took negative cable off batt reconnected light went off but came back on about 8 hours later the trans is changing fine besides hesitant take offs when i take of fast but if i take off normal its ok just want 2 know why is this and why did light come back on?

I think I would go with the later, faulty trans., and where is this fluid loss going. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

1997 VW 2.0 Engine Air filter / check engine light

Sounds like it could be a mass airflow sensor failure. Take your car do your reputable mechanic and have them scan your computer to find out what the error code is, and then go from there. If it says that the mass airflow sensor is offline, I would ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

2006 trailblazer 4x4 4.2, stalls while driving. Engine shuts down, whenever and wherever it feels like it. No pattern other than about every 2-5 miles, has worsened to this point over last 10 days. Restarts after minute or so. Check engine light always on. Reduced power light comes on at stall. No hesitation, no warning, just engine shutdown. Have changed air filter and removed and cleaned throttle body, no effect.

Did you ever find that problem my Trailblazer ss is doing the same thing ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

POWER LOST hello, i have a 2004 toyota corolla s problem maybe or just needs maint. car has 158000 miles on it get oil change every 5000 miles ok if i leave he air and radion on it seem that the battery is dying out. if i don't it has a little more power. i check the battery and the little color code on top is green still. i am going to take it in next week for maint. filter change trans fluid maint. also the works maybe but if its the battery i will do that myself. i have always owned a toyota.

Well i fixed it and you will have to pay me 19.95 for my answer so you will give the answer to other people. i guess somethings in life are not free\015\012by the way \015\012if it makes a difference i am a woman. ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

96 Chevy C3500 6.5 turbo diesel with a 4L80e trans. Service engine light was on, checked the code po751 shift solenoid stuck closed. I changed both 1-2 and 3-4 solenoid, new filter, new fluid, cleared the code drove the truck about 5 miles and the service engine light came back on. Pulled same po751 code. Any suggestions?

... Chevrolet C3500

In my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan EX My check engine light will come on and stay on sometimes for days,sometimes for just a minute or two,and might not do it again for months. I've checked all fluids and changed all my filters,oil air. It's been doing this for 4-5 years since I've owned it.

Hi, it is possible to find the cause of this by getting a scan of the history of trouble codes in the computer. You can get a free OBD2 scan at your local parts chain, but you MUST specify for them to check the history. This is a different mode of ... Dodge Caravan

I changed the air filter on my 2004 Pontiac Sunfire because of poor fuel mileage. Afetr I changed the air filter the check engine light came on. How do I turn off the check engine light?

Check to see if one of the wire harness has become un clipped from the intake tube like the IAT which would also give you a bad fuel economy if that has become un clipped. If there is a Auto Zone around your are ... Pontiac Sunfire

No power, 99 Tacoma Truck, 4X4, TRD, Extened cab, V6, automatic tran. No more get-up and go - Loss power: gutless truck. approximately 86,000 miles. It has been acting this way for quite some time now. I changed spark plugs several times, sprak plug wires, cleaned mass air flow sensor, new air filter several times. There is no check engine light on. Also, transmission takes long time before shifting into 3rd/drive when cold. Thank you,

My truck did the same thing. I changed the plugs with the ones the parts store recommended and it still acted gutless. Then I took it to the toyota dealership and they told me the plugs were not the right ones. So make sure you have the right plugs w ... 1999 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

No power 85 cavalier type 10 2.0 starts fine idles a little rough at first but smooths out nicely after bout 10-15 seconds but check engine light comes on. drive down the road and have no power. replaced wires, plugs, cap, air filter, oil change, upstream O2 sensor. tranny fluid full, nice and red. thinking it might be fuel filter? maybe vacuum line somewhere. i need help

The exhaust may have a blockage in it....maybe the cat converter....motors don't have power unless they can get rid of the exhaust..... ... 1985 Chevrolet Cavalier

I need someone better than me! 1997 honda passport, 3.2 auto. car has had starting and driving problems. When put into drive gears, it fell on its face i changed the trans filter and fluid and wham, it ran fine all day yesterday. this morning it would not start. has spark and good fuel pressure. I replaced the fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator last week, also intake gaskets. just now it still would not start and the fuel gauge showed empty, and it has a half tank. low fuel light is blink

Try sticking a can of petrol in just to satisfy me then try again and see what happens ,wouldnt be first time er indoors has crept out on the razzle and took a fella out whilst iam working ,dont mind that as it saves me another boring chore,but hey , ... Isuzu Rodeo

1999 expedition AWD automatic transmission. Transmission is popping only when under a load to accelerate or pass. Makes a whining noise while in reverse but hits all of the gears and shifts fine. There are no warning lights (check engine, ABS) on and push button OD works fine. Fluid level is good and I recently changed out fluid and filter but with no improvement. So, i dont have a clue?????

... 1999 Ford Expedition

I just had an oil change and my air filter changed out 3 days ago. Tires rotated and pressure checked 4 days ago and when they checked pressure during oil change said they said it was way too high and let out air. Don't know if they were right anyway after that. Filled up with gas last night and went to work this morning, everything fine. Go to go to lunch and my engine light came on, cruise light blinking (tried reset in case I did hit it. Didn't work), and my vehicle dynamics control "off" lig

... 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca
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