Having problems with your 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada ?

2002 bravada makes what appears to me a grinding noise when ex or drive real slow forward an in reverse coming from the rear

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

That noise could be a lot of things. a bad wheel bearing, a bad u-joint makes many different noises. bad bearings in the rear-end itself. the backing plates directly behind the wheels could be rotting out and crumbling. that is all wheel drive and takes a special fluid in the transfer case. if the correct fluid isn't used it will chatter bad. the special fluid is available from g.m. only and is called "autotrac-fluid".
\015\012you may need to have to have it professionally diagnosed to save from replacing a lot of parts that aren't going to fix it. Good Luck..........Scott
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2002 bravada makes what appears to me a grinding noise when ex or drive real slow forward an in reverse coming from the rear

That noise could be a lot of things. a bad wheel bearing, a bad u-joint makes many different noises. bad bearings in the rear-end itself. the backing plates directly behind the wheels could be rotting out and crumbling. that is all wheel ... 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada

2009 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 TRD, after raining hard and driving though 2 large puddles of water, my truck started making grinding sounds which appear to be coming from under the truck, near the rear? Only makes the noise moving forward or backward. Nothing found when I looked under the truck.

Could be dirt or gravel in the brake drums or disc. Try flushing with garden hose from the inside ... 2009 Toyota Tacoma

While coming to a stop it reacts like a manual trans. that is in to high of gear,Does not do this at all times.Also does this in reverse at times.While idling in Neutral all is good,while in Drive a slight "chirping"sound comes from the driver side of trans,(appears to be what would be called "rear main" on rear wheel drive vehicle.

There are several possible problems that could cause this issue. First it sounds like you may just have a simple pressure issue that can be resolved by replacing the transmission filter and fluid. You can either purchase a new filter and pan gasket a ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

H2 2004 hummer ...while driving on the freeway the brake lock up on me and I saw a smoke coming out from drive back rear under from tire area. so I try to put it on reverse and then forward ...did not go...waited and pray after 30 minute I try backing up and it move and try going forward it went I didn't reach home so I wait for 1 hour and try it again and I made it home. someone says to let all 4 brakes air out for 1 hour then bleed it good and took it for a drive on freeway and brake lock and

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My 2006 suzuki forenza after driving a few miles, makes a loud ''humming/buzzing'' noise from the rear of the car. it slows when you let off the throttle or brake. when you shut the car off, sometimes it makes a ''rattle'' that lasts up to a minute coming from what sounds like behind the rear driver side tire. is this signs my fuel pump is failing?

If your fuel pump was failing you would have engine problems the supply of fuel would be interupted, I would guess that you have a wheel bearing that is worn out you can check this yourself by jacking the rear of the car up wheel off the ground one ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

2005 CRV AWD has a knocking sound coming from the rear when driving slow or making slow turns. Goes away when driving normal speed. Can you tell me what could be causing this to happen??

Feels Like\015\012Change \015\012\015\012Symptom: ... 2002 Honda CR-V

I have a 2007 Infiniti M35X (AWD) with 90k miles. It has been making a "clicking noise" from the rear everytime I pull out of a parking spot or a red light (when I start driving slow). It goes away in the act of driving. Could this be the rear axle? Also there is a sandpaper like sound coming from under the hood on the driver side near the brake fluid, every couple of minutes. What could this be? Thank you.

Have the rear axlenuts retorqued and noise should go away.other noise under hood not ringing any bells. ... 2007 Infiniti M35x

My 1998 Toyota Altezza Rear-Wheel Drive is making noise when I'm coming to a full stop. So when I apply the brakes and the car slows down to around 20kms or lower it makes like a squeal, sounds li

... 2002 Lexus IS 300

I just started having problems today. 2001 ford f150 . It felt like tranny was slipping. Checked fluid, a little low, topped it off. truck goes into reverse but wont move backwards. truck moves forward but makes a funny noise. truck will now backup but makes noise that sounds like it is coming from the back wheels or the rear

Sounds like the rear end differential is going out. I had a similar problem on a customer's truck, and it was the differential in the rearend. Replaced the rearend, and the noise was gone. ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic;165,000 miles. Check engine light comes on sporadically. Been told catalytic converter is trashed. Sometimes starts great; sometimes hard start. "Belches/burps/chugs" -- when idling (red light, stop sign, drive-up at bank) feels like it wants to 'go' and makes that sound like if I took my foot off the brake it would **** forward. Also rear end continues to make strange noises after engine is shut down.

Did you know Jeep did a recall and paid for replacement of catalytic converters on 1996 models (don't know about any others) - they reimbursed me for work done, up to a point - hope this helps! ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Took my 2003 volvo xc90 for service two weeks ago. Came back with a creaking / crunching noise in left front wheel and a knocking sound in right rear area. Very audible at take off & slow speed, reversing, going over humps, turning. Taken it back to workshop several times & apparently the mechanics can't hear what I'm hearing! Are they deaf?! Driving me nuts. And making me feel it is not safe to drive the car.

Hi\015\012 \015\012 \015\012The noise could be many things from sway bar link rods to the inner tie rod ends followed by ball joints, if quiet unless you hit little bumps or ... 2003 Volvo XC90

My 2003 mountaineer when I drive in reverse and turn will come to a stop if I don't really push on the gas. I have had the wheel bearings changed and the rear clutch fluid drained - that did not work - then had the rear clutch changed with a used one for $1,700. It also happens when I turn sharp going forward in a parking lot. Feels like the wheels are catching. Any ideas? Is this a saftey issue? Thanks, Matt

It sounds like your 4 wheel drive is engaged. whether on purpose or its stuck thats your problem, to double check jack up one of your front tires, if it wont turn then thats your problem ... 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

Universal Joint When truck is in reverse truck makes very loud squeaking noise. If you pick up speed in reverse squeaking stops. There is no vibrations, noise appears to be coming from drive shaft. Could it possibly be a universal joint?

Its the front u joint its the angle of the drive shaft and the torque from the tranny and rear end putting stress on the bushings inside  ... 2004 Ford F150

4 WD High and 4WD Low lights blink at the same time (6 times, then off; then 6 times, then off, etc.). The problem seems to begin when I run in reverse, then put it in drive. It appears that the transmission is stuck, it grinds some and then "pops" loose. The vehicle will go forward, but I can't tell if it is in 4 WD drive after that. Often times the 4WD High light won't come when I turn the switch, even if it is driven for a while. Turning the vehicle off and then on again seems to cure the

... 1998 Ford Explorer

I have a 2005 ford mustang (automatic) and whenever i come to a sudden stop..my car will not move forward imediately when i give it gas. When it finally does move, it kind of jumps forward. Also when im driving my car appear to slip out of gear, although im giving it gas it doesn't go any faster..just slows down. I think it may be my transmission, but i just had it rebuilt last year.

... 2005 Ford Mustang

1999 pontiac trans amautomatic, got a problem, makes a hard noice under car ,like toward the rear of car but not sure, sometimes i think is coming from transmission but not sure, makes it mostly when a stop,or when transmission downshift to a slow gear, or when a put it on reverse, sounds like something big hits metal or somethimg, and now car does not not shift after 2nd gear, if i play a little with gas pedal sometimes if changes to 3rd gear, but it won't go to 4th at all, could it be the Tor

The torque converter could very well be your problem,a transmission shop will be able to verify that,usually for free.You need to warm the car to normal temp then put it in and out of drive and reverse a few times and check the transmission fluid[als ... Pontiac Firebird

When out of 4 wheel drive the left and right rear end makes a shattering sound. while the verhicle is not running i can rotate the wheels left and right on the rear i don't feel any resistance or hear any noises. do you think it could be the transfer case. while on drive the jeep wont go forward it just makes a zinging noise. once on 2 wheel drive it will then go forward.

Its possible that the problem could be in the transfeer case. you didnt state which 4x4 unit is in the jeep.... there were 3 types, one was all wheel drive full time with a low gear selector, the 2nd was a part time 4x4 manual shift with a low range ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I am driving and my car makes a squealing noise and it comes from the drivers side by the rear tire. also when i drive it makes a noise like something is dragging and it is loud and makes my tire feel like it is coming off or i have a flat tire. the noise is everytime i drive. now when i brake it makes a loud keeeeeeeeeee noise. please help.

... Ford Taurus

We have a Golf TDI 2005 - bought in New Zealand. The car has had two episodes of having a loud 'spronging' noise start, then stop. It sounds like like something repeatedly banging on a hollow pipe while the car is moving. It sounds as though it is coming from a rear wheel and started when we went over a bump, then stopped when we went over some railway lines. The banging is loud inside and outside of the car, and it repeatedly 'bangs' and the car drives along - in forward and in reverse. The se

Think you have a shock absorber problem ,they can break inside well not exactly break but a valve sticks causing the vehicle to bounce more which you didnt notice but no doubt it happened then when bounced on the level crossing it freed itself again ... Volkswagen Golf

My father is experiencing a squeaking noise coming from the rear left wheel area (only in forward, not in reverse). Could this be a brake pad indicator? He has a 2000 Bravada

It will more than likely be the brake pad indicator as you mentioned. The only other noise would be griding and that would be indicative of a bearig or metal to metal on brakes. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada

I own a 1998 mercury mystique 2.4 liter. The passenger right side makes a strange clacking/griding noise. Does not happen when driving in reverse. Checked the pads and rotors and they appear fine. Noise seems to come from the rod attached to the tire. Is this possible and what could it possibly be.

This only happens when you turn to the right or left correct? Unless it is really bad. I believe we are looking at the CV joints. I am assuming this is a front wheel drive? Have someone ride with you and then find an open parking lot like the school ... 1998 Mercury Mystique

I have a squealing noise coming from my left side rear tire area. No noise when in reverse only when in drive and when I move forward?

Have the rear brakes and or bearings checked ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 95 cavalier. I have had a new control module and 2 new coils installed. I have new spark plug and wires. I have a new heat sensor. My problem is. Im driving down the road and my idle is rough at stop lights. Then sometimes when I go to take off. It goes real slow. Acting like it is going to die. I have to give it just a little gas to move forward. Then all of a sudden it kicks in and runs right. They put in on the scope and nothing showed up. No warning lights come on. I dont know what

There is a part called a throttle positin sensor which would do very much as you described it.The sensor cannot detect how much gas you are giving it nor does it know how much gas is being delivered.It is also an input for the control module which te ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

High squeal noise coming from rt front end. only when i drive over 25 mph. only forward not when driving backward. changed brakes. sound stops below 20mph. seems to be coming from underneath car...not in engine area. cannot hear when hood is raised. does not make noise when car is in park and engine is reved up to same rpms. which are about 2.5. only makes noise when actually driving car.

It's the hanger bearing between the 2 driveshafts midway down the vehical had the same problem ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

2006 2 wd grand vitara. I went to the store and when i came out i tried to reverse my suv but the steering wheel hardly turns and the suv makes a screeching noise. The wheels refuse to turn. I can drive forward and drive in reverse but it won't allow me to make left or right turns. Help!

The belt will make a screeching noise for the power steering if it is loose or worn out. check out the belt, or the power steering pump front bearings failed and will not let steering pump to spin. have a good day !! ... 2004 Suzuki Verona
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