Having problems with your 2000 Oldsmobile Alero ?

I have a olds alero. I just replaced the pulley and power steering pump. after I replaced it and put back the hoses and belt. I turned my car on and got a loud grinding noise and some smoking out from the power steering pump. The pulley is put on the right way and the belt is fine. And I still don't have any power steering in my car. I've bled the pump properly. I don't have any resolutions yet. Please some one help me..

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Answers :

Seems like the pressure line to the rack&pinion is plugged.open the line at the rack see if fluid flows if not replace line if fluid flows then replace the rack.
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I have a olds alero. I just replaced the pulley and power steering pump. after I replaced it and put back the hoses and belt. I turned my car on and got a loud grinding noise and some smoking out from the power steering pump. The pulley is put on the right way and the belt is fine. And I still don't have any power steering in my car. I've bled the pump properly. I don't have any resolutions yet. Please some one help me..

Seems like the pressure line to the rack&pinion is plugged.open the line at the rack see if fluid flows if not replace line if fluid flows then replace the rack. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 99 lincoln tow car it started squealing when power steering was going bad n found out it was leaking replaced the pump n continued to squeal put a new serpentine belt on replaced tensioner n idle pulley still is squealing does anyone have a clue what it could b it seems to squeal when I put it ib reverse n I turn the wheels n then continues until I give it some gas n it quits

It sounds like your water pump. ... Cars & Trucks

Power steering acts funny. when i put my foot on the brake and try to turn its really hard, like i have no power steering, but if i let off the brake i can feel the power steering kicking back on more and more as i depress the brake, but sometimes when i dont hold the brake it does it, always when i am stopped it happens both ways, when i have my plow on and not holding brake its tuff, i have replaced power steering gear box, put a new remanufactured pump on and a new belt, if the new pump tests

These are two different systems and they do not interact to the point that you are describing. The problem was addressed as normal and it is the result of inadequate flow at the speeds that you are driving. It is a designed feature and there is nothi ... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

Replaced the tensioner on the power steering pump and now the car does not fire. It started with the pump and belt off when it was driven into the garage. Once it was put together it did not start. Checked to make sure everything was plugged in. Please help

Check the alternator with the belt off and see if you can move the pulley freely.Sometimes these alternators will lock up because of bearing failure and when it does the engine is not able to turn over. ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

When my serpentine belt broke three times the problem was diagnosed as the power steering pump. Why wasn't this diagnosed when the tensioner was replaced. I am now replacing the power steering pump and the fourth serpentine belt. I feel I didn't get the service I previously.  My car is a 2002 subaru outback.

2002 outback does not have a serpentine belt, It has two drive belts and the power steering pump is on the left side with the alternator. The idler is on the right side which drives the a/c. The power steering belt is adjusted by tightening the al ... 2003 Subaru Outback

While struggling to come out of a parking space in icy conditions, the car lost power steering and the battery stopped charging.Checked uder hood and the serpentine belt had come off track. the belt and tensioner were replaced this fixed the problem with the battery charging, but the car still has no power steering. The pump is still full of clear fluid and there appear to be no leaks. there is not now, nor was there previously a whining noise to indicate the pump has gone bad.

HelloHonestly it sounds like they got the belt on wrong, you have (should have) a diagram of the belt rout under the hood some place, check for yourself.Good luck,Feedback appreciated >:) ... 2002 GMC Envoy

Is it hard to change a 98 Olds Intrigue power steering pump for someone who's not a mechanic? We knew the pump was going but were waiting for money to replace. Then when refilling the fluid one day and turning on the car the pulley froze and blew the serpentine belt off. Now need to change power steering pump and pulley immediately to get car running again. Is this something I can do with general vehicle knowledge or should we pay extra? Is there anywhere on the web that has diagrams of what nee

Power Steering Pump Replacement Removal Procedure \015\012\015\012Place a drain pan under the vehicle. \015\012Remove the fuel injector site shield. \015\012 ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Power steering I have a 1998 chevy z-71 with a 5.7 vortec . The power steering pump was leaking so i changed it and the steering became very difficult at low speeds. I took it to a mechanic and he said the pump was probably faulty so he put a another new pump on and replaced the belts. Now it seems like it is worse than the last one. It really doesnt even seem to help much when i give in more fuel. . Any ideas what might be causing the problem. I never had this problem with the factory pump that

I would check to see if the PS fluid is foamy. If so, then there is air trapped in the system. You can attempt to bleed it out by yourself . With the engine off, open the reservoir, raise the front wheels off the ground, and cycle the steering side ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Have been alternator has size...? only sine I put can into garage to rectify small leak from power steering pipe - new clip required. Authorised alternator & belt to be replaced, now they have advised of water leak, could be water pump or worse case cylinder head..? Please advise as car was running fine before it went in. It is a Rover 200 1.4si 1999 model (T reg)not on your list below. I have just picked a Renault to get me through.

Water pump,it would show when the mechanic puts altenator on as it would no doubt drip on him ... 2000 Renault 181

Brought my audi a4 in to have the timing belt and water pump replaced and my car is now leaking power steering fluid and making loud noise, i was told when i took it back that the the powersteering fluid was low, they topped it off, it was fine until i drove it for a couple hours and the problem returned and my check engine light came on. had the fluid topped off again. can changing the timing belt and water pump damage the power steering pump/rack?

They may have loosened the power steering pump to take off the belt and not put it back right.\015\012They may have overtightened the belt which has worn the bearings out on the steering pump and made it start leaking from the bearings... ... 2004 Audi A4

Oil change place put wrong power steering fluid in my car. I had to replace hydrolic pump for the power steering....two days later have same problems. do I need to replace all power steering system?

Hi,\015\012\015\012You need to have a pressure/flow test done on the system first, you may only have a certain area which is causing the problem.\015\012It sounds like the incorrect fluid has cause a seal to loose pressure in the steering rack. ... 2001 Audi A4

1991 Nissan Sentra SE with GA16DE engine (with AC) I had to take the water pump/power steering pump belt off to replace the alternator belt behind it. Now the power steering pump pulley doesn't want to move. It shifted easily towards the engine when I originally took the belt off and put it back on, but now won't budge no matter what sort of force or leverage is applied to it. This particular model has both an adjusting screw and a lockscrew that serve to tension this belt but it makes no

The way the steering system is set up you have to loosen the bolts up to get enough travel to get the belt on. how ever if you take a small screwdriver flat tipped the pocket type. Put it between the belt and pulley then get a ratchet and socket to t ... Nissan Sentra

Harmonic balance pulley came loose.broke both belts on alternator and power sterring pump. one of the belts wore a hole in my timing belt cover.part of the belt got intertwinded with the timing belt.the timing belt was replaced, got timing right, car ran good and strong, put timing cover back on, put new pulley on, put both new belts on, changed plugs, wires, and distributor, went to start it, and it wouldn't start....put the old wires, plugs, and distributor back on, and it still wouldn't star

... 1989 Toyota Camry

Recently I had repairs done on my car. My v belt broke and I had my brake pads replaced.I had not driven my car at night until a day after the repairs, only to find out my headlights were out. Now I was driving at the time my belt broke, my power steering, AC, water pump, Alt. all went out but not the headlights. I returnrd to the mechanic and he said the lamps were blown. Upon replacing the old ones, still nothing. I am getting power to the sockets but the lamps will not light. the mechanic sen

Must dismantle...headlamps were the fuse to a major trouble ... Pontiac Sunfire

Sqealing every time i start my car it makes a loud spealing sound with a lil bit of rattle then goes away in a min or two the other night my power steering belt broke and when i replaced it it still has that sqealing sound belts are tight and all pullys move free with out making noise only thing i can think of is the crank because when i just started it and let it run for not even a min the power steering pump pully and the crank pully was hot. any ideas would help thank you

Two things to check. If your car has a harmonic pulley on the crank shaft check that it is not slipping on the rubber insert and squealing. Second point is when there is no need for power steering ie straight ahead or idling there is no load on the p ... Cadillac Brougham

Surpentine belt I replaced the water pump on my 1991 Chevy S-10 2.8 liter motor. In order to do this I had to remove other parts such as the A/C pump, power steering pump - Being careful to remeber where all the bolts go when I put it back together, well, I forget to take note of the surpentine belt & how it routes thru the pullys & also how to get it back on without damaging the belt.

Well first check your owners Owners manel. Also there is usual directions on were the belt goes under the hood so check there. ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

Jerky acceleration I recently replaced the thermostat on my 1993 jetta GL 2.0. After reassembling the water pump and the power steering pump and proceeding with the alternator and then the belts my car started to run rough. Here is what its doing. When i attempt driving once i get to about 25 km/hr the car starts to **** and feels undriveable. After finding this, I noticed that holding the car on steady idle results in a surging or pulsing feeling. Please help me! thanks!

... 1993 Volkswagen Jetta

I got a 99 Chevy Malibu ..the problem is i just started noticing a noise or rattling coming from the top power steering pump pulley ,or tensioner pulley area and it is getting noisier, plus when i try to steer i get a loud humming from the power steering...now i had to replace the head Gasket due to coolant leak ( a common problem on those cars ) so the mechanic had to disassemble the timing belt and radiator etc.. and i must add the mechanic wasn't the best out there ..now my question is, did h

The power steering has nothing to do with the timing belt replacement.\015\012If you here a rrrrrrrr.....rrrrrrrrrrrr..... when you are steering it is because you power steering fluid is low.\015\012You will find the power steering pump o ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

On April-2010. I bought a pre-owned 2004 Chrysler pt cruiser car at 100K miles, auto Transmission for my daughter. After driving the car for a week, the car died at suddenly at a stop sign. Apparently the timing belt broke, so we towed the car to an auto repair shop and replaced the timing belt and the water pump. After replaced the timing belt and water pump, she drove the car for 2 days and found the steering gear/rack leaking oil, brought the car to a technician and changed the steering gear/

Well, if the timing belt broke, and was replaced that solved a regularly scheduled maintenance issue.\015\012\015\012The water pumps do go bad on cars over 80,000 mi. frequently.\015\012So that's normal.\015\012\015\012A ... Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have a 2002 Saturn L300 and recently (02/01/2010) had the following work done: 1. Pads, disc brake rear 2. Replaced Pressure control solenoid valve 3. Replaced Serpentine Belt 4. Replaced air cabin filter 5. Replaced water pump and timing belt 6. Power steering pump replacement and leaking O rings. I now am having problems with leaking gas - gas pump needs replacing and leaking power steering. Could these latest problems have been caused by the previous repairs? If so are they covered by 12 mo

None of the above have any bearing on the failure of said parts in any way or form.as they are not even connected to each other. ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

I have a 95 Honda accord I recently put in a timing belt a water pump got a new battery but now the car won't start at all. Here is the story the car was sitting for almost a year before I got it I had the oil changed put motor oil bought new fuses and replace the old ones then I got the timing belt replace with a new water pump. My belt broke and I had to put in another one and I had to buy a head gasket cap I really don't know what it was. So now my car kept dying on me and wouldn't start so I

Fisrt of all your alternator is not charging well n there is something draining your battery but can u explain 2 me more am willing to help you ... Cars & Trucks

Accessory drive belt comes off. The frist time,I just put the old one back on...but it came off again. So I put a new belt on a few days ago..it came off after about 50 miles and was eaten to about 2/3 it's original width. --it takes a long wrench to pull the tensioner back, so I believe it is OK. --I have tried to check the pulleys for play... only found that power steering pump pulley moves in and out an almost undetectable amount. (guessing less than 1/16 inch) Should we replace the po

I do not know but give these websites a try www.alldatadiy.com and www.autozone.com if all fails stop by you ... 1993 Chevrolet C3500

I have a 97 Malibu, the car is making a rattling sound plus it is difficult to steer. The power steering pump was just replaced and the fluid level is fine. I looked at the belt - it looks like it is falling off the wheel. Not only does it make a rattling noise, but it also creates a burning smell and a bit of smoke by the belt. What can I do to fix this?

Either the belt is completely worn or there is a problem in the rack which is preventing the fluid from moving through it if this has been happening sense the pump was changed I would say the problem here already burnt out one pump, and running it li ... 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

I have 2001 Toyota Avalon with approximately 131,000 miles. Yesterday I had my timing belt, water pump and power steering belt changed. When I picked up the car everythings seemed okay. I stopped at the gas station to put gas in my car. Afterwards, about 1/2 mile down the road my check engine light came on along with the VSC and VSC Off light. What is the problem? I checked my gas cap and it was on securely.

They have knocked a pipe off somewhere its very tight under the bonnet ,take iit back and they will check it for you ... 2001 Toyota Sequoia

2001 chrysler pt cruiser, loud noise during start up, (humming sound) will not turn well. The recall power sterring hose was replaced in 2005. I have put well over $2,000 of my own money into this car when the warranty I purchased didnt cover it. (which I spent almost $2,000 on the warranty) It looks like the belt is turning but not the pulley. I put power steering fluid in it and it came right out, however prior to that there was not a single leak

Your power steering selonoid is bad!!!! ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser
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