Having problems with your 2000 Oldsmobile Alero ?

How do I replace the blower resistor on a 2000 OLDSMOBILE Alero? I have worked on cars for years. Just don't know where they put it on this car... Thanks, Orv. Cooley

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Answers :

It is on the evaporator case and is held in with 2 screws.
Well its got to be in the airstream of the blower/ hetaer unit, so start looking in that area.
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How do I replace the blower resistor on a 2000 OLDSMOBILE Alero? I have worked on cars for years. Just don't know where they put it on this car... Thanks, Orv. Cooley

It is on the evaporator case and is held in with 2 screws. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

Audi a6 overheating the water pumb was replace a year ago the car is not liking any where the car starts to over heat and when i put the heater on the tempeture neddle stay in the midle but soon *** u turn it off the car start to over heat????? the other problem that it has when u are at a light or a stop or in idole the car vibrates can u please help let me know what would it be >>???? dont have a job so i cant take it to the dealer anymore;( thankyou

Two issues: One is check the fan clutch to make sure that the fan is turning on to cool the engine, also it is recommended since it overheated to change the thermostat.2nd. This sounds like a MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor Valve) or a EG ... 2001 Audi A6

I know this may sound crazy! And, yes, I'm quite an experienced driver with 20 years under my belt; however, I just purchased a 91 Honda Accord. Which gear should I be putting my car in to drive it? This totally threw me. Never drove a car with this many choices and it didn't come with a manual. So... D4, D3, 2, 1... which is it? Just got it. Dont' want to be headed for a new transmission because of ignorant abuse. Please help. Thanks!

Just put it in the highest one. D4, i assume. Same as any other. ... 1991 Honda Accord

My timing belt book does not include Holden or Opel Astra which are I beleive the same or similar.I am interested to know any special procedures or tools.It is 2005 year with Z18XE engine. Regards rowted1 PS I just put Acura in the box so I could send this as you dont have these cars on your list,are they that bad?

I'm not sure what it is that your doing. it sounds like your want to replace the timing belt or adjust, maybe set your timing because it's a fresh build??\015\012Do you know where your timing marks are? or what cylinder needs to be a TDC?? if y ... Acura CL

I cant find the manual to my car i know it is licoln but i dont know the year i am trying to get it fixed because i the rear suspention will not raise atomaticaly i have to use do it manually with a wire and jump it from my battery but even then i wont stay up but i dont know what the year is how do i find this out

Check under the hood by the fan shroud, door panels, or even glove box. Good luck. ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

I like to know the correct time of my hyunday scoupe turbo 1994 because i replace the water pomp and i put the timing belt ..and i dont know the correct time ,please help me with that problem.the car is getting in hot presure...in high revolution and when i run the car in a hill the temperature getting high to. i replace the water pomp but i like to put the timming belt in the correct time ...the car have 200,000 miles...my email - [email protected]

Sounds like you may need to replace the engine coolant thermostat, inexpensive part. ... Hyundai Motor 1994 Scoupe

I just bought a 2001 chevy cavalier and bought windshield washer fluid to put in it. however when i put it in the tube thing it didnt take much of it and it looked almost like it was coming out and leaving water around my battery. i dont know much about cars and dont know why this is happening. please help!

If you were putting it in the correct place( a black plastic cap with a picture of a windshield on it), then it sounds like the plastic resoivoir is cracked. This happens when people leave plain water in the system in the winter and it freezes and b ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

It keeps stalling i put in a new alternator and a new battery i dont know if i have a short or not i see my car idling at 600 rpm is that normal or did the screw come lose on the idle thingy? when i had the alternator tested it says low poer output but i dont know if its because of where im idling. i dont know if i have a short or not

Try cleaning the throttle body.that will definatly affect your idle. if it still does it look on throttle body for an air bypass screw i dont know if a 04 has one but all the older ones did.it will be a screw head that is recessed in a holeit may hav ... 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 95 Honda accord I recently put in a timing belt a water pump got a new battery but now the car won't start at all. Here is the story the car was sitting for almost a year before I got it I had the oil changed put motor oil bought new fuses and replace the old ones then I got the timing belt replace with a new water pump. My belt broke and I had to put in another one and I had to buy a head gasket cap I really don't know what it was. So now my car kept dying on me and wouldn't start so I

Fisrt of all your alternator is not charging well n there is something draining your battery but can u explain 2 me more am willing to help you ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1998 mazda manual, Water has come out then the car overheat. We put new howes and coolent and this morning all the coolent and water comes out, Can it be athe water pump and if so could I put that in? I had a new timing bith put in not long aga and from what I'm hearing from the mazda place, they should have put a NEW WATER PUMP WHEN THERY DID THE TIMING BOTH? i CALLED WERE i HAD THE CAR WORKED ON AND THE GUY SAID HE DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY, nOW HE SAID HELL CALL ME TOMORROW.

No the water pump is not automatic with the timing belt, but it should have been recommended. If the coolant is coming out the passenger side of the engine it is most likely the pump. If it blowing out the radiator or coolant resevoir it is a blown h ... Mazda Millenia

2001 Mazda 626 problem!!! Hotchevy1965 just answered my question but he mentioned somthing about a "torque converter" i dont know anything about that...and the problems were..engine light goes on for a day or two then shuts off,and its feels like when i accelerate my car cant keep up and it jerks, and if i dont let my car warm up even in the summer i have to put extra pressure on the brake just to stop my car, car shakes in idle...and iv had all fluids checked and flushed new air filter...and al

It sound like you have an issue with your torque converter slipping too much on acceleration and no un locking when you slow down. A torque converter works in a similar manner to a clutch on a manual transmission.A vehicle is never safe ... 2001 Mazda 626

They need to replace the manifold in my car. would a repair like this be worth it for a car that is 21 years of age. The price is about $700.00. I had a rebuilt transmission put in about 3 years ago and the car has been running fine except for some minor repairs. But I would like to know if I should invest in the manifold now. I really do not have the money to purchase a new or used car

Well I never like to see people put money in a car that is not worth it, but if it runs good it may very well be worth it. Be carful because a couple broken bolts can change that price pretty quick. ... 1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

1975 buick electra 225 with 455 engine in garage 5 years started 2 times a year this year I started run outside approx 2 hours put back in garage next day started same run and purred 2 HRS 3rd day took more than usual and is missing big time. I installed new cap and roter,new set of wires,new plugs.I put Rislone eng treatment in case I have stuck lifter or valve , you have to work the gas pedel so it doesnt shut off until it warms up. missing terrible. dont know what to do except take off intake

1975?? it has a carb and points ,check the points gap first if that doesnt work then its carb strip and clean ... Buick Electra

So i know jack **** about cars. and I dont have people in my life that do. so when my oil light came on i put oil in it. but my car is making a knocking kind of noise. it was light when my oil light came on. and after oil was put in it started to get LOUDER. I was finally told that i might need an OIL CHANGE. So i planned to take it in on payday. but the night before my car started making an even more horrible noise. while in park my rpm started goin up and down and then the engine just cut off.

Sounds like you blew the motor. Lack of oil will wreck your bearings and the motor is toast. I would get it looked at buy someone who knows a thing or two. ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

I have a 91 Honda Accord LX , my car stalled out on me and gave me a code 15. ive been researching the problem and i know it cant be the distributor because i replaced it with a aftermarket one 7 months and ago and i know the main relay is good because i hear the relay click and that was replaced about a year ago. I am not to sure if its a transmission problem. my D4 light doesnt work. so i dont know if its flashing and my "S" light isnt flashing. also my car does have a bit of a poor up shift a

... 1991 Honda Accord

Hi i have a 98 honda accord lx and i wanted to know wether it was my trammy or the clutch because when ever i do a rolling stop or if i had jus finished backing up nd as soon as i put it in drive and press the gas the car like stuters and so far none of the local mechanics we gone to dont seem to know what the problem is or at times say the car is running fine

I had the same problem on a 1998. The computer controlled mixture at idle is not working right, and idle is dipping below 700 rpm. The culprit was a dirty throttle body intake. This tends to foul the plugs as well, after a few minutes of idling, so i ... 1998 Honda Accord

I have a 1987 cadillac eldorado. The windshield wiper module went out yet again. The past itself is discontinued. I am not extremely car savy, and since the part is no longer being made, would like to know if there is anyway to put in a new windshield wiper system. even if it looks shoddy Id rather have windshield wipers. I know there must be some way to put a new system in that could replace the old one. I dont see any point in trying to track down a new module when it is not under warranty and

Hi Liz.\015\012I will be making a few assumptions regarding the type\015\012of wiper system you have. However, if I'm wrong, please feel free to contact me with the right info and \015\012I'll try again. Ok here goes. I believe the ... 1987 Cadillac Eldorado

Question thank you i just dont know what else to do i have done alot to this car and i just got it running only 4 months ago cause it was getting hot and would stop right where i was someone told me it was my engine then told me it was my head so i had head looked at and they told me know the head was fine so put it in the gar. and had someone fix it i only had this car from march to june before it broke down the got it fix and now back down again, it was throwing code 3 cylinder so i had change

I posted a comment. check the motor mounts. that will be the sipilest thing to check. if one is broken or cracked it will cause the engine to shake because there is nothing there holding or absorbing the engine movement...... ... 1999 Dodge Stratus

Have an issue with automatic transmission, on 1998 audi A4 i can only move into drive or neutral, unable to select any other gear with means i cant put into parking mode and take key out car! The Button on the side of the gearstick seems to be pushed in? I dont have a drivers manual for car so i dont know i've accidentally pushed button in and it's preventing using the whole selection of gears??? Any ideas/advice would be most helpful

Hello derw.... Begin by checking the transmission fluid level. If it is even a wee bit low do fill it up to the full mark and even over fill it by a wee bit. Now on to that pesky key. The key will only come out when the vehicle is in park. So si ... 1998 Audi A4

I have a 97 Cavalier 2.2L, and i just replace the clutch on the car. Thinking that i will be saving, I let this guy friend of mine put the clutch in for me. I was told that to get to the clutch you have to drop the transmission. well to make it short the guy did put the clutch in. However , the car turns but does not crank over and it makes a loud grinding noise only. I want to know if anyone can tell me what could possibly be the reason why? So i dont waste any more money for parts that is not

Could be the starter isn't seated properly, some vehicles have a sheet metal shim spacer between the starter and engine block to align the teeth on the starter and flywheel. Make sure if it had one he put it back in. The starter could be going b ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Put a 95 legacy automatic tranny in a 92 legacy. it was a used tranny that worked fine but sat for about a year before i put it in. have it all installed but now it will not pump fluid. i checked this by unhooking the cooler hose that goes up to the radiator which would usually squirt fluid out if the pump was working. thought maybe a pressure valve was stuck, tried blowing air in to break it free which i know was a longshot. so basically im thinking i have a stuck pump? i dont know if something

Did you change the filter ... Subaru Legacy

We just got a 1998 ford escort, automatic with 106,000 mi on it. two weeks passed and the check engine light came on. It was the tps, it was changed n no change. The car turns on after third try, jumps at 20mph, and once in a while turns off at a light.when you put foot on accelerator, the motor seems like it stays accelerated. throttle cable seems too loose but dont know how to tighten it.took apart throttle body cleaned it out, no change, dont know what else to do. can you help!

Did you reset the computer because if you don't the computer does'nt reconize the new sensor and it will run as if you did'nt even replace it.You can reset it with a scan tool,or take the ground cable off battery for 30 seconds or pull the ECM fuse t ... 1998 Ford Escort

Kia 99 i have a sephia 99 automatic sometimes when i slow down the rpm go down and the engine turn off and if i increase fuel padle it still turning off so i had changed the tps sensor and the map sensor and the car still as the same i try to put it in diagnosis but there is no trouble shoot appear exepet the egr sensor i dont know what to do knowing that if i open AC the car become soooo badly as if there is no power

Try to change The small boxes with the solid,yet wax-like-looking material ,i haded that problem on 99 kia sephia. ... 2001 Kia Sephia

95 chevy caprice classic 5.7 engine jus installing the new distributior cap i got stuck when i seen the screws are too small i dont have the socket its smaller then 5/32 does any one know the size?... Also my fans are not turning on twhen they are suppose too they only turn on when i start the car up i put a new switch on the water pump and checked this pre cool relay under the hood is there another relay or fuse i need to change? the fans do work, but the car over heats when they dont turn on

I believe the socket size is 3/16 or 1/4. Most of the time you can use a multitip screw driver without the tip installed. This is not a true 1/4 socket size but works for most bolts like this. As far as the overheating issue there is a fan relay alon ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Hi, i have imported Honda Accord 2005 model from Japan to NewZealand. Weirdest thing is all in Japanese Language and i can't even change time in my Car now. At last friend of mind who knows bit Japanese language helped me to find option to change all system settings . but i can't get all the option without entering 4 digit password and as a secondhanded car, i dont know the password that first user put in. We got some more information from Manual saying that Press back key 5 times when its aski

... 2005 Honda Accord
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