Having problems with your 2000 Nissan Maxima ?


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Hi. In must of the cases white smoke means water geting inside the combustion chambers you should have a machine shop check your cilinder head for cracks or warp surface then installed it back with a good new head gasket .
Head gasket,
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Hi. In must of the cases white smoke means water geting inside the combustion chambers you should have a machine shop check your cilinder head for cracks or warp surface then installed it back with a good new head gasket . ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

I have my rexton 3.2 ...now the problem is when im start it,the engine was running and not stable n some time ok...plug coil,plug new....i already do diagnostic n the fault code tell the (o2 sensor heater fault)(not defined)......i changed all o2 sensor,but still not stable...sometimes OK...exhaust have black smoke... the fault code some time have many,,some time a little bit..but same fault code...have a problem with my computer box or not????please help me!!!!

... Mercedes-Benz E320

Rough idle at times, not always. Running down the road trying to accelerate up to speed on interstate the unit cuts out, but can feather the throttle and it will straighten up temporarily. Have replaced fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator. When it acts up it will smoke heavily, checked exhaust temps at cylinders etc, all within 25 degrees of each other. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem, have spent a lot of money already, any ideas? sometimes the check engine light comes

You really need to get that code when the check engine light comes on. Even if it goes off you should still have a code in memory possibly. \015\012\015\012Being a 95 and not knowing the condition or milage its really hard to guess not k ... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

My 1997 Geo Prizm engine is overheating and the heat is not working. I noticed the heat problem first, then the engine overheated the next time I drove it. Already added antifreeze (the reservoir was empty) then drove it around the block a few times. Engine did not overheat, but cold air was still coming out of the vents. Did I just not drive it for long enough, or is there some other problem?

... Geo Prizm

Hi. We are again having problems. The car engine smokes first thing in the morning. It is White smoke and smells like engine oil. It only lasts maybe 10-15 mins then there is no more smoke. It seems to be coming from around the turbo area. There r no obvious signs of a leak. We r thinking it may be dripping straight onto the exhaust at other times and burning off. Could it b a turbo seal or line? if so is it hard to fix? Turbo seems to run fine.

White smoke is usually coolant, oil is usually a blue color, most turbos r cooled by coolant so U may have a coolant leak in the turbo, may B a seal or crack in the turbo. Check your coolant level occasionally to C if it drops. ... 1997 Subaru Impreza

Possible cause high carbon emission reading 400ppm during NJ State inspections. Ford dealer could find no electronic/sensor problems an recomended tune-up. New plugs and wires installed - same problem. Van had 106,000 miles on original tune-up. Plugs all clean when removed. Engine runs very well, no smoke, 17mpg. Innitial rejection was "unable to get a reading" with exhaust probe/exhaust leak. Exhaust leak repaired with OEM tube from air pump to exhaust pipe. Failed three times now. Fru

I need to know what all the tailpipe gas readings are to help u plus what engine you have, I work for Ford and diff engines have diff problems, I can help, I have been a class A smog inspection and emission system repair tech for 40 years, it is t ... 1988 Ford Econoline

Pathfinder service light came on notice next morning smoke not blue white come from tail pipe then stoped after i hit the gas a few times The same problem,m engine light, next start, white smoke the clear. Please help me, I have tried for a year to have this fixed without luck. Now the car will randomly shut off, then start right up again. There must be a solution because there seems to be a pattern!

Hi there,Saw your problem and have a couple of ideas. First off, I would suggest taking the vehicle to yours local parts store to have them check your vehicle's computer for trouble codes. If your service light is coming on, you'll defini ... 2000 Nissan Pathfinder

Hi i have fx 35 ,,,vq35de engine... on starting car white smoke come out n then it stops , when u drive it for some time n then stop for 15 minutes and start it , the white smoke comes too much n then it stops after few seconds. i have over-haul the engine and used company parts changed the ring piston and faced the heads and changed the valve seals, but still the same problem is there,, kindly tell me what is the solution

Head gasket is bad ... 2005 Infiniti FX35

I had already posted a question about my 93 toyota camry 4cyclinder 2.2 about a possible hole in front of exhaust system and how bad and rough it is running, and someone posted a comment on how it could be a flex pipe problem...My next question is, where is the flex pipe, is it somewhere connected to the exhaust system or in some part of engine? Car is leaking exhaust really bad, running very sluggish, dying and don't want to stay running and is very loud almost like a lawn mower...any other ppo


Volvo 940 Dark Smoke from exhaust & non idling engine

It does indeed sound lika an air flow sensor. I would actually try a salvage yard one, "because" these do not go bad as often as other components of this engine. However some yards will let you try one and return it if that isn't the problem. You sho ... 1994 Volvo 940

I have a mitsubishi RVR with the following problems. Loss of power and non acceleration even after pumping fuel. Can't do any raised road as a result. Very high fuel consumption. Engine oil dissapearance before next service time yet there are no leaks. Emits alot of smoke at times purely white. Please help.

... Mitsubishi Galant

I put in new battery and when I started the car the oil light came on. Next time I drove the car an oill smell permeated the car and when I turned on the fan blue smoke came inside the cab. There wasa a tiny oil drip under the car off of a cablle close to the battery and there is oil spillage inside the right side of the engine carrier. The engine is clattering but there is power and the dip stick is full.. Serious problem? Make my day please!!!

The main seals could be blown. Thats probably where the oil is leaking from. Your oil pump has gone out to it sounds like. If you continue to drive the car it could burn up the engine. I would have the oil pump replaced and the main seals replaced to ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Help!!!! Ok I have 1991 3000gt vr4 I rebuilt the engine couple of weeks ago put everything new from top to bottom amd still have problems... I have a list of stuff I'm having trouble with.... ok first problem is I put an after market intercooler 3inches (eBay) the problem is that every time I try to floor it the piping snaps from its place I placed T-clamps from 3sx performance I don't know what's causing this to happen....2nd- the car smokes every time I rev my engine (white smoke) but it doesn

1st problem. Check ignition wire from spark plug to the coil. Check firing order. The spark plugs were nor put in the right order.\015\012\015\0122nd \015\012Check timimg belt mark. Make ure everything is lined up.\015\012 ... 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT

I havea 1991 mitsubishi lancer here in the phillipines and giving me a problem of engine overheat specially during traffic, aircon on and noon time. this problem is going on for a very long time maybe years now. i have already check the engine timing, clean radiator, water line and etc. now the latest problem, water overflow from the radiator and tank reservoir, i could no longer use the car, i have done some other mean of removing the thermostart from the intake manifold, the engine run perfect

Have alook at this then replace the thermostat with a new one. ... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

Car has about 170000 km Odometer reading. Timing belt was changed at about 161000 km. Operates in Nairobi which is a dusty environment. PROBLEM: Engine sometimes hesitates on acceleration after turning it on, especially in the morning after the car has been parked all night, then seems to drive ok later. PROBLEM: Engine also smokes (white smoke) at 1st start then stops smoking within 5-10 minutes of driving. PROBLEM: Also engine starts to vibrate after it has reached normal operating temper

... Toyota Corolla


Could be mass airflow sensor right ahead of the intake on the air intake of your air cleaner. Also could be EGR Valve. ... Mercury Cougar

I have a 1985 corvette. recently the engine seemed to lose power as if it dropped a couple spark plugs. now its starts but it wont idle - i can manually hold gas and runs but extremely bad. if i punch the gas it bogs . i have already disassembled the exhaust checking 4 restrictions-replaced the fuel pump-mass air flow censer-cap-rotors-plugs-coil & the timing chain assembly. but the problem has remained unchanged.any help is much appreciated and desperately need. thank you in advance for your ti

Have you checked the EGR valve and pipe? No? bet it's full of carbom SOLID with carbon\015\012\015\012Have a good day...Bruce ... 1985 Chevrolet Corvette

Hi i currently have a 99" audi a4 b5 i had this car for about a year and its been in and out of the shop multiple times. Recently i was driving N went to accelerate n black smoke seemed to be pouring out my exhaust and i had lose of power in my engine. It seems to feel like its the turbo not kickin in im afraid its a blown turbo but not too sure i have 109k on it. I need help or answers if anyone has any idea what this problem could be please help.

... Cars & Trucks

Sudden/Rapid oil consumption - no external leaks, no blue smoke out the exhaust. It will run fine, and keep oil level on full, I keep a close eye on the level, then suddenly almost all the oil will disappear from the oil pan. There is no oil in the coolant. After I top off the oil, the engine runs fine, until the next time I hear a slight rattle. Then pull the stick and the oil is all gone again... It can be months and many miles between occurances. It has to be burning it, but where sho

If the tail pipe is oil free to the touch you have a major oil leak. Look around the entire engine and underneath the engine to see if oil is on the ground ... Jeep Liberty

I have a 99 Ford F550 7.3 Powerstroke RollBack which is experiencing turbo problems. It has loss of power and black smoke after 20 minutes of run time. Engine up to full operating temperature. It had code PO471, P1212. Cleared codes, cleaned exhaust back pressure sensor out - was plugged off with carbon deposits. Test drove truck - has more loss of power now - also has new code of PO1238 - other codes stayed cleared out. Thanks for any input you can give me. WillyP

P1212 -ICP voltage not at expected level\015\012\015\012P01238 is not a code, too many numbers, if it is p1283 then it is an IPR circuit failure.\015\012\015\012The IPR is probably your problem, even with a non working backpre ... 1999 Ford F350 Regular Cab

I have just topped up the oil with a different grade of oil, I was assured this would not bea problem as long as the oil fell within the manufacturers guidelines. On next starting the engine both exhausts were billowing white smoke. Have I put too much oil in or is there something more sinister afoot?

When u had to top off how low was it ur ring have gone bad now. oil in geting in the costubition chamber. that is why ur burning oil check your spark plugs and see if they are oily and nasty you can change them and put some injector cleaner and see i ... Mazda RX-8

Electrical problem I just brought a 2000 GMC savana 1500 6cyl van, and the engine controll fuse (20amp mini blade type) keeping blowing for the past 4 days i had to change it 3 times already. next is the fuel pump relay it gets hot even if only ran for a short distance is this normal?

On that particulaR FUSE i will recomend you to go to autozone.com and you can buy all the repair information there including wiring diagrams, and it will tell you what is that fuse specific feeding just go to the autozone.com and look for alldata ... 1999 GMC Savana

Hi Guru, I have a 1993 Volvo 240 with 134K miles on it. The engine runs erratic at times. I changed the fuel pump relay, new fuel pump and filter and fuel pressure regulator and I also remove the MAF sensor and cleaned it cleaner. The problem still remains the same. I could smell very rich smoke from the exhaust. Please advise. Thanks MJS

There is a fuel injection canister that will get carbon build up and will cause this. its an easy and inexpensive fix, about 20 minutes, hardly any hardware dismantlilng..and some carb cleaner. ... Volvo 240

Hi I am having a few problems with my 2001 MR2 Spyder which i bought second hand about 6 months ago. I am being told I new a new engine by one mechanic and that it's just the rings by another. Compression test - Dry Test results - 125,100,80,150 PSI Wet test results: 200,180,160,230 PSI She isn't leaking oil onto my drive way or in my car space at work and there isn't a huge plume of smoke coming from her exhaust. On top of that my transmission light has come on a few times now a

Have you check the speed sensors? the check light wont be light if the sensor run off calibrate. try to visuallise the sensor if there is crack or something. ... 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder

High oil consumption, but no visibleleaks: on a 2002 Toyota Hilander V-6. I suspect valve seals (vehicle was sitting for several months), but wondered if there was some other possible source. Only one time (after vehicle sat for 3 months)..engine started hard and smoked badly for 2 minutes. This was not evident any other time. Have not noticed oil smoke in the exhaust when starting or running engine any other time. Oil consumption varies: mostly 1 qt per 300-400 miles; but one time on a 350 m

... 2002 Toyota Highlander
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