Having problems with your 2000 Kia Sportage ?

The heater core blew on my 2000 sportage/ overheated

\015 We had the core bypassed now she won't start I can "pop" it to start in 3rd gear but she stalls out when slowing down\015
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Answers :

Hi if it was running before your heater matrix leaked and now it won,t check all the wiring connections in the area of the hoses you will proberly find water has got in and is shorting the wiring if water has got on to any of the electrical system clean and dry them and spray them with a damp repleant WD40 or similar yates210456
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The heater core blew on my 2000 sportage/ overheated

Hi if it was running before your heater matrix leaked and now it won,t check all the wiring connections in the area of the hoses you will proberly find water has got in and is shorting the wiring if water has got on to any of the electrical system c ... 2000 Kia Sportage

What cause a raditor to boil over after you have replaced radator and thermostat and blew though heater core but not overheating acording to gauge

Unfortunately, you are posting the symptom of a failed cylinder head gasket or a cracked cylinder head. When either fail, combustion gasses will enter the cooling system and push the coolant out. As the level inside the cylinder heads drops the rema ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Does any coolant flow through the intake manifold? I've replaced my radiator and thermostat an my car is still overheating. The heater core recently blew. I have a new water pump but not installed yet. Found some moisture in my manifold but there is no moisture or water in the oil.

Yes coolant flows through the intake. Are you sure you didn't put the thermostat in upside down? That's about the only thing that can cause a rad or heater core to blow. It should be installed so the spring part goes into the block. ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

Ruptured/cracked heater core hot water tube (metal tube) is leaking very badly. I need a workaround/fix. The heater core blew several years ago and I bypassed it by connecting the heater core inlet hose to the heater core outlet hose... but now the heater core hot water inlet TUBE (metal) has ruptured. I'm not sure what type of connection exists near the water pump going into that tube (grateful if someone knows and can tell me)... but am hoping that perhaps I can just disconnect the hot wat

... 1994 Ford Taurus

I have a 2000 kia sportage with a ruptured heater core. i went to auto zone, picked up a heater core for the type of car i have, and when i took the bad heater core out i noticed a difference in size. the bad core is smaller and all metal. the new one i got from auto zone is twice as thick and has plastic caps on the ends and will not fit in the heater box where the old one was. do i need to order this part directly from the dealership?

I am having the same problem the parts stores do not sale a thin one. Did you find a solution for your problem? I have checked everywhere, even junk yards but what I bought was bad. I need this part before snow hits. ... 2000 Kia Sportage

The heater on my 2001 Hyundai Accent is not working properly. Sometimes I get hot air, sometimes I don't, sometimes mist and a funny smell come from my vents. Also there are times in which the thermostat gauge will go high, as if engine is overheating and then goes back to normal? I have been told it might be the heater core, what steps can I take to troubleshoot and make sure it is the heater core and not something minor? If it is the heater core, how do I access?

It could be the heater core, but before you check that check the thermostate that could be the problem for the over heating ... 2001 Hyundai Accent

My 1998 cavalier overheated in the spring.Thermostat, hoses, radiator all checked out, Mechanics bypassed the heater core to see if problem stopped. It did. Thought it over because of cost, and finally decided to go ahead and replace the heater core. All fine for a month around town driving, and then I took a longer ride yesterday and the car overheated again. Today still ok for around town! Help!!

Could be the water pump itself. If the impeller blades have worn out then it won't push enough water through. Possible head gasket too, that can be tested at a shop. Possible clogged radiator, if the heater core was clogged, more then likely the radi ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

My heat is not working. Its throwing out very cold air now. It happen before and i replace thermostat and blew air threw heater core. I blew air threw heater core the other day now its throwing out real cold air.

It sounds like your heater core is stopped up, or be sure your coolant is flowing, and picking up heat from your engine...Thermostat, water pump, etc. ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Heater core i have a '91 corrado g60 and i blew the heater core on it and i was looking for a guide to take out the dash and heater core to replace it myself....

Ebay ... 1991 Volkswagen Corrado

Heater Core My girfriends 98' achieva overheated on her she put coolant in and started to drive again, about a mile down the road she started to over heat again so she called me to come look at it. I started to put water in the fill tank and after I put about a gallon and a half in, it started to leak out where the the heater core would be, but it is coming out of a 90 degree elbow that comes out of the fire wall into the engine compartment. I believe what is happening is the heater core is leak

Please use this link its the service manual for the car :http://www.autozone ... 1998 Oldsmobile Achieva

Overheating I have a 2002 Grand Am GT. It has the 3400 motor and overheats within 5 minutes of running. I have changed the water pump, thermostat, radiator,water rail (that goes to the heater core). I have flushed the heater core with water ( both ways) and it flows thru it fine and clean. When it overheats both heater core hoses are hot ( one more than the other). In the antifreeze overflow canister (i guess that is what you call it) it has two smaller lines. one goes to the radiator and the ot

What about the radiator cap?, Try this procedure:\012\012\012\011Dirt and debris can get lodged in the radiator air flow paths. This can block the radiator and cause your engine to overheat and damage the engine. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

2000 kia sportage heater core hose connection, does it matter which of the 2 hoses (1 from back of cylinder head the other from water pump) fits on which of the heater core hose attachments?

... 2000 Kia Sportage

2002 jeep liberty 3.7, heater blows only warm air. Changed themostat,flushed heater core...flows clean both ways, flushed radiator clean. All hoses to and from heater core are nice and hot about the same as all the rad. Hoses. It never overheated just low heat also checked the old themostat in a pot of water and that turned out to be good...opened right at 192

Could be your blend door is not opening all the way on heat,here's a link to look at. ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

I am leaking anti-freeze in my chevy 1994 cheyenne C2500, and i dont now know how to change the heater core. Which i think that is the problem because i have lost a lot of anti-freeze and now my truck is overheating. I basically just need how-to change the heater core directions. Please.

It prob isnt the heater core usually when that goes u blow antifreeze steam into cab from heater vents. prob water pump or pin hole in radiator line if from the front of the engine or bad gaskets or bad freeze plugs if from the rear also check ur the ... 1994 Chevrolet C2500

How do i remove the heater core from a 1988 audi 90? ... my heater core blew and i was wondering if i can get to it from under the dash or if i will have to remove the entire dash to get to it?

If it is necessary to remove the heater assembly, the cooling system must be drained before removing the heater core.\012When a heater core leaks, a new heater core is installed or the old one repaired.\012Heater Housing \012 ... 1988 Audi 90

1992 toyota 2.2l engine overheated out of the blue last month. 1) bypassed the heater core and flushed the system sttil have the heater sore bypassed 2) removed the thermostat and no overheating but the engine runs bad. 3) problem has been getting worse. while going 60-70 mph and step on the gas it doesn't accelerate. from a complete stop, the engine sputters. 4) all engine fans turn on including the ac fan and the regular fan. 5) changed all spark plugs, distuber cap ok and wir

It sounds like a misfire when you explain the lack of power and the overheating could be from a leak in the system from a radiator cap that is bad. A 50/50 coolant water mixture boils at about 236 degrees Farenheit at ambient pressure. For every poun ... 2004 Toyota Celica

I just replaced my 3.4 liter motor in my 2004 monte carlo and I need to figure out why the other motor over heated and blew a head gasket. Before I replaced the motor the heater was blowing cold air and now its blowing warm air out the passengers side and cold air out the drivers side. At normal running temps 1 hose to the heater core is hot and 1 is cold. I've backflushed the core and put a hose to it to make sure there was no blockage. The coolant sensor is working fine and I've got adaquate c

A little tip is to "vent" the topmost hot hose whith the engine running to clear any trapped air in system.....loosen the clip,whilst under pressure,wear rubber bloves cos it bloody hot....... ... 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

No heat I had heat working on low only until my heater core went out. I replaced the heater core and still have no heat... The temp is normal no overheating, all areas seem to have flow with the hoses getting warm. I have no visible issues with my water pump.... Someone told me to check the blend door or a motor, it blows cold air too.....

Try changing your termostat ... 1998 Ford Taurus

Heater core how to replace the heater core - 2000 Kia Sportage

Normally you have disconect the battery recover A/C gas, drain your coolant, disconnect two heater hoses connected to heater core, take off steering wheel, column, center console, take off both A-pillar trims,remove complate dashboard, disconet two ... 2000 Kia Sportage

When i bought my 2002 galant the heater core had been bypassed and i connected the hoses and it still still blew out cold air. I replaced the shut vavle and it corrected the problem. Noe ive noticed coolant leaking under the car is this from the heater core? Theres no leak inside the car

... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

My 2006 Pontiac Torrent cooling system was flushed. Then later experienced overheating and loss of heat. Heater hoses found leaking were replaced. Problem recurred. Cap was replaced and pressure is good. Thermostat was replaced but probelm persisted. Water pump was pulled but found to be normal. Coolant tested for hydrocarbons found normal and no compression loss. Heater core was bypassed and problem is even worse overheating in low rpms mostly but sometimes in higher. Eratic loss of he

Even if there were no hydrocarbons detected I am almost positive you have a bad head gasket.Usually the back head on the number one cylinder.Almost all the ones I have done with this exact problem has been the rear head and the number 1 cylinder.Hair ... 2006 Pontiac Torrent

My 95 nissan quest keeps overheating which started after my bbattery went bad. I was seeing water driping on the drivers side and was told that my heater core was bad. I looped the hoses and bypassed the heater core to see if this was the problem and it still overheats. I notice that there is very little water if any in the hose that goes into the top of the radiator. I just replaced my thermostat and water pump about a month ago. Any ideas???

Is the fan coming on? ... 1995 Nissan Quest

Kia Sportage heater core removal and replacement

Hi there,\015\012\015\012Here are the steps to remove heater core\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\0121.\015\012\015\012Chock wheels.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\0122. ... 1997 Kia Sportage

2000 kia sportage new heater core no heat

You most likely have air in the cooling system.You would need to bleed the cooling system of air.There should have bleed screws near water neck,or thermostat.Do this cold.Remove the radiator cap and fill full.Then start the engine and loosen the scre ... 2000 Kia Sportage

Car is running hot. overheated a couple of times but then cooled off and was fine. today heater on full blast, car running hot, heater blowing cold, then hot, then cold. Is this my thermostat or heater core?

Add more coolant it happen to me before on 88 toyota supra. ... 1992 Ford Mustang
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