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After replacing the vbelt attached to the AC compressor on my 2000 Kia Sportage, I get nothing. The battery is fine but when I try to start it nothing happens.

\015 Tried jumping it, although the battery was fine. Everything works but the car won't start, it won't crank...nothing. Don't know what the problem could be or where to begin to look. Please help.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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After replacing the vbelt attached to the AC compressor on my 2000 Kia Sportage, I get nothing. The battery is fine but when I try to start it nothing happens.

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When i try to start my car it does absolutely nothing. im getting power to the starter (which is new, well refurbished), but it wont turn over. recently the same thing happened and i replaced the starter and it worked fine for about 2 weeks then the same thing happened. i took that starter to get it tested and it failed after about 3 tests onces it got hot. i put another one in and nothing, thats where im at now. it had a new ignition, battery, ground from battery to frame and motor. but whe

... 1998 Acura TL

84'Honda Prelude The car runs fine, i know this for a fact. It was running two weaks ago.Then i went away and let it sit there for 2 months, I get back and my car won't start,the first day i turned the key, the time and the battery light came on, that was it. Next day my buddy lent me his battery loader, I charged the battery on 2amp trickle all night and then i tried to start the car and NOTHING happened, not even the time or the battery light. ,My car batt is fine,i read it today and it gi

Check ur alternator or crankshaft ... 1984 Honda Prelude

Electrical problem My dad has a 1988 trooper 4 cylinder. He recently put a new battery in the truck. When he tried to start it, nothing happened. No instruments, no crank, nothing. He let it set for 2 weeks. He gets back in it, and it immediately cranks, everything works great, idles fine. He turns it off and tries to restart it. Nothing. No instrument, no crank. We have no idea where to start looking for the problem. Help!

Check the ignition lock and tumbler and the electrical part of the switch itself. It could be as easy as the plug needs to be pushed in all the way. ... 1988 Isuzu Trooper 2 Door

My 98 grand prix will start, but when I take off, it dies. It will not restart right away. When I try to crank it, nothing happens. No electrical components work. No dash lights, no power windows or locks, nothing works. No noise is made when I turn the key. I've had the battery tested, it is fine. What could it be. When I put the battery back in the car, it started right up, but I am afraid to drive it for fear of getting stranded. Advice please!!!!!

Have you tired cleaning the cables with a wire brush both ends even if the battery is clean maybe the other ends may not or they could be lose. the same thing happen to me I open my hood and wiggled the cables and when I wiggled the nav. cable the l ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 5.7L Hemi. I have had a starting issue I turn the key - nothing Turn the key a few more times the engine cranks and starts. It was doing this last spring and I replaced the battery & starter which seemed to fix the problem for a few months, then it started doing it again. Cold or hot weather does not seem to matter. The problem is getting worse - happens every start battery seems to be fine - seems like a grounding problem. I tried starting in ne

Is the engine grounded to the body? if so, you may have a key issue that's only going to get worse. your key is coded, black square ignition key right? $75.00 dealer only. sorry but it sounds like that's your problem. almost like a valet key. only wo ... 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Car will not turn over. Battery is fine as are all fuses and I have tried to re-set every circuit breaker. As per the owners manual, I jumped the two diagnosis terminals and get no codes indicating signal problems. This happened two hours after getting an aftermarket stereo installed in the vehicle. It did start once after installation but on the way home the speakers went out. I parked it and 1/2 hr later it wont turn over. The installer said he had nothing to do with the car not starting as th

I think their is a wire loose somewhere or a multiplug connection ,also behind the key under the plastic shroud is a transponder unit ,this reads the chipped key ,this could be loose ,whatever it is this is something the radio fitter has done and its ... 1990 Lexus LS 400

97 cougar xr7 will not start. Ran fine the other day, no problems, but this morning would not start, not able to get it to start all day. Tried charging battery, removed battery for charging (about 10 min or so), checked to see if wiring was fried (cant see any damage), has fuel, has oil, etc. Really strange. When you first turn key you hear the fuel pump working then when you turn further (to start) nothing.. no click - nothing. Tried jumper cables, nothing makes a difference. I have power

That is most likely correct. The starter Solenoid may be junk. What i can recommend you do is take that starter out and run it down to your local auto parts store like Autozone Pepboys o'reilly's or a place similar to that and they will test it fo ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

Doesn't start my 1991 acura integra LS won't start. Car drove fine, then went shopping. came back tried to start and it wouldn't. The car would turn over but would stay running. It reminds me of trying to start a lawn mower. So i replaced the fuel pump(what a job). I replaced the distributor cap and rotor(that was easy). I cleaned the the battery cables to battery posts. the battery is new last month. I tried to to put the key in the on position to read the CEL but nothing happens. I put a screw

To put it simply it's either spark, fuel or compression. If the timing belt is okay (not broken or timing marks don't line up) and you have spark, you need to make sure you have clean gas and not water (from condensation) or air being sprayed out the ... 1993 Acura Integra Hatchback


Fortunately, this is more than likely a faulty battery. Take the battery down and have it load tested. You will probably find that it has shorted internally. I highly doubt that it was caused by you(unless you hooked the battery up wrong, but that us ... Toyota Corolla

Nissan Altima 2000 Manual. Recently had remote starter installed and was working fine for a few days. This morning I remote started the vehicle and when I came out car was off. Try starting the car up with key nothing happens, no crank no clicks, nothing. Battery is 2 weeks old and this is the 2nd time that this happened. The first time I replaced the starter and everything was fine. That was a week ago. Is the remote starter damaging the starter ?? Please help.

... Nissan Altima

I have no brake lights or blinkers on the rear of my 1989 Jeep Wrangler. I had one left blinker in the rear but not now. Both blinkers work fine on the front. I tried grounding the rear lights straignt to the battery with a long wire and nothing happens. I replaced the turn signal switch and nothing happened. I got a test light and get no power at light. I followed it to the connector near the fuse box and still cant get power. All my fuses are good. What can I try next????

Did you you check all your power ground sources from the switch to the light seem like you power source is not properly ground ... 1989 Jeep Wrangler

1994 Camry - will intermittently not start. Battery is fine, full gas tank, all fluids topped off. Most of the time there's no problem at all & it sounds & runs perfectly fine. But it's starting to happen more often when it just won't start - no cranking at all when I turn the key, this can happen 1 - 20xs in a row, after running for a while or from being parked & then it will start like nothing was wrong. The only thing a mechanic told us when we tried to fix it b4 is that if the gear shift isn

Your neutral/park swtch is probably defective ... 1994 Toyota Camry

2003 110,000 miles pulled in driveway everything fine. Went to start the next morning nothing. Tried to jump start no. Pulled battery as battery light was on and checked good at Auto Store. Monitor and lights ok. Checked fuses-none blown-no way to check big relay. When I turn key to start nothing happens.

Check your car's ground to make sure it's getting contact, This is the black wire from your battery, follow it till it connects to your frame. may need cleaned for better contact. If this don't work check your positive connection on your starter "the ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Hummer would not start just got a clicking sound and lost all power to went to work came home try it and nothing but could not get the key out or get it out of park then boasted the battery and it started everything was fine let it run for awhile went for a run came home let it sit for a few hours went out and it started no problem just put a new battery in a couple months ago what dod u think the problem is

You left a light on, or bad connection at the battery. ... 2006 Hummer H3

I have 93 Jeep Cherokee Country that was running fine before. Now I have replaced the battery and it ran fine for a little while but now will not start. I can jump the vehicle off and it will run fine, but if I let it sit for an hour or so and try to start it nothing happens. No lights, no power, nothing. I'm not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?

... 1993 Jeep Cherokee Country

Hummer would not start just got a clicking sound and lost all power to went to work came home try it and nothing but could not get the key out or get it out of park then boasted the battery and it started everything was fine let it run for awhile went for a run came home let it sit for a few hours went out and it started no problem just put a new battery in a couple months ago what dod u think the problem is

... 2006 Hummer H3

I have a 1997 4 cylender mazda 626 it has sat for about a year now it wont start but it started fine a year ago i have tried starting it a dozen times nothing happens when i turn the key at all no lights nothing i have tried charging it for about 18 hours but still to no avail i dont even know if the battery charger is working it just says auto then batt check what am i suppost to do please help i am at a loss

Try jump starting it from another battery. Or put anthoer battery in to see if it lights up. It stands a chane the battery is junk. ... 1997 Mazda 626

I have an 07 pt cruiser that will not start. It ran fine yesterday but would appear I left the key in the on position last night. We tried boosting it, but it would do nothing. We tried charging the battery. I have dash lights, P/W, P/D, and radio will work, but will not turn over- when you hit the key NOTHING happens. Put in a new battery and still nothing, we checked the fuses- they are all good. Really don't know where to look next.

This is going to sound strange, but I have to ask - Is it in PARK? ... 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Hatchback

I have an 87 Dodge Colt Vista 5 speed manual. The vehicle has been running fine. Yesterday when I shut it off it would not start again. Battery is good. The car tries to start but will not turn over. Oil and Water levels are good. When I tried to pop the clutch I discovered I had no gears, I would push the clutch in and release it and nothing happened. The car rolls forward while in gear. What has happened all of a sudden? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.

I relay believe you have a broken crank shaft;;\015\012or your clutch is screwed up\015\012but im leaning more towards the crank\015\012have someone turn the key and try to look un ... 1987 Dodge Colt Vista Wagon

1986 Camry hatchback 4dr that wont start at all. i don't even get any dummy lights, stereo, or wipers... (anything related to ignition) also when i turn the key theres no start either... No click in the relay box beside the battery. ALL fuses & Battery good and still nothing. I'm positive that its apart of the ignition because i still get head lights, horn, and 4 way blinkers. and this all happened in between the time of 8:AM (had car running fine) and lunch (car was dead).

Some of these cars have a fusible link,to protect major parts.its a wire with the fuse built into it.a repair manual with the wiring diagram is a big help finding it. It could also be a bad ground wire these are a black wire bolted in different locat ... 1986 Toyota Camry

This morning when I attempted to start my 2006 Hummer H3, nothing happened. I thought I may have a dead battery but the lights and radio work fine. I then noticed the Passlock security lock light was on (fixed, not blinking). I tried using the procedure stated in this site of turning the key to "on" for 10 minutes, then removing the key and repeating the procedure 2 more times. I then attempted to start the vehicle and again nothing happened. Can I disable the "Passlock" security system or is th

Hello:Try this procedure: turn key on, turn to start, let key come back to on wait ten minutes, turn key off wait 10 seconds turn key back on wait 10 minutes. turn key off wait 10 seconds turn key back on wait 10 minutes turn key off wait 10 second ... 2006 Hummer H3

Car was starting fine, then one time I turned the key and nothing happened, battery is new. I tried it several times, took out the key then put the key back in and it still wouldn't do anything. Latter when I tried it it started just fine.

It could have been the transmission was not fully in park, could be a dirty or worn ignition cylinder, starter could be going out or just maybe it was stuck in a bad spot. if it dosent start again try tapping the starter a few times with a hammer not ... 1998 Ford Contour

Bad starter? I have been having intermittent problems getting my 99 Toyot 4runner to start. I'll go to start it in the morning and when I turn the key it simply clicks once and nothing. I will try a few more times and eventually it will start. Seems like it starts fine the rest of the day. The problem will go a way for a few weeks or months and then come back. I couldn't get it started yesterday worse than before. Had the battery checked and changed but it still won't start reliably. Is this a s

It sounds like a solenoid from the starter is going bad but the thing is that the solenoid is an integrated unit so you will have to change the starter. ... 1999 Toyota 4Runner

2004 pontiac grand am gt I was at a light and the car started shaking and the service engine soon started flashing. so i pulled over shut the car off and checked the battery wires alt wires everything. so i tried to start it again and there was one click. i took the alt off and had it check and is good. the battery is good, all the fluids are fine and i banged on the starter to see if it would start but still nothing. Ive been wanting to get new plugs and wires anyway but befor i want to go anyf

If the service engine light is on the PCM has detected some thing . Get the car scanned FIRST. ... 1991 Nissan Stanza
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