Having problems with your 2000 Kia Sportage ?

Need the litght for the front right where can i get it

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Answers :

Any auto parts store has headlight bulbs...if you need the whole light asmb...you can get those at your local salvage yard
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Need the litght for the front right where can i get it

Any auto parts store has headlight bulbs...if you need the whole light asmb...you can get those at your local salvage yard ... 2000 Kia Sportage

Seems like a stupid question, but...I need to replace the front right side light / front position light / parking light bulb on my 1995 Subaru Legacy. The manual I have just says 'turn the socket to the lift and remove it from the lamp holder', but says nothing about how you get to it. I can't see how to get anywhere near it from inside the engine compartment, and to make things worse there is a black right-angled duct (looks like) in the way behind the right side headlight assembly. Do you have

Its not easy but stand back and take a good look and follow you instincts,if you can remove the air duct then remove it out of the way then remove the plactic bit at the back of the headlight and the smallest bulb is the one on what looks like a very ... 1998 Subaru Legacy

Trying to remove right front fender of 94 Grand Cherokee to get at attenae to replace it. can't see where last screw on right needs to be removed near headlight so that I can slide fender to right. Does front bumper need to be removed to do that?

Yes and maybe the front grille. Its pretty obviouse that stuff needs to be removed to access everthing. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

1995 mazda protege, need front engine mount, do i need to get two or get 1 front and then 1 for right side near passenger side? new to auto repairs lol.

I would replace all the mounts at the same time. it's good practice and you probably never have to do it again. ... 1995 Mazda Protege

2000 Town Car. I have had a couple of people that the drain is plugged up with debris which is causing rain water to get into the passenger compartment. The water is running down the crease in the carpet on the right front of the car when there is a heavy rain storm. I am trying to find out how i get to the drain on the passenger side of the front in order to try to get the debris cleaned out. I have been told that you need to get behind the wheel well.

The problem your discribbing is typical of a poor windsheild seal,not a plugged a.c drain hose.Take it to a window repair dealer to confirm this. ... 2000 Lincoln Town Car

I need to cahnge the power seat track on a 99 town car. Mine will not go front or back. I need to remove a replacement from a pick and pull. I can get to three nuts but cant get to the one iin the rear right. No power to move seat. Can not take a battery. Can I remove the center console to get there? If so, how do I remove it with out bringing a crow bar?

... 1999 Lincoln Town Car

I need to replace the starter solenoid contacts on my 1993 Toyota pickup. The starter is located above the front differential on the right side and the space is very tight and I don't see how I can get my hands into the available space or even see the end of the starter motor to remove the end cap to get at the plunger. The parts man at the Toyota dealership gave me a diagram which showed how to get into the starter motor to replace the contacts. Does the vehicle need to be raised on jack stan

Starter removal is not fun the first time, or the second time, but the third time it's a cinch. \015\012\015\012When you pull the start out you really ought to change the fuel filter while you're in there. There's one bolt holding on the ... 1993 Toyota Pickup

RE: 1991 Plymouth Acclaim----------------------------------- the right turn signal goes on but does not "flash"on & off-both front & rear bulbs are 'lit'/do not have "burnt out" look to them-I DID change the (turn signal) fuse-should I change both front & back bulbs even though they aren't burnt out? Will changing the bulbs correct the "won't flash" problem? The left turn signal works just fine. Thank you for your help.(Need to get signal flashing again-so I don't get pulled over by the police a

... Plymouth Acclaim

Lincoln towncar 1988 -When I back out of my driveway turning the steering wheel left, I hear a clunk or thud that seems to be coming from the right back area as I'm straightening out. I'm concerened that this may be a ball joint issue..am I right? The shop I went to said the right front outer bearings and shock absorbers were what I needed then just to get back onto the road, as I was stranded for a couple hours. They said the control arm bushings, sway bar links and bushings are the next most i

The best thing to do here is have a local shop or the dealer look into this, diagnosing noise over a computer terminal is not really possible, do you agree ... Cars & Trucks

When I back out of my driveway turning the steering wheel left, I hear a clunk or thud that seems to be coming from the right back area as I'm straightening out. I'm concerened that this may be a ball joint issue..am I right? The shop I went to said the right front outer bearings and shock absorbers were what I needed then just to get back onto the road, as I was stranded for a couple hours. They said the control arm bushings, sway bar links and bushings are the next most important thing(and yes

I would get a second opinion to compare physical inspection results. The wheel bearing is most urgent, as are control arm bushings.Sound can transmit from one end of the car to the other, but the noise was heard in the rear and the balljoint ... Cars & Trucks

TIEROD PROBLEMS MY MECHANIC SAYS ,from the occasional knocking noise when turning Left and RIght of my 2004 PT cruiser , I have a loose Right outer tierod, he says probably needs both. you can replicate the noise even sitting still, turning left then right ...repeat if you want. Can i put them in myself, then get front wheel alignment.?

It's not recommended that you replace them yourself if you haven't at least watched someone else replace one before. Often they require use of a torch just to loosen them up, and it's nearly impossible to get the new tie rod ends where the old ones w ... 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Emergency flashers wont turn off?I had a problem with the drivers side window motor not working. I took it in to get fixed and when I returned to get my vehicle it needed to be jumped off. After jumping the vehicle off I noticed that the flashers would not turn off in addition to the front right side head light which did not work. The vehicle was in perfectly good condition prior to taking it to get the window repaired. Any suggestions as to what happened and how to fix this new problem.

First of all you should check the Emergency button - either is stuck closed or it's broken - remove it from the dash and disconnect the wires attached to it (make sure that the wires don't touch each other - insulate separately each of them immediate ... 2001 Ford Windstar

ABS light came on last year. Had it diagnosed. Was told that the front right (passenger side) ABS Speed sensor was bad and needed to be replaced. They quoted over $300.00 to do the job. The part is available on line for $84.00, and I'm guessing this is just a matter of unplugging the original, and plugging the replacement in. I just don't know how to locate the original. Can I get access by simply removing the front tire?

(varies on different vehicles). ABS G-Force sensor module locations include: the drive tunnel, below the rear seat on the floor pan, on the right front wheel apron, and on the left frame rail right below the driver. \015\012 ... Ford Explorer

I need to know if there's a place were i can get a diagram or a image of a 1997chevrolet blazer LS front axle i got it all a part changeing out a few thing and i need to see how to put it back togather the right way my owners book don't tell me notheing.. thank you jessicia smith

Go to autozone or a parts place and try a differnt car manual look through it first ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

1999 Chevy Cavalier Trying to get this ready for my kid to go back to college. Recently replaced both front tires, brakes, drivers wheel bearing and exhaust leak. The car makes a lot of road noise while driving. I do not believe it is exhaust, if cruising say at 55 put it in neutral the noise remains the same. Engine RPM doe not effect the noise. While cruising a long right hand turn will quiet the tone to almost normal left hand turns remains the same. Both front struts probally need replacing

I have the same thing going on with my 2002 cavalier. I replaced wheel bearings with no luck. My tires also wore uneven toe. Going to try alignment. I'm sure it's the same problem as you describe and it's really annoying. Right hand turns remains the ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

I had extensive front right side damage due to a accident, the good news is that I was able to get the parts I needed at a fairly reasonable price from LKQ (aftermarket), however I'm a single mom trying to pinch pennies, so I di the repairs on my own (excepting pulling out the fender). I replaced the hood but it didn't line up, so until I could get help with the adjustment I bunged the hood shut. Unfortunetly the hood flew up driving down the road (no one was hurt), but the hood got bent as well

The hood is made of a pretty flexible Aluminum alloy, should be fairly easy to bend back, if there arent any creases. And the Hood Brackets are pretty simple to bend back, because they are made of a pretty maliable metal as well, you can probably use ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

How do I replace my DRL light bulb? My dashboard console displays "Right Front Dipped Beam Defective". Looking at the front, it look like my DRL light bulb is burnt out. I need step by step with pictures on how to replace this bulb. After taking it into dealer, they said that I "may" have xenon lights and those bulbs are more expensive and they would have to take out the bumper to get at the housing unit to replace the bulb and "balance" the unit. Is this a crock or is he telling me the truth? I

Turn it counterclockwise as you fac it from the rear. It should rotate about 1/4 turn and then pull out. Usually there are 2 tabs about 1/4 inch wide & one a little wider so it goes back in right. Some use a plastic ring to hold the bulb in and ... 2006 Volkswagen Passat


I would either remove the plastic inside and you may be able to get at it alot easier this way.Which model is this? CX,DX,EX,GX,HX,LX?Once I know this info, I can look it up.You can also go to autozone.com and register f ... Honda Civic

Need replacement of a wheel lug on right front passenger side. Will the hub assembly need to be replaced or can i just get the lug replaced? Thanks.

You could probably go to the closest hardware store and buy the right size bolt for a 1$, and unless the hub has been damaged in some major way, you should be fine. ... 1997 Infiniti.5 Q45

1998+ford van 150+brake lines+diagram The left side line is bad rusted , is leaking in the middle of guide rail> I just want to replace it from the front to the back then get split to the leftsmall line and right tire long line . I need the diagram. I bought the clinton book. no diagram need sizes and proper line steel preferd

I only replace what is needed they are time consuming and all four breaks will need to be bleed only diagram is what you have under the van cut out the damaged section take it to parts store and get the size you need make sure you get all fitting at ... 2003 Ford E150

Went to get tires on Mercedes 560sel l989 and was told I need to get left front wheel hub because hub nuts are cross threaded and can't be repaired. does this sound right.

May be, have the dealer look at it, if stud holes cant be retaped then a hub would be needed. this is not an expensive repair,labor is about 1/2 hour plus the part, hope this helps. ... Mercedes-Benz 560-Series

2002 honda civic front right end knocks and shakes when driven it need to no were to go to get diagram of car

It could be the CV-joint ... 2002 Honda Civic

Front right passanger window motor need to be repace, I have taken off the panel but unsure on how to get the motor out

First disconnect your negative battery cable. Next locate and remove the screws that hold your interior door handles in place (they may be hidden by snap in, or snap on clips). Once you have removed the interior door handles, unplug the wire clips to ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I have tried to drop down the subframe on a 2000 pontiac sunfire in order to remove the rack and pinion. I have 4 of the bolts out and the two front ones loose. But the subframe only drops about 1/4". I need to get the rack out so I can replace it. What am I not doing right

One question i have for you is, are you doing this using jack stands on the ground or are you using a lift? ... Pontiac Sunfire

Noise on the front passenger side wheel area... it keeps getting louder and louder and now I can feel it inside the car.. and it is worse if i turn right, better if i turn left, thinking it may be tye rod, but i just had the tye rod and ball joint replaced on that side less than a year ago... I am a single mother and I need a dependable vehicle.. Plz someone help me find out what is going on with my van... 1998 Ford Windstar.

You most likely have a bad wheel bearing - at about $300-400 fix. ... 1998 Ford Windstar
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