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How bad is a blown head gasket on a kia sephia

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How bad is a blown head gasket on a kia sephia

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Blown head gasket - 2001 Kia Sephia

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We have a 2004 Kia Sedona that has about 75,000 miles on and we had a leak in the heater lines going to the rear heater. The emergency fix was to disconnect the rear heater and loop it around the heater. That worked but still had a leak problem. Have discovered now that it may be a blown head gasket. The local KIA dealership says that it is going to cost $2000 to replace both gaskets (more than 11 hours of labor) but we may want to consider a reconditioned engine instead because if the head is w

What make you think the gasket has gone, did car overheat? ... 2004 Kia Sedona

Can not start 2000 Kia Sportage with 161 K Miles. Engine overheated due to head gasket failure. Replaced Head Gasket, new Timing Belt, Spark Plugs (Gapped to 1 mm). Only thing I can not fix easily is Ignition coil wiring plugs (white plastic - cracked badly), which I may try to hard wire & insulate directly as best as possible. Found 12V power on fwd coil wires during prelim voltage check ? Engine trys to fire, but won't catch, and has back fired twice? Found differences in Kia manua

Its bed time here in this time zone so as i think you have checked everything ,plugs i would set to 25th ,timing mark is on the flywheel i think ,take no1 plug out and bring it round to TDC so the piston is at the top,remove the rocker cover and chec ... 2000 Kia Sportage

I have a 99 kia sephia..it started overheating so i bought a new waterpump and it still overheated...the radiator was leaking so i bought a new radiator..i drove it about 10 miles and it overheated again and steam was coming from the tail pipe...my cousin said he thought it might be the head gasket...how would i know if it was just the gasket or the head itself or could it be something else...and how could i find something to show me how to fix the peoblem myself...my email address is mschristin

Is there any water in your oil or oil in your radator or do you get bubles in your radator when cap is off and motor runing if so then its your head ... 2001 Kia Sephia

OK my friends..I found out that the battery cable was bad on my daughters 2000 Kia. I turn the key, the engine cranks, and water starts to pour out of the exhaust. Head gasket, right. 131,000 miles. I ask if it is cheaper to replace head gasket or motor. I am told motor. Any ideas?

I would have to dissagree, unless its a second hand one, but still, it will cost about the same ammount to get the head done as it would cost to get the motor fitted, then you got the price of the motor on top...so no i would go for the head repair a ... 2000 Kia Sportage

2003 KIA Sedona, son-in-law over heated and blew head gasket. Had heads machined, replaced gaskets and re-assembled, van ran very rough, rechecked timimg marks, ok. Getting code 305, checked and found plugs fouled badly, replaced all plugs, van still ran rough with no power. Found cats plugged, probably from coolant contamination, bypassed cats for now. Van runs somewhat better until it gets to operating temp, low power and still getting code 305. Help!

Timing belt set set wrong firing to early.this a classic case of timing gone wrong.even one notch out will result in a badly running engine.bring it back and get it retimed on the belt/chain.adrian ... 2003 Kia Sedona

Hi, my 99 vw beetle was overheating and overheated really bad (smoking and really hot). towed to repair shop , he replaced radiator, head gasket (head gasket blown). now he says its still overheating and they dont know why. why is it overheating still ? pls advise what is causing it to overheat still plsss.. thank you

You should look into getting another mechanic. He could have figured out if any of those things had a problem before replacing. He should have compression tested it and tested the radiator flow which would have answered his question without replace ... Volkswagen Beetle

1990 Honda Civic Hatchback, 1.5 EFI, runs great but smokes like a chimney. Its burning oil but doesn't leak. Changed head gasket, but no dice, didn't solve the smoke. After changing head gasket I noticed a considerable amount of oil in air intake tube between air filter and throttle body. Trying to figure out why oil is being (blown, or sucked) into intake. Compression is 152, 145, 140, 150. Bad PCV valve? = To much pressure in crank case causing oil to blow into intake tubing from valve cover?

Did you put Valve seals in the head???Other than that the PCV is a good start...But it sounds like the oil rings on the pistons to me. ... 1990 Honda Civic

99 vw beetle, been overheating for a couple weeks off and on . put coolant in it . well, it was overheating bad and smoked and got real hot. so had it towed . called mecahnic to find out what was wrong and cost? he told me theres 2 fold problem. it could be radiator and thermostat (which was one option 575 cost) or he would not know until after radiator replacement if head gasket blown 2300-2400 so up to me if i wanted to risk radiator and it turns out to be head gasket i would have to pay 2400.

Check around, I'm sure that you can find someone that can do it for less money. I don't know if the radiator was bad or not, so I can't offer advice on that.If your mechanic charges $100.00 per hour or more, I can see where ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

Replacing a head gasket 2001 kia sephia

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Blown head gasket, 2004 kia optima

... 2004 Kia Optima

Have a check engine light on 2003 Kia Spectra GS. Told by mechanic that the codes state cylinder misfire in 2 cylinders and thinks it's a blown head gasket or cracked valve. Could it be that the wires or spark plugs need to be changed? Had this type of engine light code w/ my 1997 Toyota Corolla and a new wire set, spark plugs, and distributor cap fixed the problem for about $300 vs. $2000-$2500 that the dealership wants me to spend to fix this Kia Spectra.

I think he is wrong ....check plugs wires and for vacuum leaks common for intake gaskets i have changed 3 this year and all had cyl misfire related codes ... 2003 Kia Spectra

95 Camaro w/3.4. - had a bad camshaft so I replaced the cam, reworked heads, new lifters, and timing chain. After assembly, the car is bellowing white smoke out of the pipes. Not steam like with a blown head gasket. Does have a slighttap under the hood. Could it be a lifter not pumped up? Also, popping like timing issue after the car warms up around 2000 rpm's. Any help would be appreciated.

Sometimes white smoke is burning coolant.Are you loosing any engine fluids ? ... Cars & Trucks

2002 nissan sentra 1.8l had a po011 code, took a compression check 150lbs in 1 and 4 cylinder and 90 in 2 and 3 cylinder, replaced camshaft and crankshaft sensors. Po001 code did not come back, but po507 came up, checked for vacum leaks(none), cleaned throttle body, checked all connectors(ok), cleared code,code came back, my question is, is this a blown head gasket between 2&3, a bad air volume actuator, a bad intake or? And what procedure(s) should i preform next and how? (I try the idle relear

... Cars & Trucks

I have 1998 740i BMW that is overheating. 1) What are the warning signs of a bad water pump? 2) What are the warning signs of a blown head gasket? 3) What are the warning signs of bad timing?

Timing - engine is not sounding right or back firing. Head gasket - water and oil mixing, see inside water bottle. or open bottle. rev engine when cold, if starts spitting water out while cold like a fountain.Water pump - Water leaking fr ... 1998 BMW 7 Series

Ok i was goin down the road after leavin my buddys house and it ran hot but it will still start an run but it runs hot idk if it is my thermostat is bad or if i cracked my head or blown head gasket

To start with, i would remove the radiator cap from the yota, while its cold, run the engine up to normal operating temperature, if your thirmostate is functioning properly you should be able to see the flow. as for a cracked head or blown gasket, th ... 1986 Toyota 4Runner

I have oil in the coolant resivor is that a blown intake gasket or could i have a head gasket going bad? and is it safe to drive for the time being ?

... 1998 Buick Century

I am trying to figure out if I have a blown head gasket or if the spark plugs have went bad. I have a 97 Cadillac Catera. It seems to be misfiring or something within the engine is rubbing aginst each other. I don't see smoke from the tail pipe. The oil is not mikly on the dipstick or around oil cap. In fact when I pulled the spark plug boot off there was oil everywhere due to a leaking gasket seal. That oil was normal as well no water or radiator fluid or anything. However before the pro

I had the same problem , it was the plug wires. they will arc 2 anything , mine were arcing 2 the rubber vacuum line that runs down the valve cover, there tricky 2 change and cost $300 ... 2001 Cadillac Catera

I have a 2000 vw beetle 2.0 with no compression, the timing belt went bad, so I changed the water pump and timing belt and no compression. I took off the head and no bent valves, the head gasket was not blown, and no holes in pistons. What is happening here. Help

You may need to go back and check that your belt was installed correctly. it could be out several degrees. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

I have a 2004 shogun sport 2.5td. It was blowing black smoke badly. A garage fitted a new turbo. This worked for a day then the smoke came back even worse. I changed the injectors and the black smoke went straight away only to be replaced with billowing white/ grey smoke. I changed air filter. Oil and filter change also new glowplugs. But still white smoke bad when it warms up. Mechanic did a chemical test to see if head gasket had blown but said it's fine.

From statement "But still white smoke bad when it warms up". Check valve clearence ... 1988 Mitsubishi Pickup

Hi I need help with my 2004 Freelander TD4: suddenly blue/white smoke coming out the back of the car ( the car did not over heated the heat gauge was at normal position) notes that there was oil leaking everywhere and that there was oil in the coolant water tank as well, suspect head gasket blown Removed the head, no indication of a blown head gasket, send the head in for testing. Pressure test 100%, so put new head gasket and head bolts, replace oil filter and oil. Start the car and after a

Cracked block. once it heats up the crack gets bigger and the oil gets thinner which makes more oil burn. run car without the oil cap on and see if lots of air/ oil comes out if so thats blow by and you need a new engine. ... Cars & Trucks

BLOWN HEADGASKET- Gasket Sealers? I have heard that there are a few additives that work to fix a blown head gasket. Mechanics seem to like "BLUE DEVIL." One stated that he has used the product for many years and it fixes 3 out of 4 blown head gaskets. There is a YouTube video that demos the product and it is impressive. Does anyone have experience using Gasket sealers and/or Blue Devil? What is your general though on using them? Thanks.


1992 toyota camry shaking very bad could this be a blown head gasket.. the machanic says its the first spark plug

Hi,\015\012\015\012When a cylinder is misfiring, this dirupts the balance of the engine and the computer is sometimes unable to compensate during a misfire.\015\012\015\012This also, can often cause erratic engine behaviour... ... 1992 Toyota Camry V6

Oil leak near the engine is this a sign that the head gasket is blown. Car has a 110k miles. Also how do I know when the clutch is going bad?

... 2005 Subaru Outback
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