Having problems with your 2000 Kia Sephia ?

I have a 2000 Kia sephia. We washed under the hood and now the check engine light is blinking and the o/d light was also blinking the car is running good now. We I stop at a stop sign it makes noise and shakes. Can any one help me?

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Answers :

There is a 6 wire plug on your transmission.. remove it, clean it and put it back.. That should help :) try it before rating..
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I have a 2000 Kia sephia. We washed under the hood and now the check engine light is blinking and the o/d light was also blinking the car is running good now. We I stop at a stop sign it makes noise and shakes. Can any one help me?

Yeah..There is a 6 wire plug on your transmission.. remove it, clean it and put it back.. That should help :) try it before rating.. ... 2000 Kia Sephia

I have a 97 dodge Dakota v6 manual, lately when I press the gas I hear a clicking noise and it gets louder the more I accelerate. Also when I put it in neutral to slow down for a stop sign or red light it cuts off. It usually only does it one time as soon as I crank it up and make the first stop. Can anybody help me or give any ideas of what could be wrong?

Hi Tara , Sounds like you have lifter problems with the clicking noise, do you change the oil regularly ? How many miles on this vehicle ? The idle problem or engine shutting off cold could be because of a coolant temperature sensor problem ! When ... Cars & Trucks

I had new brake pads and rotors put on my 2005 equionox...now I am getting a grinding noise (intermitently) when making a final stop at a light or stop sign. Sometimes it feels like it's not stopping properly. This seems to be effecting just the one front tire. I've had the car back several times and last week they put on new brake pads (said the other ones were defective)...well now the grinding sounds is back and I'm confused.

May be the grade of pad that was used in replacement,Would find out if ceramic brake pad is available for this vehicle.They usually cost a little more but provide better perfomance typically less noise issues and create less brake dust. ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Please some one help my abs light is staying on and makeing weird noises and makeing it hard for me to push the brakes to the point i can stop.. i need to know a solution to the problem i have no idea what it could be its a 2001 impala.. please help Thanks

Its hard to push the brake pedal because the abs pump is actuating. it is probably a faulty wheel speed sensor, which are located IN the wheel bearings. there are a few other causes for the problem you describe, but this seems to be the most common. ... Chevrolet Impala

My car would shake when at a stop and almost turn off. The belts would make an awful noise. I took it into the shop and they changed my spark plugs and the connector wires, and they replaced all three of my belts. One the drive home the car did the same exact thing but worse, it wouldn't let me go over 25 miles and the light started to blink. I took it back in and they said it was my alternator and battery, both got replaced and now the light is back on. Don't really want to push the gas too muc

Have them make sure the timing is right. ... 2001 Mazda Protege

1998 Plymouth Breeze runs quite rough when at stop signs or lights or in any stopped positions where it idles for more than a minute or two. It also makes a popping noise in the front when backing up and when randomly driving slow through town. What could cause these issues? I have taken it to a garage several times and they seem to think there is nothing wrong. I however am the one driving it and do not feel safe when these instances happen.

... 1998 Plymouth Breeze

On my 2005 subaru legacy outback 2.5l replaced passenger side cv axle. now while driving the vehicle i come to a stop light or stop sign foot on brake pedal engine makes cavitating noise and feel the vibration in brake pedal and floor board. help?

If I understand you correctly, you feel a vibration it the brake pedal when you apply the brakes. Is that correct?Have your brake rotors re surfaced; they are warped."engine makes cavitating noise" ....what does this mean? ... 2005 Subaru Outback

1996 olds cutlass supreme. All of my blinker lights light up but will not blink, hazards blink. All other lights, brake and head lights work. I have 3 fuse boxes and cannot find which one is the one that makes them blink. Is it under the dash or where is it. Or am I way off base. Please help.

... Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

2003 Hyundai Elantra I was speaking one of my friends and I mentioned to him that my car sometimes makes backfiring noises when proceeding thru a red light and at stop signs. Sometimes it only happens at certain times of the day. Any reason for that. I also mentioned that the gas filter was never changed and he recommeded me to do that which I will be doing within the next 7 days. Do you think this will now solve my problem. Also is my Catylic converte rconverted? Is my timign on my timing belt

Is the check engine light on? If it is, take the car to an autoparts store and have them use a scan tool to retrieve any fault code(s) that are stored in the car's computer. Most parts stores offer this service at no charge. The fault code(s) will he ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Elantra

Renault Laguna Expresion 2005: I cannot lock the car from my remote control ( I have 2 remote control and no one works ) When I press the lock button nothing happens, but when I press the button for unlock I can hear a noise and the lights make that blink, which doesn't happen with the lock button. Approximately in the same time my right front electric window stopped working. It can be a problem with a fuse or is it a much major problem? I've changed the remote control battery and the re

... 2005 Renault Laguna Expression

I have a 1999 gmc suburban,check engine light do not come on to i get 30mph it will start blinking,i had a code retreival came back as p0300 engine misfire,i have alot of hesitation in the drive,i have changed the spark plugs,and ignition coil also,when i take the cap off the oil crankcase steam comes out of it,my oil level is good though.When I first start the vehicle its a tapping noise it make then it stops after a few mins.,do u think this problem could come from a bad distributer cap and ro

It absolutely could be due to a bad cap and rotor. You mentioned that you changed the plugs - did you make sure they were gapped correctly? If they're gapped too wide, they will have trouble igniting properly. Also, you could have bad wires (you d ... 1999 GMC Suburban

2006 Kia Spectra is making a high frequency whistling noise, but it only makes the noise when slowing down from 40mph to 35mph if i apply the breaks the noise stops and if i accelerate the noise stops any help will be good thank you.

Is it a squeel or a hum / rumble? 1st run your hands around the tyres especially the inside. Check for hi and low spots on the tyres. If the tyre is hi low hi low hi low it makes a shocking sound. if it is a squeel noise have they checked your brakes ... 2006 Kia Spectra

Same problem This started after I forgot to push the clutch on my manual cavalier 2003, when I arrived at a stop sign the car jerked so much after that it stalled for sure. The problem is Very Very Intermittent. now it happened twice in one week. when i release the gas pedal when I arrive to a stop sign or a red light it stop working like if I miss gas (And don't worry I push the clutch hahah). Can you help me. some one said it is probably the gas pump i don't think it's that. And other thing i

Is the clutch properly adjusted? ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

Have 2002 Pomtiac Aztek that is making a noise like a propeller airplane on drivers front. It starts at 20 mph ony while moving gets louder with speed. there is a slight vibration when I hear noise. I know I need brakes but braking makes no change in noise or vibration. If I make a left turn the Noise stops while turning. ABS light is on but has been on for 4 years this just started. Need help where to look without replacing everything on left side.

... 2002 Pontiac Aztek

1999 Toyota Camry makes noise when accelerating. Also makes a, less loud, noise when stopped at a red light, in the drive thru, etc. - Even when I'm in 'park'. Never had the problem until suddenly one day, and it hasn't stopped since.. what could be the problem?

Look at the drive belts on the alternator and airconditioning to see if on of them is too loose... ... 1999 Suzuki Vitara

Turn Signals My right turn signal up front does not blink and my back turn signal blinks but very rapidly. I already tried switching the bulb and the bulb was good so is there another fuse from the turn signal? I mean is there one next to the lights that I have to change? or is a cable loose and making my lights blink faster?

Yea ok i looked it up i meant to replacethe thermal flasher. unless this is what you said you did already. it in the inside fuse box. here is a link to what it look like . thermal flasher.\015\012 ... 1993 Nissan Altima

My left turn sign is making very rapid blinking sound but no light on dash board and no light blinking front and back. good light bulbs. any idea or diagram for the left turn signal. right working fine

You have a bulb out ... 1991 Mazda MPV

2000 ford excursion. OD light blinks, shifts hard, idles rough, kills some times. Turn off, restart and it clears until stop at red light or go in reverse then light blinks again. Changed both sensors on transmission and one on differential. Code says out put speed sensor but all has been changed.... Help!!

... Cars & Trucks

My dash lights all come on, the gages stop working, air conditioner stops, windows wont roll down. One day it works fine, next nothing works. One day it would not start- but only one day. They cleaned a battery wire for the starting problem. Body control module was replaced and still not working. Any help???? 1999 jeep grand cherokee Ltd. Yes, I know that it is an electrical problem! Battery can be disconnected over night and things work good for about 6-8 hours. Turning switch to "on" without s

Try the alternator ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1998 24 cavalier, 2.4 twin cam engine. I have the est off and check engine light on. it chuggs whenever I come to a stop sign or a red light but drives good on the highway. I unplugged the tsp senso and drives good with the lights still on but it some times kicks down hard at the 3rd gear can anyone help me?

... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have an automatic 1998 Jetta GL and everytime I am driving and I make a complete stop at a light or stop sign then step on the gas to go again my car gives a little buck and makes a wierd clunk noise. This doesn't happen everytime but most of the time when I stop and go. Any Idea what thats about?

Sounds like you've got low transmission fluid. When fluid is low, and you stop at a light or stop sign, when you hit the gas the engine revs a bit, then the transmission bangs into gear, usually more so when the engine is cold.\015\012Adding f ... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

2005 suburban and there is a loud rattling noise when slowly accelerating in parking lots and from stop lights and stop signs took a look under the car and it seems like a weld seam might have come lose on the top shield of the muffler but im not sure exactly what it is it only happens during slow acceleration if i punch it it will make the noise at first but go away fast

Your heat shieid is ratting. ... 2005 Chevrolet Suburban

Cranking the car I have to press the gas for it to start. In addition, once it is cranked I have to keep the gas pedal pressed sightly to keep the engine running. To be able to drive it I have to use both feet, one for gas and one for brake. Once I am going down the road and make a stop (red light or stop sign), it gets suggish but does not die. Only when I put the car back in park and kill the engine and try to crank the engine, will it start the dying when cranked.

1. first change the air and fuel filter even if they appear or seem good. This will immediatly eliminate these.\015\012\015\0122. check and replace if necessary (if equipped) the distributor cap and rotor. If the rotor is cracked this wil ... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

Problems My car just shuts off I can reverse out of a parking spot or slow down at a light and off it goes. Comes right back on.I have had the car not shut off. I have had problems with my headlight blowing twice in one month. I get the same clucking noise when riding over bumps, this is a good one, my heat makes a noise when i turn it on 3 or 4 and saturn told me it was normal. Does saturn also tell other people that they can't duplicate the problem. My problems haven't really be major but the

I can say that as for the engine shutting off when slowing down, it sounds as though the fuel filter needs replacing. I am not sure as to what may have caused the headlight blowing twice in one month. The clucking noise you mention, does it occur onl ... 2006 Saturn ION

There is a whooshing sound when I turn left in my 2005 Corolla. Almost like liquid is shifting from one side to another. It almost sounds like a it's sucking air. Barely makes this noise on gentler turns. It does not make any noise when I turn off my ac, so I know it has something to do with that. No strange sounds when driving straight or stopping. Please help me!

... 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette
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