Having problems with your 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

When changing the oil sensor

\015 Do you have to do an oil and filter change?\015
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Answers :

No you dont have to do an oil change thats just optional
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2002 jeep oil light comes one when it is cold outside. as vehicle warms up (20 miles) or the engine slows down (stop lights) the light goes off. Mechanic has change oil light sensor, changed oil, said pressure is good, changed oil. light still comes on. changed sensor again, pressure still good but light still comes on.

... 2002 Jeep Liberty

My oil light turned on in the cluster and i thought it was a sensor so I changed the oil pan sensor and left the shop,it stoped until the car warmed up and the sensor turned back on again during up or down hills the machanic told me before as he changed the sensor that have leaks somewhere from the oilpan but didn't tell me where, so I phoned him and he told me to come back he got in my car and reved untill the sensor went off and he told me I was loosing oil pressure and didn't tell me anything

Hello. Hopefully I can help clarify things for you. The sensor just senses the amount of pressure you have and lets you know if it's low. The oil pump pumps oil from the pan to higher parts of the engine via the valley (just under the intake manifo ... 2000 Audi A4

I have a 2000 Pontiac Firebird with 90,000 miles on it. I put in Gunk engine cleaner and ran it for 5 minutes as directed then drained the oil. I then did an oil change (Quaker State 10-30) and put in Lucas oil stabilzer (heavy duty). The oil pressure at idle is 90 psi and when driving it could go as high as 110 psi. I removed the oil pressure sensor and blew it out with compressed air and there was no change. If the sensor is faulty would it show high pressure? Do I have oil blockage or is the

The sensor can show high pressure when that is not the case, they fail high not low, take the sender out and plug in a mechanical guage to verify this, that is the only way to be 100% sure. ... Pontiac Firebird

I was driving and my car died and wont restart. long cranks but wont turn over. I changed the battery still no start.I checked faults codes and got p0340. I changed the cam sensor and code went away. I checked codes again and got p0522. changed oil and oil pressure sensor and car still wont start. I disconnected the battery 1 hr to reset pcm. still getting p0522 how can i get the engine to build pressure for the sensor if the car wont start.

... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Have a 1999 Pontiac Montana the oil light (pressure) came on and make a racket in the top end. The van ran very rough, and will stall. Changed the oil pump, no fix, checked timing chain, no fix oil light still on, i know im getting oil because i have oil coming to the valves, visual. Changed 24x CKP sensor and the camshaft position sensor. No help still runs like it is way out of time.

... 1999 Pontiac Montana

I have a 2000 Chrysler Concorde and the Oil sensor light came on. it was down a quart of oil and it has only been 5000 miles since last oil change. Had oil change done and within 6 miles the oil sensor light came on. Whats up?

I'm betting that this is the 2.7L engine. If it is, you may have caught this in time. There is a very good possibility that the oil pump intake has become plugged with sludge. You will have to have the oil pan removed so that the pick-up can be cl ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

Hi! I have a 2008 Honda Accord LX-P. I switched to synthetic oil at 6000 miles and according to the sticker next oil change must be at 11500 miles, but the oil life sensor came on at about 9700 miles... What should I do: change the oil or just reset the oil life sensor???

... Honda Accord

2008 Ford Expedition Change Oil Message - After resetting it comes back. Changed oil. Is this sensor a quality sensor or timed? Could this be a faulty sensor? The outside temp sensor is also **** @ 75. Any relation to each other?

There is a sensor for both of them. I am not quite sure if they are related, on the same fuse. You can check the fuse box and see though. Sometimes the sending unit will get stuck or become defective and it will keep the light on, even if it is reset ... 2008 Ford Expedition

2000 go tracker bad oil leal back of motor have changed rear main oil seal front trans seal oil pan gasket still leaking even changed crank sensor oil ring &sensor .

It has to be an oil pressure sending unit. There are two of them on that SUV but they are in different places depending on your engine cord. If you go to Advance Auto parts or O'Riley, they will tell you exactly where to look. ... 2000 Chevrolet Tracker

Oil sensor changed the oil in my truck today (2000 chevrolet silverado 1500 series with a 4.3 engine) and my oil sensor was running around 40-45 psi now its running around 60 psi or something like that. i just got the truck so its hard to tell how long its been since the oil has been changed? any suggestions?

That is good oil pressure, just make sure if it's cold, you let it warm up a bit before putting it under a load.. if you notice a spike in pressure when you first start driving, just take it easy for a bit until the pressure normalizes.. too much pr ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My BMW a 330Ci 2004, 155000 miles is getting the oil light on for last 5/6 months. My mechanic changed the oil level sensor and it still leaked. He changed the oring in the bottom of the oil pan. the leak stopped but just last week after a few weeks the engin oil light came back on. I do not know if the mechanic added more oil when he changed the oring because it was leaking still. So today I added oil because it was very low. I just hope that my car is not burning the oil there is no smoke an

... BMW 330

99 grand am se, 173000 kms, 2,4 engine, where is location of change oil sensor, changed oil it was very dirty with lots of sludge and ****. is sensor inside oil pan Help

Hi,Do you want to reset the light?To reset the light, open the driver's side fuse panel cover. Turn the \015\012key to "on", but do not start the car. Wait for most of the warning \015\012lights to go out, then press the red R ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

I have a 2002 audi a8, and I am getting a yellow oil can with the word "sensor" under it on my warning display. The actual oil sensor (located on the bottom of the oil pan) was really leaking - last oil change I cleaned it and put in a new seal. Leak is substantially improved - but now I get the "oil sensor" warning for the first time - how can I check if the switch is bad, or is it "cleanable"? Could I alternately just disconnect it? (Where can I get a parts diagram for it, so I know how to

The Oil Pressure/Sending Unit Sensor is not really "cleanable". The Leak could also be causing a short and therefore a false reading.\015\012Replace this Sensor. They are not real expensive. \015\012There should NOT be any leaks at all. ... 2002 Audi A4

Oil Sensor Is there anyone out there that can answer my question about the oil level sensor and why the check oil level light is still on after replacing the sensor and having an oil change done. Please advise. Thanks,

... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Oil light flashing on intermittently when at temperature and only at idle. Car 2008 Mitsubishi van Have had vehicle into Mitsubishi Agent and 2nd mechanic who all say vehicle in very good condition (55,000 kms) Have had oil changed, sensor changed, oil pump tested, motor flushed all to no avail. Engine not burning any oil. Have filled oil to above oil level - no difference. Using 10W 40 oil. Can we use 10W 50 without damaging motor? What else could it be?

Well technically you should be using a 10W-30 with a vehicle like that unless it calls for a heavier grade. If the oil level is good (don't overfill it otherwise it can cause the light to go off) check the oil pressure switch and the oil sender unit. ... Mitsubishi Cargo

My bora automatic gear cant change from 1st to 2nd after a long trip. engine s sensore lights. i can smel gear oil very heat. when the car get cold it run normally. engine s sensore lights off. n.b. i have this problem deacresing after oil changing

Have it scanned for DTC's Diagnostic Trouble Codes ... 2000 Volkswagen Golf

Error Code P1223 Tra-for Air Leak age has come up. Just had a 10,000 km oil change and radiator top up. In last 6 months had my fuel relay sensor changed and Fuel Injectors for starting problems which is fixed. In last 12 months had my crank shaft sensor replaced for problems that the car would stop whilst driving at high speeds which is now fixed. Car seems to be making a funny clanking sound when idling and has just started to make a creaking sound when braking. Oil seems to have recently s

... 2000 Kia Sportage


Catalyst temperature sensor failure ,whats causing the sensor to go wrong?? most likely cause is a weak mixture ,or burning water ?? loss of coolant ?? Try fitting a bosch sensor and not a cheap chinese one.also look at the old sensor to determine if ... Ford Focus

Does the 93 pontiac grand am 3.3L V6 have two oil sensors-gauge,and light sensor? My check oil light stays on...already changed the oil pressure sending unit sensor.

... 1993 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a '99 Voyager and the oil pressure sensor stays on and beeps at me while I am driving. It has plenty of oil. The oil was just changed 2 days ago and the oil pressure switch was changed 2 months ago. Whats next? Oil pump?

Maybe not, The Oil screen could be clogged up. You will have to drop the oil pan and it should be at the bottom of the engine. Does it seem to get better or worse when cold or hot?? ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

The engine hot/ac off light is on - also the relearn tire positions light is on. I just this past thursday had an oil change and they had to replace about 4 or 5 sensors that had shorted out. any ideas of what might cause this? Also, the oil life is dropping like a stone - oil was changed on thursday and now it already says it is down to 96% oil life left and i haven't driven even 200 miles?

... 2008 GMC Sierra 1500

Low oil pressure light stays on have changed the oil level sensor now want to change the oil presser unit where can i find it on my 1999 caddy deville its 4.6 engine yes it has good oil that please i need help

Hello, the sending unit is to the right of the oil filter adapter, it is behind the engine mount bracket, it is hard to see and difficult to access. You will need deep oil pressure sending unit socket. It has a electrical connector. ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

97 LicolnLincoln Continental P0131Continental P0131 and P1131 02 sensor codes. Car has a 4.6L V8 with 79K. Conti idles and runs great even with this error, but since I got these codes the gas mileage has dropped from mid 20’s to 10MPG. The car seems to run hot as the radiator fans kick on every couple minutes. I replaced bank 1 sensor 1 heated O2 sensor, new air filter, plugs, wires, PCV valve, oil, oil change, and cleaned MAF sensor. I also checked for vacuum leaks with nothing found. Al

If Im not mistaken that code is due to a lean mixture which in turn can cause an engine to run hotter.Have you had the line pressure checked for the injectors. If you have pulled all the spark plugs are there some with colors different to others? Try ... 2005 Ford Lincoln Continental

I am having a problem with high oil pressure on my 1996 vw cabrio. The pressure is 80 on 2000rpm's and the mechanic has changed out my oil pump 2 times, the sensors have been replaced. the oil has been changed, filter replaced? Is the gauges for reading the vw different those gauges to read regular american cars. He has put in thin oil to try to fix this.

That is completly normal, I think the mechanic is pulling your leg. yes the VW gages read in bars and you have about 4 bars witch is normal. The oil system has a over pressure dump which dumps back to the sump. I wouldnt worry about the pressure but ... Volkswagen Cabrio

Honda s2000, 2001 loose of power , I get to around 6000 rpm it sputters continues to 9000 rpm.No Engine light or codes. Vtec is working . I removed the solenoid and cleaned, replaced the gasket and screen everything good Changed the oil and filter . No vacuum leaks, all new hose Good oil pressure 85psi Good fuel pressure 55psi Replaced coolent sensor Removed oil pan see if there's any problems, cleaned oil pump filter screen. checked olms on vtec solenoid , good Did the map sensor whack , remove

The only thing i can think of is the injectors, you will have to check the olms on them while under load. one thing i have learned working in an automotive repair shop is you need it to be failing to find the problem, your problem is you probly need ... 2001 Honda S2000
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