Having problems with your 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

It stalls while driving, when it first started happening it would re-start after a few minutes- now it won't start for quite a long time. We were told it was the fuel pump by two different mechanics, and so we replaced both the pump and fuel filter and it did not make any difference with the stalling problem. We have also used fuel injector cleaner, manually cleaned the fuel lines and are relativly sure it is not an electrical problem.

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Answers :

When it stalls, can you hear the fuel pump running when you turn the key back on? If you can, then the pump is good and the wiring is OK. If not, check the pump relay in the power distribution center.
Did either of the mechanics that advised you actually do any testing? Did you do any testing?
Have you tested the crankshaft position sensor? It can give identical symptoms. To do proper testing you will need a chiltons manual (better than haynes especially for electronics) and a digital multi-meter.
Check the cps both when engine is working and when it has stalled. (cam sensor can do that as well as ignition coil but cps is most common.)
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It stalls while driving, when it first started happening it would re-start after a few minutes- now it won't start for quite a long time. We were told it was the fuel pump by two different mechanics, and so we replaced both the pump and fuel filter and it did not make any difference with the stalling problem. We have also used fuel injector cleaner, manually cleaned the fuel lines and are relativly sure it is not an electrical problem.

When it stalls, can you hear the fuel pump running when you turn the key back on? If you can, then the pump is good and the wiring is OK. If not, check the pump relay in the power distribution center. Did either of the mechanics that advised ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1994 Chev half ton with 6.5 turbo diesel, have problems starting, motor turns over, lots of fuel, fuel pump working, has a mind of its own, when it wants to start. Some times a few hours after trying to start it, & its starts,some times not. & in the past when it was running, sometimes it would just shut down, but would start back up, starting problem wouldnt make a difference if motor was hot or cold.

Need new glow plugs ... 1994 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

I have a 1995 camaro z28 5.7 that stalls out from time to time it my run for 2 days then stalls out it wont start right away, but it will start. ive replace the fuel filter fuel pump fuel regulator ait intake none of these seem to fix the problem. when the car wont start ive sprayed starer fluid in the throttle body that will make it cough like it wants to fire up, whats my next step please

You might be experiencing a problem with your Vats security system. GM installed these anti theft systems on almost all of its cars in the 90's. (that little black chip in your key) They are known for turning off starters and injectors. Check out thi ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 1994 oldsmobile 88. I park my car front side up on driveway. I dont know why this would make a differance but this is when car really acts up. I try to start and it starts but immedietly losses power as if there is no gas and there is also a strong gasoline smell. I finally keep it runnning and once i take off when i accelerate if dies. But turns right back on. I have changed the fuel pump relay, the fuel pump and filter. Could the fuel pressure regulator be the problem? Also the engine

Check you exhaust. you may have a damaged cat or a broken baffle in the exhaust eather of these will stall the engine and you will have a strong smell of fuel. ... 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

97 cougar xr7 will not start. Ran fine the other day, no problems, but this morning would not start, not able to get it to start all day. Tried charging battery, removed battery for charging (about 10 min or so), checked to see if wiring was fried (cant see any damage), has fuel, has oil, etc. Really strange. When you first turn key you hear the fuel pump working then when you turn further (to start) nothing.. no click - nothing. Tried jumper cables, nothing makes a difference. I have power

That is most likely correct. The starter Solenoid may be junk. What i can recommend you do is take that starter out and run it down to your local auto parts store like Autozone Pepboys o'reilly's or a place similar to that and they will test it fo ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

My 1993 Lumina APV (3.8L), has a what I am calling a surge. Between 45 to 60 mph and different times it will surge. I can let my foot of the gas and it may stop or I can give it more gas and it generally starts. I have changed my fuel filter, fuel pump, throttle position sensor, and spark plugs and wires. We have put it on a computer and it doesn't say there are any problems. I have put fuel cleaner in it that doesn't seem to make much difference.

Sounds like the torque converter clutch is slipping in the transmission-next time it starts doing this-instead of letting off on the gas tap the brake with your left foot-if it goes away i would be 98 percent sure that it is the torque converter clut ... 1993 Chevrolet Lumina APV

2005 Grand Prix base model. Starts cold no problem. But drive it for 10 minutes, turn it off do shopping for 20 minutes and the doesn't start.It starts up and dies. This happens 3-5 times. Seems the only way to get by this situation is to give it gas just as it started, but then it revs and makes it emberassing, and yet still could die out!! I've replaced the fuel pump relay, but made no difference. No lights come on so no codes are available. I don't want to change to fuel pump/sending unit and

I would start with a tune-up: plugs,wires,cap, and PVC valve and see if this fixes the problem ... Pontiac Grand Prix

1998 chevy astro van sometimes works, sometimes not.? At timesm rarely, the astro will crank but will not start. Fuel pump not cycling and making its hum noise so I changed the fuel pump with an AC Delco fuel pump (origi9nal) afterwards the van worked with no problem until about 2 weeks later I am having a similiar problem where the fuel pump is not making its noise (running when you turn the key to on). But after about 15 minutes, it will start working again. This is why I changed the first fue

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Fuel problem I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle, 2WD with 55,000 miles. Nothing but problems since I bought it. My vehicle suddenly stalled. I tryed to turn the engine over several times but it won't start. It will sometimes start for a couple of seconds but then it sputters to a stall. I dont hear no sound from the fuel pump when I turn the car on. I have disconnected the fuel filter and turn the car on also and no fuel comes shooting out. Do you think my fuel pump is bad or could it be someth

The problems you're  having with your freestyle are very common, whats happening is that your fuel tank is designed like a saddle.  \015\012\015\012There is a fuel pump on the passenger side of the tank ... 2005 Ford Freestyle

A Possible electrical problem? 2003 Taurus started stalling while driving, then failed to start. Dealer had it for 3 days could not reproduce the problem and they changed the fuel filter. A few days later it failed to start again and I noticed that when I turned the key I did not here the fuel pump start up. Thought it was a stuck fuel pump and shook the car and it started. I took it to another repair shop and they had it for 3 days and could not find a problem. We decided to have a new fu

Had a similar problem with the speedometer/odometer. On my car it was a bad Alternator and the effects were dramatic. Showing 45-55mph at a stop and rapidly racking up miles on the odometer.You can get a free charging system check at Autozo ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Won't start car will turn over, but does not start, I have good fuel pressure, spark. when problem started last week, it sometimes started, and sounded like it was starving for gas, as i opened throttle a little,and pumped gas a little it went to normal high idle. I have good pulse on injectors , and also switched out mass air, but it didn't make andy difference----it would just turn over, thanks lenny

Also if your friend wants his sensor back i have a spare engine and sensor... ill give it to you if you need it. on the cas make sure that it isnt just turned all the way to the right or left. it should be adjusted so that the 3 holdiong screws are i ... 1993 Nissan 300ZX

2002 LeSabre Starting problem: Occasionally when turning key to start (whether engine is cold or warm) the starter does not respond even though lights dim and fuel pump engages. Changing to alternate key makes no difference. After 5 to 10 key-turn attempts the starter kicks in and engine starts okay. Battery is fully charged.

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Help...Have 97 Nissan Cefiro with idling ans stalling issue. Problem started abtou 6 weeks ago and has been in 3 different shops now. Car will run fine for a day or two, then when sitting at a stop, engine will stutter from time to time, then it will get VERY sluggish while accelerating and stall. The car will strt righ back up and may continue suttering and or stalling; or may run fine for a short time. So are we have done full tune up, replaced fuel filter and pump, air flow meter and tr

I have had some experience with that exact prob with the exact same unit and model. it turned out to be an issue with the air flow meter module. but in your case, it's stated that you already replaced that, it may be a problem with the wiring of the ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

Hey it's me with the fuel problem.. new question: you mentioned the fuel pump will make a sound but not pump. i disconnected the hose into the filter from the tank and put a bottle up to it. upon turning the key and starting the car and flooring the gas, the pump makes a noise but spits VERY little if any gas into the bottle.. maybe 10-20mL after 4-5 "start" attempts with pump coming on and shutting off every time.. can you expand on what it means when the pump makes a sound like it's working

It means that the veins and impellors in the pump have worn out. The motor inside will continue to turn and create noise but there is nothing to grab the fuel and push it forward. Basically it means replace the pump. When the pump is on it will push ... Chevrolet Cavalier

2004 Mits. Lancer 2.4 L Start up is fine, when driving come to stop sign car stalls out, starts up fine. When excellaring on street car stalls out , starts right up. Not fuel pump , not fuel filter, not tune up, cat is ok, no trouble codes, whats the problem. type answer or call me 510-938-1153 . please stay with me until we solve problem. Other guy would not contuine to help me, He said check fuel filter, this car doesnt have fuel filter, when I type that to him , I never heard back from him..

Hi, I recommend you check the MAP sensor. You will need a multimeter for these tests. \015\012The sensor is on top of the intake manifold as shown in the picture below. A new sensor is expansive, so I do recommend you test the old one before ... Mitsubishi Lancer

Fuel pump my car does the same thing,and now it wont start. is the problem the fuel pump? if so is there more than 1 pump. Ok I have a 95 Dodge Intrepid 3.5 Engine. The problem is that the car will start and run for maybe 30 - 40 minutes after this amount of time the car begins to **** going down the road like it is losing power. Also when this occurs the headlights and interior lights will flicker like power is being lost. The car will soon stall and not start until the next day. Alternator ha

Tell you where i would start first it sounds as though you have more then one problem ak first check your map senser,fuel filter & also look around the wiring harness focos on any area where there is movement it really sounds as though you have a ... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 92 firebird with a 3.1 that stalls when slowing (braking)down to a stop, going slow and turning, also it will stall when taking off from a stop. This is an intermittent problem, never know when it may stall, will start up fine and get somewhere, then it will either start and stall when giving it gas (just sitting in driveway)or stall when out and about. I have replaced the egr valve, fuel filter, fuel pump, vacume hoses, and problem is still there. Any information would be appreciated.

Crank or cam sensor ... Pontiac Firebird

How to install a new fuel pump in my 1998 Honda Passport? How to test if it's the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator or the fuel sending unit that's causing the problem. Problem: When I start my truck, it turns over but stalls out immediately. It takes more and more starts to get it going, I've had it die out on me while driving twice...but this is over a 1 month period. Sometimes the gas guage will show and empty tank when I know there is gas in the tank (happening for about 6 months).

The gas gauge contacts get corroded by the chemicals in your gasoline over time, the only way to fix that is to replace the fuel sender unit...unfortunately the sender unit is usually incorporated into the fuel pump. fuel delivery problems like you ... 1997 Honda Passport

Stalling I have a 1998 GMC Sierra 1500 Vortec 4.3L, etc. I had to replace the fuel pump a while back (changed filter also, etc), drove fine for a week and then went out again. Replaced the fuel pump once again and drove fine for a week or so and then it would it suddenly started stalling after driving for a few minutes. I had to let it sit for about 15-20 minutes and then it would start finally, but once again only allowed me to drive a few minutes and the it would repeat. Problem started about

Possibly faulty ignition module is the problem, stalls when engine is hot when you sit for a while it cools off and runs again until it heats up again, those are usually the symptoms of a bad ignition module and after a while it may give out all toge ... 1998 GMC Sierra

94 jeep 4cyl fuel problem, relay making noise. I have a 94 4cyl manual wrangler. I need to turn ignition ON and OFF repeatedly until i hear fuel pump relay making about 5 seconds of continuous noise before it will attempt to start. Once it starts runs fine. Switched out the relay, still doing it. Brother said could be leak in system, but we tested the fuel pressure and it only went down after an hour. Is this just a whacked pump?

Pretty much a whacked pump. I had the same prob years ago and its not fun to change. ... Jeep Wrangler

I bought this car with a bad motor. replaced the motor with a good one,it runs good when its cold but once drive it 40,50 miles sometimes less, it will stall an will not start back up, until it has set for 1 to 2 hours. i thought it might be a fuel problem, because when it wasnt starting i poured some fuel into throttle body an it started until fuel was gone from throttle body i replaced fuel pump an fuel filter an it still has same problem. do you think it could be the fuel injector. thank

It may be but try replacing the relay for the fuel pump. it is located in the engine compartment near the battery. you should find a fuse box there. also when the engine quits... listen to see if the fuel pump is working. if so that will rule out ... Geo Metro

Runs out of fuel. fuel pump have been changed, fuel filter have been changed, ( at a cost of $1000 ) tried it with fuel cap loose makes no differance. will start and idle all day, go for a drive it breaks down, tow it home,then sometimes it will start,towed it to garages it starts and runs normally . no engine codes showing on dash. when it breaks down , it still has spark at plugs. it cranks normally, leave it over night, it will start. I've had it to two different garages,they put on parts bu

How many miles are on the vehicle? What is the engine size? Does the fuel pressure remain steady when the car shuts down. In other words, was the fuel gauge left on the system during a drive test to see if the pressure drops in the fuel ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

Car won't start after it is hot. Turns over and almost starts but sounds like it stalls out. after about 1/2 - 1 hr will start. Now it actually stalled 2-3 times after 10-15 sec of driving. Mostly just wont start after 1/2 hr or more running. Tried Fuel inj cleaner seemed to help for 2-3 wks but weather was cooler 50 -60, changed fuel filter, loosened fuel cap no change. Now discovered I dont here the fuel pump whirr when I turn on the key when I have this problem. Engine "seems" very hot, temp

That would be a wet soak concern, Likely fuel pump failure ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Just replaced fuel pump and filter 3 days ago cause we were told that was the problem but problem still exists, it stalls out while driving, sometimes starts up again sometimes not, also, the rpms will drop while driving almost like a pulsing like the fuel is not pumping correctly hence fuel pump replacement but the problem is still there! Help!

Check the fuel pressure regulator and vacuum line that goes to it. Part at autozone for 90.00. ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

No start. change fuel pump and runs perfectly for one day. next day starts drives out of the driveway and sputters and stalls down the road. checked the fuel censor. ok. fuel regulator. ok. clean the plug behind the driver seat under the car. i think it is ok. switch out the ecu unit and still the same problem. the fuel pump when starting vichicle continuously primes. i think the van is getting too much fuel.

Get the o2 sensor checked.The o2 sensor before and after catalytic converter.Also check the fuel pump relay in the engine compartment fuse box under hood.Try cleaning the sensor, then check.If its getting to much fuel.then it can be problem with o2 s ... 1999 Chevrolet Venture
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