Having problems with your 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

Repair manual for 3.1 td jeep .It is the VM MOTORI 3.1 engine

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The bord computer not show the real average consumption
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Repair manual for 3.1 td jeep .It is the VM MOTORI 3.1 engine

The bord computer not show the real average consumption ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1947 CJ2A jeep Willys Flat head engine carborator repair manual

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I need to replace the heater/blower motor on my 1992 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L Ltd. I have the part and the repair manual but I can't find the blower motor on the engine. Where is it?

It is bolted to the firewall.3 bolts and it comes out into the engine bay.It has a flange around it and the blower electric motor in the centre.Hope this helps ... Jeep Cherokee

Good morning, I am an owner of a Jeep Cherokee KK 2.8L CRD (June '09 model). Where can I find a book or a PDF file that includes all the codes off the spare parts of the engine? (something like a repair manual with pictures or images). Just for your info in Europe the Liberty is called Cherokee.

I use aboutautomobile.com for trouble codes manuals and repairs. There are a lot of new stuff on vehicles today. this is a great site, they even list a factory recalls on vehicles. try this site. I think you will like it(plus its a free site on do ... Jeep Cherokee

Need to install a tranmission for a 2000 gmc jimmy 4 door 4 wheel drive, 4.3 liter engine. I am looking for a repair manual, shop manual , or transmition repair manual for this vehicle that I can download, free, if possible.

You will very rarely find those for free.\015\012I would suggest checking eBay or Amazon for used versions that are more affordable. ... GMC Jimmy

What ignition timing position is best for a 92 isuzu pickup w/ 2.3 liter engine. Can't find any specs in owners manual or repair manual. Repair manual says there is a sticker under the hood. But I can't find any such sticker. Any help

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Where can I find a repair manual for a Jeep ax5 manual transmission?

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How to install distributor on 1985 Jeep Cherokee 2.8 Liter Engine. All of the instruction manuals only cover 2.5, 4.0, and 5.2 liter engines. My Cherokee doesnt have a camshaft ignition sensor, which all of the manuals seem to reference.

To replace the distributor in ANY engine, turn the crankshaft by hand till the timing mark on the pulley is aligned with 0 degrees on the scale. Mark the position of the #1 ignition wire on the housing to use as a reference with the cap removed. Lowe ... 1985 Jeep Cherokee

96 Suzuki Sidekick Sport, 1.8L engine, I repaired valves, replaced the timing chains and I cannot time the engine properly. It seems that the proper adjustment is out of range of the CMP sensor. I am positive that I have all block match marks and chain color links aligned properly (I repeated this process 3-times!!!). I am using All DATA and the Haynes repair manual as reference. Can you help me with this problem? Fred

Hi,\015\012 As you said you repaired valves - is this due to serious failure like broken timing chain - engine lock up?.\015\012\015\012If it is, it is possible that other damage was done at that time.\015\012\015\012Che ... Suzuki Sidekick

I am looking for the real manual that comes with the 2007 jeep patriot, limited edition. i dont want to buy because one should have came with my jeep and it didnt, now im having engine problems and dont know what the light means cuz i dont have a manual

The manual would tell you totake it in to the dealer and you should of asked for the manual when you bought the car, it is very difficultto get one and for free even when they are new. For my 2008 ranger I ad the book but had to pay $50.00 for the cd ... 2007 Jeep Patriot Sport

02 Jeep Liberty 4 cylinder manual engine 4x4. I just had my timing belt jump and just got the jeep back on 1/26/11. They replaced the timing belt, water pump & had the head gasket valves machined. But now my 4x4 doesn't work and just a few moments ago, went to the store and now it keeps cutting off, if I dont keep giving applying the gas peddle? is the fuel pump or fuel line something that it may be having a problem with? if so, would that be related to the engine work I just had done? Please

Sound as bad timing or crank position sensor need adjust. Some fault codes there? Scanned the PCM to knowed and send us additional details.Keep in touch. ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee was driving fine, stopped to eat and got back in and it would not start. All dashboard warning symbols came on. I checked the manual and it appeared that the engine had been flooded. I did what the manual said for flooding the engine and it started right up. I made another stop and it sat for an hour and then tried to start it again and it would not start. There is a symbol now on the dashboard that looks like a key with a circle around it and the line thru it. I do not

When u turn the key in on poistion do u hear the fuel pump come on it should prime up for three seconds it could be a weak fuel pump leaking down,or look on your key on the sliver part if u have a black piece with a sliver on it that could be wore ou ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee is losing coolent about every 7- 10 days. I took it to Jeep dealer, they suggestd that I needed a new engine because every electric wiring is bad.? I still drive, my engine light comes on> If I go over 45 miles ph, I will get a loud and knocking car noise as well as jerking of car. Dealer agreed to repair for $3,485. Or suggested that I should buy a new car, which I can't aford.

Man if u go to www.kbb.com u can find ur truck price if its more than the dealer price fix it if it not junck it and get new one its really good time to by a car \015\012have a go ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee Country

Is there a manufacturer's defect in the design of the 3.1 engine of the 1997 Pontiac Grand Am? I dis-assembled my engine and removed the intake manifold. On the driver-side of the engine, the manifold does not match the shape of the mating portion of the engine. Reading the repair manual, it says to put gasket silicon in the area. The pressure from the engine has overcome the silicon both times I have tried this technique. I think I will have to make a small metal piece to cover the hole.

It is very common for intake manifold to warp. You can pick up replacement manifold & gaskets at most auto parts stores. ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2000 wrangler, 4 cyl. Engine blew. I bought a engine out of a 95 wrangler. I swapped out the oil pan and will swap out the manifold if I ever get that far. My problem is I have spent countless hours trying to get the new engine in! I cannot get the engine and the tranny (manual) together. I asked several jeep "experts" and was told a 95 engine will indeed fit in a 2000 once you swap out the oil pan.So my question again is will the 95 motor fit in a 2000? and if so, is there an alignment

By now you likely have moved the clutch disc out of position while attempting to put it together. Get a clutch alignment tool from your local parts house and make sure that has not happened. Generally, if you use two long bolts with the heads ... Jeep Wrangler

1986 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 2.5l engine 5 speed manual trans. stalls while driving after engine warms up or won't start if engine warm. Cranks but doesn't catch. When it stalls while driving, sounds like it's sputtering. Fuel pump comes on when I turn the key in the ignition. Changed spark plugs and wires, replaced TCM. Thought it was running fine but drove it, then stalled while driving. Pulled into a parking lot and it wouldn't start. Let the engine cool off for 45 minutes then it started and I

... 1986 Jeep Cherokee

Auto repair --1999 gmc k1500 pickup old body style 5.7 liter v8 350 i removed the distrubutor after changing a intake manafold gasket. put back together and it is timed correctly but the engine is missing. i was told in the manual to unplug the electrical spark timing plug ,start the engine and plug back in while the engine is running.. this should fix the problem, but i cannot locate the (est) plug is this the solution to the problem, and if so. where is the (est) plug located on this model...

This procedure sounds correct as long as the timing is set correctly. You can locate this particular plug, usually on the firewall in line with the harness. It will simply be a plug that goes to nothing and has a cap in it to close the circuit when ... 1999 GMC Sierra

Recently, I bought a Jaguar 2003 X-Type with 2.5 liter engine. It was used with only only 75,000 miles. It was missing the ower's user manual. I need the user manual and a repair manual, if available at reasonable price. The Jaguar leaper came off without any damage other than the wire that normally secures it to the hood. I need diagram and installation information so that I replace it properly. I also noticed that the black windshield trim on driver's side that hides the edge of glass is missi

The Leaper Emblem will come with the wire attatched and is mounted with the bolts if the wire is seperate from the emblem it is broke at that end , the trim can be ordered from a dealership or check E-Bay , the emblem should come with instructions bu ... 2003 Jaguar X-Type

1994 F350 7.5 Dually 2wd I replaced the master cylider with a rebuilt. New rear hubs and shoes. I have bled the systen 2 separate times per repair manual. There is no brake fluid leaking any where. Problem is when engine is started brakes are spongy and will go to floor. With engine off the pedal will pump up and feel normal soon as you start engine pedal goes to floor. Could the rebuilt master be bad?

I have the same problem,, put all new brake components on truck, needed it anyway,, found out that the booster is not designed for a diesel application,, ford made a model change for the diesel,, number from ford is F 5 T Z - 2005 CA a ze ... 1994 Ford F350 Crew Cab

89 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer w/AT4 auto tranny behind 4.0 engine. When cold, tranny works fine, but after 2 to 4 miles, won't engage in any gear manually or automatically, and won't engage in 4WD. After sitting overnight - will engage fine, then start slipping again... ATF appears OK, fluid levels OK, no smell or noise or problem w/tranny in past. Engine revs fine - starts OK, no apparant engine problems. sometimes if rev'd excessively (4k rpm) will get enough engagement to move a few feet.

This sounds like all checks have been done, the oil is fine and the linkage is good, soory to say your trany is in need of a rebuild, sounds like in internal leak or weak pump, i would have a trany shop check it but i can tell you there going to say ... 1989 Jeep Cherokee

My 1998 Jeep Cherokee seems to loss power everytime I start it. After just 2-3 seconds, the engine shuts off. I got the vehicle from an impounding area and it has not been used for more than three (3) years. All electricals are working including the engine computer unit and all fuel injectors. It has a manual tranny and has a 4-cyclinder, 2.5L, petrol fueled engine. I have already replaced the fuel pump and all the spark plugs but still did not fix the problem. Is there some kind of switch that

Since is sat so long, whatever fuel was in the tank has probably gone "sour". Old gasoline gets an unpleasant "varnish" smell to it. The only certain way to remove any bad fuel is to drain the tank, and by all means change the fuel filter again. ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My problem is finding the DPFE on my 1996 Mercury Sable. I have a 3.0L Duratec engine. My Haines repair manual shows the EGR and DPFE at the top center rear of the manifold (looking back)- EGR solenoid, EGR backpressure sensor and then the EGR. In my engine the EGR valve is in front driver's) side of the manifold with the lines running forward then down then back under the throttle body to the rear of the engine. With all the lines and wires it is hard to see where the lines from the EGR go to.

Dear FixYa,\015\012Thanks for the past help but at $10-$20 a question keeping my old car running can get expensive. And it would be an abuse of your help to send in a long, multi problem message to get away with one payment. Yes, you are chea ... 1996 Mercury Sable

I need an engine repair manual for the Mitsubishi 4G15 DOHC GDI engine. My engine is idling roughly and i suspect the fuel pump or throttle adjustment. but i don't want to open it up unless an expert can help.

... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

Installing a 1988 Jeep Wrangler 4.2 Engine into our 1990 Jeep Wrangler Working on conversion ourselves and running into all sorts of issues such as oil in the air filter.We connected all the hoses has instructed with the manual. Also we have test driven the Jeep It will not go above 70. What are the solutions to fix the above issues.

A few things that immediately come to mind are, was the engine (replacement) running well before it was installed in current jeep? What all did you exchange, as in complete assembly with all ignition , intake , fuel injection parts etc, or did you tr ... Jeep Wrangler

Pleas I need engine repair manual for shevrolet S10 1992 4cyl 2.5l 2dr i have to make overall to the engine by my self so i need correct and original value for every thing in the engine

Unless you have lots of time and wish to do this as a hobby or "project car" Though engine building is not terribly complicated, If you make a list of the parts you will need, as well as the special tools (good cylinder hone, ridge cutter, ring compr ... 1992 Chevrolet S-10
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