Having problems with your 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

When i engage in 4 wheel drive,the jeep jerks when i turn and i hear a cracking noise,can it be my bad rotors an brakes?

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Answers :

I think what you are hearing is the CV joints complaining about the Differential being locked. Check to see if the Diff lock lamp is on or if the button has been pressed. When you trun a corner, the wheel on the outside of the turn has to travel further then the inner wheel, because of this, the outer wheel rotates faster and this is made possible by the differential. If the differential is locked then usually the inner wheel has to skip along or the CV joints start to jump over the balls (which is NOT good) Locking the differential means that the gears that allow one wheel to rotate faster then the other one are locked together and the wheels MUST turn together. This prevents loss of drive through the differential as it forces both wheels to rotate together, handy if you get bogged or are driving over sand or soft ground. But not recommended if you are driving on sealed roads..
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When i engage in 4 wheel drive,the jeep jerks when i turn and i hear a cracking noise,can it be my bad rotors an brakes?

I think what you are hearing is the CV joints complaining about the Differential being locked. Check to see if the Diff lock lamp is on or if the button has been pressed. When you trun a corner, the wheel on the outside of the turn has to travel furt ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My car is pulling bad to the drivers side when i hit the brakes it has new brake shoes rotors and calipers. when i turn the wheel to the left , the drivers side tire turns out further than when i turn it to the right. so it feels like the car is trying to run over itself. i already changed the half-shaft, lower ball joint, and wheel bearing. i already bled the brakes on both sides.

Rebleed the brakes, front to rear starting with the furtherest wheel in back. It may take several times to get all the air out of the system. You also need to center the safety valving, the brake lights on the dash will go out when its right. It c ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

I have a Hummer H3. I hear Noise from wheels while turning & doesn't stop. Also I hear a grinding noise when I hit the brakes. Dealer had to resurface rotors. Problem started at 15000 miles. Took it to the dealer at least 6 times. They re-glazed rotors(i believe) but are still unable to fix it. Now it has 20,000 miles.They keep telling me that nothing is wrong with the wheels. I still have warranty. What could be wrong with my hummer & what should I do next? Thanks, Ranjit

A bad or sticking brake caliper is the likely cause, and the dealer knows this. They are slow-rolling you until your warranty expires. Then I bet they find it right away! Have a reputable brake shop inspect it to confirm. ... 2008 Hummer H3

Im working on 04 jeep grand cherokee lanardo. when you slow down and get to a speed of 20 or less you can hear a clicking noise. sound it is coming from front driverside or front diff. i went through and cleaned and replaced brake pads and pad retaining clips on both sides. there is some free play when u turn the front diff. input shaft before wheels turn. (less then quarter turn). when backing up the front bake lock up when peddle is applied hard. when u shift transfer case into 4 wheel the cli

If its clicking its the cv joints on the front and if its only doing it when you turn , thats it.. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hear a grinding noise from the right front wheel when I make left turn (mostly). Noise has now progressed to anytime the wheel is in motion. Also hear squeeking sound (ball bearing possibly?). I've changed the front brakes and had the rotor sanded to remove slickness (not technical term) thinking that was the cause of the grinding - no help. Could it be the ball bearing?

You should definitely pull the front wheel and check the bearings (they are roller bearings, not ball bearings). With the wheel off, you should be able to isolate where the noise is coming from, but I vote for the bearings. Check, replace and/or re ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

I have a 1999 buick century custom. My proble is that i am hearing a humming sound comming from the front of my car. I believe i have a bad wheel bearing from what i have been reading on here from other buick owners. I have just had my brakes done so that is not this issue, when i am driving straight i can hear a 'humming' sound. When i turn slighty to the left the sound goes away, a slight turn to the right and it gets louder, can anyone tell me which bearing needs replacing/should i just do bo

It sounds to me like it is your left front wheel bearing. the best way to check this is to raise both wheels and spin them by hand there will be some noise from the pads rubbing the discs but the side with the bearing gone will be noisiest.you can re ... Cars & Trucks

Passenger rear wheel bearng needs to be replaced.does this require special tools? I've just had a complete brake job ,new pads new rotors new drums and I have a recurring grinding noise coming from the rear wheels.upon further inspection from the brake installer he placed the tip of a screw driver to the wheel bearing spot and placed his ear on the handle of the screw driver and manually turned the hub and could hear this grinding noise.When I'm alone in the car there is no noise,but withtwo or

You can do this job your self with common tools. Auto zone carries the wheel bearing you need and can give you the step by step instructions to replacing the bearing. Here is a tip, to try to break the old wheel bearing from the axle. Just loosen the ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

Car shakes. My '05 Cobalt starts to shake on the interstate after driving for a little while. When i hit the brake, it starts to shake real bad until i stop. I put it in park or turn the steering wheel left then right and its fine again until i drive for a little while. The power steering alert comes on every now and then, but it goes off if i turn the car off and then back on. I hear a rattle or a knock when i make sharp turns at low speeds.

I just had this same problem about a week ago. I had to replace the brake rotors. ... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

My car shakes after applying brakes at high speeds of 60 to 70 MPH on my 2001 / IS300 lexus. I recently had the rotors turned and put on new break pads before this problem really became noticable. I removed the calabors and checked the rotor and break pads and they were in good condition. No slop in the front wheeles either. All steering rods seem to be tight with no play in them. It feels like the APS may be bad because when appling the breaks at the higher speeds, the breaks start pulsating at

Well even though you had the rotors turned, they still could be warped and causing the car to shake at a high rate of speed when the brakes are applied. My suggestion is to replace the rotors asap. ... 2001 Lexus IS 300

Just installed new rotors,brake pads, bearings and tie rods to front of 2000 montana. have a whopping sound when driving , this goes away when wheels turned slightly right. when turning right corner hear a clicking sound, what could this be

One of your CV joints are bad, inspect which CV joint needs to be replaced. Roll your windows down and make tight right and left corners in an empty parking lot slowly and listen for the clicking noise. If it's coming from the passenger side window o ... 2000 Pontiac Montana

1999 cadilac deville. when you driver over speed bumps,you hear a sqeeking noice as the car bounces. noice comes front front end. #2. air blower works but does not turn off. Madr a switch to turn off and on. Last when pressin the brake peddle, the entire steering wheel and car vibrates bad. roters are 2 months old

#1 The squeeking is likely due to worn struts. Replace the struts. You will also get a better response over bumps. #3 Rotors are warped. If inferior quality parts were used, it will occur again. Turn all the rotors again. On the car will work better. ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

While driving over a bumpy road I hear a rumbling sound somewhere in the center of the engine compartment. I visited the dealer 5 time and they claim it is the brake system and I just have to live with it. Strange thing is however that at low speed and turning the steering wheel also cracking sound appears. I believe its some how related. What could be the problem? Thank you in advance. Adrian

1 st of all for a Dealership to tell you you have to live with it is beyond "Unprofessional Advice" .sounds as if a possible crack in the frame or brake s will not cause a rumbling sound it has to be either wheel bearings or internal engine ... ... Jaguar XKR

I replaced the wheel bearings, brakes, rotors, and whenever i turn it makes some kind of noise like grinding or cracking. i was told it was the axle and i also was told it was the struts

Upper strut bearings ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

2007 gmc yukon replaced calipers for sticking due to the gmc design using phenolic less than 8 months ago turned rotors new pads pads are now worn and have to rplace after 15K miles When brakes are hot and having jacked up the vehicle the wheels appares to have some amount of drag How do dtermine if the calipers are bad again and what is the fix

Hi, their will alwaus be a certain amount of drag on the wheel from the brakes and callipers the best way to test this is with the car on stands and get someone in the car then you spin the wheels by hand and get them to press the brakes down hard. W ... 2007 GMC Yukon

I'm hearing a clunking sound when i turn to the right.i also have a a bad grinding sound that is coming from the rotor.i have a ton of break dust on the rim also.i had a flat tire and when i changed the tire i could move the whole rotor assembly back and fourth.is this the wheel bearing.

This definately "sounds" like you have a wheel bearing problem. from your description you should not drive this vehicle any further as it is unsafe (brakes, wheel might fall off) and the more you drive the more you wreck and the more it will cost. Th ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Hear a clicking sound when I turned my wheel, maybe steering column problem. Also, when I brake, and begin moving there is a screeching sound, maybe rotors are worn. Also, I think my shocks and struts needs to be changed, because my trunk makes a lot of noise when going over bumps. Is there any other cause of these problems ?

Without being hurtful\015\012I really believe, you are aware, of a lot of neglected\015\012preventative maintainance work, that needs to be done\015\012\015\012You just need to go through the entire vehicle one part at a ... 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

Overheating brakes I replaced the brake booster the combination valve fully loaded calipers the brake hoses the master cylinder bled the brakes numerous times on the front wheels only.The rear brakes are drums.And have RWAL ONLY.The rotors where also resurfaced.Still after all of this the calipers are still clinching the rotors so tight that the brakes overheat extremely.Particularly the right side caliper.When it's hot the wheel can't be turned by hand without a lot of force.Can the RWA

I think the problem is the brake pad or caliper, brake pad are too thick or the caliper are not good casted.First try to confirm if you get a right ... Cars & Trucks

I have a brake issue. I have had the pads and rotors turned twice now. Then I was told the master cylinder was bad. Then, the brakes locked up while driving, burned up the pads and scorched the rotors, and I was told the entire abs went bad and needs to be replaced. I asked how all this could happen and was told someone might have put in bad brake fluid. Considering they were the ones that replaced the master cylinder, I think I am getting screwed... I need some advice after explaining the whol

Not only a bad brake fluid but the system may have not been bled until the piston and cylinder snaps. what you are experiencing is the result. since they are the only ones servicing the part, they should be taking full responsibility of the p ... Pontiac G6

I have a 2007 jeep wrangler. I'm replacing brakes and rotors. The rear rotors are disc brake with internal drum and shoes for park brake. The rotor is free from the axle but catches on park brake shoes (I hear the springs) and wont come off. I dont see an adjustment on the backside of the hub. How do I get the rotor off?

... Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2006 Mercury Mariner. I have figured out that I am having brake problems. Originally I thought that it was because I need a couple of new tires. I got the new tires but when I turn right rather sharply my car vibrates (bad). I was told that it is probably my brakes. I am taking it to be fixed this weekend but I don't want to be ripped off. Should it take more than pads and rotors turned or at the very worse rotors replaced? My SUV has about 70,000 miles on it.

This is possible. But it could also be a bad CV Joint. If the CV joint is bad, it will be quite a bit more than a brake job. But if all that you need done, then a brakes and rotors turned will be all that you need. Possibly new rotors but being a 200 ... Mercury Mariner

Have a noise coming from the back wheel area. Gets worse as you apply the brakes and almost sounds like it needs new pads or have the rotors turned. But I have had it in 3 times and dealer turned the rotors once and said pads are fine. Third time in he said that it is the Goodyear tires and the they have a bead or something like that on the inside that is rubbing against the wheel rim. Doesn't seem to me to be what it is. The Noise is really annoying. Any ideas?

There is a product sold by autozone.com called 'DE-SQUEAK' by CRC chemicals that sprays on the brake rotors with the caliper off, and when dry will reduce the squeaky noise of applying brakes.\015\012\015\012What does your noise sound lik ... 2007 Honda Pilot

Ford f350 4x4 7.3 liter i changed the tensensor pully assembley belt and idler pully now i have a pulsation in the brake pedel and steering wheel when turning right or left. this also happens when i have the truck in park and i turn the wheel and push on the brakes. it didn't do this before i changed the tensenser idler and belt. so it can't be the rotors or uv joints cause its doing the pulsation in park. im thinking power steering pump or hydro booster pump maybe are weak because of the new

Do you think you may have the belt on the wrong side of the ps/pump causing it to turn backwards ......have seen it before ... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab

Brakes my steering wheel shakes bad when i'm driving. I bought 2 new tires for the front, I replaced the rotors and brakes, I bled the brakes from the tires and the master cylinder. my brakes are still hard, steering wheel still shakes and I can smell brakes when I stop. I think my brakes are locked up.

Hello , it sounds like maybe you need to have your car alimement check . ... 2001 Toyota Camry Solara

1998 Ford E350 van w/ 5.4 and ABS. Rebuilding as I go. rotor and pads look very good I was told that the rear brakes were fine by the front end mechanic last week. I do have pulsing on the brake pedal so I think the rotors and drums need to be checked and maybe turned. When applying the brake at high speed the van shutters (trueing rotor will fix I think) On a trip this weekend and had to stop quick and shuttered bad. Later the ABS light came on. Fluid up, no sponge in the pedal. Any ideas why t

Dont bother skimming the rotors,fit new,A,its cheaper in the long run.B,if skimming works,the thinner rotors will buckle quicker. ... Ford E-350

Spongy brakes changed master cylinder, new brakes, rotors and calipers and wheel cylinders and still have spongy brakes. Bled at least 6 times, still spongy. Rechecked all fittings. Original problem was a driver side caliper was sticking and with no brake pad left and the rotor was bad. Passenger side also had uneven wear on the pads. Consiquently changed everything on both sides. The only thing not done is the brake booster. Any other suggestions.

So long as the brake booster is working, test it by turning on the engine, press the brake pedal all the way down, then shut off engine keeping your foot on the brake pedal, if the pedal comes up slightly pushing against your foot then the booster IS ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500
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