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Misfiring mis firing on piston 5 I replaced the plug but now no fire

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Answers :

Check to make sure that the connectors for the coil is connected and there is a connection from the spark plug to the coil that is good and clean.
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Misfiring mis firing on piston 5 I replaced the plug but now no fire

Check to make sure that the connectors for the coil is connected and there is a connection from the spark plug to the coil that is good and clean. ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

I have a '03 Toyota Celica GT-S with a annoying mis-fire. Started small by replacing all spark plugs - nothing. Replaced the MAF sensor - nothing. Took it to a authorized toyota shop & checked compression which check out good and put the computer on. Computer read mis-fire on cylinder 1, and then multiple misfire (like it would jump around). We went ahead and replaced the fuel injector on cylnder 1 - did not solve problem as when we hook the computer up, misfire seemed tp stay at idle and seem b

Replaced the MAF sensor - nothing. Took it to a authorized toyota shop & checked compression which check out good and put the computer on. Computer read mis-fire on cylinder 1, and then multiple misfire (like it would jump around). We went ahead and ... 2003 Toyota Celica

Car came in no start-doa. replaced distributor pick up assembly. car ran but hesitated between 50-60 mph. replaced wires plugs,cap,rotor button, air filter. car runs, after about 4-5 min. driving car shuts down no throttle. let sit a few seconds, car starts and repeats problem. before tune-up pcm threw a mis-fire cyl#1,cleared code. no mis-fire code no hesitation just shut down problem with no engine lite. datastream shows cyl#1 0 misfire,cyl#2 0, cyl#4,5 &6 show high misfire rate. not famil

Have you replaced the fuel filter? what is the fuel pressure?, this sounds like a loss of fuel pressure issue, that would account for the miss fire codes, to check fuel pressure look at the top of the engine, in the fuel supply pipe that plugs to the ... Chrysler Cirrus


Misfire with low compression on 3 n4 ... 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

Misfire from cylinder #4, changed the coil and replaced all plugs. still mis firing. also has an oil leak i cannot identify source

Have you replaced the leads that go from distributor or distributor equivalent to the spark plugs? if not i would recommend doing this.... as for the oil leak just search around and try indentify a sorce... hope this helps ... 1997 Volvo 960

2002 Saab 93 Convt. 2.0 liter engine. The other day I started my Saab and when it started it misfired a bit I shut it off and restrted. It started right up. The first time it started with the mis fire it had to crank longer than normal. i went to the store spent about an hour in the store and tried to start the car and nothing. All electrical is working the car turns over just does not start. I replaced the plugs and the ignition coil pack today and still it will not start. My question is

Hi and welcome to FixYa!If you want to know if there's fuel supply turn the key on ON position and loosen the hose to the fuel rail where the fuel injectors are connected. If the fuel spills then you have a good fuel supply and there's no ... 2001 Saab 9-3

Engine misfiring. I have a 1996 GMC Suburban with a 454 ci engine and 235,000 miles. The misfiring started a month ago, I have replaced the plugs (ACDelco Set at 0.035), the Spark Plug Wires (2yrs old/15,000 miles on them) look to be in goog shape My next move is to replace the rotor and cap. Question: Am I correct on the gap for the plugs? What is the firing Order? Where is number one on the distributor cap? Should I replace the wires again?

... 1996 GMC Suburban

2002 GMC 5.3 odd injectors don't fire . Random misfires. Took to a shop and they told me that the intake manifold gaskets needed replacing. Replaced them, also replaced fuel filter,plugs, plug wires and crankshaft position sensor. Still no luck. When replacing plugs notices all the plugs on the drivers side were sooty. I can disconnect all the odd injectors 1,3,5,7 with no change. I suspect the PCM. Got any ideas?

The intake manifold on them motor where cast bad and lots of them end up getting little tiny holes in the i have change lots of them for that prob also fuel regulaters leaking ... 2002 GMC Sierra 1500

I have a 99 grand am SE 2.4 4 cylinder and my problem #2 misfire, repalced spark plugs with AC delco rapid fires, replaced coil packs, replaced coil pack housing, changed spark plug boots, had ignition module tested (passed), still #2 misfire, i am at a loss...

A misfire doesn't always have to be ignition... it's just the most common cause. Faulty or plugged injector, low compression. You need to check fuel pressure and test the fuel injector flow. Then check compression. If you don't have tools for the ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

98 f150 cylinder 4 misfire(4.6)- replaced plug- but wire tip in valve cvr is corroded- plug was fouled(only 6 months ago replaced wires plugs and pwr packs/aka coils- lotsa fire but still missing- suggestions????

It mit be out of time try advance your disbutor ... 1988 Ford F 150

Es, and we changed the timeing chain and belts ect. Now only piston 4 misfires at an idle, and we tested the coilover on piston four and its good. so the only thing i havent replaced is my upstream o2 senor which is bad. but i dont belive that would cause a misfire in piston four.. we check the spark plugs and all, is been at the dealership and their stumped and out of ideas beside gettin the o2 sensor on it.... SO any sugestions?? PLEASE and thanks

Have you checked the injector a misfire can also be caused by a faulty injector try switching the number 4 coil with one of the others( if possible )if that cause the cyl that you switch with misfire youve found the problem if in do the same with th ... 2003 Acura RSX

Hello, I just replace the spark plugs on my 2005 Cadillac CTS. After everything was installed and I powered up the car it began to idle very high. I double checked my work and couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. Any advice on what could cause the car to idle at high rpms (3000)? The reason I charged the spark plugs was because the engine was mis-firing so i replaced all the spark plugs.

High rpms could be caused by an intake leak or vacume leak check your vacume lines maybe in the process of replacing your plugs you might have accidently damaged a vacume line. ... Cadillac CTS

Engine Missing I have recently changed my plugs and wires because my engine was mis-firing. I gave it a few weeks and it began to do it again, so I had both coil packs replaced. It ran great for another few weeks and now it is mis-firing again! What could be causing this?

If you haven't checked your alternator yet, it would be good to do so. If the voltage regulator has failed, you may be running at up to 17 volts for a system voltage and this would fry more than only the ignition system over time.\015\012If you don't ... 1999 Suzuki Esteem

Ineed the firing order for a 2001 ford expedition 5.4 l v8 engine. I replace the #4 coil pack and plug , but shows misfire on plug 4. I was told the firing order was not typical of other engines.

Firing order is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 Passenger side of engine starting at front and going back is 1-2-3-4 Driver's side starting at front going back is 5-6-7-8. ... Ford Expedition

I have a 1991 Dodge Stealth, non turbo, dual overhead cam. I have a misfire. I have replaced emc, all 3 coils, ignition module, new plugs and wires. I am getting fire TO my center coil but not FROM my center coil. I can switch any coil to the center spot and its always that center position thats recieving but not sending fire. It seems to run good most days for about 5 miles before it starts misfiring but other times its right from the start. What could be wrong with my car? Could it be a ground

... 1991 Dodge Stealth

2004 Lincoln Ls V8- Over the past 6 months the car has been experiencing a mis-fire, took it to a local auto parts store and had them plug it into their computer. It showed a mis-fire on cylinder 1 and 5 and a bad crank sensor, I replaced all. The car seemed to run great but just a few days later it started going into etc failsafe mode, after pulling over and shutting down and restarting it would run normally again. This has been going on for about a week now. I took it back to the auto parts st

You never go to a dealer\015\012\015\012You will spend thousands and\015\012nothing will be resolved\015\012\015\012I have the same car 2004 V8\015\012\015\012You never had a bad crank sensor,\015\012a ... 2004 Lincoln LS

I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 4.7 magnum and i was just about empty on gas and pulled into gas station and pumped gas while it was still running. drove off and it has multiple mis-fires and skipping real bad. I replaced the plugs, checked the ignition coils and they tested good according to an ohm meter. WHAT AM I MISSING? could it be bad injectors? its like it is only running on 5 cylinders. how could i have multiple mis-fires at the same time? could it have something to do with the fule system?

Hi..my name is Keith..and if your Dodge was running just fine until you gassed up..and then after..you had alot of misfires..i would suspect that here was water in the fuel that you put in from the gas station..it happens.and i would go to the autopa ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

My off road use only '84 Bronco II has the cat con. removed and dual exhaust from the manifold in its place. The result was back firing which a mechanic cured but now the engine misfires badly on acceleration especially the warmer the engine gets. The carb was replaced with a remanufactured stock Motorcraft and all plugs, rotor, spark plugs wires,vaccum lines checked and pronounced satisfactory. I'll been told that the computer is now unable to produce accurate info resulting in the misfiring.

Buy an off road computer chip to replace the stock one inside the engines computer ... 1984 Ford Bronco II

Engine missing --started missing all of a sudden . replaced plugs and cam sensor in dist.. Roter and dist. cap and wires in good shape. Had a test on the engine, said that it was miss fireing at several cyl. It wil start to miss and back fire if i put the gas down fast. If i put the gas easy it will run pretty good. I had a test put on it a week ago and the code was P-01351 Manu factor control ignition system or misfire?? I had it tested 4 mo ago and code was P0172 and P0420, I replaced the 3 ox

On my 2002 safari I had a inter miss fire. After double checking all electrical. I had a bad injector of all things that was bad. My not be ur case but I thought I would mention it ... 2000 GMC Safari

I am experiencing an ignition missfire, which is making the engine run rough, idle rough, and the check engine light to turn on or blink. I have replaced the fuel filter,and changed the oil, and replaced all the spark plugs. The spark plugs 5 and 7 show up on my scanner as miss firing. Mainly the no. 7 cylinder seems to be misfiring. I am cocened that the power train control module has deveoped some failed electronic components. If one of your experts can help me define the problem,

I would check both of the coils and boots for those cylinders. You may have weak coils or bad plug boots. Also, I would check for a vacuum leak around those two cylinders, such as a broken plastic vacuum tee or a hole in a vacuum hose. I don't think ... Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 2003 chevy silverado 5.3 4wd 1500 series and it is misfiring horribly. it keeps comin up with code p0300 random multilpe misfire and i forget the number but maf or vaf error so i replaced the mass air flow sensor or maf and replaced spark plugs and wires to all good top of the line stuff and truck is still miss firing horribly

The coils are the next place to look. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Car had code p0300 and p0303 which i do believe are engine misfire codes according to my code reader i replaced plugs with platinum plugs, new wires and replaced all 3 coils. Now all i get is code p0303. The fireing order is correct. and now i'm at a loss for what i can do now if someone out there can give me any suggestions it would be much appreciated... the car run smooth at an idle but as soon as you start to accelerate it starts to shudder


Engine mis-firing I have a 1998 Ford Mustang. The check engine light is on and I know I should first have the codes pulled but here is what it's doing. Sometimes it misses or misfires when on the highway. It feels like it jerks or pulls. you can tell it isn't firing right because when it runs well, it's really smooth. I have changed the plugs, plug wires about 4 months ago and I changed the coil pack about a month ago. The car has over 100k but had one owner before me and it was garage kept. Ver

Mass Air Flow Sensor or Intake Absolute Pressure sensor \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1998 Ford Mustang

Mis fire on cylinder 4 - Changed Cat. Converter, Replaced Fuel Filter, Replaced Air Filter, Changed Spark Plugs, rearranged Plug wires (made things even worse) and still not smooth and almost stalling at idle.

First off you want to make sure that you have the correct firing order down. When you rearranged the spark plug wires you might have made the firing order off and that could cause the misfire to get worse. the things that you should do to isolate t ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Misfires 2002 Honda Accord I have misfire on 2,3 and 5 I have tried so far New plugs,flushed and changed antifreeze,new thermastat,cleane EGR and cleaned out all the ports and intake passage ways,replaced the injectorsand checked for fire,changed the throttle bady and sensorscleanedIACV,checked the compression,checked wires to ECV,replaced the Cam sensor and crank sensor,checked the battery and alternator. Please help

I assume your fuel pressure was also checked? ... 2002 Honda Accord
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