Having problems with your 2000 Honda Civic ?

2000 civic LX automatic...in gear and then neutralized

\015 Yesterday I noticed a slight whine in the engine and then the whine stopped and although the car was in still in D, no power when pressing on the accelerator. The car was still running. I put the car in park, turned it off for a moment, back on and back in gear. Whine was present again although it was in gear, when the whine disappeared car again neutralized. Transmission fluid at good level, good color and does not smell burnt. I know the transmission filter is inside the transmission so I cannot check it. Could it just be the TC clutch is fowling from debris or do you think it is something more? I had heard that Honda was extending warrenty on certain models with specific VINs because of reoccurring trans issues. I would not qualify for that nor any "goodwill" from Honda as my VIN was not within the specified range. Needless to say I am struggling finacially, so I am looking at the most cost effective solution. Your thoughts? Any ideas on how much I should be expecting to pay?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Get the car to your nearest trans specialist to be scanned, these trans suffer from solonoid faults, however they also suffer with the differentials, 1st case approx €120.00 plus the solonoid 2nd case €1500.00 plus
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Slack shifter I didn't drive my civic 1991 for a month and now the shifter is slack as hell : when I am geared, the car works fine, but the shifter still move as on neutral (left-right), plus now I got trouble finding the reverse gear, because it is no longer at the end-right, more like half an inch to the left... if someone understands my poor english, thank you

Take it to a garage ... 1991 Honda Civic

2000 civic LX automatic...in gear and then neutralized

Get the car to your nearest trans specialist to be scanned, these trans suffer from solonoid faults, however they also suffer with the differentials, 1st case approx €120.00 plus the solonoid 2nd case €1500.00 plus ... 2000 Honda Civic

My 1991 honda civic seems to hit a very low rev limiter. it does it in neutral and in every gear ive never worked on a honda before so i dont know what to look towards first. do u know what the problem is?

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I have a 2000 Honda Civic, when the car is in Highway running, the car wont heat up. But after that if I get stuck in traffic for 10-15 minutes, the car heats up. It is interesting, if at this time I put the gear into Park or Neutral and press on gas to increase the RPM, the coolant temperature gauge comes down fast. Any comment would be highly appreciated.

First, check the coolant level in the radiator,not in the recovery jar (when the engine is cold only!) don't open the radiator cap when hot!! if the coolant is low, locate & repair the leak ... 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan

S10 1999 bearings bad 0 oil pressure,removed and rebuilt engine, replaced most all. back in and...Won't start, not a crank or a ticking from the starter. Starter and starter selanoid, battery all tested OK.conecting to starter and starter getting power. Replaced neutral safety switch twice , check all 3 relays all OK. Still no response. Lights and accessory lights all go on when ignition turned. Have tried all gears but still nothing. Could I have forgotten to replace something. Is there a way t

Yes, you can hotwire the starter, use a button starter to energize the solenoid. there is a chance thet the new or rebuilt starter isn't working. it has happened to me I went an bought a newly rebuilt starter but it was no good, it happens sometimes. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

My 98 honda civic manual is stuck between 4 th and 5th gear. I cant even put it into neutral. If i try reverse it tries to go but wont move at all. My clutch still engages. And when it moves something is clanking around somewhere. I need help ASAP PLEASE

You need a professional to look at this, you have a serious failure here. ... Cars & Trucks

My 78 Honda civic transmission will not turn. I recently installed new clutch. When I let out clutch the engine bogs down and stalls . Wheels turn in neutral and in gear when engine is not running.

Check your gear lever linkage and any adjustment on the gear lever mechanism. ... Honda Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 Civic and the temp gauge and tachnometer both do not work. The car doesn't want to turn on and feels like it wants to stall out when starting it in neutral unless I keep pumping the gas. While driving, I need to shift gears at probably 2000 rpm for the car to even move because it will choke up and feel like its about to stall. Although it might not stall out while driving, even when flooring the gas after it chokes up the car won't move unless I shift. I'm having to shift every 5 s

... 2001 Honda Civic

I have a 95 Honda civic and I was driving on the freeway went to get off and right when I was down shifting it wouldn't move out of neutral even though the stick was in the second gear position. So I pulled over turned the car off and when I turned it back on as soon as I let go of the key it would stall. So I had it towed home, I replaced the ignition switch, distributor cap, spark plugs, fuel filter, I checked all the fuses in the car and under the hood and I replaced the main relay, now the b

To clarify something you said, the accessories should go off when the key switch is in the start position. Are you getting power to the coil and the computer when the key switch is on and in start ? ... Cars & Trucks

Got on E-Bay a cheap 1987 Honda Civic CRX w/5speed Manual Transmission....Car runs great except when you drive down the road no matter what gear you are in a loud grinding noise comes from what I have been able to determine is either the transaxle, or the axles. It is definitely not the brakes because when you apply them the noise does not go away...and the brake pedal feels strong not mushy.... The noise continues even when you put the transmission in neutral and shut off the engine. The axles

Wheel bearings you may have a broken bearing cage check this first I had the same problem ... Honda CRX

2003 Dodge Neon Sxt standard transmission runs great but recently has started suddenly trying to die. I will be cruising in 5th gear and feel a sudden jolt and look down to see my gauges all fall to 0 before returning to where they were and I'm cruising again. Sometimes this will happen when I am in neutral and the car will die but starts back up no problem and runs fine. It doesn't happen often but it seems to be progressing. It almost seems like some kind of electrical short to me. The check e

Could be a lose ground somewhere. check the wires from your batery and alternator. specifically the grounds. no ground no power. ... 2003 Dodge Neon

I have a 2005 Honda Civic, 30,000 miles, idling problems when in first or neutral. Idles randomly too fast, has been checked by mechanic and he could not find the problem, said there is no sticking. Slows down as randomly as it starts. Also, when I try to shift into reverse the shift lever does not move into gear for quite some time and I hear the ''grind em'' noise and feeling.

Sounds like airflow problem. try blow air and spray carburator cleaner to clear the passages from all ports leading to/coming out from the plenum. check EGR port for carbon buildup. ... 2005 Honda Civic

Surging i have a 98 honda civic hx A.T. that surges from 500 rmp to 300 when i put it in gear and turn the ac on. in park or neutral that car idles fine at about 750. could u help me out asap

Ck the coolant level if this is ok then its the idle air control valve ... 1998 Honda Civic

Gear shifter problem. Transmission seems fine...I can't get the gear shift to shift back into park or reverse. It will shift from neutral thru the low gears( but its like something has either wore out or has broken, because it will slide over gear positions), but will not back into reverse or park. I took the pannel off of the top of the steering wheel, and I noticed that when it is in neutral (neutral on the instrument pannel and tranmisson in neutral), its actually in what should be the par

... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I am having a Liteace CM36 model Van. I was in the middle of the traffic, suddenly I was unable to engage gear from neutral to first gear. Some how I managed to engaged the gear. Once it happened whilst the gear was in the first and then wanted to neutral the gear was hard to neutral. After pressing the clutch two, three times it worked.. What is the reason? Is it a clutch problem and hydraulic ? Would appreciate your comment.

... Toyota Passenger

I have a 300SEI auto. After taking off from a stop (no problem), the car would not change to 2nd gear. It went to "neutral" no gears at all. After 15 minutes it had 1st gear again but again on gear change it went into "neutral". Ichecked the gearbox oil, it is full. Before this, no indication of any problems, gear changes were smooth. Thanks. TBez

... 1995 Toyota Camry

I have a 92 chevy suburban and when i put it in gear it wants to go but then soon acts like its in neutral, in all gears. Has plenty of fluid. Then at times when i first start it up. put it in gear it wont go at all. Just acts like its in ne neutral

Change trans fluid and filter. Sounds like filter is starting to clog up. Trans fluid & filter should be done every 30k. More often if you do alot of heavy towing ... 1992 Chevrolet Suburban

My 2001 kia rio automatic transmission appears to run as if is in neutral when placed into every gear. The linkage has been observed and appears to be connected and in working order and the transmission fluid has no shavings which indicates possible internal gearing problems. There is also no noise that came from the transmission it was driving fine and placed into park when pulling on the side of the road then when put back into drive it now runs as if it is in neutral for all gears.

Check if ur axle in front is moving, if it is moving u got a LOOSE NUT on ur front wheel axle, some front wheel drives have tendency to loosen the nuts holding the axle to turn the wheel.It may also have a damage AXLE, let the mechanic check that!\01 ... 2001 Kia Rio

The vehicle was driving, in second gear. suddenly car went into neutral. will not engage into gear now. shifter moves but does not change gears. car is stuck in neutral now

Most likely the bands in the tranny ire whorn out Small posability you can change the flouid and filter and might help, This would cost around $75 but better the replacing tranny, Best of luck to you, hope it works out for you. ... Pontiac Sunfire


Well, to me 2 things may happened, your manual valve in the valve body is detached or... your boost valve pop out, this is part of your pump, ider way remove your trans pan and check for either one in it, or a clip tnat holds manual valve, if your bo ... Buick Roadmaster

Im driving toyota corolla 1.6 gle, there was a strange noise when i put 4th and 5th gear and after a while it just stopped while i was driving and the gears were all stiff i could move the gears i endup forcing it to neutral so that it can be pushed, whilst it on neutral it could move as it was on gear.I am confused what the problem is, can you help me in this problem?

... Toyota Corolla

My car will not go into gear , could it be the clock spring I have an '02 Dakota SE and it will not go into gear. This happenend once before and the guys at the repair shop had me try to get it into neutral from the initial key turn.....once started the car went right into gear....now this has happened again and it won't even go into neutral!

This an interlock system to preventing car from being in any gear but park to start, it work off a switch on your brake pedal, it should unlock when the brake is depressed. If not a bad fuse, a bad switch, or a bad solenoid on shiftlock. ... 2002 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

Going up hill to my house and around an S turn, the transmission suddenly failed. it was in drive, but was acting like it was in neutral. It hasn't been able to go into drive at all since then, and park is the ONLY gear that will work. the shifter will go into all of the other gears, D,R,N,1,2... but while in any gear will act like it is in neutral. I am trying to figure out what the problem is exactly, so I can fix it.

Did you ever find what was wrong? I got the same problem last nite. Fluid, half shafts , and levers ok, but tranny will not engage in any gear (shifter moves just fine) ... 1995 Mitsubishi Galant

I cannot shift my 98 Sable out of park into a gear after it starts, if I turn the engine off then turn the key to on (not engaging the starter) the gear shift can be moved to neutral then the engine starts and I can shift to any gear. If I choose park I need to turn the car off and go through this process to get the car in neutral again. It sounds like an eletrical connection but where?

Sounds like a problem with the brake light switch. Do the brake lights work? It is a problem with the shift interlock system. It is controlled by the brake light switch on the brake pedal bracket. ... 1998 Mercury Sable

Have tried to start car but car does not want to ignite. On panel indicator is showing that car is in neutral but have tried to push car out of gagage and find out that gear is engaged in first gear most probably.Car remains in first gear and can not shift to neutral in order to ignite the engine. Have tried to press brake and ignite but it is not working out.

Hi! Yes it wont work for the gear is engaged. Theres a lot of things to look at. The transmission sensors, transmission solenoids, PCM (powertrain control module) or a faulty clutch lining itself. This will require an on hand diagnostic so I suggest ... Maserati Cambiocorsa
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