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What does the solid yellow check engine light mean?

\015 I have a 2007 GMC Yukon XL and the check engine light is on. It is solid and I notice the idle is rough. What does this mean?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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What does the solid yellow check engine light mean?

... 2000 GMC Yukon XL

I have a 2002 Jaguar x-type 3.0 Nav. I have a check engine light on and when i let the car sit at idle too long 3-4 minutes I get a crusie unavailable warning and solid yellow light. If I try to accelerate hard while this message is on the car chugs and acts sluggish. If i drive normally usually after a few minutes the light goes off and then I can accelerate hard. the codes i pulled from the check engine light are P0193 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input P0182 Fuel Temperatur

Whats happening is when the computer see's that the fuel rail pressure sensor is in high voltage the computer goes into fail safe mode and would disable cruise and that is why you get the message and why the car chugs due to the sensor being faulty. ... Jaguar X-Type

My 2005 Jag S-Type 6 cylinder check engine light came on and while in parked position the check engine light started to blink yellow and stated "Restricted Performance" what does that mean?

You have a fault condition in the the engine management system - get the codes read to indicate where the fault lies ... It is probably just a faulty sensor as this is the most common cause of check engine warnings. The restricted performance condit ... 2005 Jaguar S-Type

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherekee Limited and the engine light came on and is staying solid on. There is no noieses or anything just the light. Not sure if it means check engine or service engine. Would like some help. Thanks!

Ask a local mechanic to have a look for you ,causes could be too varied to write about on here ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have replaced the coil pack on my 2002 ford taurus with the 3.0 24 valve engine. I have no spark to cyliders 3 and 4. I have also replaced the electical connector to the coil pack as well. All 4 wires have power and the yellow and white and the yellow and black pulse with the test light, the yellow and red and the solid red wire have a steady light with no pulse. Do you have any suggestions please. I have also checked all grounds and they seem to be fine. Do also take into consideration that t

... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have 2 codes from my read out of my check engine light. P0011 check engine code Intake Camshaft Position Timing- Over-Advanced (Bank1) P0021 Intake Camshaft Position Timing-Over-Advanced (Bank 2) First off I have little to no knowledge concerning cars and was wondering what exactly they mean. Second is there a solid repair shop that doesn't cost a arm and leg to fix the issue in the Dallas market you know of? Thrid roughly how much do you think I would be looking at for this repair? Fourth is

... 2004 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe

What do the 92 plymouth laser indicator lights mean, theres a yellow one next to the check engine light thats on and i have no idea what it means

... 1992 Plymouth Laser

Jeep Liberty 2006 - Check engine light flashes when starting and then stays on solid after gaining some speed. When the engine is off for a period of time, like overnight, it starts normally and the check engine light does not flash. However, if the engine is off for a short period of time the check engine light flashes and then remains on. Also, it does not happen every time but about half the time. When this happens the engine hesitates and shakes until the check engine lights stops flashing.

... Plymouth Reliant

We where parked outside an mall and we started up our Honda Pilot 2004 then the car started shaking like if a pipe or a tube was clogged. Then when we started to move The VTM-4 light turned on red aswell as the check engine light which was yellow. When we accelerated the check engine light flashed and when the car deaccelrated the check engine light was steady it never turned red. After a few moments when we where on the freeway about 30 miles away from where we left the check engine light never

You may have purchased some bad fuel only. it happens alot. pay attention to the fuel that you purchase as hondas are known for rejection of ethynol based fuel. or you bought bad gas that had water in it. be loyal to the place that you purchase your ... 2005 Honda Pilot

Periodically, the truck will not start. I hear some "clicking" of relays under the hood, but not sure if it is the fuel pump, start or other gadgets. On the dash, the yellow "check engine" light is solid and the security lock light is flashing. No start Typically, if I wait about 10 minutes or so, I retry the starter and all works fine. Took to dealer: no joy. There were no codes from the computer and they even tried to reproduce the problem. Any ideas?

Sounds like your security system is cutting out the starter circuitry, unfortunately if the security module is going bad it may only test bad when it is causing the problem, this is a sure sign of the alarm cut off, perhaps you need to have an alarm ... GMC Canyon

What Does it mean when your driving and your check engine light comes on solid out of nowhere and then every now and again it starts blinking over and over for like 2 minutes straight???? Then goes back to solid??? Anyone.?

Sounds like a service interval is coming soon. ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2002 Highlander and the check engine light just came on. The last 2 times it was the gas cap was not secured properly. I checked this time to make sure it is on tight. I won't be able to get to the dealer to have this checked out until next week. Is it okay to continue to drive the vehicle until week with the check engine light on ? Does the check engine light on mean anything dangerous and needs to be taken care of immediately

That depends. Usually a check engine light is an indication that something is amiss with one of the sensors in your vehicle. The computer can compensate to some degree for sensor malfunction and sensor drift. Most vehicles have two lights, a check en ... 2002 Toyota Highlander

Check engine light is on. when i drive, it loses power and the check engine light flashes. then it goes back to a solid check engine light with restored power. i keep my foot on the accelator but engine doesn't rev up or anything

... 2000 Land Rover Discovery

Check engine! 2002 Toyota Camry- Auto Zone gave me a code P0420. What does that mean? Do i need to replace the oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter Check engine light came on. Using my scanner it reported code P0420. I reset the Check engine light. Is this okay to do? If something really is wrong and this was just a one time error will the light come back on if it happens again? I checked and the gas cap was loose.

Information about the p0420 codehttp://www.obd-codes.com/p0420 ... 2002 Toyota Camry

Check engine light is on. when i drive, it loses power and the check engine light flashes. then it goes back to a solid check engine light with restored power. i keep my foot on the accelator but engine doesn't rev up or anything

Usually mean one of then exaust sensors are malfunctionin. ... 2000 Land Rover Discovery

Can fueling a car while it's running cause an O2 sensor to go bad? Check engine light came on about 3-4 miles after my wife fueled the car while it was running. The code,"P0430" (Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold-- Bank 2), probably means that I have a bad O2 sensor BUT, does that necessarily mean that the sensor is BAD... Or could it just be a temporary malfunction? Is it possible/probable that the "check engine" light would come on from putting gas in the tank while the engine was run

I don't think that would cause the check engine light to come on. The quality of the gas could have an effect on the catalyst if the fuel was contaminated. Probably just a coincidence. Don't mean to sound judgmental ... Mercury Grand Marquis

Check engine light came on my 2005 VW Passat. 50k miles. Just took it in 4 weeks ago for its maintenance. Light is solid, no blinking. Today is Sunday and no shops are open. Is the car safe to drive until Monday? What potential damage could I inflict? What are common reasons a solid check engine light will come on? Thanks,

... 2005 Volkswagen Passat

2005 Pontiac Sunfire. No start condition this morning, finally needed a jump. Got it started but it was running real rough and had a flashing check engine light. Pulled the coil pack rail, checked connections. Replaced very old plugs (OE) and replaced. Still running rough AND Backfiring, but now the Check Engine light is solid, not flashing. The car is not driveable. There were NO previous check engine conditions on the car. It was running beautiful and quiet. Now it rattles and the rear pipe al

Timing is off, did you replace the wires as well? Check the timing? ... 2005 Pontiac Sunfire

Yellow check engine light on in my 2006 mitsubishi raider, what does it mean?

It means emission control malfunction, could be one of many causes, have the engine scanned by a competent tech ... 2006 Mitsubishi Raider

Check engine light came on after 15sec it flashed 10 times then went solid again what does the 10 flashes mean

... 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

The yellow check engine light is on what does that mean

Check engine light means your vehicle s computer detects an electrical malfunction. If you take to auto zone they can scan your vehicle and get a code description. I can give you more info you get me a code description. also make sure your gas cap is ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

Check message (yellow light) with a engine like drawing on dashboard. Near the fuel gage. What that this mean?. I cannot find my owner's manual. I would appreaciate your advise.

This is the Check engine soon light. It is indicating that the ECM has found a problem with the engine controls or emissions. You can tke it to a parts store and they can give you the code/s that has been stored. Don't buy anything. Get the codes and ... 2003 Toyota Camry

Hi, i own a ford focus 20 ghia i have got a warning light come up on the dash bord its yellow and is a picture of a engine what does this mean . ive also checked the oil and water and they seem to be ok and there is no change in the cars performance.

The light is the check engine light. you need to have this checked. parts stores do this for free ... 2001 Ford Focus

Fiat 500 yellow engine check light continuous on - what does it mean

Something is wrong with the engine ,could be anything from a vacumn pipe off to the vapour control for the fuel tank ,ask a local mechanic to have a look for you is the best advice i can give as too many variables ... 2007 Fiat X1/9

I have yellow check engine light on in my 2008 kia rio and just took it to autozone and they ran a scan on it said misfire cylinder 1whats that mean and how can i fix it ?

I had the same problem with the engine misfire on my 2006 Kia Rio, I took it to 5 garages, I took it to Kia, they were all ****, and had no answer to the misfiring of my engine, yes the "engine light" came on all the time, and sometimes the engine li ... 2008 Kia Rio
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