Having problems with your 2000 GMC Jimmy ?

How do I access the fuel lines in a 2000 jimmy 4x4...it's leaking gas below the drivers side passenger door.

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How do I access the fuel lines in a 2000 jimmy 4x4...it's leaking gas below the drivers side passenger door.

... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I filled my 2006 E Class with gas this morning, and this afternoon it smells like gas near the drivers' side rear wheel well. The gas cap is on the passenger side. I don't see any gas on the driveway but the smell is still strong 10 hours later. Is this a fuel line leak?

Probably a fuel line leak. inspect for drips with engine running. gas evaporates quickly so will often not leave a puddle. ... 2006 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Gas leak right in by the rear passenger door on driver side.

Generally easier to work there if you lower the tank. Sometimes you don't need to remove it entirely. Run the tank low before working there so if you do need to remove it it will be easier to work with (gas weighs over 7lbs per gallon!) ... 2000 Toyota Camry

I smile gas vapors on the driver side real bad but their is no fuel leaking out anywhere and you don't hear that sound it makes when you twist the cap of when you put gas in it,what I mean by that sound is the pressure releasing when you twist of the gas cap.what is it because I have looked at the lines and had the car running to see for leaks and all I smell is vapors but no gas leak


On my 99 Voyager, 3.0, I have a leak in a pipe that comes from under the fuel injector housing. On the drivers side, the lower radiator hose and a heater hose connect to a pipe that leads to this pipe. The pipe then goes under the fuel injectors to the passenger side where the water pump, etc are. This pipe seems to be leaking and I need to know how to replace it. My job is on the line so time is of the essence. Please help!

You will need a new pipe. You MAY get it out from the drivers side?? If not, you may have to take the intake manifold off. Job is on the line? so you are a mechanic? if not, pay a shop to replace it. I think the dealer is the only place to get a new ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

Fuel Leak I have a fuel leak just under the driver side door Fuel Pump? A Line? What do you think? 1995 Chevy k1500 4x4 5.7L

Its the fuel line, but check to see if there is a inline filter at that location. If so then tighten the filter. ... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

Greetings.. I got a 99 taurus.. there is a fuel leak from a canister thing under the floorboard on the passengers side.. it is leaking fuel.. what is it.. there appears to be a inlet in the front and rear and looks like a gas line to me.. it appears to be a fuel filter or some kind of vapor canister..

Its probably the fuel filter just tighten down the lines or replace it with a new one inspect the metal oring ensure its in good condition this also could be your problem ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Gas leaks out on passenger side right under the driver side back door

Fuel line leak-have to get it on a lift asap, it could be as easy as a split or dryed out rubber line or a rusted through metal fuel line-no matter what, you do not want to let this go long. ... 1996 Oldsmobile Bravada

How do i replace the fuel lines on my 90 3.0L toyota 4runner. the line connected to the passenger side of the engine is leaking gas everywhere!

... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

There is a water leak somewhere in my 98 toyota camry that leaks into my passenger side floor. There is no sun roof and no visible leaks from the windows or doors. Any thoughts? A/C leak maybe? water leak ,drivers side,carpet is very,very wet especially in the rear.no sun roof & all door & window moldings are excellent. the car is parked.Also water in drivers rear quarter panel. Could it be the vent holes where the wipers are attached??

I am the original owner of camry xle 1998 with wet floors. In 2000 I had drivers side door seal leaking at welt. Removed old door seal and new weather strip on drivers side installed. The door panel was never wet, but wet at bottom of door where ther ... 1999 Toyota Camry

Fuel Leak So I have a fuel leak on my car, but it only leaks whenever I fill the tank up past 11 gallons. The leak ends up on the ground on the driver side between the front and rear doors. There is also a strong gasoline smell inside the car when it get's filled up. The smell is strongest from the back seat on the drivers side.

Put the car in the on a lift. and look for the leak. ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

Fuel Leak I have a fuel leak from from corrosion, the leak is in the line that runs from the fuel filter to the gas tank. The line on the other side of the filter looks pretty corroded as well. How do I replace the entire line?

VERY carefully. This is a dangerous job due to the explosive nature of gasoline. I would recommend doing it outside on a breezy day (to dissipate fumes that are highly explosive). I would also recommend running the tank down low before. You can p ... 1995 GMC Sierra

Line leaking fuel right at the bottom of gas tank on driver side

... Ford Escort

1997 Chevy Blazer - I believe I have a brake line leak right below the passenger door on the driver's side. How difficult is this to get to and replace?

This could be very difficult due to access and being able replace line from its 2 union points. you will have to purchase stright brake lines and bend to fit then bleed the brake system ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

2006 Avalon Limited with 40,500 miles. Like new. Seatbelt was closed in the driver side door and batter was drained. I charged the battery and everything seemed ok. The following fault codes are now displayed: P0441, 0445 and 0456. Dealership says the charcoal canister needs to be replaced. Is it normal for the VSC light to show when the check engine light is on? I understand that the fuel line leak can be as simple as a loose cap or the canister may need to be replaced. My main concern

Yea VSC lite will come on when ever a check engine lite is On, the codes you mentioned are certainly a EVAP codes, make sure your gas cap is a factory and inspect seal surface and contac surface on filler neck for rust clean if any,also check all hos ... 2007 Toyota Avalon

Stalled, leaking gas on drivers side by the rear door, i believe its a fuel pump? 2003 ford expedition. Can I replace it myself?

I replaced my filter on my 2003 also but you dont need special tools, you just squeeze the tabs on the connectors and pull them off. you might have an o ring missing on the one of the 3 hoses on the filter. The filter is under a plastic cover by the ... 2003 Ford Expedition

I have a leak ear the drivers side rear door. Fuel line. how do I fix this or does it need replaced.

Its a joiner pipe about 4/6 inches long just renew it ... 1988 Buick Century

There is a fuel smell in my 1990 4 runner seems to be only on the passenger side. checked the lines and the gas tank and there apears to be no leaks any advice or what do you think it could be

Be sure to check the seal both on the cap and the door that covers the cap ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

I'm having the same problem w/my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lerado v8. Got a new battery & it would crank but not start, acted like it was out of gas. I had to reset the security alarm system by turning key on drivers side door, passenger & rear hatch, wouldnt start until next morning w/np. Then... ran fine all week. I drove it around the block, changed the battery terminal, had to reset the alarm system but now it wont start. Engine doesnt even crank. All lights on dash come on, can hear fuel pum

... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1984 Buick regal that need a fuel line from the gas tank to the middle of the driver side where the brake off is.. the problem is I cant followed the lines because it go into the frame of the car in the rear than two lines come out and go into the gas tank. Is there a of the fuel lines

The larger one is fuel supply the mid size one is the return ... Cars & Trucks

My 95 Pontiac Bonneville is not getting gas I've checked the fuel pump fuse, the fuel pump relay under the passenger side and replaced the fuel filter. Is there anything else that could cause the gas not to pump or should I take the gas tank off and inspect the gas pump? Also is there away to check if the gas pump is bad. All I know is that there is no pressure in the gas lines and that no fuel is getting to the injectors. Thanks in advance.

What you need to do is have an assistant turn the key on (not try to start, just turn the key on) while you have the gas cap removed and your ear down by the gas tank fill tube. When they turn the key on you should hear a whirl only for 3-7 seconds. ... 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

Driver's Side sliding door on my 2006 Toyota sienna won't open past the 6" safety stop for the fuel door/gas cap. Even with the gas cap back on, and the fuel door closed and latched, the door will still NOT open, it's as if the fuel door is still open. I can hear a mechanical "Click" stopping the door roller at the bottom of the door, but I can't access it. How can I fix this?

Please be sure the Child Lock is fully ON or OFF - sometimes it will be in the middle and cause this problem.\015\012\015\012Otherwise - \015\012\015\012This is the procedure for 'recalibrating' the system...\015\012 ... 2006 Toyota Sienna

I removed my fuel tank to replace a leaking rubber gas line and not being very smart I disconnected both lines and did not mark what goes where, I know the small line is the vacuum but I don't want to go to the trouble and take a chance of damaging something by crossing the fuel lines, where do the fuel lines go from the hard line on the side of the frame?

... 1992 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2004 Tahoe which has misfire problems (P0300). I changed the plugs, wires, fuel filter and air filter but problem still exist. The 4 plugs on the passenger side continue to file out and become covered with heavy black duct while the 4 driver side plugs look good. I also get black smoke with a hevy gas scent out the tail pipe. Im burning way too much gas. I have been told the problem may be a fuel regulator issue. I need help bad. The car rund rough at idle but drives good at all speeds.

Removal & Installation\015\012of fuel Regulators on \015\0124.8L, 5.3L & 6.0L Engine\015\012To Remove: \015\012CAUTION Three styles of fuel pressure regulators and fuel rails will be used in this mo ... Chevrolet Tahoe

There is a water leak somewhere in my 98 toyota camry that leaks into my passenger side floor. There is no sun roof and no visible leaks from the windows or doors. Any thoughts? A/C leak maybe? Hi, I have a similar problem. My leak is on the drivers side though. It started after getting a new heater core. I thought a faulty installation was the problem but took if back and a compression check on the heater system shows no leakage anywhere. I am at a loss to know who to take the car too as tw

In both cases try using a garden hose and squirt water like its raining around the plenum chamber in front of the windscreen.The first asker is likely to be heater core and second asker may want to try blocking off the plenum chamber and see if the p ... 1994 Toyota Camry
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