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Engine nocking noise

\015 I have a 2000 jimmy 135000 runs perfect,changed intake gasket do to leak, back together ran with multiple misfire changed distributor i was told they had problems with those.Truck run perfect again but has nocking noise,change distributor again still there. Any help would be very mutch appreciated thanks. Bobby\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

I would have tried new pLugs and wires and using fuel injection cleaner in the regularly. You could also check to see that the Mass Airflow Sensor was not damaged.
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Engine noise i have a 2009 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi with 7,000 miles on it it started making a nocking noise from the engine the dealer said its normal but it didnt make it when i bought it

First let me say that at 7000 miles no noise is completely normal, make sure the dealer noted the problem so if it becomes a defect your covered, second, with it being so new, anything you might do on your own could void your warrenty!!! That being s ... 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

Nissan Altima 2002 when running has no power will run sometimes only 35 sometimes not pats 60 very eratic. When I put in neutral and push the peddal to the floor the engine will not go past 4100 rpms and a lot of nocking noise, rattling comming from the engine. Trouble codes are PO 123, 223, 1102,1122, and 2135. Is this the TPS sensor or the PPS sensor and I need to know terminal to check resistance as this is a Throttle by wire car?

The rattling niose can come from the timing chain as oil pressure holds the chains tight. Some of these engines if let go too long on the oil change and changing tthe oil is all you have to do to fix it. Thinned out oil will make the chain loose ma ... 2002 Nissan Altima

Need to no how to set the valves on a subaru EA82 engine ENGINE IS NOCKING NOISE ON THE RIGHT SIDE.

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Problem; 2001 Ford Explorer 4.0 engine, has a nocking noise at any RPM. Oil pressure guage twitches when close to center of H & L then stabelizes. The noise sounds like the wheel of fortune. Or could it be the timing chain.

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2000 Trans Am 4160e. Start engine and it shifts into 1st an rev normally and travel ok for awhile then loose every thing. No nock or noise just no go. Shut engine off an wait 5 minutes and start back up an does same thing. Will not shift into 2, 3, or 4 at all. checked plug in at trans and it is tight. Rebuilt Trans about 2 months ago was putin. Shop is about 600 miles away. I'm away in college and don't want to be taken avantage of.

Hi and welcome to FixYa!\015\012\015\012Yes the sensors or transmission solenoids can be replaced without tearing the transmission apart. It can be a transmission solenoid problem but I do doubt the PCM too. \015\012\015\012As ... Pontiac Firebird

Engine nocking noise

I would have tried new pLugs and wires and using fuel injection cleaner in the regularly. You could also check to see that the Mass Airflow Sensor was not damaged. ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Nocking noise from exaust or transmission but the engine light not on

Might be a bad u-joint on the front of the driveshaft. ... 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

Nocking noise under engine of a 1999 ford ranger

Stuck lifter,or low oil,add a half quart of tranny fluid to clean the system that will help un stick and clean any dirty parts dont worry nothing will happen ... 1999 Ford Ranger SuperCab

My 2004 Chevy Trailblazer is making a bizaar noise when I start it up. It's starts as a high pitch squeal then drops to a lower pitch squeal then ends in kind of a grind. Thought it was a slipping belt but there's only one belt and it's fine. It runs fine and the noise dies away after the engine settles. It only makes the noise on start up. If you cut off the engine before it settles down - the noise continues, so it doesn't stop with the engine. Seems to be coming from inside the engine itself.

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1998 Isuzu 3.5L trooper engine (in 1998 Acura SLX). Old engine had noise. New engine has same noise. Every mechanic with an opinion says that something is not right, but nobody has a tried & true solution. New engine runs fine after about 50k miles, but lifter noise still exists. Would really like to have a quieter engine solution.

... Acura SLX

2006 Ford F150 5.4Liter 3 valve 70,000 miles. Started running rough and whistling noise during acceleration or engine lugging, Missing and no power at shift points, engine would pop, NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. AutoZone scan showed bank one rich cylinder # 2 and #3 miss fire. Changed plugs (Thats Another Stroy) seems to be worse. Replaced #2 and #3 coil no change.Whistling noise or air pump noise form paasenger side exhaust sounds like cylinder #3. I'm lost. NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. PVC valve?? Hea

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I have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid with 90,000 mile and it has a loud low pitch noise in the engine immediatelly off idle. It sounds like an idler pulley bearing, but I've checked the engine noise with the accessory belt off and it stll makes a noise. I've also checked the water pump and timing belt idler pulley bearings and they are OK. I also removed the harmonic balancer with the engine running and it still made the noise.

What size engine? 4, v6, v????8 Engine code (8th VIN digit) When asking engine questions, it may help to let us know what engine you have. ... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

Hi, I have a 94 Pajero Nj 2.8TD with a 4M40 engine, and when the engine is revving over 2000, be it in gear or out of gear, there is a tap tap scraping noise which increases in speed with the engine. I have taken it to the mechanics and they have told me it is normal diesel noise. I really don't agree, any ideas? The noise is also slightly worse when the engine is cold, but is still present when hot. Any help muchly appreciated!

... 1988 Mitsubishi Pickup

4.3 vortec engine , engine noise, knocking or tapping on top of engine, not when cold , but starts noise when it heats up, and gets louder as it gets hotter and hotter!!! Sounds like noise is in the center of engine!!!!

The knocking or ticking is going to determine if it is in the top end, lifters, push-rod or rocker arm issue or the bottom end that would include pistons or bearings.If it is a ticking noise, it will more than likely be a valve tra ... 1996 GMC Jimmy

Engine noise hi i have a audi a4 2004 i have a noise on the engine i check the oil level and is ok but the oil pressure light is on all the time i need to know if any way my oil pump is bad or is my engine cuz the noise is really bad like is no oil on the top of the engine ....

Well, if the low-oil-pressure warning light is on, and the engine is knocking, and there is plenty oil in the crankcase, then the oil pump must not be circulating oil thru the engine. So, I agree -- I think your oil pump is bad. ... 2004 Audi TT

Hello Just inherited a 1999 lumina 3100 engine with 48 thousand kilometers everthing is ok except this issue started 3 days ago The engine is making a strange to describe noise it sounds like a wining noise or air escaping the noise dosn t seem to follow the speed of the engine it dose not speed up when the engine is reved Also the n oise is not noticable all the time and varies in loudness I can t not pinpoint exactly where it is comming from Any helpplease i thing maybe a fanbelt o


2005 mazda tribute, ran very low on oil, constanly putting oil in it, not buring no leaks, oil light came on , pulled over, no oil in engine, put oil in engine, rattling noise in engine, I did put Lucas oil in the engine, that did make noise quieter, but still there , Does the engine need to be replaced or is it a lifter? There is only 80,000 km on the engine, oil is very clean, motor is very new looking no oil spills on engine

... 2005 Mazda Tribute

Engine Mounts I have a 03 Ford Focus LX and from the inside of the car, as you accelarate you hear this constant/ vibrating constant noise which is preety noticible, I checked the car, and noticed that one engine mount had all of the rubber bushing worn out, my question is would one engine mount cuase that much noise of would it have to take more than one, this particular engine mount is located on the botton of the engine, right after where the transmission and the engine meet on this manual

Yes, a bad engine mount can cause that much noise. ... 2003 Ford Focus

Hi, I have a 2004 Ford Fiesta Zetec and all of a sudden I have a constant buzzing noise, coming from the dashboard. You can't pick up the noise from outside due for he engine noise, but its clear from the inside of the vehicle. The noise does not change depending of speed or direction, but it does match the engine noise. The noise sounds a bit computery, if that makes sense!! Like your playing a car racing game on the computer. I've just had the car in for it's m.o.t and it has passed. The mecha

... 2005 Ford Fiesta 1.6

Engine noise there is a noise coming from the overhead cam. sounds like a loose tappet. the valve clearance may be a little tight rather than losse.( inlet 20) (outlet25) the noise only appers when the engine starts to warm up.4A FE engine. could you please help

Hi there , it can be lose . i think you better to check your cam shaft .\015\012there is one things your have to think about them \015\012- oiling system ( oil pump , pressure valve , oil type ) focus in these ... 2007 Toyota Corolla

Engine noise I have a 1997 Wrangler 2.5L. When running there is a good bit of noise that appears to be coming from the water pump. The rest of the engine is tight and clean. There are no oil leaks around the main seals and no water leaks around the water pump or shaft. When I take the serpentine belt off and start the engine the noise disappears. The idler pulleys seem to be fine as well. I am thinking the water pump needs to be replaced. What do you think?

You guessed it, the shaft bearings are shot. ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 05 Elantra 2.0 DOHC....At idle the engine valvetrain makes a loud rattling noise....If I rev the engine to around 1500 rpms the noise goes away, but as soon as it returns to idle the noise comes back....No other problems...No check engine light, and runs good otherwise...I have had the oil changed twice thinking it may be something to do with that, but no change....I read that it has valve lash adjusters, and no adjustment is needed..I thought low oil pressure, but no light at idle...Pl

May be your oil strainer is stock up or your oil pump is damage.i recommend use the f2020 powerlube to minimize the noise.search to www.f2020technology.com ... 2005 Hyundai Elantra

When weather is cold- after starting engine- depressing foot brake-with transmission in drive a knocking/ bumping noise comes from the engine area on right side (from driver seat) if you put in neutral-the noise stops- if put back into drive and have foot brake depressed it starts again- the noise will stop when you proceed forward and begin again at stop sign when stopped (but will stop if you put in neutral) could this be any type of engine or transmission brake or brake fluid problem? or mot

Ask a local mechanic to have a look for you is the best idea because it sounds like a engine mounting ,but it could be something stupid like a plastic cover and when in drive the engine is twisting slightly which is normal and its banging ,apart from ... 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser

06 charger, 5.7 Hemi 45,000 miles. Running great with no problems. Stopped to fill up with 93 octane gas. After filling up, I started the engine and it was running rough and making a knocking noise. I took it to a local pep boys and they said it was severe engine problems. The key to this is that it never made any noise, the check engine light never came on. The car is in great shape and never has made a noise or been missing or anything that would need to take it to the shop.The guy pulled the

Were you running 93 octane before?try new spark plugs.engine that size shouldnt be worn out in 4 years..get it put on a tunescope,an ETOC one[ETOC every turn of the crank]it should tell you a few things.lots of money for a new engine,so check things ... Dodge Charger

Chuffing noise when you start up (tdi engine) there is a noise like air being pushed out but do not lose no power from the engine would a split in the manifold cause this noise it seems to be coming from the back of the engine near the bulkhead cheers steve

Check the turbo hoses.......One hose must damadged.....Reply me....I'm working for Landrovers..Specialy 300tdi.....\015\012Ruwan. ... 1994 Land Rover Discovery
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