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How to take out and put in the engine - 2000 GMC Jimmy

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Get a Chiltons o Clymer manual on your truck and it will walk you through it step by step.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2000 GMC Jimmy

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How to take out and put in the engine - 2000 GMC Jimmy

Get a Chiltons o Clymer manual on your truck and it will walk you through it step by step. ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy and i just put a new engine and transmission in and everything runs fine but the Console shifter will not shift out of Park....I can take the linkage off at the transmission and it will shift on the bottom of the Transmission but not in the Cab

There may be another nut along the line into the cab/ at the shifter that is diconnected or frozen, i had an old oldsmobile that i got stuck at the gas station cause the bolt came out. simple fix, but sucked doing it at the gas station lol ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy, put a different engine from a 1996 gmc jimmy in it, its been running great and here about 2 weeks ago it started giving me problems, I put the key into the ignition turn it to start all the dash lights lights, light for just a second and then off again, wont enguage the starter, and the head lights wont turn on just the marker lights come fuel pump runs and everything else seems fine, when it does start and run i can hear the turn signal indcator clicking behinde the glo

The signal flashing is a bad hazard switch. they all brake. if you hold the flasher buton just the right way the noise stops. sounds like your dash is shorted with the flasher ... 1998 GMC Blazer

I have a 98 gmc 2500, w/ 454 engine.. Recently the engine was making some major noise so I took off the valve covers to find that the pushrods were very loose. I then dissected the truck taking off the manifolds and the heads to find that a few of the lifters had come apart and there was traces of water on the topside of the valve covers. I ordered a new set of lifters and put engine assembely lube on them. I then put the entire engine back together following closely the tork specs for everythin

\015\012Engine Cranks But Will Not Start\015\012Basic Checks:\015\012A. Test Fuses. Test both under hood ... GMC Sierra 2500

I have a 94 gmc jimmy. you can hear the fuel pump running at idle over engine. jimmy runs fine until gets hot. about 40 min of interstate driving engine will seem to lose most of its power. can simply pull over or if on slow back street put into neutral turn key off and wait ten sec and it will run fine once again for 15-20min. replaced ignition control module, map sensor and exhaust O2 sensor. after replacing those reset trouble codes. only showing now code 44 oxygen sensor lean exhaust. any id

Chek filters for fuel on frame and in tank ... 1994 GMC Jimmy

My 2000 Jimmy won't start, I can hear the fuel pump running and then shutting off before I attempt to start the engine. I also hear it running while I attemp to start the engine. The engine won't start until I put a little gas onto the butterfly in the intake. It may take several attempts before the engine continues to run. If you shutoff the engine, then restart it, it starts but don't wait 3 minutes or it won't start. Any Ideas?

The pump is working normally the reason it stops before you start the engine is it has built up enough preasure and cuts out. When you turn over the engine it starts up again as the preasure goes down when the carburator open's. The pump only helps t ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1998 gmc savana 5.0l just had a brand new engine installed haven't had any problems until yesterday had the air conditioning running didn't realize suction line was punctured anyway while driving pulled into a parking lot and the vehicle just stalled. turned it off and restarted it once i put in drive the engine sputters like it doesn't want to take the gas what possibly could cause this

... 2003 GMC Savana

When i start my 96 gmc sierra 4.3l (standard)when it is cold outside, my engine idles normal. i let the engine warm to operating temp then put it into reverse and when i take it out of reverse to go into first it idles at 2300 rpms. Someone please help.

This could be caused by a few things. First thing I would do is check for vacuum leaks. Check the vacuum hoses around the engine compartment, making sure nothing is unhooked, split or dry-rotted. Also check the intake boot between the ... 1995 Chevrolet S-10 CA Edition

2001 GMC Jimmy started fine this morning as usual. Put it in reverse, back out, put it in Drive to take off and died. will not start back up. cranks, but thats it. It is about 25ºF this morning.

Is the check light on? when you turn the key do you hear the fuel pump go on? ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I had the engine rebuilt on a 97 gmc jimmy 4.3L The engine was put in, but there is absolutely no power now, and a new battery was also puchased. There is no power anywhere, no lights no nothing. the key is also now stuck in the ignition,

The main ground is supposed to be connected to the engine block, as well as the main battery positive being connected to the starter. ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

( 1987 GMC Jimmy 4 Wheel Drive 350 Engine 5.7 liter ) ( had rebuilt transmission, torque converter and replaced transfer case) . Problem is that the transmission slipps out of gear / into neautral only when breaking abruptly. To get it back into 2 wheel drive I need to switch into 4 wheel drive ( take it out of 4 wheel drive ) then it operates fine. Replaced engine mounts and took it back in for service 3 times for linkage adjustment and still has the problem but not as frequiently. Can you prov

... GMC Sierra 1500

1996 GMC Jimmy 4 Wheel Drive 4.3 L engine. We are having trouble finding the Oil Pressure Switch to replace it. We are getting mixed messages from different sites as to where it lives in the engine. We need to replace it and have a new one ready to put in.

The oil pressure switch is located on the passenger side of the engine block for the 4 cylinder. On the V6 it is near the distributor at the top rear of the engine. This may be why you are having trouble finding it, since it is located in different ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

1992 gmc Jimmy Losing power, Check engine light on, cutting off, Idling

It looks like that the cause of your leaking pan gasket is excessive blow-by gases pressure due to worn out piston rings. The low oil level is a telltale sign the you are consuming (burning) oil because of this problem. I recommend that you have ... 1992 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy, I have a service engine soon light, and I have be having problems with the climate control (no matter where I put the the dial tempture wise it goes from hot to cold AC on or off. but I noticed the rpm changes about 200 everytime this switches). When the heat is on the AC compressor doesn't turn on. Ever now and then the airbag light stays on. Is my computer wacked? And how can I begin to trouble shot these problems?

Have the vehicle scanned for trouble codes most auto stores such as auto zone/advanced auto do it for free/ur heat and engine light might be connected the control panel uses cable--elect and vacuum connections to move and actuate dampers and switchi ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Can the engine of a 1997 gmc jimmy be put in a 2000 chevy blazer

VIN W, RPO L35:\015\012\015\012\015\012Central Sequential Fuel Injection (CSFI), Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI). Manufactured from 1996 to 2003. This engine is similar to the VIN X, RPO LF6 except for increased hp and tor ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

2001 gmc jimmy 4.3l.idles low and will stall when put into gear unless engine is reved up a little.

Clean the Idle air control valve (IAC), it's located by the throttle body so the best thing to do is give the throttle body a good cleaning with throttle body cleaner. Do not use carb cleaner, it's to corrosive for the gaske ... 2001 GMC Jimmy

No stard I have a 1997 GMC Jimmy 3.4 my question is, why is Not Injecting gasoline? the injectors are new olso the gas pump. The engine starts 2 seconds When I put gas in muffler The electrical connector inside the intake plenum on the injector is good

Have you tried testing the fuel pressure regulator?? ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

My 2000 GMC Jimmy will not start when it is raining or is damp outside. I have a new fuel pump, new battery and the starter is fine. The engine will turn over but will not start (unless it is sunny out). Please help? Would it be a bad distributor cap? or maybe bad wires? Can I solve and fix the problem myself or do I need to take it to the shop where they will charge me LOTS! Thanks, Jennifer

... 2000 GMC Jimmy

My 1996 gmc jimmy is making loud knocking noise when I start it and shaking and sounds like it will cut off at any moment and the engine check light is on I know I have to take it in but you give me some idea what the problem might be

Spun bearing = time for engine rebuilt. Sounds like your engine spun a crank shaft bearing or connecting rod pin is loose or worn out. If your lucky, it may just be a worn distributor gear that is causing your knocking due to bad timing. \012\0 ... 1996 GMC Jimmy

I have a 97 GMC Jimmy, 4.3, Automatic, 4wd. The 4wd is the electric push buttons. The 4wd tries to kick in automatically when I slow down or decelerate. It starts with a very low hum that is hard to hear, it sounds like an electric motor, then gets much louder. Stopping, putting it into 4WD then taking it out seems to help for a while. Please help.

... 1997 GMC Jimmy

My 99 gmc jimmy wont turn over. battery is not dead. for a while now you had to let wait a few minutes before taking off with it or it was sluggish and would spudder, backfire then it would go. I have oil pressure and no evidence of water in the oil. It just wont turn over, had new fuel pump put in last winter, changed the fuel filter and yes checked the shredder valve fuel line is fine. I just not sure where to start looking do you know if this model had a self diagnostic set up on it where you

No it does not have the self diagnostics on it. i had a 1998 model jimmy and i had to replace the junction block under the hood because was doing the same gm said it was in the bridges in the block were the fuses are. no codes would ever show in the ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1988 gmc jimmy s15 2.8 engine after driveing it and you shut it off for at least 25 min. when you start it back up it want hardly idle runs so bad it want take off for about 8 to 10 min.

... 1988 GMC S-15

My gmc jimmy 4.3 4 wheel drive mini vortex just died one day we have changed the ignition module crankshaft censor and the EMC (computer)we have spark the engine will turn but not catch..if we put fuel right into the throttle body truck will start but will stop when that gas runs out..checked fuel pressure and it is at 15 psi...we also have no ignition pulse...what do we do now

Hello! a little clarification...Do you have spark at the plug tip? Also what do you mean no ignition pulse? iIam here! Guru......Saailer ... GMC Jimmy

My '99 gmc jimmy has a clicking noise inside the engine. the oil is full and it started after taking a long trip.....400 miles

Your valves need to be re-shimed  If your motor is the 2.2 the problem is quite normal.  Expensive to fix but normal.  You can sill drive the car fine.  ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

I have a 99 gmc jimmy that doesnt like to start when the engine is any suggestions cold...sometimes It will crank but cuts right off.. it takes about 10 minutes to get it to start running. i have changed the battery, cleaned the fuel injectors, replaced fuel filter, plugs, wires, and d-cap...also the rpms go high sometimes when i am driving, and when i turn the ac on, it feels like the car is about to cut off.. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

... 1998 GMC Jimmy
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