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2003 yukon denali xl battery keeps dying changed battery and alternator

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2003 yukon denali xl battery keeps dying changed battery and alternator

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02 camaro keeps dying when coming to a stop. Then it won't restart. The battery looses its juice. Check the battery. Its fine. Checked the alternator. It passed three time- (different autozone tested). changed tensioner. changed belts. only will run for a few minutes after recharging battery . please advice other options on why it keeps turning off at a stop. Thanks. Bonnie

Hi,\015\012\015\012I don't know who told you to disconnect the battery while your engine is running but this is a big No-NO you will cause damage to the regulator in the alternator as it will max out the charging voltage to try and charge the b ... Chevrolet Camaro

I got a c230 showing low voltage and the battery light is on. I changed the battery and new Alternator. When starting the first time it runs a sec then dies but the starter keeps trying to turn it over to keep it alive. Then I try it again it starts runs for 3 secs then dies and back fires. The third time it will just turn over over and over. No start at all.

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New alternator, but the battery keeps dying. voltage indicator came on. changed alternator, but nothing changed. plus, the timing seems to be of but i cant adjust it because the PCU does that and controls the recharging of the battery, is it the pcu?

If you have one where the voltage regulator is located inside (integral part of) the computer...I believe you know that already.... Then you will have the symptoms you have posted. There is a "work around" for that involving the use an an older style ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1999 Mitsubishi Diamante keeps dying...i have a brand new battery and today all of the sudden my battery light came on and then the brake light and it started to lose power and died. I had someone change out the battery with a fully charged one and got somewhere else and it died again. Could it be the alternator?

Yes, it is likely an alternator since the battery light goes on when the alternator is not charging. \015\012\015\012Good luck on this one. ... 1997 Mitsubishi Diamante

I have a 1998 Ford WIndstar. It died on us the other day. we put a refurbished alternator in it, changed the clamps that attach to the top of the battery, when the battery is in OUR van and is charged, it will hold the charge running for 1-2 minutes, then the radio goes off, the RPM goes to 0 and then it dings a couple times, then it dies. However, when the battery was in my friends truck it ran it just fine. so its not the battery. we are pretty much stumped. anyone have any ideas? I would grea

I suspect you hav a defective alternator. Remans are famous for this. Take it back where youbought it and have them put it on their testor to make sure it works.\012\012A battery should read about 12 1/2 volts when charged, engine off. ... 1998 Ford Windstar

My battery died , changed alternator and battery no power getting to alternator and car is not starting at all and battery wont keep a charge. what could the problem be ?

It could be the wiring that runs from the regulator(the little black box on the back of your alternator) to the battery. they can be small and weak. ... 1993 Buick Park Avenue

My car keeps dying and won't restart until I charge the battery again. Then, when I drive during the day there are no problems. When I drive at night using the headlights it will die within a short period of time. I have changed the alternator and had the battery checked and still no solution! Is this a common problem for this car? How do I fix? Will it be inexpensive?

First with the car not running check the batt voltage should be 12.5 or higher. You need a voltmeter (very cheap at Harbor Freight Tools store) second start car and check voltage at the batt connection on the alternator. it should be 14.5 or higher. ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have 2005 yukon denali..new battery, started and alternator. Battery wont stay charged at 14, when driving, but will read at 14 when idle. Oil reading moves back and forth from 40 and below, while driving, butjust like battery is normal during idle, with car running. If turn car off, but don't take key out, battery will die (if door open or car charger plugged in) after 3 minutes.

... GMC Denali

I have changed out the alternator, battery, and starter. My car keeps dying the battery will not stay charged. Why is this?

The car has systems on it which use the battery even when the ignition is off. typically this would be trunk/underhood/glovebox lights, door locks, and other anti-theft stuff. one of the systems has gone awry and instead of a tiny drain, like a digit ... 2003 Saturn ION

Hi,i have a 96 accord 4 cyl. vtec. just recently there has beeen a power loss issue. i have changed the alternator,check the ignition switch,tested fuses , battery seems fine,connections are good no corrosion,but cannot find problem. the car will start drive for abit then gauge lights start dimming out ,speed and tact go to 0, till the car dies out it wont restart.its jumps fast,ande runs for alittle while then same,everything dims out and dies

Check the alternator voltage , it has to be 13.8 to 14.4 vdc. it sounds like your car is running off the battery alone. Sometimes a bad battery will take out an alternator,and after replacing it goes again.Check all connections,and check the feedback ... 1996 Honda Accord

Hi i am having trouble 93 Ford Taurus. The battery died on me , so i checked alternator and it was fried.I changed it and put battery back on. It died again. Three alternators later we were still fighting the same battle. We have determined that the battery drains and then dies when the headlights are on. We believe it is grounding somewhere but cant figure it out. Any suggestions or alternative solutions would be great. Battery, starter, fuses, and alternator all good

There are 3 fuse links in the wiring to your alternator. I'm guessing you already checked to make sure you have constant power to the main cable at the alternator from the battery (I believe it is a black cable with an orange stripe. Using an ohm met ... Cars & Trucks

My battery in my 85 chevy caprice keeps dying ? i changed: 1. starter 2. alternator 3. positive cables( had a splice in cable) . know im clueless on what the problem is?

Check the wiring harness.... some wires are touching one another. ... 1985 Chevrolet Caprice

Battery keeps going dead after a few days. Replaced battery, replaced alternator. Red battery light stays on in dash at night after vehicle is shut off and locked. Next morning, battery is dead. After replacing battery and alternator, Tahoe doesn't want to idle smoothly or at proper rpm range. Idle keeps shifting up & down, and when ever you stop at a red light, engine dies if you don't keep your foot on accelerator.Also, keeps blowing fuse for door locks.

Take out the fuse for the door locks. Then see if the battery still goes dead. If it does not go dead, then you know the electrical circuit that has the short. You could just leave the fuse out, not have power door locks but at least the battery woul ... 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

02 yukon denali battery dies while driving

Check 2 Things. First, Check the Serpentine Belt for Tightness, If the Belt Tensioner is not Holding the Belt Tight Enough it will not Allow the Alternator to Charge the Battery. Second, Check the Blue Remote Lead Wire on your Amp, If this is not con ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

02 yukon denali battery dies while driving

Inside the engine bay on the drivers side you will find a red plastic box labeled battery, its about the size of your wallet. If you open it up i'll bet you'll discover that the nut that connects the three wires inside is loose. This can create enoug ... 2002 GMC Yukon Denali

Why does my battery keep dying? - 2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali

Could be a dead cell in the battery, or a drain in the electrical system, or a faulty alternator that is not keeping the battery charged. ... 2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali

My 2001 Yukon Denali will not stay started. It starts and then it cuts off. I have changed the alternator along with the battery.

You need to reset the immobiliser every time the battery is disconnected. ... 2001 GMC Yukon Denali

My 1991 Lincoln Continental keeps dying. I have changed battery and alternator. Any other ideas?

You have to do some kind of testing\015\012\015\012You can not simply install new parts,\015\012in an effort to hope you solve an issue\015\012\015\012Read the posts on this site alone\015\012\015\012There m ... 1991 Lincoln Continental

91 camaro battery and alternator keep dying have changed with new and rebuilt both multiple times any advice?

Hi, if the battery is new and the alternator is new then you have something draining the battery when the car is off which is most likely and definitely a wiring problem that needs to be tracked for the bad connection.\015\012Most ... 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

My 2001 GMC Yukon XL Denali stalls while turning slow like into a parking spot. No warning lights or anything. It has done it while making a u-turn also. Alternator is good, battery is good, and pump is full of fluid that was changed about a year ago and still looks and smells new. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Hey guy I had the same problem with my 2001 Yukon XL. I took it to the dealer and they charged me an arm and a leg for a diag which found nothing. I had the fuel filter changed which fixed the problem for a few months but the problem came back. I ... 2001 GMC Yukon XL

I want to change the fuses in my 2003 F-250 lariet because my battery keeps dying and my alternator is good. Is this a good reason to do that? And where can I get the right fuses to do so.

Fuses would not be the cause of your battery going dead...I would have the battery load tested at an automotive store replace if it fails ... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

The truck keeps dying even after i change the alternator battery and some cable

It may be a Throttle Positioning Sensor or a Oxygen sensor however before replacing either one or both bring the vehicle to an Auto Zone parts store to have them run a free trouble code check with there computer in order to assertain which sensor mus ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Please help. I have a 96 toyota camry le that keeps dying on me. At first the battery light came on and then shortly after the car died. We had the alternator tested and it was bad so we put a new one in. So now the battery light still comes on. It will come on for a few minutes while I?m driving then switch off, then on, then off, then on. When the battery light stays on for an extended period of time, the car eventually dies on me while I?m driving it. We took the new alternator out and had it

You need to get someone who knows how to use a Multimeter. It is a device that registers how much voltage, is present at your battery when your alternator is charging. Anyone can use one of these tools and they are cheap to buy, just add some AA batt ... 1996 Toyota Camry

My 1984 ford f250 keeps loosing a charge. I recharge battery and drive the truck. When I park it the battery goes low and will not crank the engine. I checked all but the alternator. Is there a way to check this without taking out. Is it true if the vehicle is running and you disconnect the positive battery terminal, if the truck dies it is the alternator? If it keeps running it's not the alternator? Thanks

That is the quickest way to check the alternator leave it iddling and disconect the earth cable if it stays running its ok or my own way would be to use a volt meter and if it has about 13 volts or there abouts its ok and that would suggest a faulty ... 1984 Ford F 250
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