Having problems with your 2000 Ford Windstar ?

I need to find where the MAF wire plug harness is in my 2003 Ford Windstar to be able to clean the Mass Air Flow sensor. Where would I find that?

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Answers :

What? Why are you looking for wires?
\015\012Just unplug them,remove the sensor and
\015\012spray with CRC MAF Cleaner
\015\012Every MAF Sensor on any vehicle, has to be
\015\012in the ducting between the air filter housing
\015\012and the throttle body
\015\012Only one sensor and one set of wires on the
\015\012air intake ducts,your pal the MAF
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I need to find where the MAF wire plug harness is in my 2003 Ford Windstar to be able to clean the Mass Air Flow sensor. Where would I find that?

What? Why are you looking for wires?\015\012\015\012Just unplug them,remove the sensor and\015\012spray with CRC MAF Cleaner\015\012\015\012Every MAF Sensor on any vehicle, has to be\015\012in the ducting between t ... 2000 Ford Windstar

The vehicle was put on a diagnostic machine for loss of power and it coded the o2 sensor, and the mass air flow, and EGR valve. We put a new o2 sensor in and cleaned the mass air flow. It ran, but no more power than before. So, we changed the air filter and recleaned the mass air flow. When we went to start it, it would not start. We put the egr valve in and called the auto parts store. They told us to take out the o2 sensor and see if it would fire up. We did that and it did start. Does

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1995 T100 3.4 driving truck would quit, turn off key and then back on it would refire and run ok, even at speed. Now I have no spark and no check engine light. With my genisis scanner it will not run when scanner says no data, but will when communication is restored it starts, but has white smoke. It seems like an ignition switch. I cleaned mass air flow sensor, checked fuel pump relay and computer harness. I do not have a wire diagrham for this truck. I just bought it 7/27/11 owner had no previ

It really sounds like the computer in your truck is failing from the heat. I would try replacing the ignition switch if all dash lights go off completely when the truck won't start. If the lights come on when the truck dies and won't start, replace y ... 1995 Toyota T100 Xtracab

My truck is missing real bad and has loss of power.It spark knoxs a little when i try to get above forty or go up any incline. I have replaced the plugs and wires, the mass air flow sensor, 2 coils with low spar, and have cleaned the throttle body. It,s a 4.8 liter v8. Wondering what might be next. I,m also having problems getting the fuel filter off,can't seem to find the right size wrench.

Fuel filter first, go to a tool shop and buy line wrenches the correct size, usually a 18 millimeter and 16 millimeter, these tools dont come in a average set for a reason, ... GMC Sierra 1500

After driving 20 to 30 miles the car loses power and starts backfiring. I would say it is heat related. I can drive 30-40 miles in the morning but only about 20 miles going home in about 80 degree temp. The mass air flow meter has been cleaned and I have unplugged it when the problem starts to no effect. I had a new fuel pump installed at a garage and I replaced the ignition module myself. I bought one new coil today and changed all three and it still has not solved the problem. I am able to k

It could be the computer. ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

1998 Ford Explorer v- 6 OHV Check engine light with code for too lean both banks 02 sensor. Have replced oxygen sensors four times. Have replaced muliple vacum lines including PCV hose. Have cleaned mass air flow sensor. Every time time I clear the code it will be back in approx. 7 to 14 days of every day driving. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have had this problem for almost 2 years. The vehicle has 165000 miles.

OK. Since you have had so much trouble lets check the dealer for an updated software calibration for the PCM (power train control module). Once we're sure there is no "fix" here lets talk about "lean" engine conditions. Lean means one of two things a ... 1998 Ford Explorer

My 2001 Buick Lesabre has had the air mass flow sensor replaced 4X in the past year and catalytic converter 2X. The car still surges and would not start this week unless the air mass flow sensor was disconnected. How do we find the problem since the sensor has to be connected to the diagnostic machine?

Without the MAF sensor plugged in the ECU has no idea how much air is going to the engine. But if the car runs by disconnecting the maf sensor then get a compression test done to make sure your engine isn't running lean and burning out the piston rin ... Buick LeSabre

2006 Escape 3.0 v-6 auto.- rough idle when in gear/idle is fine when in park or neutral. I have replaced all 4 motor mounts, cleaned fuel/ignition system, replaced all 6 upper & all 6 lower intake mani. gaskets, replaced fuel filter, all 6 coils, and plugs, changed oil and filter, replaced cat. converter, replaced harmonic balancer, cleaned mass air flow sensor and idle air control valve. ANY help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated-thank you!

That is way too much to have to do on a 2006 alreadyI would look at fuel trim at idle & on a road test,also cylindermisfire counts in Mode #06 on the roadThat requires a professional scan tool to look at dataWere the u ... Cars & Trucks

I have 2001 Ford Windstar w/ 3.8L. I had vehicle diagnosed when eng. light came on. It was e.g.r. valve, bad 1&3 cylinder, & mass air flow. It was running and driving pretty rough, and going thru twice as much gas. I did a full tune-up. Plugs, wires, air & oil filter, flushed radiator, the whole 9 yrds. I had it diagnosed again and said bad o2 sensor. So I bought 1. In the process of trying to get it put in, I noticed the connectors were fried down to nothing but wires w/ corrosion built up. Wel

1- o/d light is transmission issue- if miles in excess of 135000- change fluid and filter and cross fingers- known issue with windstars2 unsure of wiring for 02 sensor - sorry 3 - windstars have a leakage problem at intake that throws lot ... Ford Windstar

Idels rough and goes away at driving seeds dont know if its the mass air flow sensor can you test these at home it is 200.00 part and not returnable changed cap rotor wires fuel fiter cleaned throtle body and mass flow sensor changed gas cap no check eng light present noise at end of tail pipe sounds like bop bop bop not poping kinda like missing but not

Check all of the vacuum lines and hoses ... 1994 Nissan Sentra 4-Door

IDLING PROBLEM Hi there, I have a 2000 Ford Contour SE V6 2.5 L, it has 92,000 miles on it. Recently it started doing some kind of idling problem, so I did an oil change, cleaned the Mass Air Flow sensor, and replaced the Idle Air Control Valve Gasket (cleaning the IAC real carefully with Q-tips and alcohol, all these improve the performance of my car a little bit, but it still doing the same thing, when I driving on the highway above 55mph. the rpm's go from 2400 to 3500, and it shakes a little

Sister had this issue turned out it was the fuel sender unit in the tank ... 2000 Ford Contour

Ruff idle my 3.4l runs real ruff on fire up it revs to 3000 and dies a couple of times till warm and then spits and sputters. i have checked air filter and normal probs new fuel filter, injectors cleaned, new coil other two were good, plugs and plug wires,new mass air flow sensor,cleaned throtlle body.had on gm scanner a couple of times they have yet to solve the prob its getting expensive.

Anti-thieft in key/ignition chip in steering column.Buy whole new switch and key..replace..reset anti-thieft software. ( No info in any book..took me also a year to find!) ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix

2003 ford windstar problems how to fix..won't run..have replaced plugs and wires,,fuel filter,mass air flow sensor. 2 fuel injectors.replaced 2 clips that control air flow sensor....i do hear it g

... 2003 Ford Windstar

2000 buick lesabre had check engine light come on right before smog had to be done so I had a mechanic put a computer code reader on it (I dont recall the exact code) I was told that the mass air flow sensor was dirty & we purchased a spray (Mass air flow sensor cleaning spray)that is specificately for cleaning mass air flow sensors took it out cleanned some minor residue the light went off immediately so I took the car in to be smogged (thinking Everything is fine) & was told it failed due to

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Wiring diagram for mass air flow sensor on a 2003 ford escort zx2

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3000GT wiring need to know which wires are my mass air flow sensor and intake aie temperature sensor. If there is a digram for which 2 wires they are, that would be fantastic. Thanks

... 1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Have truck a ford right now and not able to fix 10amp fuse blowing, they say it works when parked but when they drive with the heated mirrors and heated seats on it blows 10amp fuse, their stumped and cost me 300$so far and nothing fixed, need help where the wire might be shorting out?its a 08f350 4x4. thanks.what would it take to remove factory wire from fuse to the switch and by pass it, or to the mirrors,,to where to run jumper wires to find trouble

I don't want to be hurtful or sarcastic here,but as a car guy, I have to ask,\015\012especially with a nice vehicle that is at most 3 years old.\015\012Why would you even think of removing wiring,bypassing anything,\015\012& how wou ... 2008 Ford F-350

My 02 blazer seems to try to flood out sometimes. i replaced mass air flow sensor and coolant temp and air temp along with fuel injectors and air and fuel filters i also cleaned the throttle body but still no luck any suggestions would be appriciated

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No power, 99 Tacoma Truck, 4X4, TRD, Extened cab, V6, automatic tran. No more get-up and go - Loss power: gutless truck. approximately 86,000 miles. It has been acting this way for quite some time now. I changed spark plugs several times, sprak plug wires, cleaned mass air flow sensor, new air filter several times. There is no check engine light on. Also, transmission takes long time before shifting into 3rd/drive when cold. Thank you,

My truck did the same thing. I changed the plugs with the ones the parts store recommended and it still acted gutless. Then I took it to the toyota dealership and they told me the plugs were not the right ones. So make sure you have the right plugs w ... 1999 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

I cleaned the iac and the throttle body still it would not run it only runs when i disconnect the mass air flow sensor could it be the air cleaner snorkel tube it has a little bit of crack. it idles when the maf disconnected.

Yes that is exactly it, the air being metered to your throttle body can not have any extra outside air coming in around the mass air flow sensor .For now untill you can get a new hose try to tape it shut at the split then it will run . ... Nissan Pathfinder

Need to know what color wires run my mass air flow sensor in my 93 maxda mx3 1.8l should be 2 wires what color and where to find then

Location:Mounted to the top of the air filter housing.[To the right of the oil fill cap is the rectangular shaped air filter housing. (Bottom left corner of housing has a corner slightly cut off)Right behind the housing, ... 1993 Mazda MX-3

Po171 code keeps coming up, I changed the fuel filter. Pressure at fuel filter is 45, pressure at fuel rail is 45. Pressure is 50 with pressure relief valve disabled. Diaphram is good at pressure relief valve. Code keeps coming up during in warm weather when things are good and hot. Do I need to replace the fuel pumps? Are they weak? Is it trying to vapor lock on me? Mass air flow has been cleaned. Intake throttle body is cleaned. Can't find any vacuum leaks. 460 gas motor. Help?

Did you check the o2 sensor bank 1 ? cause de p0171 code say sistem too lean bank 1 do you need replace this sensor and get a better fuel saving . or maybe is disconected or the o2 sensor wires could by cut o burn, i think about you problem is not th ... Ford F-250

1997 ford taurus gl 3.0 L V6. replaced spark plugs, wires, and mass air flow sensor. cranks but will not start.all plugs are firing. not sure if wires were put back on distributor rite. to many people helping! do you no the correct order. no numbers available?

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I have a 1998 buick And It recently started to stall while I would come to a complete stop. At first I thought it was the alternator so I replaced that, That didnt work, So next I replaced the Idle air control valve which didnt work, Then I replaced the mass air flow sensor then the Throttle position sensor, Cleaned the throttle body. And am still having the same stalling problem. I want to know what else to check and were to go because I'm confused

Did you clean the Idle speed control valve by spraying throttle body cleaner into the intake with the engine running? if u did replace the ISC vavle ... 1998 Buick Park Avenue

2006 ford escape wiring for mass air flow sensor where is the IAT wiring?

... 2006 Ford Escape
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