Having problems with your 2000 Ford Taurus ?

2000 ford taurus a/c was working fine car sat for about 3 hours started car no a/c the clutch cycles on for a second then off for aminute

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You may have a leak in the system!! Have it pressure tested!! The compressor is sensing either there isn't enough or too much freon within the system and is in protection mode.
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2000 ford taurus a/c was working fine car sat for about 3 hours started car no a/c the clutch cycles on for a second then off for aminute

You may have a leak in the system!! Have it pressure tested!! The compressor is sensing either there isn't enough or too much freon within the system and is in protection mode. ... 2000 Ford Taurus

My 1998 cavalier 2.2 standard, starts, runs for a couple seconds then the fuel shuts off. we have NO anti-theft lights lit on dash, and none of the tricks for resetting antitheft work (ie: leaving key on 'on' for 10 minutes or doing the 3 cycles of ten minutes with key in 'on' position, etc). car won't start again until it is ready to - sometimes half an hour, sometimes days or a week. please help! dealer has replaced pcm, ignition cylinder and instrument cluster and nothing has made any differe

You kidding 1300 euros ?? right try this under the bonnet their is a emergency fuel cut off switch ,its about an inch squre with a red rubber top ,push it down or by/pass it as a temp measure ,if that doesnt work then remove the sender unit and check ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Ford Taurus 2002 Ford Taurus wagon. 102,000 mi. past two years, unpredictable: anti-theft will start blinking when I insert key. I start engine. Engine starts but when in I put car in gear, car won't go. Device causes car to stall. Repeated attempts to drive, same: will not go. Wait at least two hours and starts fine-- no more problem. Has happened at least a dozen times. At first had car towed. By the time mechanic looked at it mechanic could find nothing wrong. Suggested magnetic in

Try replacing the cars computer with a known good one. It seems the computer or "brainbox" is deprogramed for some reason. ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

Help needed with starting problems. 1998 Ford Taurus SE. After driving the car for more than one hour the car will not re-start. I will turn the ignition key and nothing happen, all of the auxiliary electrical equipment will work. After the car cools for an hour it will start and run fine as if nothing was wrong. The battery is newer, and, I?ve attempted to ?play? with the relays. Do you have any ideas?when I turn the key nothing happens, not even a click. All the lights , ac work when the key i

Check the wire harness to the starter solenoid, the wires could have a break in it or the solenoid could also be bad. The heat of the engine could be causing the solenoid to fail till it cools down. Try that first, good luck and keep me posted, be gl ... 2000 Ford Taurus

Car starts, runs fine, shut it off. Starts, runs fine. Shut it off 5 min.s or so later will not start. Wait 2 hours or more. Starts, runs fine. Cycle repeats. At first, I could not hear the fuel pump for a brief time. Yesterday I could but still no start until 2 or more hours later. Has spark to the cap when this happens. No sign of fuel. Pump is 1 year old. Car is a 1997

Well ginko is on the right track but there is a way you can test the fuel pump your self,\015\012\015\0121._ open the hood\015\0122. Remove the hose connecting from the gac filter to the injecting system(remove it from the engine ... Geo Metro

1998 taurus will not start after parking after a quick trip; car rests for a half hour and then starts. Today actually stopped when driving.Once again, waited half hour and car started and drove home.

Fuel Pump ... 1998 Ford Taurus

Yesterday I started my 2002 Jag XJ8 for the first time in a week I drove for half and hour then attempted to jump start my wifes Golf. Unsuccessfully I drove my car around and then parked her up went in for a few hours came out in the evening and car started and after 2 seconds cut out this repeated 3 times and it seems no fuel is coming to the engine did I do somehting wrong with the jump start?

I'm sort of confused as to which car wont start. Please elaborate. ... 2001 Jaguar XJ8

In the colder weather -10 to +30 degrees F. Whether you start and run or let the car warm up for 1/2 hour, you drive approx 5 to 6 blocks and when you stop at the first stop sign the car will die, but will not do it until the car is stopped for atleast 8 hours. If you watch the tach, when you step on the brake it acts like a car with a clutch and you dont push in the clutch when you stop. It only does this once.

Sounds like the torque converter is not disengaging, possibly due to a sticking solenoid. If you warm up the engine the transmission doesn't get really warm till you drive it. I'd try changing the trans fluid and filter and adding lucas trans conditi ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1991 Corvette Hey Scott, I think I have the same problem as the guy with the 1994 Corvette. My 1991 Corvette starts when cold but will not start immediately after driving. I drove the car 5 miles yesterday and everything was fine. I parked the car and let it sit for about an hour. The car would not start. I can hear the car cranking but it would not fire up. I let the car sit all night and it started up fine this morning. This is the second occurrence in 1 week. Any ideas? Problem # 2 occurs whe

... 1994 Chevrolet Corvette

2005 Ford Taurus 24V DOHC. Intermitten problems starting the car hot or cold. At times when you go to start the car it will sit there and crank and crank. Once started the guage cluster acts wierd. The guage pins bounce and make a clicking noise. The mileage doesn't show at first and the gas cap light and the brake light is on. If you turn the car off, it starts up fine the second time with no issues from the guages. The car does seem to start better when you turn the key and sit allowing the fu

It is your ECM. The ECM controls everything that you are talking about. If it was just not starting right away, I would say that it was the fuel pressure regulator. And still could be. The fuel pressure regulator has a check valve in it. When the veh ... Ford Taurus

Won't start after installing new fuel pump. After filling with gas drove about .5 mile home. Then after 1/2 hour started but stalled after 10 seconds. Tried again and only ran 3 seconds. No gas in the fuel rails. Pulled gas tank and fuel pump assembly. Using 12 volts battery charger, rand pump but would not pump gas up a 4 foot clear gas tube. Replaced pump and module and reinstalled gas tank. I stated the car and ran it for 5 minutes. Now car won?t start. Gas is in fuel rail. Will fire and run


I have a Toyota Corolla 2000 model. Initially starting the car it will idle until I put it in gear and release the clutch. When the clutch is released the car dies, then when I start the car up again it will die out 2 seconds later! Any solution?

That sounds like dirt in filters of the fuell.rpm too lowCO too low or too high ... Cars & Trucks

88 Prelude - the S2 shift light is blinking on dash, the check engine light comes on at first start. no lights come on when I start the car the second time even after a few hours and it starts easily.. takes several seconds of cranking the engine to turn over on first try. Have replaced battery. Please help, single working mom needs car for work.

... 1988 Honda Prelude

I have a 2009 Toyota Corolla that is making either a grinding noise or a fast metal rattle when starting after being off for a few hours. When starting the car, the engine auto-revs up as normal and at the higher rpm's it will make this noise, then when the rpm's come back down it goes away. This only happens when starting, and only when the car has been off for a few hours. The noise only lasts a second. Any ideas?

... 2009 Toyota Corolla

1991 Z-34 lumina 3.4l engine the car runs great starts right up you can drive 20 miles or so stop park go shopping come back car will not start will not fire then if you let sit for hour or so it will start right up. you can hear fuel pump run for 3 seconds car will not start either not fuel or no spark we don't know which car runs fine after it sits

I would try replacing the computer in it. my pontiac would do that it would only run a while than stop and die. i had to replace the computer to fix the problem. ... Chevrolet Lumina

2000 cougar, the anti theft light flashes quick, car won't start, no fuel pump but if I cycle the key on and off for fifteen times the car will start if I let it sit for two hours, the car won't start, please help me!

... Cars & Trucks

Security light comes on and car won't start especially if its flashing have to leave the car for a number of hours before it will start. Sometimes the car will start then die's after 3-4 seconds

It was the pass lock -----took the car to Saturn, someone had tampered with the ignition switch and left wires bare and touching ,they repaired and the problem is gone ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

Starting problems when cars has stopped for a few hours. Car starts and stops after a 2 seconds. After a couple of times it keeps running. If you start driving no problem at all. In the winter i had another remarable issue: The temeperature of the coolant rises to maximum and the cars says: stop the engine. The temeperature decreases directly and motor is running fine.

Mcdevito75 here, The temperature riseing to max the cooling off fast, could be a stuck thermostat of the fan switch for the radiator could be faulty. The hard start after a few hours could be a dirty gas filter. Bset Bet, have your local auto repair ... 2006 Fiat Pininfarina

My son was listening to the car radio with the engine off for a couple of hours and as a result the car would not start. When you turned the key all you heard was a click, click, click. We tried to jump start it to no avail. Now there is no sound when you try to start the car. Also, when you open the door and put the key in the ignition the hazard lights flash and the interior dash lights also flash on and off for about 30 seconds. I installed a new battery and the same things happen. Did I burn

First shoot your son. It is not the fuseable link, when a fuseable link blows you get no power at all to anything. I suspect you have a security system that needs to be reset. ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

When I try to start the car, it will crank very strong, but the car will not start. It will sputter a little bit. On the second try it will start right up. The car will run fine. When you shut it down for 2 hours or more, it will do the same thing. What could be causing this?

Fuel filter most likley or dirty injectorsfuel pump might be going bad not regulating correct psi filter is cheapest and esay to do might fix problem ... 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

Driving a 1985 Volvo 245 wagon with M46 transmission. While driving at around town speed the rear wheels locked up and the car skidded to a halt. I could not start car in neutral unles the clutch was depressed. When the car was off I was able to roll it freely off the road. When the car was off I was able to freely shift the gears. I waited tow hours for a tow. After a while I went out and started the car and everythign is back to normal.

Nutrial safty switch going bad ... Volvo 240

Hi,I have a 91 honda accord lx,been having trouble starting, some(most) of the time i turn the key to acc.and check eng. light comes on then before i turn the key to start the car i wait a few seconds check eng. light goes off and car starts?and other times repeat same, and it will just turn over and not start wont even fire at all. one hour later repeat and stars right up? fuel pump or fuel reulator? or 12gauge SLUG!!! Thanks for listing Jim

This was a problem with my 91 accord as well. it would irritate me to no end because one minute she would start and the next she wouldnt....i did notice that she would have a lot more trouble starting if it was a hot day or if i left her out in the s ... 1991 Honda Accord

I'm having trouble starting my '87 Fiero. Everytime I leave it sit for more then an hour or so, It takes about 20 seconds of cranking to start. Once started it runs perfect. Basically I'm losing fuel pressure when it sits. Is there an accumulator that holds the pressure or a check valve somewhere that prevents the backflow of fule? Not sure if one of these pieces exist on this car? Would it be the fuel pump, even though the car runs perfect once started? Thanks

HI. this sounds more like an obstruction in the fuel lines or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. i recommend doing a fuel pressure test. the pressure should be at least 9-13 psi. If not, check for crimped lines or disconnected elec ... 1987 Pontiac Fiero

Iv recently had my clutch changed and clutch release arm,my car ran lovely for about an hour starting it several times.then i got back in it and it nearly didnt start it was like the battery was flat but then started,got home turned it off and tried to turn it on again and i got nothing not a click to the starter or anything!all ignition lights come on the electric windows work and everything just does nothing on the final click to start!please help im stuck!

Someone hasnt tightened the earth strap from the body to the engine ,if you cant find it to tighten then put a couple of jumper leads from body to engine and it should start ,then take it back to garage and ask nicely for them to have another look ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

1996 Ford Taurus SHO 3.4. Intermittant starting problem. Welded cams. First instance a couple of months ago. Had it towed to a local shop. Once there the car started right up. They kept it for the day starting it up about once an hour. About a month ago it did the same thing. From the towing incident my conclusion was to, basically, rock the car. That worked! Yesterday, same problem. No amount of jostling helped. Won?t start. So far: Checked the fuel filter, fuel pressure - both good; replaced t

The intermittent hard strarting may be due to a bad prom in your computer module. I have the same problem wiuth a 2000 Taurus and foiund that there was a Technical Service Bulletin listing specific module codes to look for in the computer. If your ... Ford Taurus X
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