Having problems with your 2000 Ford Taurus ?

Blower motort want run on low med. only on high

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Answers :

There is a set of resistance wires inserted into the ductwork. For lower speeds, the fan current is passed through these wires, and the air flow through the duct keeps them cool. I believe that piece needs to be replaced.
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Blower motort want run on low med. only on high

There is a set of resistance wires inserted into the ductwork. For lower speeds, the fan current is passed through these wires, and the air flow through the duct keeps them cool. I believe that piece needs to be replaced. ... 2000 Ford Taurus

My Buick 2000 is having electrical issues. The heater blower will work sometimes on high and other times when shut off can't get it running again. Now sometimes everything decides to work heater blower low speeds and high, all climate controls, and even the cruise. Then once vehicle is shut off does not want to work again. For some reason the cruise issue is tied into the heater blower issue at the same time. Any ideas?? thanks

... 2000 Buick Century

The blower on my 2003 Ford Expedition won't run, not on low, med, or high; not with A/C or heat. I've looked on line and found the likely cause(s) are bad blower motor resistor, blower motor relay, or the blower motor itself. I'm fairly handy (though an amatuer with cars). I'm planning on replacing all three, but I'm having trouble locating them. I've looked under the dash on the passenger side (and also behind the glovebox. Everything I've seen online shows the blower motor as a round (lar

Hi, the problem is either with the blower resistor or blower motor relay.\015\012\015\012\015\012The blower resistor is located behind the glove compartment inside the cabin. Simply release the glove compartment and this opens the area ri ... 2003 Ford Expedition

2005 grand cherokee blower motor only runs in high no med or low speed,

I had the same problem and solved it by replacing the blower motor resistor. It's an inexpensive part (under $10) and fairly easy to replace. You have to remove the glove compartment door (snaps out easily) and the resistor is behind it held in by tw ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1999 E350, blower motor works on low, med low, med high, but NOT on high. Blower motor relay or switch?

... 1999 Ford F350 Regular Cab

The heater blower motor would not work on high, low and med was ok. (1993 Chev G20 van)Today, It only works on High and low, med does not work. Replaced blower switch and resistor pack, did not fix it.

Try the controls ... 1993 Chevrolet G20

My 2003 BMW 325i blower fan has a mind of its own. When the car is turned off the fan keeps running. Sometimes all night long? I have a similar problem as well. For some reason the blower on my 02 BMW 325i runs intermittent as well. Turn it on low it blows properly then high then low etc.. Even as you state it keeps running even after the key is switched off???? Any advise from anyone else having the same problems.....

Bmw has a known issue with the resistor block. it controls the operation of the ac computer. i suggest to have it tested and replaced asap. it caused the socket and wires to melt in one of my friends car ... 2003 BMW 325

I have a 2000 ford E350 van with front and rear air. the front blower motor runs at low speed, The front blower still runs on low even when the knob is set on medium or high. I do not know where the electronical control modules are located. hope you can help

It's either the blower motor switch or blower motor resister.\015\012\015\012Resistor ?Heater Blower Motor Switch \015\012Removal \015\012\015\012Remove the battery (10655) ; refer to Section 414-01 . \015\012Remove the battery tray. \015\012Remove t ... 2007 Ford E-350 Super Duty Length XLT

I have a 2003 honda accord ex 4cylinder. the air blows but knob for air wont turn up to high or low. barely comes out. it will go to ac and heat but its like fan isnt working at all or switch that turns blower to high or low doesnt work. i am stumped. being driving for two years like this. any advice. i am limited on money so dont want to have to buy 80 dollar piece twice and just want to fix what i have to for now.

... 2003 Honda Accord

Blower fan low speeds dont work just runs on high....is it the resister...check the relay seems ok

Hi Dean, I don't really know what you mean by the register, but I believe your problem is to do with the resistor which is built into the fan housing. It consists of three wire wound resistors and is fitted into the fan housing to take the benefit of ... Cars & Trucks

When I start the truck when cold the idle goes up to high mayby 2500 rpm. After it warm and touch the gas it runs normal but when put in gear it idles low and runs rough. It run pretty good for an 87 with 207k miles, but when you come to a stop it idles so low it fells like it wants to cut off.

Sounds like tha AIC valve. this contols the amount of air entering the intake manifold.i would have it checked and replaced. ... 1987 Dodge Dakota

2000 TOWNCAR -- blower motor has run eratically for awhile now - the car is climate controlled -- it runs high / then low / then high again -- now the motor has stopped working. Is there some kind of control that maybe has quit working. It doesn't seem like the motor itself would run like that but something controlling the speed If there is a control part - how hard is it to replace?

Not to hard but it is the control panel.......hope it helps ... 2000 Lincoln Town Car

1998 Pontiac Grand Prix Problem. 5 speed a/c heater/ Blower motor continues to run at high speed after ignition is switched off. Pulled 30 amp fuse right of glove box to stop blower motor. Blower then only runs in position 2 (low speed). Can duplicate problem by re-installing 30 amp fuse. Have not changed any other parts. Cures?

I'd say that your blower motor resistor has shorted internaly. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

Blower fan does not work on low or medium only on high. Lx model has auto climate control. wondering if it is blower motor, blower resister, or control (bad contacts). All buttons work on climate control. you can see fan blades go from 1-2-3-4 on digital control but fan only runs on high. If climate control unit do you need to replace the whole unit

Sounds like the problem is more with the blower motor assembly itself. The blower motor have micro-proccers built itnto them which comunicate with the control heads and do the actual regulating of the fan motor. Dealers have computers with diagnostic ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Sonata

2005 Tahoe AC blower with it turned on high it will blow low after running for a few minutes it will blow on high, if you turn it off and turn it back on it will blow low with the AC on high. What is the fix?

A new blower motor resistor ... 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 1982 Chevy C10 When I turn on the ac/heat I only have high speed, no low or med. I have replace the high speed relay, the blower resistor, and the blower control switch. Same result. Also the

Possible faulty new resistor, could be a bad ground wire shorting out.older chevys are good for the ground wire corroding, heating up and shorting wit the wires near it, this can cause the fan to get stuck on high. ... Cars & Trucks

Have a 99 grand am. the heater blower motor only runs for about two minutes then winds down and eventually stops after about three minutes. sometimes it comesw back on after a few minutes, but only at a very slow speed, you can hear it trying to run. I have no low speed blower (1,2,3). I scraped the plug contacts that go. into the fan and scraped the terminal block contacts. the fan comes on and then does the same thing.Even though I have the control aet to high the fan speed is very slow

... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I have a 1997olds 88 Lss. I am having problems with the blower fan. It takes about 15 minutes with the car running before the blower will start up. It does not matter if it is used for heat or the AC...it still has the same characteristics. I am thinking that it could possibly be the blower relay because when it does come on, the switch operates from low to high, but I do not know where the relay is located to test it. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hi,the problem is with the blower motor resistor, this is located under the dash on the heater unit. the part is $18.99 and the part number is ru859 at advance auto parts. good luck ... 1997 Oldsmobile LSS

1995 heater blower motor: someone has replaced it before my sister bought it. The problem is it is wired incorrectly, the blower runs only on high continuously no mater where the fan speed switch is located. Upon inspection it aperes that someone wired it straight to hot. (always on) I'm not sure how to wire it, and I think the resistor is not working. I want to know where the hot wire goes and where the two wires from the blower go. The black is obviously ground. It has a 1 wire plug go

Since its presently working, don't mess with it yet. You can put a toggle switch in between so you can turn it on and off (you can even mount it under the dash). Get a good wiring diagram and use it to make sense of what you have.(Chilton makes a goo ... Ford Escort

2008 Honda Odyssey AC fan works on low and med speeds but no high speed blower

There should be a high speed blower relay that bypasses the resistor for slower speeds.Check with an auto parts store or the dealer. ... 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L

1998 Ford Explorer heater/A/C blower fan only runs at high setting....not low or medium.

... 1998 Ford Explorer

1998 Ford Explorer heater/A/C blower fan only runs at high setting....not low or medium.

... 1998 Ford Explorer

Blower motor will not run on the a/c system. the power module has been removed. can i jury rig some sort of system to get high? and low blower speeds? this is a 92 buick roadmaster

Yes sir you can jerry rig a toogle switch. ran a hot wire, to the pos. side on the blower moter, and ground the blower motor to the frame of the car..not a perfect fix, but cheap and will work..keith.. ... 1992 Buick Roadmaster

Car runs fine at high idle, but when at low idle and in GEAR car wants to stall and ends up stalling if i dont continuesly give it some gas. like at a red light or stop sign , car just wants to die , like it doesnt stay at its proper iddle ?? 1995 EAGLE TALON ESI NON TURBO 2.0L

This is a vacum problem.Most vehicles that experience this either have a small vacuum leak or need to adjust the vacuum advance. The leak solution is tracing all your vacuum lines and making sure none are brittle or cracked or have leaks. The vacuu ... Eagle Talon

Have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon and the hear/AC blower fan only comes on in the high position. The other setting low, med and med/high the blower will not come on. Is this the controller it self? thanks.

The problem usually stems with the blower motor resistor,high speed by-passes it and there-fore the controller is sending power but the resistor has gone open and the speeds can't be regulated. ... 2003 Jeep Wrangler
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