Having problems with your 2000 Ford Taurus ?

The lights went out on the dashboard - 2000 Ford Taurus

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Answers :

The most common cause is the dimmer is burned out.
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Dont know i bought a nissan quest on 5/9/09 and the van had been sitting for awhile, so i switched out the battery with my ford taurus. i started the van with no problem this morning and then went to the store, turned the van off to go inside i came out and tried to start it, the dashboard lights came on but the car wouldnt start. i had someone try to jump it for 2 min and it still wouldnt start. got any ideas?

Check the starter. Sounds like it is not getting any juice. Tap on it with a long metal pole or hammer while someone tries to start it. ... 1994 Nissan Quest

The lights went out on the dashboard - 2000 Ford Taurus

The most common cause is the dimmer is burned out. ... 2000 Ford Taurus

The lights have started going out on the dashboard of my F150 Ford truck. If you hit the top of the dashboard they would come back on. We took it to the ford dealership and they thought it was the on off switch so they changed it and it worked for about a week then the lights went out again. so i took it back to the dealer and they decided it was the instrument cluster controls or something like that so they changed it. now the lights have gone out again and won't come back on when you hit t

It may be that the switch they replaced was defective. it would not be the first time ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

2002 Ford Taurus SE - Dashboard light on instrument panel out

My dash board lights are out on my 2002 taurus wagon, any comments? ... 2002 Ford Taurus

The theft light on my ford taurus is on and stays on but the car runs fine there is just an issue: my turn lights randomly light up (both) and wont turn off , When this happens the dashboard does not light up at all , at night this is a problem for me for i cant see the dashboard.?

OK, if the chip was bad or broken, the car would not start !\012\012If the light stays on and the car runs, that means the security recognizes the chip/key being used but programming has not closed. What this means is that the car is waiting ... 2001 Ford Taurus

I own a 2003 Ford Escape 3.0 L engine 6 cylinder. about a month ago I had a battery problem and replaced my battery. Once I did this, I then started to have a "battery not charging" light on my dashboard that started to come on and stay on for about 3 to 5 minutes. This only happened after the car had sat and the engine was cold. Once the engine warmed up, the light went out and stayed out... First my mechanic said maybe I got a bad battery, so I went and exchanged my battery for ano

... 2003 Ford Escape

Dashboard lights I have a 2005 ford taurus, at night I can't see how fast I am going, I believe it is a fuse, because I recently put a new radio in the car and I believe the person whom put the radio in my car did not disconect the battery. Which fuse in the box do I need to replace. I do not want to inspect each fuse, because I am not really a mechanic and don't want to break a fuse. Which number fuse controls the dashboard lights?

On the dash to the left of the steering column there should be a dial for the lights to dim or brighten them on the dash display and if you turn this all the way up it keeps the dome light on. if you have an owners manual it will help alot otherwise ... 2005 Ford Taurus

2001 ford taurus dashboard lights - 2001 Ford Taurus

IF you dont have dashboard lights ,you probably dont have running lights check your tail light fuse. if this was helpful please leave me good feedback ... 2001 Ford Taurus

I just recently purchased a 2000 Ford Windstar Lx after doing a search on Carfax and seeing it had been well maintained. Well, I went to the store this morning and upon returning home -- approximately !/2 hour later I went to start it and nothing happened. The dashboard lights come on, the power locks/windows work, but the theft light continously flashes. What could be the prossible problem (s)?


2004 Ford Taurus dashboard warning lights come on at start up and stay on at times. Fuel cap, door or ABS etc. are the lights not the check engine light which goes off. When the lights stay on the odometer does not come on to display any info. Usually happens after car has sat for a day or two. Driving a short distance, stopping and restarting car usually clears issue. Can a weak battery cause this? Still has factory battery but car starts right so I really don't think the battery is bad b

I have same problem, 04 Tarus, Abs light, brake light, fuel cap light, oil pressure light, and one other, checked oil pressure with manual gauge and its good, has been doing this since it was new in 04, also radio has a mind of its own turns up and d ... Ford Taurus

I took my 1996 ford Taurus wagon because engine light was on and belt was making noise. He changed the belt and bank 2cencer 1&2 02 censor. The engine light and seat belt light came on and won't go off. I went to Auto zone they told me to disconnect battery for a hour. I did that, lights were off for about a mile came right back on. Now what do I do? Take the car back in or have Auto zone change the codes, to see if the sensor he put in is bad or wrong one???

Lets start at the beginning. You need to write down the actual trouble codes, then clear the codes, then see if they come back. The codes that come back tell a mechanic what to check, not what to replace.You may need to try a different shop ... Cars & Trucks

2004 Taurus SEL with 27,000 miles (Not a typo - 27K miles. Bought from old friend. Her mother's car - who is no longer driving). When I got it about a month ago, brake light was on. (Friend said it was checked at local Ford dealer and 3 other places b/c of light being on. Everyone said brakes were fine.) System was showing data error for parking brake and brake fluid. System reset and light went off. Was fine for about 2 weeks. Suddenly, brake light is on again. Now says data error for open door

Check for loose ground wires in the trunk, under the hood and at the battery. Remove and clean any connections that you can get to. With all the electronics on todays cars one loose ground wire can cause you to pull out all your hair. ... Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus SE 1999. Dome Light - Door Ajar indicator problem. This is an intermittent problem, hence far more difficult to isolate. OK. I will be thorough in describing this "set of problems" as I do not know if they are related or not. About 2 years ago the "Low Coolant" light came on. It never went off. Whether coolant level is low or not, the light stays on. (no biggie, just irritating) Then the seat belt unfastened indicator light malfunctioned. It comes on when you start the vehicle an

I must say that i feel your pain with this,, my door ajar light does the same thing but my dome light doesn't come on when the doors are open, i have to flick the switch on the dome light to make it come on. In my opion and i stress my opion it saoun ... 1999 Ford Taurus

The theft light on my ford taurus is on and stays on but the car runs fine there is just an issue: my turn light randomly light up(both) and wont turn off , when this happens the dashboarddoesnt light up at all .at night this is a problemfor me for i cant see the dashboard.?

... 2001 Ford Taurus

My daughters 2005 Ford Taurus went dead after leaving her lights on accidently after only 10 minutes. Someone jumped her and all was well. Since then ,every once in a while, ALL of her signal/trouble lights come on when she starts it. She has no problems driving it. When she stops, turns it off and restarts...no signal/trouble lights. What should be her first problem solving move? It still is the original battery we think or could it be computer chip problems?

If lights flattened battery after 10 mins then its a new battery as no reserve amperage ,as for the lights on the dash i have no idea to be honest without a play with it ... 2005 Ford Taurus

I own a 1996 Ford Taurus. I was replacing the bulb at the drives side feet compartment and there was an arc. Now the windows won't work and all interior lights won't work. I have dashboard lights and trunk lights. I have replaced the relay for the windows and checked all the fuses. I also replaced the module in the engine compartment next to the battery and nothing still works.

There is a body control module in the car,I am not sure on that model where,but it could be in a kick panel,or up under the dash on drivers side. ... 1996 Ford Taurus

2002 ford taurus dashboard lights out

Make sure the dimmer is turned all the way up.If it is and still no lights,the dimmer is bad. ... 2002 Ford Taurus

HELP!! My brake lights on a 99 ford taurus went out and I bought new bulbs for it but I cant get the lights off to change them. I think it might be a fuse that needs to be changed but I am not sure where to look or what to even look for. Can someone please help me??

I have a 98 Taurus and just had the same issue. You have to pull out the plastic pins holding the carpet, fold the carpet down out of the way and remove 5 nuts. They are most likely metric, but a 7/16" deep-well socket worked for me. Then you remov ... 1999 Ford Taurus

My 2002 Ford Taurus SES, the light on the dashboard won't light up so I can see the speedometer or gas gauge. I replaced the fuse and still nothing. What is wrong?

Have exact the same car and the same problem - how did you have it fixed i if you did... ? ... 2002 Ford Taurus

My ford taurus doesnt turn on. Lights, stereo dashboard lights all turn on except the engine it sounds like it wants to turn on but it doesnt I dont know what can be wrong with the car??

If the starter is clicking, or the engine is turning over slowly, try replacing the battery or try getting a jump to see if you can get the engine to start.If the engine is turning over, but won't start, it sounds like you may have a bad ... 1994 Ford Taurus

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus SE. It does not have anti-lock brakes. My daughter borrowed the car a week ago, came to my house yesterday, and when I went to move the car the brake pedal went to the floor. The car stopped, but barely. I told her it wasn't like that when she took the car a week ago. Apparently the brake light came on a couple of days ago. I checked the fluid level, and it was very low so I topped it off. The pedal still goes to the floor and I didn't see any brake fluid leaking under

Missing fluid = a leak somewherecommon leaks points are the rear wheel cylinders and linesif its leaking at the master then your booster should be wetadditionally, since you added fluid, the new fluid is probably sitting on to ... Ford Taurus

I have a 1994 Ford Taurus. The battery light went on and the temperature gauge went high at the same time immediately. It was also difficult to steer. Can you please tell me what is the problem?

Sounds like you blew a belt under the hood !!! swampratt200!!AAAEEE!!!! ... Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus 2002 SES. Car starts, after turning on the A/C various lights on the dash will light and speedometer jumping from 0 to 20. Only way to stop it is turn off key then the car won't start without a boost. No problems if the A/C is left off. Any ideas??????

Have the battery and alternator tested. Check all ground wires from engine to battery, and battery to body. This sounds like a classic low voltage/bad ground problem. ... 2002 Ford Taurus

Turn signal out, no flashers and no brake light except third light on tail gate of a 92 ford taurus sw. changed fuses and bulbs but did not change flashers or relays signal started acting up, getting loud, slowing down and going off and on then it went out and so did brake and flashers.

Its likely the turn signal switch (multi function switch) if the hi-mount still works, ... 1992 Ford Taurus

I own an 2004 ford explorer I got in my Suv and started it up then noticed that my dashboard lights wasnt on tried to move the knob they still didn't come on. then i noticed my brake lights wasnt working either, went got manual found two fuses that wasn;t in use and they both blew as soon as i put them in. I have had my Suv since 2004 i have never had this problem before, what can i do

Check for a short circuit ... 2006 Ford Explorer
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