Having problems with your 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab ?

Lost anti-theft ignition key

\015 Car will not start with new ignition help\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

You will need to take the truck to Ford so they can replace the ignition again, and replace the key, recode and reprogram it to the PCM in the vehicle there is nothing you can do in this case.
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My daughter's 1996 grand am has an anti-theft system installed in it and for whatever reason it activated this past sunday and now won't start. how can we de-activate the 'theft sys' permanently? the original ignition key was lost and another key was cut, would this be the problem?

If the key was a transponder key, then you will most likely need to take the VIN number to the dealer or a lock smith that makes transponder keys to get a key that will start it. Hopefully you will not have to have it towed to a dealer to have the ke ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

I lost my key to my 1996 mercury sabal LS and I went and bought another ignition cylinder and key set and when I tried to follow the directions to programming the keys it started and shut right back off because of the anti-theft system in it what should I do now?

... 1996 Mercury Sable

I lost the keys of my ford 2006 while surfing yesterday. I tried to start the ignition by breaking the cylinder and using a flat screwdriver but no luck. It does the starting sound but doesnt start. there is an anti-theft device that is coded with a chip in the key. Anyone knows where this device is located or how can I start the car without the key?

You cannot start the car without the chip. That's why it's called anti-theft device. The purpose is just that: to prevent anybody to steal the car with a screwdriver.You have to get a new cylinder and a new key from the authorized dealer. You'l ... 2006 Ford F-150

The anti-theft system, cutting off the fuel system cause it did not recognize my key, started coming on more commonly. Now it just does not turn the engine over. It just makes a click sound when it goes to start. I have already tested the starter and it works just fine. I even pulled out the ignition relay switch and it was just fine as well, other then the anti-theft system keeps coming on. Is it just not registering the key and the anti-theft module needs a key fob? Or is it the ignition?

Good Evening, your anti-theft is in the ignition. If you go to start the car, then leave the key in the run position when it does not start for about 11- 15mins. Once the security light goes off then turn it off and try starting it. If it does not wo ... Pontiac Grand Am

Lost anti-theft ignition key

You will need to take the truck to Ford so they can replace the ignition again, and replace the key, recode and reprogram it to the PCM in the vehicle there is nothing you can do in this case.\015\012If this information is helpful please give m ... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab

My only key is lost, so I have to change the ignition,(have it done, I'm a disabled woman). The kit is available from Auto Zone for $50, but there is a warning which says to refer to the owners manual regarding the anti theft device. Problem is I didn't get one with my $800.00 car. (I love it, have had a great car) GMC dealership will order a USED manual for $27, taking 4-6 weeks to get it. Car HAS to be moved from its present site. Sun roof is open, too. What do I need from the owners manual? W

If your original keys had a black plastic cover it most likely had a factory installed chip to deter auto theft of this vehicle. If it didn't then it probably did not. The rest procedure is probably what is referred to in the user manual if you hav ... 2001 GMC Jimmy

My two 5 year old daughters took the keys from the front door lock of my home and lost them in a very deep drain hole and they cant be retrieved so i replaced ignition but isnt compatible with anti-theft.how do i bypass anti theft system?

You have to go to ford they could have made a key for you it may be pricy but it would have worked right away now you have to get the car there so they can program your keys ... Mercury Cougar

Alarm system lost keys for car, alarm went off so i disconnected battery cable. After installing a new ignition switch the car wont start. Can the anti theft system be disarmed?

Yesu have to reset it get a new controler ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

I just recently lost my keys to my 1999 chrysler concorde i changed the ignition switch hoping that would save me some money but now the anti theft system is on now so how can i bypass that

... Chrysler Concorde

2003 ford winstar only key broke in the ignition so i replace the the ignition and reprogramed brainbox however vehicle anti theft light keeps blinking when vehicle is on and off

The anti-theft light is supposed to blink when the car is locked to show the system is armed.\015\012\015\012Does it flash while driving?\015\012\015\012Principles of Operation \015\012The PATS uses a specially en ... 2003 Ford Windstar

Anti-theft system Car wont start. message says "starting disabled, anti-theft system remove key from ignition." what should i do? ive tried a different key and cleaning the key. nothing will work.

Read your manual or take it to the dealer. It sounds like it needs reset.....if this is a factory anti theft system, only the installer may be able to help you. ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

I was taking my steering wheel off of my 1997 honda prelude and putting and after market one on. and whil i was hammering the new one on the anti-theft starting beeping. and i read online about the "The ignition key features Immobilizer anti-theft system which reads the digitally coded radio signal; and disable the fuel injection and ignition if an attempt is made to improperly start the car." online and i think thats whats happening. i placed the code into the radio like it said but it still wo

With something like anti theft I would have to contact honda and explain what is happening if you cant find anything on line. Something like the anti theft thing is very particular. ... 1997 Honda Prelude

Hi my 2001 dodge caravan was stolen about 2 weeks ago. I have recovered the vehicle, had to have the ignition column replaced and the ignition re keyed.. the mechanic started it up and it ran for about 10mins and then shut down. the anti theft kicked in. how do I reset the anti theft device in my van???

You have to take it to the dealer and get the anti theft module reflashed - most dealers charge around 95.00 ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

The car wont start, the brake pedal is locked like the anti-theft is active, the anti theft light is flashing when the keys are in the ignition. when i try to turn it on it doesnt turn over, just makes clicking noises like the batterys dead but it isnt, possible problem with the anti theft? help!!!


I have a 2003 chevorlet tahoe v*8 5- litre two wheel drive, I just recently ran out of fuel.I put fuel and then attempted to start the vehicle. Nothing, no-crank. I get a full dash display but nothing when I try to start, as if I am locked out.The vehicles anti-theft should disengage with the key transmitter, or with the manual key-unlock;also by using the ignition, nothing helped. I even tried cranking the motor at the starter itself with the ignition key on. All I got was crank with no fire'

You have to use the same remote and key that you was using when it happened or it wont start or even turnover ... 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

Shut off 1997 buick skylark to go into store. Put key back into ignition and will not turn to start. The key will not turn to start car. Locked up. Is it the ignition switch, key, anti theft light also blinks. Was told that we can replace for 200 then a dealer would have to program. Is there another solution to this at less cost. Trying to move and delayed suddenly.

Ok if key goes fully into ign then you have a easy and common issue. im guessing the steering wheel is locked too? if so insert key and hold firm forward turning pressure while slowly trying to turn steering wheel from side to side. the wheel should ... 1997 Buick Skylark

My 2000 Mazda MPV will intermittently not start and the anti-theft immobilizer light at the bottom right corner of the dash either fails to self test or stays on once the van starts. I can get it to start by wiggling the key in the ignition. Again, sometimes the immobilzer light stays on. I notice that aftermarket ignition switches do not come with new keys. I am thinking that the key/switch needs to be replaced, but a new switch will do no good without a new key (which I'm told I need to ge

Hi! I believe that the ignition switch on the steering column has a problem. You may need to replace this for its trippin already. You may buy a new ignition switch with a sensor key to avoid hassles. There are ignition switches with comes with an or ... 2000 Mazda MPV

Theft light is on I have a 1998 expedition an my problem is I lost the OG door key but do have spares.an the theft light is on an blinking.I do have a remote key for the ignition an never had to use the spare for the door . but now that i need it to reset the theft light the spare wont open the door to do the locking an unlocking to reset it what else can i do? I also read that there is a code under the drivers side dash .. but how do i punch it in an where do i punch it in at?? so despeate to


Audi 98 A4 alarm went off and would not shut off, when it did the ignition was locked out, and you could not get a key inside. Now you can get key inside ignition, but car will not start, just clicks once when you turn key. Had AAA out and it isnt batterie, he seems to think the car is on some kind of anti theft lockout......HELP!

Audis and Volkswagen beyond 97 have microcontacts in all door locks and the trunk lock. They tend to fail and the anti-theft recognizes it as attempt to mess with the car. So it triggers the alarm. Sometimes also all windows come down nighttime on th ... Audi A4

1998 Old Intrigue. When I try to start the car, if it does not start and i turn they key to the off position, the car is still trying to turn over. The serpentine belt is turning slowly and the starter is engaged. Bought a new battery,,,, Also the ignition appers to be worn a little and I can remove the keywhile car is running. I just leave the key in the ignition at all times so as not to disturb the anti theft system HELP

Does it have a remote start in it some times they can cause problems or you need a new ing switch and if the anti theft light comes on and the car wont start but turns over put the key in the ing switch and leave in on pos for 15 to 20 min to reset a ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Turn ignition key and motor starts up, next day turn ignition key and motor just turns over and wont start. could it be anti theft problem its a 2002 f150 4 wheel drive with 4.6 liter

This could be caused by either a faulty Crank Shaft Position Sensor or the anti-theft system. Try put key in, turn to ON position for EXACTLY 10 minutes, As SOON as anti-theft light shuts off or stops flashing, then IMMEDIATELY start the engine. ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

My 2006 aveo is a automatic with anti-theft system and my key is sticking in the ignition. Im wandering until i get it replaced can i removed the fuse for the anit-theft and still use my car? I have to remove the battery cable to pull out my key and my shifter is stickng in park is this a security issue as well? I have tried pushing down on the knob as it says to to take it out of park and i always press my brake to get it to unlock but will not work now *sighs* Please help me!!

... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

My 96 Grand AM has an aftermarket autostart installed. The cars anti theft is engaged and will not reset so the key will not turn to off and is stuck in the "On" position.. the car starts and runs fine but leaving key in ignition hard on the battery etc. The ignition cylinder has been changed twice and works fine for a while and the problem reoccurs. In past restarting and moving vehicle slightly has worked but not this time..Any suggestions?

There is a cable the goes from you shifter to the steering colum, might be out of adjustment ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2001 Ford Focus that was towed and the anti theft must have been activated because when the battery is connected the horn blows and will not start. I have the original ignition keys, how do I diasable the anti theft?

Check the owners manual for the proper dis-arming procedure. Or you close all the doors including the trunk and hood. Lock and unlock the doors using the remote or the key. Get in the car, shut the driver door, insert the key in the ignition and a ... 2001 Ford Focus

Hi. I have a 2003 ford windstar with ford anti theft. While driving ,the engine just stopped and the anti theft symbol on the dash kept flashing,and the engine will not turn over.I disconnected the battery..to no avail.left the ignition key on for a few minutes,,still nothing so I towed the van home and dissconnected the battery cable for the night. Does the van need to be reset and if so how do I do it. Thanks Larry

You will have to take your vehicle to the nearest dealer the theft system is the issue most likley you will have to replace the ignition switch but you will have to get it properly diagnost do yourself a favor and save u time and money ... 2003 Ford Windstar
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