Having problems with your 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab ?

The check engine light is on all the time. When it idles, it kinda revs, like it want to go and go--I don't even have to give it gas and it moves. Also, only get about 25 mpg, mostly highway driving. Something is wrong--a vacuum leak?

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Idles high when driving
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The check engine light is on all the time. When it idles, it kinda revs, like it want to go and go--I don't even have to give it gas and it moves. Also, only get about 25 mpg, mostly highway driving. Something is wrong--a vacuum leak?

Idles high when driving ... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Replaced Bank 1-Sensor 1, check engine light came back on, now I'm getting 10 mpg, black smoke when I get on it. Ran diagnostics at AutoZone; 6 codes;(1) p0131, (1) p0171, (2) p0300, (2)p0455, checked the gas cap on the 455 code and the seal is good, the manager there said it was probably a vacuum leak. What is a safe & easy way to find the leak, and is this a common occurence?

Check your wiring make sure it is in the correct firing sequence! p0300 means misfire! p0131 means O2 sensor is not working properly. ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My car keeps revving up with out pressing on the gas peddle after getting my new transmission installed and valve cover changed. Now what's wrong? The car seems to drive fine. I also use the CarMD diagnostic tool and I got a PO174, PO 171 code although my check engine light is not on. Could this problem be related to a possible vacuum leak? What is causing my car to rev up, at while it's idle in park or stopped at the traffic light?

P0171 is a LEAN code fpr cylinder bank 1, and P0174 is a LEAN code for cylinder bank 2. These codes commonly occur on many vehicles, and are set when the powertrain control module (PCM) sees the air/fuel mixture is running too lean (too much air, not ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I just bought a 2005 expedition. It started chugging right from the start. I was told it had been sitting it would resolve. It only got worse. It's mostly when I take my foot off the gas a little. When I apply the peddle, it goes away. It's suppose to get 16 mpg, it was getting 12. I took it back, they replaced fuel filter and injecter and altenator. The problem went to almost nothing and mpg was up to 16. It's doing it more gradually and I'm down to 14 mpg. Any ideas???

Spark plugs would be a good place to start along with an oil change, put some fuel treatment in your tank and drive it a while it should come out of it. ... 1997 Ford Expedition

I have a 92 Jimmy with the 4.3 CPI and first I can not get the o2 sensor off and I've tried any tricks to get it off? Second because I can not get it off it had to stay and I had to drive it now its leaking what I think is gas and oil mix but mostly gas where the manifold bolts to the exhaust how can I fix this or is it fixable?

To remove oxygen sensor you need to start engine get exhaust system hot.the oxygen sensor has to be hot before you can remove it.spray a little WD-40 it can be some help. ... Cars & Trucks

Gas mileage When I purchased my '91 Civic Si in 2001 I would routinely get 38 - 39 mpg. Over the years that number has slowly dropped, but suddenly I went from 34 mpg to 29 mpg. I recently had an issue with the car quitting on the highway. I replaced the rotor, distributor cap, icm, master relay, and fuel pump. I actually installed 2 fuel pumps because the first one died after only a week of driving. Are there any easy solutions to get it back into the mid-30's range?

Have your o2 sensor checked that is the most likely cause of it ... 1991 Honda Civic

Just purchases my 2005 Impala. It should get a combined 26 mpg, but I am getting about 13 mpg. Its the base model 3.4 v6. Doing mostly city driving with occasional highway

Combined fuel ecomony is based on 50/50 driving between city and highway. But I agree that 13 mpg is quite a bit down from that!\015\012\015\012Do you have a "check engine" light staying on while you drive?\015\012I am guessing you ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

My Grand Am is getting terrible gas mileage, about 14-16mpg, and I commute highway every day.So it should be getting around 20-26? What could be the issue? Gas Gauge? Fuel Filter? Or something entirely else??

... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

I have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier it is Bi-Fuel Natural Gas. I only use regular gasoline because I do not live close to a CNG filling station. For a little car I get horrible gas mileage. I only average about 17 miles to the gallon and I mostly do highway driving. I am supposed to be getting a lot more per gallon what could be the reason why I am not? Could the CNG tank be adding a lot of weight although it is empty?

I suggest check O2 sensors and tune-up regulation, its possible that you are burning so much that you need when NG is "injected". Keep in mind that... if your vehicle is excelent point and tune-up, your consumptio in NG or fuel will must the same. ... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

I have a 1991 toyota 4runner V6 4wd. Lately driving my toyota 4runner around its been kinda guttless and its getting horrible gas mileage, like below 8 mpg! this is not good, my truck is running kindof rough for what it is, but i know it's a really nice truck, i recently have gave it an oil change, new plug wires, cap, and roter. Decreased my tire size from 33 in to 31 in. I have been smelling gas after driving my car several times but i have not found any leak. Can it be my Fuel pump, catalytic

Timing belt could be going bad, Also the vacuum line coming from the air box could be leaking. Check vacuum lines first. Open the air filter box and check the airflow sensor door by reaching underneath and see if you can move it. It could be stuck. A ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

Car runs good while driving around town you can burn tires if wanted but get on the highway you can;t pass other cars because when youpush the petal down it stals let off petal and it goes again it acks like it runs out of gas whene you get on it or trying to climb a hill. its ben doing this for a while now car don't leak oil it does not miss

There could be a couple of things causing this problem. It could be the throttle positioning sensor, the mass air flow sensor, the air intake temperature sensor, a dirty air or fuel filter. Is you check engine light on? If so take it to Autozone and ... 2004 Pontiac Aztek

I have a 2003 acura mdx, which has water on the floor on the passenger side, I have took the car to glasses place, they have perform a leak check and have found no leaks on the winshield, I have vacuum the car dry. I have took the car to the dealer and have they check the moonroof and cabin filter, they have found nothing wrong with them. they have wash my car after an oil changed. So I have my car parked outside for about an hour, the floor get little wet again and the winshield inside was free

Needs heater core tested and replaced ... Acura MDX

Bad MPG I just purchased a 2005 F250 FX4 Superduty 6.0L Diesel with an automatic transmission. The truck has 100,000 miles on it and is completely stock. It runs GREAT and has plenty of power! No smoke whatsoever, turbo builds and holds 10 to 30 psi. easily with no boost leaks. However I am only getting 11 to 14 mpg. on the highway empty. I don't have a lead foot and I excellerate moderatly to conserve fuel but to no avail. The transfer case and front hubs are properly disengaging the front end

05 350 4x4 crew Had the same problem clean the injecters and let it breath put a new air filter system 225.00 on the net and I put a Banks exhaust system. 4" and had the injecters retimed.and pressure bosted 23 mpg highway /city 19 mpg running stock ... 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Just bought the 1999 Rav4 and as I drive the gas gauge goes down almost fast enough to see move. I smell no gas leaks under the hood or under the car. Am I missing something that I need to do? Is there some simple fix? I see that the car should get good MPG. (I do not have the air conditioning on) The car had not driven for some months before I bought it but the record shows regular maintenance being done. Can some one help?

The injectors may need cleaning or you may have a problem with the fuel pressure regulator......hope this helps......cheers ... 1999 Toyota RAV4

My 2004 chevy silverado is only getting about 13 mpg where it normally got about 21. The air filter in new, air pressure fine, had the injectors flushed, no gas leaks or smells, not trouble lights are on and the dealer couldn't figure it out. And no the brake pedal is not on. I have got through about 3 tanks of gas and have gotten the same results.

Start small- check tires, the fuel FILTER, then spark plugs ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a hissing sound coming from the drivers side rear quarter panal. It appears to be coming from the area of the gas filler neck. I can run my hand up around the many rubber hoses and can makethe sound change but I can't see up in that area. How do I get to the whatever where these hoses go so that I can see the either air leak or vacuum leak? Mike H

... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The idle is rough. If you give it gas the engine trys to die. If I get the idle slowly up to 2000 rpm then the engine revs between 2 and 3000 rmp. If you floor the pedle in idle , the car dies. If you. Try and do a powe breake, the car dies. The car will not go over 25 mph. I have replaced the spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, idle air control valve, drive belts. There is no vacuum leak that I can find. I jused break cleaner and sprayed it all around the intake and vacuum lines. All fluids are fu

The symptoms you describe are consistent with a mass airflow problems. Take note that the 1998/2002 Accords do not have a MAF (mass airflow sensor) but rather, a MAP sensor. Take this unit out and clean it with electrical circuit spray cleaner. Its b ... 1998 Honda Accord

My 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 has a rough idle and high oil pressure. Could an alternator cause a rough idle? I have to give it gas to get it started. Do you know why that is? There is also a clicking/tapping sound coming from a vacuum solenoid EVAP looking mechanism on the far right side of the engine in front of the brake booster. There are obviously a few things wrong with this jeep, I'm just looking for some help to get started.

Not caused by alternator. check the idle air control motor operation (take it off and see if it moves when the key is turned on. also clean out the air passages while you have the motor out) and clean the throttle body with carb cleaner. I have pa ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I am driving a 91 Buick Century that seems to have a fuel problem. It wants to sput and sputter when it gets to just at half a tank of fuel. It does not matter what gas station I get the fuel from. It will sometimes make a great big popping sound (Not a backfire) then continue back to speed. when it spits and sputters it acts like it wants to stall or like it is being choked to death. I re[laced the fuel pump, checked for vacuum leaks, checked the air filter, I wonder if it is an injector pr

Did you replace the fuel filter also? Have fuel pressure checked, new pump does not always equal good pump, have gotten bad ones before. Check / replace gas cap- may not be holding correct pressure in tank. Or, the seal on the fuel pump hole may not ... 1991 Buick Century

1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass, While driving down the highway, oil pan light came on and car started putting and died. Was able to get car to start again but only with giving it some gas. When it did start it was running real rough and having trouble staying started as RPM's jumped high and low. It did start but ran rough, verified had oil, gas, etc... I dont believe it has anything to do with fuel pump or filter but i could be wrong. I am thinking along the lines of oil pump, timing belt, camshaft...

Check the Oil Pressure, 103kPa (15 psi) @ 1100 RPM. The sensor may have gone bad which is common and the car's ECM will shut the fuel system down if it get's a reading of less then 8 PSI. Start with the simple and replace the oil pressure sensor whic ... Oldsmobile Cutlass

I drove my Ford Trader 3.5l non turbo diesel fully loaded from Melb to Syd and 70-80% of the time it was pulling well the other 20-30% it felt that the brake was on it had no pulling power at all. I was pushing it all the way to Sydney sometimes I get 110 km easy other times I was lucky to get 85-90 km on straight and level highway. It always starts well never stalled or cut when running or idling. I have changed all the filters and checked for leaks, but I can't see anything wrong.

Your car is fast ... 1992 GMC Sierra K1500

1991 volvo turbo idles and runs ok exhaust manifold gets glowing hot after highway speeds checked and repaired all vacuum leaks had replaced air mass unit before this happened. timing by the book 12 degrees btc timing on car 7degree btc canot adjust timing to specs what happened and can you help?

The Garrett turbo-charger is notorious for leaking oil into the intercooler, and, into the emissions system. This happens because the bearing wears in the turbine assembly, and dumps lubricating/cooling oil into the combustion and intercooler system ... 1991 Volvo 740

Where can i get an emission diagram for a 1999 jeep wrangler sport, i have a P0455 error (EVAP Control System Leak [Large}) i have examined the vacuum hose and they appear to be in good shape, what could cause this issue?? i did replace the gas cap with a new one regards R

... 1999 Jeep Wrangler

1991 Ford Thunderbird with a 3.8 V6 Started out running rough cold, like it was missing. Tuned it up, cleaned the injectors and throttle body. Running got more rough and at low idle. Found intake manifold leaking. Replaced gasket and now it runs ROUGHER and all the time. Shakes pretty harshly at low rpms, smoothes out at highway speeds. However it has plenty of power and is getting good gas mileage. Checked the compression in the cylinders three times now and all are between 120 and 135.

I think your car has a 7th injector called a cold start injector. Takes the place of a choke. If it does check n make sure it's working properly. That's all I can think of at this time. Hope it helps. Also sounds like you still have a pretty bad vacu ... 1991 Ford Thunderbird

I have an 84 ford f150 4wd 351 foru barrel carb im getting 5.5 mpg on a good day i do not run it at high speeds mainly in the mountains and around town at times no gas leaks i can find any suggestions

Unfortunately, old ford trucks **** gas. However, you can check your emissions controls. A stuck valve or switch can drastically change your efficiency. Make sure you have a clean air filter, check your timing, and carburetor settings. ... 1984 Ford F 150
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