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I have a 1999 ford f150 need to to remove the lower idler pully what kind of bolt is that looks like some kind of star headed bolt what is the size?

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Answers :

That would be a torx bolt,size go E6,E8,E10,E12 and so on,find correct one,dont know exactly what size it in
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I have a 1999 ford f150 need to to remove the lower idler pully what kind of bolt is that looks like some kind of star headed bolt what is the size?

That would be a torx bolt,size go E6,E8,E10,E12 and so on,find correct one,dont know exactly what size it in ... 2000 Ford Focus

What size are the smaller head bolts located around the timing area. They look like the have star heads on the and a 10mm slips

It's not a standard socket ther torques sockets you can get a set for about 30 bucks at most parts stores get the metric set most of the saturns use 10 12 mm torques and higher ... 2002 Saturn SC

2000 Escalade blown headgasket?? Ok well here it goes..... I have an Escalade 5.7 that the oil looked like chocolate milk and was over heating my friend who also fixes my cars was supposed to do the HG well I bought all the necessary gaskets head bolts and coolant couple weeks later he calls me to say its done but when I go over there the truck heats up right away and the radiator won't fill up I look at the dipstick its reading way high on the dipstick ( I changed the oil before we star

Before replacing head gasket put a pressure test on the coolant system and look for a leak around the intake manifold gaskets.These gaskets are prone for leaking and allowing coolant into the oil. ... 2000 Cadillac Escalade

Hit curb head on and broke a suspension bracket of some kind. It is behind the wheel on the passenger side and kinda looks like a fly swatter. The ''handle end sets between two pieces of metal and a bolt slips through the three holes to secure.


I just brought a 1970 ford f100 with unknown motor size i need help trying to find out what motor size and the other problem some one stole the carb from it and also its a two barrel intake the carb hold down bolts are long so there is poss a spacer i dont know i went and got a carb off a two barrel truck and a spacer that looks like a small t but on the intake it looks like a two barrel set up it leaks gas all over the place please help me

1970 Ford Truck F100 P/U- 5.0L 2BL OHV 8cyl- 6.4L 2BL OHV 8cyl ... Ford F-100

I would like to purchase some used whells for my 200 sebring convertable. I would like to know my wheel and tire size options. It has 5 bolts 16 rims existing tires 205/55/16. What is the bolt distance I tried to measure it and got about 105mm. Can I use 15 inch wheels as well if si what tire size should I look for. Thanx Jim

Regarding your measurement: It does not matter what numbers you come up with unless you are buying without actually being where the new wheels are. What is important is that you measure the exact same way every time to match what you have. Your tires ... 2000 Chrysler Sebring

My 2000 taurus would stay in first gear it would not shift and at the same time the speedomiter would not move even when driving in first gear on the internet they say it the transmission speed sensor when i look for parts it shows two parts an input and output part on looks like some kind of wireing and the other looks like a sensor thats bolts into the top of the transmission. so what do you think guys

If your speedometer does not work i would change the output speed sensor that would be the two wire plug that bolts on to the top of the transmission, because that speed sensor get looked at from your transmission ecm and you engine ecm. Right now th ... 2000 Ford Taurus

Help please, I have replaced the power steering (p/s), pump pulley and now I am unable to mount the pump back because the pump has a bolt on the back and I am unable to squeeze it back on, it looks like I can take the bolt out with a wrench but I am not sure, could someone let me know if that bolt can come off? and I would also like to know if the p/s pump pully has to go in all the way I have replaced it wile it is still in the van because I didin't want to take it off all the way and was able

If it is the same pump you removed,and the bolt did not have to be removed,then it ought to be able to be reinstalled with the bolt in it.I an not sure what you mean exactley,but if it is a bolt,it will come out.They will be super tight.Yes the pulle ... Plymouth Grand Voyager

Does the bolt removal to access the light unit on the rear of my 2006 Clio need a special key? The bolt head looks like a combination Phillips/flat head. I don't want to damage the head, so please advise.

It's a TORX bit a (six sided star) type driver. Any good parts or hardware store can help you with a basic set for inexpensive $ ... Renault Sport

How to replace right rear turn signal bulb. doesn't look like I can reach the bulb without removing the entire assembly. Looks like I need a tool that fits on a star head to remove it. Correct?

Open the trunk lid and remove the screws. If they are star head screws, you'll need that typ of tool. The assmbly should easily be removed and you'll have access to the bulbs ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a loose battery terminal on a GM side mount. I am looking for an expandable/spreadable term bolt. It looks like a regular battery bolt, except has a hole drilled through the center and splits cut in the threaded portion creating an "x". there is a small hex head screw set in the hole which expands the threaded portion to more tightly fit the wearing lead battery terminal. NO-ONE seems to have this simple part, however, I have an older one that doesn't work properly. Can you help? RW

Try the metric size bolt may ba a hair bigger and thread in. ... Chevrolet Camaro

I had 90000 service performed. At 98000 miles I hear a gurgling sound, like the system needs to be burped. Car seemed to be driving normally otherwise. Not overheating. I bring it to the dealer to look it over and.... Here's the estimate on the Highlander Parts: Head Gasket Set............254.92 Water Pump..................175.34 Misc parts wash, bolts, 50.00 Labor to install Head Gasket and re-tool block retain bolts 15.0 hours @ $159.95.....2399.25 Labor to install water pump 3.0 hours @ $159.

Well you tax is cheap thats for sure ,its 17% here in spain .Try bleeding the cooling system a bit and see if that cures it ,could just be an air lock ... 2003 Toyota Highlander

Starter how do you take the starter off , i have a book but it said 2 bolts on the back side and i looked and it looks like a all thread bolt no head nor a nut on it , i think my siloniod is bad it clicks but won't turn the starter at all , can i take the siloniod off with out taking the starter off ? Thank You Glenn<><

If the solenoid  is bad you can test this by taking some thing and crossing the terminals on the solenoid  and then if trying to start it dose not work it's the starter in that case remove the starter as a ... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

Having trouble getting the caliber off to change the brakes. it has one of them star bolts for the caliber. i used a t55 on the passenger side and the same size socket wont work on the drivers side. its like it is to big, but the next size smaller is way to small. is there a different measure of them star sockets that they have out there?

Yes there are all sizes and cheap to buy at the auto shop.adrian,,, ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hello i own a spyder 4200 cabriolet 2002, there appears to be 2 bolts that work within the roof mechanism . its a bolt that screws into the frame of the roof mechanism and it has a round head. It looks like the type of bolt used in the gaskets for boot lids. Its probably a common fault on the cars. Can anyone help me as to wear i can get 2 bolts from as mine have snapped. Many Thx Mark 07956 276 912

High tensile steel bolts with a star drive in the centre of the head ,not a problem try your local auto factor failing which no doubt your local scrapyard will have buckets of bolts just sort them out till you find what you want ... 1985 Maserati Biturbo

1989 nissan stanza 4L 2.0 sohc....been trying to replace head gasket for two days...i need to undo the inlet manifold but am not sure how many bolts need to be removed...my diagram shows either 3,6 or 9. which only applies if i am looking at the bolts which need to be removed. i need to know how many bolts, size, location and how to get to them to remove. thank youj

Hi! Just a tip that may enlighten you on this one. Used to work on one myself, 3 bolts may refer to the top aircleaner case. 8 bolts for the valve cover itself. You will need a size 12 socket to remove this. Hope this helps and good luck! ... 1989 Nissan Stanza

97 volvo 850 with a milky dipstick, looks like a head gasket is in my future, any special knowledge needed, I've done many but not on this car yet, it'll be my firs, I've learned about the head bolt replacement, what is the torque procedure and any thing special about removing the head and putting it back on ?

Your best bet is to buy a Haynes book on your car from Autozone for $20.00It will tell you if you have stretch bolts or not in your engine. ... 1997 Volvo 850

I have a 1994 GMC sierra pickup. Trying to replace valve cover gastket on passenger side and it appears I have to remove AC. I remove serpentine belt, I see three bolts holding AC. I got two out but can't get the bottom out. *I know it has a flat edge on the bolt head). Even if I get the bol out it looks like I has bushing in side the bolt holes. Am I do it correctly.

Yes your doing it correctly. I know it seems like alot of work for a simple job but if its in the way it will need to be removed. Usually just removeing the support bracket is needed since the vavle cover will move rearward a little as you lift it ... 1994 GMC Sierra

Removing the driveline. 1992 econoline van 150 . There are four bolts at the rear of the driveline to be able to drop the drive line and to be able to replace two universal joints. What tool do I need to remove those bolts. They look like 12 point heads but no socket fits.

They are going to be, either a thirteen or a twevle millimeter twelve point socket, or, a twelve point wrench. ... 1992 Ford Econoline

What is the bolt for the belt idler tesioner suposse to look like and can it be purchased seperately. I beleive someone put a stright bolt in as there is no collar on it to push the idler pully tight


I am taking the knock sensor off my old dead Subaru Legacy GT 2 litre twin turbo to give to my garage mechanic to put on my lastest car the same. Following his advice I have removed the inter-cooler unit on top of the engine and he said it'd be underneath but I can't see it. Can you please tell me where exactly it'd be and what it looks like and any other advice/recommendations??? (I'm looking for a circular coin sized piece with a bolt thru the middle, is that right?) Thanks!

The knock sensor of Subaru Legacy GT 2 litre twin turbo:\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012You need only a socket wrench with a long ex ... Subaru Legacy

Replace 2003 Toyota Corolla serpentine belt- where's the tensioner? All the on-line how to's say to use 19mm hex to loosen. Can't find likely culprit that has 19 mm bolt head. Doesn't look like set up on other makes and models.

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Took my 1997 ford taurus with 3.0L to a shop did a compression check on the back cylinders (1,2,3) 1&2 were at 50 psi. They said more then likely it was the botom end of motor which has the problem. Now wouldnt it blow smoke an burn oil if the piston rings were bad? The head looked fine the block as well, New gasket an bolts were installed tightened to specs. This car runs almost perfect except when u put it in gear it stumbles like it out of timing. Where should i go from here?

Have the shop do a leakdown test and verify the problem, it could be a bad head gasket or a burnt or stuck valve. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I have a 1990 ford f150 and i cant get it to star it looks like there is no spark i change the ignition coil the ignition module and pick up coil and still not star

Do you know if your starter is bad? If you have not had this check perform these simple steps to check your starter. Place flathead screwdriver on top of your selonoid switch and another screwdriver to the positive battery terminal. If your starter i ... 1990 Ford F150

My 1999 Ford Contour has a variable valve timing/camshaft which I don't know how to properly time. Also how do you remove the cam belt sprocket so that the head can be removed. It looks like it is held on by a Torxs head bolt. Is this correct?

The crank notch should be up and the two square lobes have to be pointing up square with engine i used welders vise grips yes the cam bolts are torx ... 1999 Ford Contour
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