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54reg mondeo tdci cruise control faults, when i turn on the engin the cruis light comes on then goes off! Then when i come to use it on the motorway (around 70,80mph) nothing happens, no light to tell me its working!

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54reg mondeo tdci cruise control faults, when i turn on the engin the cruis light comes on then goes off! Then when i come to use it on the motorway (around 70,80mph) nothing happens, no light to tell me its working!

... 2000 Ford Focus

98 S10 blazer LS 2WD 4.3 My headlights always work at night(thanks to the sensor in the dash)so I never use the headlamp switch, well awhile ago I noticed the dash lights don't come on when the headlamps are switched from DRL to headlights via the sensor. so I started manually turning the headlights on. Now nothing but headlamps come on but no running lights or dash lights, at the same time, brake and turn signals work. although when I hit a hard bump they sometimes come on (dash and running) th

Did you replace the DRL Relay in the fuse panel located on the drivers side dash? There is also one out in the fuse block under the hood. ... Chevrolet Blazer

What is the lever on the left side of the sterring wheel called? Controls the running lights and night lights. Also has the cruise control switches on the lever and the hazard switch. 3.1 V6 1994 Pontiac Grand AM Lost ability to see dash cluster at night and no running lights come on at all. Hazard lights no longer work. Turn signal works along with brakes all around. Driving lights come one when switch is used to turn them on.

Blinker switch....i had the same problem i put a new one in and it went away ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Am

2000 Ford E350 Econoline, 5.4L. Won't start. Lights come on, doesnt crank at all. Somebody told me to change ignition starter switch. I did that nothing. I then changed the ignition itself with new key and all. I worked for a day or so but back to same ole. I turn the key and all the lights come on, but it acts like it's not in park no starter noise or nothing. If I move the shift handle all around sometimes it starts.

Sounds like you have a bad neutral safety switch...That's why I recommend testing with volt meter etc before doing unnecessary repair work. Check that and replace it if necessary!! ... 2000 Ford Econoline

Hello i have a 1991 dodge dakota and it has recently died due to the lights being left on. I have been able to use jumper cables to get it started i used a 2000 chevrolet malibu for this. I have left it running for around 40mins and than parked it and turned it off. and as soon as i try and turn it on nothing, dosent turn over or radio or clock nothing works. PLEASE HELP!

You are going to need to put the battery on a charger for several hours. I'm surprised that it would start with jumper cables. If the battery won't charge with the battery charger, take it to a good auto parts store and have ... 1991 Dodge Dakota

I have a bmw 316ti compact on a 52 reg. The central locking gave up working 3mths ago and we was useing the key to lock and unlock the car,then all ov a sudden we couldnt start the car.when you put the key into the ignition all the lights come on but then it does nothing else nothing even turn over. Then after leaving it for a day when we tried it at night the central locking worked and the car started,but again it stopped after a couple of times.

... BMW 318

I have a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria ;this was a Alabama Sherriff's Dept car(P71).I have NO LIGHTS! If I turn the lightswitch on the dash,I have nothing happening.No lights come on.If,however,I pull the multifunction switch on the column I do get only the right side headlights coming on but not the left side lights.I swapped another headlight switch and had the same results.I also tried to find a used LCM.I ended up sending 3 lcms to a repairer in CA.I have my original LCM that he states is working

Hello\015\012Since all the lighting circuits go through the multifunction switch including the headlight dimmer circuit, that would have been a highly suspect part. I am a 30 year veteran Ford dealer technician who specializes in Ford electrica ... 2005 Ford Crown Victoria

2000 Lincoln Towncar. Keypad on door will not unlock doors. Interior lights do come on. The last two keys pushed simultaneously will occasionally lock the doors. I am using the code printed on a sticker in the trunk that used to work just fine. It quit working around the time the weather was poor and battery went dead. New battery now.

... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

Have a 95 ford thunderbird, it will start great, run great for weeks, then i go to start it and it won't start, the bell dings cause the door is open, the key is in it, but nothing else works, i move the battery around and the dash lights will come on and then i go to start it and it won't start replaced the battery started fine with no problem for weeks then go to start it next morning and it will not start, no lights, no radio, nothing

U hav a bad earth lead the next time it does it put a jumper cable 4m earth on batery 2 a clean pice of metal on engine if ur dash lights come on take offlead goin onto body clean wit sand paper ... 1995 Ford Thunderbird

I have a 1998 lincoln continental,My car runs fine around town,and i live abot 24 miles round trip to work 3,to 4 times a week.The check transmission light jumps on,not in the distance from wich i go to work,but if i try,well i have driven it to and from Charleston SC on few occasions,which is 187 miles from here with the light jumping off and on.When it comes on i usally just push the reset button on the panel,but the car is still traveling just as if nothing is wrong.When the service engine li

I have problem boxavtomat ... 1998 Lincoln Continental

Hi I have a hyundai elantra elite hvt xd and the remote come as not working and I have tryed to fix it and I have taken it to a repair shop too and they can't I can't fix it when I put the battery in it works for about 2mins and then cuts out the light on the remote don't work and I have to open it move the battery around and it will work I have tryed new battery's and I have replaced the out side case too and nothing has changed is there any fix that I can do or would I have to get a new one?

... 2005 Hyundai Elantra

I have a 1993 nissan sentra xe car. the problem is that i cannot get the tail lights to come on when i turn on the head lights. the head lights work, the back up lights work, the brake light works, and the blinkers work. but the darn tail light does not work. i am referring to the lights that when you turn on the head lights the tail lights in the rear are suppose to come on but they do not. i have tried buying new bulbs, checking fuses and nothing seems to work. the brake, backup, and tail ligh

The most common causes of the issue you describe include:\015\012 \015\012A connector in that circuit which has become disconnected.\015\012A buildup of road film or corrosion inside ... 1993 Nissan Sentra 4 Door

Got a preowned 2004 318i executive series E46 facelifted two months ago, comes with 2 sets of ignition key with remote on fob. Suddenly, 1 key that can operate the keyless entry will not start the engine. Its just silent but with all the lights, horn, radio working, nothing happens when I switch it to turn on the engine. I thought its a computer problem or a battery problem (comes with newly replaced battery, AC Delco brand. I tried using the other set of key and voila, the car started. But when

It shouldn't be a key problem as when the key in the past was starting the car an still in the ignition of coarse that charges the battery's at all times. Take it to BMW and get them to run a diagnostic test of the computer and electronics. Thats my ... 2006 BMW 3 Series

Radio is not working, display lights up but shows nothing, noise comes out of the speakers but cannot change station. This is the original radio that is being placed back into the car after years of not being used. All the wires are correctly matched(color to color). What could the problem be? Radio is not working? How could this be tested?

Make sure the antenna is plugged in ... 1998 Saturn SL

1990 f150 larriat. V-8, I believe the engine should idle around 750 rpm. I tried using a timing light and adjust the timing but the it would not work with advancing the timing. Is there anything else that I could do. The engine is idling around 450 rpm and stalls when I come to a stop and will not stay running when warming up. I have changed the plug wires and plugs, distribor cap and rotor. No change. what could be the issue with this?????

Check the mass airflow sensor. ... 1990 Ford F150

My 1993 honda prelude wont start. i tested the fuel it is working. but there isnt any spark. so i replaced the igniter and still nothing. so i tested the ignition coil but nothing comes out. so i took a test light and i have power running into all 3 wires that go into the ignition coil. does any1 know if the coil suppose to act like that or is it using the body as a ground.


The overhead console lights do not work, they used to work for only a short time, now not at all. The dome lights work. While driving today the engine quit, and it wont start. Dash lights, dome light, headlights all work. The check engine light does not come on and it wont start. When the check engine does come on, it starts. This has happened before but it has never just died on me. Anyone have any ideas?

All lamps inoperative?1. Slide the I/P ilumination rheostat to the right. The lamps should light, If not, remove, inspect and test the dome lamp fuse (in Fuse Block: Cavity 5 / Fuse 15Amp / Courtesy Lamps).2. If fuse is OK, repair open ci ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1996 buick regal brake lights wont work when i press them only the small window light gos on and when i press my emergencie flashers will only work in front side i can still use my turning signals and my back up lights but no matter what i looked at my fuses my bulbs even my wireing using a light buld tester nothing makes since at all about why my brake lights arnt working except for the tiny window stop light ??? if anyone has a idea plz let me know im not satisfied with having a mechanic lo

If all the fuses are good check the wiring harness at the back check if there,s a power coming out on it, you can use a tester for the continuity of the power output, or you can also use a test bulb to check them all. if it not working then the prob ... 1996 Buick Regal Olympic Gold

1997 Cavalier We just bought a 97 cavalier used and it seems to be having an electrical problem. When you turn the headlights on all interior lights turn off. also the interior light doesn't work with the door opened or with dimmer. We have checked all fuses and nothing is burnt out. We've also changed the light bulb for the overhead light and still nothing works (glove box light aswell is not working). Does anyone have an idea?? we have also called in any recalls and GM says that the vin number

All cavliers have this problem it is because gm rushed them out the door with out a check i had a 92,94 and a 97 model all with that issue ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have no running light(night lights)on the left front or left rear..iv change the bulbs the fuse and they still wont work..the rear light comes on when i aply the brake and the turn signal comes on in the front when i use the turn signal but the night running light will not come on..right side ones work fine no problem there..please help

... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

Turned vehicle off and went out about an hour later and put key in and it turn over twice and now nothing. you put key in ignition and turn around and it don't do anything at all. head light's work dash light's work dome light's work. and the electric door lock's work. but nothing else


My 2001 Ford F350 diesel truck check engine light will come on and truck will occasionally die. Have replaced the cam sensor and also used a ton of sea foam changed the fuel filter nothing is working? Any suggestions?

I'm assuming that this is an intermitent fault; are you make an scanning fault codes? Several items here, O2 sensors, camshaft, MAF/MAP, IAC, fuel pressure, bad injector, etc.This is the firts step, check the OBD codes for knowed exactly ... 2001 Ford F350 Super Duty SuperCab

My 1957 Chevy 3200 pickup has NO wiring for brake lights and turn signals, and I'm not quite sure how to get started to install. I did find a switch with two male posts (one a little larger than the other) with an arm that is contacted by the brake pedal. Using sand paper, I cleaned up these contacts and put an ohm-meter to confirm the switch is working. Also, I have a wiring ribbon cable coming out of the sterring column (presumably for the turn signals and horn) but nothing to connect to. Now,

If you go to faxonautoliterature.com you can get a copy of the original GM wiring manual for $8. This should be able to give you the help that you will need to get your wiring on track. Hope this helps. ... Chevrolet Chevy

I have a 2002 jeep liberty limited, i bought it used in 2004 april. it ran fine until november of that yr. when it turned cold and damp it would die at idle after warming up to temperature. as long as i could give it gas it was ok, but stopping at a light or stopsign it dies. i have had it at a chryser dealer for 2 weeks and numerous private mechanics and they find nothing wrong ! when spring comes around it runs fine !

Buy a couple bottles of gas line antifreeze... add one to the tank now and one when you next fill up.\015\012\015\012Robert ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

1991 buick. The dash lights are not working now. There used to be a click noise under the dash and then they would eventualy come back on but now there is nothing. Some sort of solinoid but don't know which one?

... 1991 Buick Regal
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