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Cam (DOHC) placement before installing new timing belt

\015 Engine had no compression, found that the timing belt had several teeth missing, I assumed this has thrown the cams our of alignment, Is there a easy way to line up these cams before installation of the new belt. I know I have got to find TDC of the # 1 piston but the book I have (Haynes) doesn't state the correct location of lobes on cam, other than to line up the groves on the transmission end of the cams. and that can be a 50/50 chance of getting right. Also am I correct in assuming that the loss of compression is due to the belt missing teeth. Note I have terrific suction on the cylinders, just no compression, that leads me to belive the rings are still good as well as no water in oil of oil in the water. Thank you for any help you can offer. \015\012Sincerely\015\012Let Dad Fix it , he Can Fix Anything LOL\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

**** squeeze bang blow ,no 1 piston at the top with the head off then a blob of white paint to mark it ,easire than flywheel through a hole .Now back it off so piston is about at least an inch or two down the bore then put the head on ,their are timing marks on the cam bearings somewhere ??but this old dinasaur has forgotten now with head on fit the cams and this is the good bit ,easy really using a 22/24 mm open spanner turn the cams till the valves on no1 cylinder point upwards ,both cams pointing the same way up ,then no 4 should be open with the cams pushing the valves open ,then look for a slot on the back of the cam ---it should be horizontal ,i made a special tool for this ,a piece of ally just long enough slot into the two grooçves and hold them together ,bring the piston back up to teh paint mark then and fit the timing belt and remember their is no woodruff keys on these engines so put some evostick contact adhesive on the bolts before you refit them ,also remove fill teh combustion chambers with diesel and see if it runs through ,with head on bench and upside down before you refit it ,and then have a ceremonial fire dance whilst you burn the haynes manual,,,,,??look on acknowledgements in the front?? anyone actually hold a motor vehicle degree ??? like mine ,,associate member of the institute of road transport engineers ,their all uni grads who have never held a greasy spanner in their hand in all their days ,posh accents and the stuff that comes from rear end of a bull
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Cam (DOHC) placement before installing new timing belt

**** squeeze bang blow ,no 1 piston at the top with the head off then a blob of white paint to mark it ,easire than flywheel through a hole .Now back it off so piston is about at least an inch or two down the bore then put the head on ,their are timi ... 2000 Ford Focus

1995 Toyota fourrunner v6 two over head cams thanks ahead of time I just replaced the heads with new ones properly but have a question before I put the heads on I put the motor on top dead center as I am changing the timing belt as well. When I installed the cams after head assembly, I just put them in where they were not pressing down on any valve so I could properly torque them down with the cam bushing caps. if I now attempt to move the cams to match the crankshaft before installing the tim

If your valve timming is correct the valve should not contact the piston, and upon fitting the camshaft some valves are bound to get openned. That should not worry you, before you crank start it or after installing the T-Belt and adjusting it, rotate ... Toyota 4Runner

I installed a new Crank-shaft position sensor and Timing-belt, and now it won't start... I rechecked the cam and crank settings for the timing belt, but still nothing... Any suggestions?

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Need to retime after broken timing belt. Had the head on a 2.0 liter dual overhead cam rebuilt after it overheated. need to replace head and retime cams and crank, etc. when installing new belt. need to know how to put everything in time. Thank you

You should be able to get this info form the shop that rebuilt the head, or you can go on-line to one of the parts stores web sites and get this info. good luck. ... Kia Sportage LX

The timing belt has about 15 teeth stripped off of it and wont turn cams. I am installing a new belt and hoping that no valves are bent, but I think this is an interfearance engine????? I also dont know where the cam timing marks are. I see the crank mark on the plate behind the crank pulley.

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Installed new head gasket, new timing belt, two new valves. drove 5 miles engine stalled. no spark or injector pulse. installed new crank sensor, cam sensor, coilpack, new ECM still wont start

It soundslike your timing belt may have a problem. It may have failed prematurely, thetensioner may have failed, the tensioner pulley or idler pulley may have wornout, or the timing may be incorrectly set. No spark can usually be guaranteed acrank se ... 1995 Eagle Talon

Thank you for your time,unfortunatly i have no money. I have an 1988 toyota camry wagon i just changed a broken timing belt and installed a new water pump on. I can not get her started for some reason. she is a 4-cylendar twin overhead cam 2.5liter w/153 horsepower moter. but instead of having two pulleys side by side ( which makes it easier for me to line up the timing marks ) there is only one solitary pulley as if it was a single cam. I have tried 5 times now starting from the beginning to ge

You are very fortunate that this is a non interference engine because I am positive that you have installed the belt improperly. You will need to remove the belt and rotate the crank and cams to the correct positions, perhaps get some experienced he ... 1988 Toyota Camry

Where are the timing marks when installing a new belt? I have a 2005 rio and I need to replace the timing belt, it jumped time while driving, I was wondereing where the marks are on the cam sheaves.

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I just replaced the timing belt on my 2003 lexus rx300 3.0 liter engine with vvt and dohc. i've had no problems with the car ever. i know the right cam sprocket moved slightly while installing the timing belt but i moved it back (as close as i could). the timing marks on the right sprocket are hard to align because they are hard to see and the manual i'm using isn't making sense to an aircraft mechanic like me. the engine seems to run ok, but is probably hard to tell with such a small misadjustm

Hi!! \015\012\015\012Click on the following link for step by step instruccions on timing belt removal and installation. ... Lexus RX 300

Need to know where to line both sets of cam gears when putting a new timeing belt on a 1993 3000gt.helping a friend out they paid some kid in the neiborhood and it just spits and pops threw intake.and is that engine a clearance engine did the valves get bent by belt installed incorrect.thank you for you're time

If the original belt jumped you will have bent valves on that engine don ... Cars & Trucks

I recently purchased a 2001 mercury cougar and it has an a DTC code P0340 faulty cam position sensor, out of time. I replaced the sensor and it did not fix the problem. The man I bought the car from had recently replaced the timing belt could it be that he tightened it down to much or not enough or maybe he was off by a tooth when he installed the new belt. The car runs great except when I give it alot of gas it wants to stall.

Unplug the alternator and see if the problem stops, if so replace it, a short inside the alternator can cause this problem, however still test good, and keep the battery charged and cause the computer to throw this code. Its possible the belt is a t ... 2001 Mercury Cougar

I have installed a new timeing belt and the small belt as well on my 1994 2 litre petrol sohc L300 mitsubishi van i aligned the cam sprocket mark with the top mark inside the cover the crank paint mark did not seem to line up with any thing so i put a makk on the housing turned the engine over twice to check the marks before removing belt also marking the small belt which did not seem to line up with any thing the problem now is the engine has lost power sounds different and is vibrating tne val

It's been a while since I've done a Mitzi. Main belt on crankshaft pulley (should be the biggest) another belt for power steer / A/C - tensioner ok? Although that wouldn't make it run like a old dog. Should be straight forward, locate each of the mar ... Mitsubishi Minivan

Installed a new timing belt. Old timing belt broke

Not timed right. You have to remove the plug, and insert a straw through the spark plug hole so that you can see when the piston is all the way up ... Ford Escort

97 escort 2.0 will not start replaced CPS ,IGN Coil, have spark but no start installed new timing belt ,unsure of cam to crank timing setup, where are the crank timing marks known to be wrong? "HELP"

Have u replaced the cam/crank sensor? ... 1997 Ford Escort

Fiat x19 conversions, electric fuel pump, electronic ignition, twin 36dcnf weber carbs, 35/75/35/75 cam, headers, free flow exaust. The issue that i am having is it will not start to run, it tries and i have checked things as fuel delivery, spark, Timing (New belt installed) set drive cam to 0 deg TDC and overhead cam mark at center of engine mount.

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Timing belt broke bent 8 valves had head and valve job, new fuel pump, new crank trigger sensor, new cam positioning sensor. gas getting to injectors but not starting turns over but will not start. Sorry this is on a 2002 Kia Spectra GSX 1.8L 16 valve DOHC

My would assume that timming is off recheck alignment of timing marks ... 2002 Kia Spectra

I have replaced the timing belt but it keeps slipping. I have all new pulleys and a new tensioner. The belt tends to drift to the inside toward the engine while its running. It runs fine until I start to accellerate like from a stop sign trying to get into traffic. The belt keeps slipping or jumping a tooth or four only on the cam gear near the firewall. Its done it three times with three new belts. I put the old tensionr pulley back on but with the same results. Cam gears are not bent. I am run

It's not the tensioner pulley. It's the tensioner itself. The spring on the inside has become weak allowing the belt tension to move it just off of "square" to the engine do it's acting like a cone. Smaller on one end than the other. The belt wan ... Mazda Millenia

I'm trying to install a new timing belt for my 1999 ford escort zx2 with a vct motor. I aligned the camshafts, did a full rotation and they came out of alignment. How do you align the camshafts with the variable time cam?

It is normal for the exhaust cam to be slightly off during a rotation because of the nature of the VCT mechanisim. It uses oil pressure to change the cam angle. Since there is no oil pressure with the engine off, it won't stop in the same place eve ... 1999 Ford Escort

Timeing installing a new timeing belt, cant find out if the cams are supposed to be faceing the center of the engine or a diffrent direction. (1995 Subaru Impreza L 1995 1.8 AWD 5speed MN)

Doesn't matter what engine it is as long as it has valves and uses petrol (not diesel), the camshaft lobes at cylinder #1 should always face upwards. This positions the valves at it's closed setting (combustion), this is known as Top Dead Center or T ... 1995 Subaru Impreza

I want to install new cam shafts on my Ford Puma after the timing belt snapped, How do I set the cams for TDC?

What damage was incurred when the belt broke if any. why are you changing the cams? if the damage has been rectified and you just want to change the cams find the timing marks on the relevant locations (ie) crankshaft and engine timing mark then the ... 1997 Ford Puma

I am working on a 2001 Daewoo laganza 2.2 came to my shop with a broken timing belt, warped valves of course. So customer opted to replace the head rather than repair the old one so I purchased a rebuilt cylinder head headset ect...well I installed the new head and torqued to spec had to remove the exuast cam to expose the cylinder head bolts. Anyway after reassembly and timed everything the way it should be engine started and ran fine, let it idle for a few minutes let everything get to normal

I am not sure I understand what u are saying here, could u give me a call if u are in the USA, 925-577-7157 ... 2001 Daewoo Leganza

My 2001 toyota camry jumped timing. how do i time the engine to install a new belt? it a 4 cyl single overhead cam engine.

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Installing new timing belt after old one failed and bent valves in head. Repairs to head being done, not sure of timing of cams /

I am a gm tech and I would actually recommend a new engine from wrecking yard. I have had two of these that had the head replaced and vibrated due to a slightly bent rod. If you decide to put it together, just go to your local dealer, and ask if you ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

91 Prizm; replaced Cam TIming belt. reassembled. 1-3-4-2 OK 4A FE engiine, Calfiornia Specs 91 Prizm; replaced Cam TIming belt because it jumped teeth, killing engine on road. No break but worn teeth. reassembled. with new belt. Replaced all belts, cam timing belt cover Results; Sysmptoms Ran Perfect before belt broke. Checked Compression all cyls OK. 130-150 PSI Now, engine barely turns over runs very rough. Can be run for minutes, rough by careful thottle. maybe 4

Take the head off bent valves thats for sure ... 1995 Geo Prizm

I am installing a new timing belt in a single overhead cam engine code P

The timing marks on a zx3 are pretty pre fab ounce you have the timing bar(303)and the timing plug remove the crankshaft pulley and the line should be at 11 on a clock line up with o on the word front that along with the bar and plug will be able to ... 2001 Ford Focus
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