Having problems with your 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab ?

2000 f350 v10 sounds like a rod knock all rod bearings look good

\015 Could they be another problem\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2000 f350 v10 sounds like a rod knock all rod bearings look good

... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab

2000f350 v10 sounds like a rod knock bearings all look good is there a an problem

... Ford F-350

2000f350 v10 sounds like a rod knock bearings all look good is there a an problem

... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab

2000 Cavalier 2.4L DOHC It has a loud knocking / tapping noise like tapping on a piece of metal with hammer. It does increase with rpm. Looking at the engine, the sound is loudest on the passenger/ timing chain end. Oil pressure is good. Is there any method to determine rod bearing or valve / lifter area. I really do not want to take the upper end apart and it ends up being a lower end problem. I already replaced the timing chain tensioner. Any Ideas?

Your car is equipt with hydrolic lifters, They pump up as oil pressure inceases...they are the most common cause of a tap in your particualr model...not a very expensive repair since you do not have to remove the head to fix, but rather the valve c ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

Just bought a 97' ram 1500 4x4 with 5.9l engine.cool start up with quick rod knocks. so it sounds like. pulled pan and inspected main bearings ok. replaced rod bearings. also after warm up when idle-ing oil press. goes to zero at time with low press light flickering. someone was in crankcase before as the engine has a melling high volume pump in it. it seems to lack that initial burst of oil press at start up,especially at cold or cool starts. it seems to have what sounds like a quick rod knock

5.9s are notorius for upper cylinder carbon build up and as a service manager I have used B G 44K thru the fuel as a first attempt with good results. The cheaper snake oil is a total waste of time. If that does not due it try the bottle fed option. F ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

My 1985 ford f-150 has a holly four barrel carburator. yesterday while driving a loud popping sound started. it almost sound as if the popping is in tune with one of the pistons. I have good spark and all the plugs look fine. I thought thrown rod or bearing perhaps. when i push on the gas it acts like it isn't getting fuel. It idles rough but idles. The soud becomes faster the more gas you give it. I have yet to open it up other than removing the valve covers to see if any immediate problems jum

It could be a bad valve bent or burnt. not sure though but thats what comes to mind. ... 1985 Ford F150

1999 grand cherokee noise near starter. not consistant at all does not sound like a rod or main bearing. the noise started after the vehicle shut off, and a cam sensor, crank sensor and starter were installed. We removed the starter and crank sensor and the flexplate looks ok. it has perfect oil pressure, and runs smooth. perfomance, acceleration, etc. is fine. just has a horrible knocking sound in the lower rear section of the engine. this jeep has a 4.7 liter V8 with 73000 miles on it. any hel

Check your rocker arms and your rods see if there not musshrumed ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2002 Ponitac Grand Am, loud knocking noise in the front drivers side area, when decellerating. We bought the Grand Am brand new, and ithas never gives us any major problems, minor things like the automatic windows breaking down. But it looks good still and has run good. Low milage on it. About 4 days ago this sound started (we changed the brakes 1-2 weeks ago). It is a loud knocking or rubbing sound, almost a rattling. It seems to do it when decellerating, and having the brake on makes no differ

Not a wheel bearing - probably not a CV joint. Could be something inside the transaxle. Is it possible something came loose in the caliper-rotor area ? ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 1998 chevy malibu, it makes a noise when i turn rigth it sounds like someting is cracking,checking in the internet ifound that could be the bearing, i brake everything apart and everything looks good, i even pull out the wheel bearing hub assembly and looks good, any idea what could be?

If its a constant popping noise it could be a cv axle they tend to only make noise while turning a bearing going bad will start as a growling sound almost like the grooves on the side of the road ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

2.0 SOHC. Motor had a knock in the bottom end. It spun a rob bearing. Everything on the crank was polished out and I had the rods fixed and I put new bearing all through the bottom end. I replaced the timing belt while i had it out and apart. I made sure all marks for timing and oil were lined back up. I got everything back together and back in the car. I cranked the car and it sounded fine but when you put the car in gear it sounds like a knock coming from the valve cover. I did not mess with a

... 1997 Ford Escort

Humming sound i have a humming sound that sounds like its coming from the front end of my 2002 ford exployer. i took it to les schwab to get my brakes,calipers,rotors, wheel bearings, and ball joints inspected. They told me they cant find anything wrong everything looks good. I just happened to try my 4 wheel drive i pushed the 4 high button locked it in and when i turned either right or left it feels like something is dragging but ingauges fine no problems if i dont turn..lol Then i tried the 4

It could also mean a low fluid problem. I'd check that first. ... 2002 Ford Explorer

I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan 3.0 V-6 and my problem is tha t after the AC compressor was recharged, the engine developed a knock at low RPM's. We replaced the the rod bearings in the engine and I still have what appears to sound like a knock at start up and shut down. The AC compressor is now diconnected and the belt is off. However the sound still persists. When the engine is running, it sounds normal.

From what I understand, and I also have a 2000 Caravan with the 3.0 V6 is that this is a common noise the engine makes and just part of operation of the engine. Some people have told me if you run Pennzoil motor oil it will help, in that Pennzoil ha ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2003 mazda mpv ...it sounds like i have a lower rod knocking .. its very loud and i can feel like a tap on the oil pan...looks like i drop the exhaust and take the oil pan down and that shoul

... 2003 Mazda MPV

'93 Chev Suburban engine knock, sounds like rod bearing. any special tools or instructions for remove pan and replace rod bearings?


1995 Ford Taurus 3.8 engine knocking. Replaced rod bearing, knock still there. Also, one cylinder is not burning gas properly. Sound like the valves in that cylinder may not be opening/closing right. Could it be a bent push rod?

... 1995 Ford Taurus

Ford exp.1997, automatic, awd. Engine has high pitch squealing sound when you start it up and continues. sounds kind of like a metal sound or bearing sound. coming from the water pump area but not quite sure.no water leak, shroud or nothing else in the way the belt (one) looks good, no noticable problems on belt. belt is tight. fan blade turns well by hand both ways, no noticebale play. Question? could it be the water pump? (177,000 miles) I have not tried anything yet, might try belt dressing.

The noise is coming from the belt tensioner or idler pulley, either one can make this noise. Do not put belt dressing on a serpentine belt. ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

I have a '99 Explorer XLT AWD that I just had the ball joints (uppers and lowers), shocks, new tires and front end alignment all replaced. I still hear a knock that sounds like the ball joints. I took it to 2 different shops to be checked and they told me everything looks very good and usually they make more noise than what mine is making. Just drive it and don't worry about the knock. I'm worried about the knock! Please help!

Also check the bushings on the links that connect the lower control arm to the front stabilizer bar. There are two bushings on each side, one on the top and one on the bottom. If these are worn you will hear a rattle, particularly when hitting a bump ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Rattle / knocking on front axle when going over bumps. Loose Track Rod ? Suspension ? or just bearings ? Sounds like some thing loose and knocking

... 2008 Nissan Qashqai 1.5


Anything is possible, But first check your oil and make sure nothing is hitting any moving parts on your motor. Like your pulleys were your belt runs.After you do this repost with results.If there is no oil return to place you had the oil change done ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

I have a 2002 ford escape with a knock in the bottom end, sounds like a hollow knock, main or rod I don't know but I want to change all the bearings. Do I have to pull the engine or can I do it from underneath. Thanks

You need to pull the engine. and a bearing will not cause a knock. if it is a base engine knock you probably have a broken push rod, but it is always good to make sure its not just your catalytic converters knocking ... Ford Escape

I have a 1968 mustang with 1966 289 c. code .engine starts good .idels ,good till it reaches running temp. then it sounds like the rockers start to chatter .and mis fires till it dies.it has 40psi on oil gage while its cold . but drops to 0 psi when it warm .im guessing the oil pump is bad . and causing the bearings to get hot and binding the engine. if some one could help me it would be great. thanks for your time.

Yes.sounds like the oil pump is laying down when oil gets hot,,,,,,but,,,,i would try changing oil filter..I have seen Oil filters will **** together after a few min. of run time.....I would never use a WIX oil filter,,have had 3 friends loose engine ... 1966 Ford Mustang

I have a knocking sound when going over even slight bumps in the road. Sounds like right rear of car. Replaced struts all the way round noise still there all bushing on suspension look good, any ideas?2000 Hyundai Sonata

... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

2006 RANGE ROVER Around 60-70 mph the car is making a noise that sounds like wind or a loud humming noise which i thought maybe a wheel bearing going bad , I took it into a garage and they said it was just a wind noise coming from somewhere , I have checked and all the seals look good , Has there been similar problems like this for this model and what is it ?

Yes, common problem the plastic cowl at the base of the windshield warps and the resultant air turbulence caused makes a howling noise especially in the 55-65 speed range. Most dealers will just tack the cowl with silicone adhesive at the area that ... Land Rover Range Rover

I found a 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme it has over 248000 miles on the car and i think has the original 307 motor in it. the motor sounds like it is knocking after you let the car warm up for a wile. but when it car first starts it runs smooth.. the car need a paint job but the body doesn't look to bad. i asked the seller if the motor knocks he told me he thinks it is the alternator bearing rattling. guy wants 1,500$ for this car any advice?

Sounds like a value or it might me something under there like the muffler pipes could me hitting up against something. It could be a motor mount . Don't know for sure. I,d have to really see it to hear it. And hope this help, ... 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Replaced my center bearing on my 735i bmw 91 , it looks an sound good but when i test drive it when it gos to shift in to 2nd it feels like the front brake lock up

The center bearing needs to be at a specific angle with the rest of the drive line. If the angle is off it can cause this problem. ... Cars & Trucks
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