Having problems with your 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab ?

2000 mustang gt 4.6 routing of belt is not as manual says tensioner pulley is not the type to go up and over 3 mech and store employees cant figure it out other then the chiltons diagram is wrong and no sticker on car

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Answers :

Hello there
please click on the diagram link for the rou8ting diagram
Belt Routing Diagram\015\012 \015\012 Multiple Accessory
hope this is very helpful for you
Best regards Michael
Give this one a try. It's the only belt routing I have ever seen of the 4.6L
Hope this helps. and Haynes is a better manual.

FORD \015\012MUSTANG - 2000 - V8 4.6L 281ci GAS FI N V and FI N X\011\011\011\011
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2000 mustang gt 4.6 routing of belt is not as manual says tensioner pulley is not the type to go up and over 3 mech and store employees cant figure it out other then the chiltons diagram is wrong and no sticker on car

Hello thereplease click on the diagram link for the rou8ting diagram ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

Timing my timing tensioner broke so i put new one in and cant figure how how to get the timing right. i tried to follow the diagram that came with tensioner. my '01' is a 1.5 12v sohc. so i tried the diagram for that setup and it didnt work, so i tried the the digram for the 1.6 16v dohc which looks more like the setup for my car and that still didnt work. i dont understand where i went wrong please help me?

Try http://www.hmaservice.com/. You can register for free. ... 2001 Hyundai Accent

I have a 02 v6 . the check engine light will come on and then car will cut off. before it does so it usually jerks like its trying to go forward. other times its just completely locked up. ( cant turn sterring wheel or press brakes) my battery light has been on for months cant figure out why also. have a mechanic in the family, cant figure out whats wrong? maybe ya can.

You know those dash check lights have been on allvehicles for 32 years,so not to know what to do seems oddA battery light has been on for monthsThat says you don't care & is on the vergeof abuseTo have any type of ... 2002 Mercury Cougar

I want to bypass the keypad of a used peugeot 406 1999 model i bought and the owner cant lay his hand on the codes again now the car would not start. when i bought it the keypad was disconnected and it used to start but i just figured it was wrong when i saw it and connected it back and the code cant be remembered. even when disconnected, the car wont start. any solution to start or bypass or get the code?

Borrow one with known code, start and unplug. ... 2006 Peugeot 604

Transmission fluid i was changing the oil on my wifes car and took out the wrong plug draining about 1-2 quarts of transmission fluid before i could get the plug back in. i cant figure out where i would add transmission fluid nor is there a dipstick to check the level of fluid. is it ok to drive to the dealership? will driving the car with less transmission fluid damage it? where do i add fluid at? new car with only 5,500 miles.

... 2009 Kia Borrego

I got a 1992 poniac sunfire and tge car wont star or even sound like its trying to now the doors wont lock either. This light with a car and a lock pops up everytime we turn the key. Lights wipers and radio work. I cant figure out whats wrong with it

Check the battery. Sounds like you don't have enough amperage. Get it checked. If problem persists, then its bad electrical connections. Needs to have it pinpointed by an electrician/audio/alarm shop. ... Pontiac Sunfire

Had my carb ( motocraft /holley0 rebuilt by a pro have it back on my 1980 ford 460 ( motorhome) i thought it was all hooked up right but some how i dont seem to be able to get butterfly to close using excell pdl , will start great if i add a few drops of gas in it, then when warm will start every time, but after cold it will not start unless i with hand close butterfly , cant find a diagram any place , im sure ive hooked something wrong, just cant figure out what , and only reaon i had i

Hi, it's easy to get the choke linkage bound up at the fast idle cam. If that's not it, i would check the choke adjustment by pulling off the cover to see if the bi-metal coil is pushing against the butterfly link. What model carb do you have? ... Ford Super Duty

During the past two winters I have had enormous problems starting my car. Have new battery, new starter, crank shaft sensor and many other new parts. Mechanics cant figure out what is wrong. Its as if there is not enough power or spinning quick enough to start car. It cranks, but does not start. Sometimes it will start for a second, then dies. Will not start after that unless I spray starter fluid in the intake as well as get a jump to give it enough power to start. Any suggestions?

I had the same problem with my Blazer last winter. I had the fuel injectors replaced and now it starts fine. If you haven't had them changed in a while that is probably your problem. ... 1989 Buick Skyhawk

I just got a 1999 ford taurus with 140,000 miles on it. all of a sudden when i was out driving today i would stop at a stop light and the car would start shaking a little. after about an hour the service engine soon light started blinking and now it is staying on. cant figure out what is wrong

My check engine light will come on and my car will run rougher if I put in "subatandard" gasoline for too long. If you look in your manual, it will tell you the same thing. The easiest way for me to fix it was to go to a higher-end gas station like ... 1999 Ford Taurus

I have a 2001 pontiac grand am gt. When my car is on and in park a series of beeps comes on. It will beep one then twice then three times then four times and then start over. A friend said it sounds like it's coming from my stereo. I cant figure out what's wrong or why it does that. If anyone knows what it is and how to fix it, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Try unhooking your battery for 15-20 minutes and rehook up with key off when it is unhooked and off when rehooked up . you will have to reset your stations, but it might take care of the problem. ... Cars & Trucks

No spark to the engine. The distributer is brand new so I figure its the wire that goes from the battery to the distributer that has gone wrong. I cant read wiring diagrams very well so I dont know if its a fuse that needs to be replaced or a harness or something like that.

Doesn't that model have an electronic coil in the distributor cap? If so that's a good possible, all electronic are costly too. ... 1981 Chevrolet Corvette

01 sts head and gasket good replaced water pump thermo rad cap works good for 2hrs then over heats and no heat im stumpted cooling fans maybe i cant figure it out a bad thermostat even though it was just replaced no loss of power no milky substance or grey or smoke in oil or exhaust please help seems like once i put the new thermo in al this started happening temp gage is eratic these cars are great but when something goes or goes wrong what a nightmare please help

The temp gauge being erratic should have been your sign. Are you sure its overheating or are you going by what you see being registered on the temp guage.Also after doing work such as water pump sometimes you will get air lock in the system you need ... 2001 Cadillac Sts

Failsafe engine mode is coming on i have a 2000 4.0 jag cant figure it out i have checked for loose wires theirs nothing wrong with the car its running fine but worried about going into limp mode

Hi..\015\012\015\012Fail safe mode is something the vehicle computor will go into when there is a problem with the vehicle it allows u to get off the highway or road safely you need to take vehicle to repair shop or your dealer which ever ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

I have a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 L, and it has a terrible knocking noise, I do most of my car work myself, so I took off the head cover and checked all of the rods, they are all in good condition, none bent and so forth. My oil Light is almost constantly on, but Any time i check my oil level, it is always full! I cant for the life of me figure out what is wrong, could someone help me please? help?

You should have run the engine with the rocker cover off to make sure it is pumping oil up top. Not sure what you have for a oil light, pressure light, or analog gauge, showing pressure in pounds, but either way, it has nothing to do with oil level, ... Pontiac Sunfire

I need a wiring diagram for a 1995 thunderbird car stereo because i cant figure out which wires go where.....

Are you missing the wire connector like in this picture?\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1995 Ford Thunderbird

Im not a mechanic and am familiar with my vehicle, the battery has been checked and is fine when hooked up it sparks but there is something severe that is draining the battery within an hour or two. It does have a alarm system that came custom with the car, there has been nothing added to the vehicle. I am thinking there is a short because occassionally I would have to jiggle the battery cables to get it to start up. I am lost an cant figure out what may be wrong.

I do not think you have a short\015\012circuit because it would blow a fuse or burn the insulation off the wire and\015\012smoke a lot. Therefore, if the battery is being drained it could be a component\015\012pulling too much current when the vehicl ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

My 2002 x type (manual) just shuts off sporadically, 5 times in one day, then it might run perfect for a month, today its back to shutting off on me, it will turn right back on, however then it starts raceing like I am in the wrong gear?? and if I move it to drive it sounds like something is dropping out of the car. Both lights are on, the ! and the engine when this happens. My mechanic cant figure it out as if I do tow it to him, it starts right up and works fine. Please SOS!

... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

I have a 1952 dodge flat head six it has a stromberg one barrel carb the car has fluid drive transmission I rebuilt the carb and now when you try and start it the float compartment fills with gas and leaks I cant figure out whats wrong please help!!!

Fuel level in float bowl is controlled by the float 'needle' being 'seated' in the seat in the inlet port.Check float level.A rule of thumb is needle should seat when top of float is parallel with gasket surface.Check that float hasn't 'sunk' i.e. fi ... 1991 Dodge Ram 150

I need a wiring diagram for this car my engine just stalled on me and i cant figure out the problem its not getting spark

2000 Hyundai Elantra Car Stereo Radio Wiring Diagram\015\012Car Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Light Green\015\012Car Radio Ignition Switched 12V+ Wire: Brown\015\012Car Radio Ground Wire: Black\015\012Car Stereo Illuminatio ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

The diagram on the car is missing cant figure out how to route the belt

Sending you a picture ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

Just replaced the water pump (brand new) and thermostat (brand new)on my daughters 1999 cavalier. Belt was placed back on correctly. Car is still overheating. It seems like the pump is pumping water/coolant the wrong way....I cant figure this out?

You've probably replaced it with the wrong pump. The pump can look the same but if you remove it again and look closely you'll see that it spins in the opposite direction. Take it back to the parts store and tell them to try again. ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

My radiator fan does not come on and my car ends up overheating? I've checked the fuses replaced the temp. Sensor replaced a fan breaker that was inside the fusebox (no way to test the old on so i just replaced it). I also tested the fan motor directly to a battery with some copper cable and it works fine! I am just going nuts because I cant figure what it wrong?

... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Car wont start .has been on machine in garage and its reading car is fine. has been checked all over and still cant find out why car wont start .please help garage cant find anything wrong

Do you have a alarm in it .use the key in the drivers door, lock and unlock the door see if that works or aftermarket alarm.?? ... 2000 Suzuki Vitara

My car makes funny noises when you turn the wheel to the left, almost like my tire is going to fall off. it has been going on for quite awhile, but yet nothing has happend. yes, it makes me nervous to drive, but if you have to be somewhere, you have to be somewhere! my car has gone through a real rough life. i have 4 codes that i need to figure out within the next few days too get the passing sticker instead of the failure sticker. my car just sucks!!!!

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome to the site. I would be careful on that wheel. If it is a loose hub, your tire may come off. You need to check the suspension, boots, rods, axle. I can understand how you feel. I would s ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

I changed the altenator, but cant get the belt to go back on right. I tried putting it on the back half of the double pulley, but the car sqealed and didnt run right, but when the belt is angled funny when I put it on the front half. Do you have the diagram for the tensioner belt? (My car actually has 2 seperate belts and I have no picture diagrams on this car to tell you which way to run the belts)>

If the belt is angled funny, you do not have it routed correctly. \015\012There should be a belt routing diagram under the hood somewhere. Check that the pulley position of the new alternator is the same as the old alternator.\015\012 ... Hyundai Accent
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