Having problems with your 2000 Dodge Neon ?

How do Ichange the spark plugs and spark plug wires, and fuel filter

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You'll need a Spark Plug Socket, a 12" extension and socket handle to rach teh plugs to remove them and install the new ones. I prefer to gap mine at .32 but I believe the book calls for .34. As far as plug wires are concerned there are only 4 and on the coil pack they are numbered 1,2,3,4 with 1 and 3 on Top and 2 and 3 under the others respectively. The plug wires come 2 long wires and 2 short wires in a box and can be replaced pretty simple. Simply unplug the old wire and replace it with a new one. While there is no adjustment for you the make to adjust the Timing you should check the timing using the mark in the window of the bell housing where the transmission connects to the motor. If the timing is off and your engine is running rough you may consider changing the timing belt. I made the mistake of waiting too long to change mine and it broke while the engine was running. While changing the belt is not difficult and you can pretty much leave the motor mounted for the repair, repairing the valve and Head was an expensive pain. It cost more to rebuild the head than it did to rebuild the motor. Also, the O2 sensor will cause the motor the run poorly when it is bad as well and should be replaced. The sensor for that vehicle cost about $40 and the socket is $5, a good investment.
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How do Ichange the spark plugs and spark plug wires, and fuel filter

You'll need a Spark Plug Socket, a 12" extension and socket handle to rach teh plugs to remove them and install the new ones. I prefer to gap mine at .32 but I believe the book calls for .34. As far as plug wires are concerned there are only 4 and ... 2000 Dodge Neon

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I pass every test for smog except for the emissions (HC) part. The limits are 120 at 15mph and 95 at 25 mph. I'm at 155 and 160. I've replaced the catalytic converter, entire exhaust from tail pipe to manifold, oxygen sensor, MAP sensor, throttle body gaskets, fuel filter, air filter, changed the oil and put in 20/50 weight oil, used sea foam to clean out fuel system and still not passing. I've also replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor as well.

Has anyone tried adjusting the fuel air mixture? \015\012\015\012Based on what I am reading this is a gas engine and I am also assuming it is fuel injected. (Or does it have throttle body fuel injection?) \015\012\015\012I s ... 1993 Chevrolet K2500

2000 mercury cougar is hestating when you step on the gas. Ichanged spark plugs wires and coil pack also changed fuel filter. check engine light is on and reads po300 multiple misfire.

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I am having a problem getting rid of a P0507 (Idle Control System RPM Higher Than Expected) code on my sons 2000 Lumina 3.1L sedan. I have replaced the following: Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Fuel Filter (The flare fitting was so corroded that I had to cut the line and splice in a repair section, it was the original Fuel Filter), Idle Air Control valve The History: Just bought this car for my son USED. It idled rough and was down on power. Had a bunch of codes stored I just cleared th

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I am having a problem getting rid of a P0507 (Idle RPM Higher Than Expected) code on my sons 2000 Lumina 3.1L sedan. I have replaced the following: Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Fuel Filter (The flare fitting was so corroded that I had to cut the line and splice in a repair section, it was the original Fuel Filter), Idle Air Control valve The History: Just bought this car for my son USED. It idled rough and was down on power. Had a bunch of codes stored I just cleared them all out (May

If you have the codes already I am not sure if you need this device. It sounds like it could be your throttle position sensor from what you've described. I would definitely suspect that before gaskets and such. If anything a smart investment with any ... Chevrolet Lumina

The engine rotates but won,t start. installed a new fuel filter, spark plugs(gapped @ .040"), new spark plug wires, and a new camshaft sensor. the car might have run out of gas. the data link connector did not seam to link to the scanner to show any codes. there is fuel spraying from the injectors and there is spark at all four plugs. the engine is a 2.2l

You have feul at the injector and spark at the plugs the car should start, the next ting i would do is check for commpression, make sure theres enough compression in all cylinder , this is all i can think of, you have all component for start but does ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

Replaced Rotor, Cap, coil and plugs/wires and fuel filter, and battery. Will turn over but WONT start. Gapped all plugs correctly. Tried the test of placiing spark plug in boot close to frame while starting to test for spark and no spark off that 1 plug. Read that I should test them all. There is plenty of Gas, i can smell it, and its going into the distributer cap. I checked wires to battery and fixed a couple including the vacuam hoses. Changed Air filter... anything else left to check ?

Http://www.freeautomechanic.com/diagnostictroblecodes5.html\015\012\015\012This was a great help for me, I think.. Shows you what pa ... 1994 Chevrolet Astro

Im working on my friends car and it's not getting a spark. After i did a full tune up (Spark plugs, plug wires, oil change, air filter, fuel filter, pvc valve, ignition coil.) Now it will not get a spark i have replaced the coil twice and check the plugs. Still no start.

Have you unplugged a connector somewhere ,possible without knowing it ,like the pick up sensor when you changed the oil?? go back and check everything its got to be something stupid ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Right when car warms up it has a lower slightly rough idle with a miss every once and awhile. When I drive it, unless I push the gas to the floor, it runs with a miss and shakes the car a bit. Sounds like a light knock in the engine to while running especially when cold. I've replaced the valve cover gasket, spark plug tube seals, spark plugs, spark plug and coil wires, cap, rotor, ignitor, coil, and fuel filter. Thinking it is the distributor or something else in the distributor, or the fuel pu

Could very well be the main relay, limiting power to all the electronics in your car, causing the problems you've mentioned. Have it repaired or replaced. ... 1992 Honda Accord

I got a plymoth colt vista 1993, sw 2wd. I was low on gas in the tank. I was driving when the car shut off, like you had turned the key off. So I thought I had run out of gas. After filling my tank to half full, I turned over the engine several times, for it to not start. I checked for spark. Yes on spark. I'm getting fire. So, where is the "fuel filter" and "fuel pump" located?????? And if I replace the spark plugs, wires, distributor, gas filter, fuel pump...... What would be th

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