Having problems with your 2000 Dodge Durango ?

Humming noise sounds like from the front end. I just replaced wheel hubs and still making noise. The tone of the humming changes with slight on off the gas pedal. I just ordered new front axles thinking it could be bearings in cv joint going bad and they were never replaced. I have 130,000 miles on 2000 durango. Noise tone also changes when turning to the left.

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Answers :

Check side carrier bearings in the diff i have rreplace a lot of them for the same noise thats all you have to do remove the diff cover remove end caps and see if the bearings are pitted if so replace
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Humming noise sounds like from the front end. I just replaced wheel hubs and still making noise. The tone of the humming changes with slight on off the gas pedal. I just ordered new front axles thinking it could be bearings in cv joint going bad and they were never replaced. I have 130,000 miles on 2000 durango. Noise tone also changes when turning to the left.

Check side carrier bearings in the diff i have rreplace a lot of them for the same noise thats all you have to do remove the diff cover remove end caps and see if the bearings are pitted if so replace ... 2000 Dodge Durango

I have a 2006 chevy HHR with 17400 miles on it. It has a clicking noise in the front end when going over bumps.When lifting front of car, the axle feels loose on the transaxle side of shaft on both sides. Does this mean that the CV joints are bad? I Have 2006 HHR ,Hear a rubbing noise that changes with my speed sounds like driveshaft or scraping disc brakes , brakes are fine not sure about c-v joint how can I check, could it be a bearing in the transaxle case?

On my cobalt (same platform) there is a known bad engine mount that clunks (like you have bad shocks) when you go over bumps.\015\012If you look under the car from the front, you can see its a circle, (supposed to be ) filled with a rubber/comp ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

I have a 97 rav4 and just changed all wheel bearing, front and back. However, i hear this humming sound everytime I drive and the mechanic is telling me that I need to change the rear wheel bearing. But I just changed them!!! Anyone had similar "humming" sounds after changing the wheel bearing and figured out what type of problem this might be?

... 1996 Toyota RAV4

Grinding in left side when truck is not in 4x4 grinds when u turn the wheel to the left only . changed wheel bearing still have noise only does it between 30 to 70 km hour and does it when truck is going strait sometimes checked front cv joint seemed good no slack tight tired of spending money on parts everything i have taken off seemed to be good some good advice is what i need

Change the cv axel ... Ford F-150

I got an audi a4 1998 TDI,i have a rattle/clunk comeing from the drivers side front when i go over a bump. i have changed all suspension arms,cv joint,bearings,discs,pads,shocks,anti rollbar but its still there any ideas.

Have you checked for wear in the engine mount,,,,,,,,if the rubber is worn,it gives the same symptoms as a worn shocker/bush/anti rollbar...easy way to check it is to jack up the engine a little to see if there is too much movement in the mount ... 1998 Audi A4

Driving my kid to school I made a left turn something in the right front wheel started grinding took the wheel off cv joints all look fine must be the wheel bearing. How do i go about changing this.

Hi! I sent you a link for you to watch the removal of the front wheel bearing. This applies to all cars. Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa! Please click here ... 1999 Dodge Stratus

Growling noise from front of my taurus while driving, it also makes a whining noise when i steer hard left. i had the right front wheel bearing changed but the noise's are still there. also the inner cv joint on right front is pretty loose like i can wobble it with my hand-could this be the source of my noise's? i was told that the inner cv joint has lots of play. but this much? also left inner cv joint i can just barely move it. could left wheel bearing sound like this and if so can the sound t

Cv joints will usually pop when they are worn out. I would suspect that its the powersteering, check the pumps fluid level and the tension on the belt.\015\012good luck dont forget to rate ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I have a 1994 Ford Bronco Xlt with a 302 V8 Automatic.. When the truck was on a lift the front passenger side wheel had alot of negative camber I believe.. The wheel was slanted like this . The stearing wheel is on a slant when the truck is going straight, and when taking off the front end shakes alot.. I believe it is the ball joints.. My question is how do I change all ball joints? Or detwrmine if it is just upper ball joints or lower.. Also while changing them should the steering wheel be s

To check the joints jack the wheel off the ground by the lower control arm and putting one hand on the top of the wheel and the other on the bottom try moving the wheel in and out. If you can then one or both ball joints are bad. Have someone move th ... Cars & Trucks

How to change front wheel bearings on 2000 olds intrigue I have a bad left front wheel bearing. Also I have changed the rear ones. Should I go ahead and change the other side?

Yes you can try replace itWhat you need to do is go to an auto parts store such as AutoZone. Then \015\012buy the Wheel\015\012 Bearing/Hub Assembly-Front it runs around $150. Once you have the part you \015\012need to take off the Calip ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

2004 pontiac grand prix gt. humming noise while driving. Louder at 25 mph or higher. Changed front passenger side hub bearings due to when turning slightly left humming quiets. I stol have humming. Replaced driver side front cv joint/axle, humming still there. Checked front driver tire to see if play in tire - no play. Bushing on sway arm or stabilizer bar is bad. Could that make the humming noise? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

I change both wheel hub bearings when one goesDoesn't matter what stabilizer does--- the bushings needto be done-- so you sayMaybe you replaced the wrong drive axlePut the front tires on the back to see what happens ... Cars & Trucks

Car is humming in the front end, I thought is was one of the front bearings, but those seem fine. The hum gets loader when speed increases, It doesn't matter what gear I am in it does it even in nutral coasting. Is there another bearing or gear that can go bad in between the transmission and drive axles? The transmission is manual and is fairly new. The car has 200,000 miles on it.

If you already replaced the bearings then the only other option is transmission. With 200,000 miles on it anything is possible. Best bet is to have a professional look at it. ... 1997 Saturn SC

I have a freelander 2001, got a rumble when driving and when going round roundabouts the noise transfers to passenger front and sounds like thudding. Noise in time with road speed not engine. Have changed ird, passenger wheel bearing and driveshaft and bearings in gearbox that go to drivshaft but still no change!! Help ???

... 2002 Land Rover Freelander

Changed my carrier bearing today. I now have a vibration that occurs at 35mph. I also still have a whining noise or what sounds like a bad wheel bearing. I'll admit to not marking the orientation of the drive shaft at the u-joint. My Ranger is a '97 supercab. This is the 4th carrier bearing replacement since I bought the truck 7 years ago. Today was the first time I replaced it. Any idea why I'm going through these bearings? Regarding the vibration, I'm thinking I'll have to rotate the u-joint 9

Well yes forst try rotating the carrier bearing 90 degrees, you might have to do this 3 times to get the positioning right.\015\012\015\012Next rangers tend to eat these bearings due to the angle of the front shaft and rear shaft being wr ... Ford Ranger

Hi my name is scott,, i have a 2002 chevy express 3500 cube van with dual wheels, and i have a constant humming noise coming from the rear end when i am driving and it gets louder when i go faster. I have changed the center support bearing, inner and outer pinion bearings and seal, inner and outer wheel bearings on both sides and its still there. i dont know what else to change. please help

Could be your tires or maybe a u-joint ... 2002 Chevrolet Express

Trans problem I have a 95 ford thunderbird. I have just changed the fluid in the trans, front wheel bearings and the u joints tryin to figure out where this vibration is common from. When the car hits bout 40 a vibration comes in not crazy bad but bad. Starts to balance out bout 60 to65 and then gets worse from there on our. Not quite sure. When I took the drive shaft out to change the u joints I noticed that the tail shaft had a lot of slop in it is their a bearin back there that I could change

I don't know what you mean that your shaft has a lot of slop. But the driveshaft has to move up and down with varying road conditions. When you took out the driveshaft did you mark it. The driveshaft is balanced and needs to be put back in the same w ... Ford Cars & Trucks

How to change my front differential seal and bearing ? passenger side. I bought a new wheel bearing because of a humming sound on passenger side and doing so saw leaking seal and maybe the humming was commng from differential inside bearing ?

If ure changing passenger side a washer will drop behind the 4x4 shift fork in the diff as soon as u pull the cv axle out and u will have to drop the axle tube to reinstall this ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

I have a dodge 2008 caravan making a loud grinding noise when you are going at low speed stops when you go faster .esp and bas light came on but goes out when the grinding starts.feels like front end already change bearings on right front end and replace brake pads which was worn out what could be going on ?

... Cars & Trucks

"Humming" or "bearing" type noise in left front at highway speeds

That's a hub bearing. Replace the one that's doing it. I'm assuming this 'roar' is coming from the front, NOT the rear. ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

I have a humming the faster i go the louder it gets. Its been getting worse too. Just had front bearing and both lower control arms replaced and the hummings still there. It goes away when im cornering to the right. What else could it be if the bearings and control arms are good?

... 2005 Nissan Maxima

Paluse in front end when slow speed and feel it when breaking .what could it be if pinion idle arms ball joints wheel bearings are all solid ? IF front diff bearings starting to go how much is a kit and time to do? its a 96 4.3 4x4 blazer

If only when braking, I'd check rotors. ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1989 jeep cherokee that has a roaring noise in the right front. it sounds like a wheel bearron and or u joint going bad. is it very difficult to change and do I need specal tools to replace the wheel baerron and u joints. I have replaced the rear main oil seal without pulling the trans or droping the front end, which all the information said I whould have to do one or the other. Can you help?

Sounds like a wheel bearing,to check jack it up on that wheel then from top to bottom grab the tire and then try to move it up and down like your trying to pull it off if it moves alot its bad.no it doesnt take any special tools but it is difficult t ... 1989 Jeep Cherokee


Most likely it is the RH front wheel bearings. CV Joints don't usually make any noise until you turn a rather sharp corner. I would advise you to replace the bearings and seals in both front wheels if the bearings are in fact noisy. Jack up the front ... 2000 Dodge Durango

Need to know how to remove the bearings on the front spindles on a 4 WD 1985 dodge truck 250 3500lb front axles. they look like they should just slide out since i removed the gasket but they do not. I replaced the U joints and thought I should go ahead and replace bearings and oil seals(done with oil seals). I have tried prying them out but they are in there pretty good, didnt know if someone had a trick i could use or is there a special tool one needs. Thanks Billy

... 1985 Dodge Pickup 4WD

I have a 1987 Dodge caravan with 216K on it. I have a humming - grinding sound coming from the front. I replaced the left front wheel bearing assemble ( it was pretty bad) but still have the same noise and it is getting louder. To see if the left wheel bearing was going, I jacked up the car and let the wheels spin. I could not hear any difference between left and right and I am starting to think it is the transmission. Does this have a trans-axle that would make a grinding noise like that? Thank

Try making tight turns to the right and then to the left. see if the grinding noise comes and goes. It could be your C/V joint and they need to be replaced. The noise will only come when your making the tight turns, you don't have to go fast. ... Dodge Caravan

I have a1999 Lincoln town car with a roaring when slowing down to a stop. I've changed all axle bearings, carrier and pinion bearings, and front wheel bearings, and both U joints. Found 1 bad bear

... Cars & Trucks
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