Having problems with your 2000 Dodge Caravan ?

Abs light stays on & A/C stopped blowing cold air

\015 I have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan all the gauges on the dashboard stopped working and the Check Engine & ABS light came on. The A/C stopped blowing cold air. They stopped working a few months ago, Today the suddenly started working and then I turned off the engine and then they didn't work again. I'm going to take it to the shop this week any idea what's going on?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The BCM (body control module) is the problem, have it replaced, this is a common issue on your van.
Another problem with the instrument panels in these vans is the connection on the back of the panel. The solder connection is not good. If you are able to do it , remove the panel and touch all of the connections with a soldering iron. this should solve your problem.
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Abs light stays on & A/C stopped blowing cold air

The BCM (body control module) is the problem, have it replaced, this is a common issue on your van. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

My 1999 A6 works fine when cold, after it runs for some 15 minutes the ABS light come on and stay on, the red BRAKE light blinks on an off, the tachometer goes to zero, the oil light flashes in the center, three beeps sound, and the air conditioner stops kicking out cold air. The fan continues to work, but there is no cold air. Sounds like an electrical problem in the transmission harness maybe. Any thoughts?

I agree with your concern over the wiring harness. Unless you have all of the electronic testing equipment required, I would recommend that you call an autoelectric shop and make an appointment for them to scan your auto and isolate the problem. go ... 1999 Audi A6

My 2001 Town and Country's engine will stay cold when moving, which makes the heater blow cold air. when it idles, (at a stop light, etc.) the engine will warm up causing warm air to blow in the cabin. But, as soon as you start moving again, engine temp indicator drops back to cold and the air cools off as well. Please help me.

Vacuum line cracked or lose ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

My 2007 Mazda 3 AC will stop blowing cold air while the cruise control is on. The green light will stay on but warm air comes out. If I turn the fan speed switch off then on, it will get cold again and sometimes blow cold air for a while before going warm again. The engine thermostat says the car is not getting warm. What could this be?

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A couple of days ago my door lock would not work, then my a/c stopped blowing cold air. The light was blinking. The next day the light wasn't blinking and it was working again, and then stopped. Then it stopped blowing all together. Then it started blowing again, but not cold air. The light is still not blinking. We took it somewhere and they did a diagnostic test and it showed no fault codes.

Sounds like there might be a bad ground or wire connector.If you are not good at chasing wiring I would take it to some one who is . Good luck ... 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

The air conditioner will not blow cold air. recently put in the shop but still does not work right.a/c light is on and is blowing but only hot air. we were having problems with the a/c light staying on. now it stays on but no cold air.

Add soem freon to the system, mae sure check all fuse and raley pertaining to the a/c first before adding freon ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

Electrical short fuse for guages on my 89 gmc sierra s15 truck keeps burning out..when it burns out the air conditioning does not blow cold..when I turn on the lights with the blown fuse or with the fuse taken out my temp gauges pegs out at 260 ...and now my warning buzzer that tells me my lights are on when I pull the key out stays on when I am driving with the lights on at night..cruise control stops working out of the blue as well... only problem noted is that steering colum bolts are loos at

Tighten those four bolts making sure no wires are in the way or damaged where they come out of the cokumn right around the area of the column clap ... 1989 GMC Sierra

Why has my air conditioning stopped blowing cold air , engine light come on and coolant readout (in the driver info. center)a stopped showing any numbers

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Instrument panel lights flicker on and off, ABS light comes on and stays on, radio turns off and on, only cold air blows when trying to get heat, headlights flicker on and off rapidly. When I turn the car off and back on things work okay for awhile and then start to act up again.

I am having the same problem.... where do i go for help. ... 2004 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2002 Acura RSX that has AC Problem. Blows very cold air, but not all the time. As long as RPM is running at drive speeds, I have cold air. However, at stop lights the air temp goes warm. If I accelerate, I get nice cold air again. The other thing I note is that it may be blowing perfectly fine cold air as I drive a half hour or hour down the interstate. All of a sudden, air gets warm. I turn it off for 15 minutes, turn back on, air is cold again. Any suggestions???

I have a 2002 rsx i have the same problem it works fine when i driving but when i stop blows hot air if i keep my foot on the gas \015\012it will blow cold but when its on ilde its hot air i recharge it 3 times \015\012at the shop and it ... 2002 Acura RSX

I have same car... the light flashes on my AC button... i press it the light turns off, i press it again the the light stays on the AC blows cool air but not cold like it use too. The vents on the right side hardly blow cool air???? then maybe 15min later the light on the AC starts blinking again, blowing regular air, not cool. david

... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

My truck A/C starts blowing cold air but will eventually start blowing warm air when I stop at a traffic light or if I make a quick stop for gas, etc, when I crank it up it will be blowing warm air. Thanks for any insight

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The air conditioning suddenly stopped blowing cold. It just blows room temperature air. It was working fine and then all of a sudden a few days ago it stopped. I have tried to put the A/C on auto climate control and also regular A/C with top vents on. The rear A/C also only blows room temp air. I looked at the compressor and it appears to be engaging and staying engaged. What troubleshooting steps can I take to determine the root cause? Thanks.

You should check if there is gas on the air system, if you say the compressor its engaged all time perhaps you have a gas leak or too much low pressure on the gas system, its recomended that this work is done by a pro, as it involves hazardous gases ... Ford Expedition

Have a 1995 ford aspire..air conditioner works great when running, but when stopped at a stop light air conditioner starts to blow warm or hot air as soon as i give it gas to go the air conditioner blows cold air...Please help

LOW FREON,HAVE IT CHECKED FOR LEAKS AND RECHARGE.\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012TIM ... 1995 Ford Aspire

04 elantra (heater)will only blow heat while driving if i start it in the morning it will blow cold air only till i put in drive and go also if i stop at a red light or park(idoling)it will quit blowing hot air and blow cold

... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

I have a 1989 Mazda 626 with no air conditioning. i would like to change that being its getting around 90 degrees already so please help me. Ok on the control board for the a/c 1 and 2 wont blow air. 3 and 4 will blow air but still no a/c. when i put the switch on 2 and press in the a/c button, the a/c light turns on but no air. If i let it stay like that and switch it to level 3 or 4 it blows cold air for a short period of time then goes back to just blowing air. Please help me out

Hmmm maybe a bad compressor bearly giving what it has left till it dies? if your getting cold air then there is not freon leak i would think. its gonna cost you. you gotta take it in to some pros. ac stuff is never simple unless its low on freon. are ... 1989 Mazda 626

I am having problems with my air-conditioning. My car is a 2004 Mazda 3. At some point my AC light started to switch itself off and on. I used to be able to wiggle or adjust the air conditioner speed switch and would get lucky and get the light back on. As long as the light stays on the aircondition will blow cold air. But now the light only has come on once in the past month, and only on speed 4 (left it on speed four for about 15 minutes prior to it turning on).

... 2004 Mazda 3

My 1999 Grand Am is overheating when I dont use the heater. When the heater is on it blows hot air only when the RPMs are up. When I am stopped at a red light or stop sign the heater blows cold air. Can anyone tell me what I am looking for so I can fix the problem?

I had simaler problem thought it was thermostat turned out to be low coolant check that other wise it somthing to do with your water pump/ pulley/or serpentine belt. Its the only way RPMs can affect your cooling. If you hear a knocking when you g ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I have a really strange problem with my Nissan 2006 Pathfinder. The heater will not heat up and blow out hot air as long as the vehicle is sitting idling. When I want to defrost the windshield on frosty mornings, it will not heat up even though the temperature gauge is showing it is warm. When I actually start driving the heater puts out great heat, but if I am going down hill or stop for a stop light the heater begins blowing out cold air. When I get going again it returns to heating. I'm cluel

Since your blower is working and it is a heat issue,thats where we'll \015\012start,First thing is have you checked the coolant level in the radiator when \015\012engine is cold,make sure it is filled to top,next verify you have coolant in \015\012re ... 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

My 2003 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition blows out cold air while im stopped at a light or stop sign or whatever. But as I drive it will blow out warm air!! Can someone please help me with this problem!!!!

This is caused by low coolant level. While idling, coolant is too low to circulate through the heater core. When engine revs increase (driving) some coolant is making it there due to the water pump output increasing. Top it off, and check to make ... Jeep Liberty

The abs light came on and air conditioner started blowing hot. After work the batt was dead. Jumped it and guages were dead for about 30 sec. About 10 miles later abs light went off and air got cold again. No other problems for the other 20 miles home. 04 f-350 6.0

It sounds like the engine is running on battery power only.The engine of today`s technology needs the alternator to have enough ignition to run on,lights and computer,etc,will be affected by low voltage,and amps.The alternator is not charging,look fo ... 2004 Ford F350

I'm having problems with my 2004 Nissan murano. The heat does not work when parked but when I'm driving it works. When parked only blowing cold air. But when stopped at a light it does not work blowing cold air. . Replaced thermostat and had radiator flushed and still does not work. Help!!

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I have a G6, while driving my A/C blows cold cold air, stopped at light or in park it blows hot air, any help is appreciated, thanks

Could be a problem with the cooling fan, or a restriction in the flow of freon. ... 2006 Pontiac G6

My ac I have a 96 sentra 1.6 i notice that the ac dont stay blowing cold air i think when the fans are off it's stop blow cold air, i also dont know if both fans on that car should be working at the same time because this one are i thugh it should work one at a time can you help me

The second fan shuold work on and of not all the time and you probably need some more ac frion in your system. ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

The air-conditioner on our GMC Yukon does not blow cold when stopped at a light or such. The fan still blows, but the air is not cold unless the Yukon is moving. Can this be fixed?

Make sure that your coolant is full. That is usualy the cause.When you are at idle there is not sufficent coolant to be pushed thru the heater core. ... 2002 GMC Sierra
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