Having problems with your 2000 Dodge Caravan ?

My 2000 dodge caravan wont start the engine turns over but doesnt run

\015 My van wants to start but doesnt make it to run, i changed the spark plugs,fuel pump a month ago\015
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My 2000 dodge caravan wont start the engine turns over but doesnt run

... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I have merc 190 1986 , + it wont start .. doesnt seem to b having any fuel to engine,but the pierberg carb is filling up, she has started twice+runs lovely eccept 4 if i give her a bit of throttle,she cuts out +wont start again..does the carb electrics,have power to it when ignition is turned on ? or when the engine is cranking? i have tested the electrics when ignition is on but doesnt seem to b having any power..and have stripped carb down and inspected diaphram +things but it all looks ok ?

... 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190

91 acclaim v6. starts and runs good, but once its been running for awhile (hour or so), and i turn it off, it doesnt want to start back up, or does and dies. wait 2 hours and it starts right up. recently happened again but i didnt wait 2 hours and kept trying to start it. it did start but ran rough then died and hasnt started since. plenty of gas and i think i can hear the fuel pump. engine turns over but wont start.

Sounds like either you have a clogged fuel line and or clogged fuel filter or the fuel pump is failing. What happens when the vehicle runs the fuel pump heats up, as it heats up it produces less and less fuel for your car. Eventually ti stops working ... 1991 Plymouth Acclaim

HELP! my 2000 dodge caravan died on my wife, and when i went to look at it and try to start it, i turn the key and nothing no sound or action whatsoever, did this a few times. Then i turn the key and it turns and turns pretty strongly like its gonna start but it doesnt. Then i turn it and the starter sounds like its clunking into place but it doesnt turn the engine. Everytime i turn the key it does one of these things in random order. I would think that its the starter except for the fact that i

Exactly, if timing is off the van is not going to run, fuel, compression, and spark are gonna get there at the wrong times. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

96 dodge carvan rotates but won't start I have dodge grand caravan with 3.3 1994. The problem is the engine turn but do not start,I took off all the spark plug and do a compressure test. The compressure range is in the front of the engine spark plug 90 psi,55 psi,75psi and in the back of the engine is 40 psi, 40 psi and 55 psi .What is problem with this engine that does not want to run? I need yuor help:

Sounds like the timing has jumped ... 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan

Wont start. 1997 dodge 250 4wd cumminge diesel engine turns over but wont light.the problum started a few days ago. it started then died and failed to restart. it will start and run to warm up, tune it off and wont restart.

The cam or crank position sensors are notorious for failing, after they age and get heat in them the signal is no longer generated. Also make sure fuel lift pump is working properly, check all of the fuel filters and for fuel leaks of any kind includ ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

My 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan has been sitting outside in the country. It turns over but won't start. It looks like mice have chewed through three wires that connect to the the top of the engine assembly. These are tri-color wires that run in a bundle to the top of the engine block. What are these wires for and could they be related to the engine not starting?

Any broken circuit can lead to a no start, repair any broken wires before going on ... 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

2003 Dodge caravan 3.3L. I've seen several people stating their car won't start and only here a single click when turning the ignition. I have the same problem. I checked the battery (power good), I changed the starter, I tried a different starter relay, connected a jumper cable to the negative battery terminal and the other end to the engine block, and i just can't get it to start. Engine running fine until it stopped starting. What could this be?

Your immobilizer is activated have it checked out. ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2002 Dodge Caravan that is giving me grief. When I turn the ignition to Accessory, all the interior accessories are functional, i.e., heater, wiper, radio, etc. When the van is started the accessories shut down within a split second. This occurs intermittently. Sometimes the accessories come on by themselves after the engine runs for a while. Other times I have to shut the vehicle off and restart for the accessories to start working. Today I tried to start the engine and then cycle the

It may be linked to a defective BCM (body control module). Is there any trouble codes stored in the system? ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2000 dodge stratus that wont start it turns over but wont start we change out the fuel pump and filter and the car started for a min and ran hard and the check engine light came on and the car stop running we hook the computer up to it and it says the fuel system is ok and the only codes that come up are p1489 p1490 the cars a v6 2.5 liter

... 2000 Dodge Stratus

2002 Dodge Caravan, 3.3l,V6 Wont Start.All my gauge lights work. Cant hear click when turn ignotion over from starter. Took to shop to have check engine codes diagnosed, they changed oil and we started it fine, then trid to start and wouldnt turn over. Had them doa diagnosis and they said it was bad ECM. Tookfor second opinion and mechanic told me it was a neutral safety switch. He said he got the starter to trun, but no enging crank. Also, with the key on, you get a clicking noise from the ASD

The ringing/dinging only started last friday, so its not when i put the key in it. Its a fast ringing and when i take the key out it does it for like 45 seconds ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

My bmw 318 diesel wont start when the engine is cold i have replaced the heater plugs and control unit bu i noticed this morning that the engine manage managment light does not come on straight away and the egr valve doesnt set its self i have to turn the ignition on and off several times before the egr valve sets it self also the temp gauge goes over into the red when it stops doing that the car starts and runs perfectly frustating to say the least

I was having the same problem...then i got a diesel treatment its call diptaine mix it in with your fuel and let it do it work the next morning my car started no problem ... 2004 BMW 3 Series

My dodge dakota wont start .i push the clutch and it doesnt turn over .thete is power its just not turning . i can push start it and pop the clutch it will run

... Cars & Trucks

I have dodge grand caravan 1998. two issues: left turn signal works when it feels like it, so it doesnt work, starts working againg, stops working. second is dashboard meters used to stop working for a split second and would reset while driving( this happened like once a month) yesterday they just shut down completely while driving and check engine light came on. This morning I started the car dash meters seem to be working again, but check engine is still on. What should I do? Is there some sen

More then likely this is all caused by a cool named car part called the clockspring. It is located in the steering column. The good news though, call a Dodge dealer, I believe this is an item/repair covered under recall/warrenty! ... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

Starting problem i have a 1999 dodge 3500 cummins diesel and i have had a lot of trouble with it starting. i have had the injector pump and the lift pump replaced and it takes spells and will turn over really good but wont start and then you might walk back out to it a few minutes later and it will start and it doesnt matter whether the engine is warm or cold. i have spent around 2,500.00 and it is still doing it. i sure would appreciate in help anyone could give me. thanks, stan

Check for fault codes in both engine controllers..may have a camshaft or crankshaft position sensor fault ... 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

Help I have a 2001 dodge ram pick-up 1500 5.2 4x4 sport. The truck wont start once the engine is warm. I thought maybe it was the ign. coil so I replaced it. I am still having the problem. If I try to start the truck after the truck has been sitting off for a few hours it will start, but if i turn it off for just a few minutes (like running into the store for a min.) it won't start. Does anyone have any ideas?

It may be a bad starter or the starter solenoid. If by not starting you\015\012mean it will not turn engine, but if the engine is turning then the\015\012starter is turning so it is something else all together.Starters will usually work when th ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

I shut the truck off and tried to start it back and it wouldnt i checked the fuel pump and it wasnt running, i changed the relay and still nothing, so i pulled the bed off and changed the pump, turn the key on and the fuel pump still doesnt run but crank the engine over and it runs very low you can barely hear it, We have power at the plug in and i cleaned under the ground wire and put it back on the frame and it still wont run

Check fuses in box, pull them one at a time and check to see if any are blown, replace blown fuses and maybe that will get you going,hope this helps you, robert b. ... 1992 Chevrolet K1500

When i turn it on on a really cold day at first some times it makes a clicking sound and wont start then after i get it to start it misfiring then the check engine will come on and start flashing i let it run for an hour and turn it off and turn it back on and it will start okay then the check engine light comes back on and starts flashing after a minute and then starts misfiring again and it wont go part 25 miles per hour is seems to not have any power what can i do ?

I would definitely scan the computer for the codes that are stored when the check engine light comes on and it misfires. One should know which cylinders are misfiring which could indicate a bad spark or bad fuel delivery to a particular cylinder or c ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have a 1998 GMC Jimmy, put a different engine from a 1996 gmc jimmy in it, its been running great and here about 2 weeks ago it started giving me problems, I put the key into the ignition turn it to start all the dash lights lights, light for just a second and then off again, wont enguage the starter, and the head lights wont turn on just the marker lights come fuel pump runs and everything else seems fine, when it does start and run i can hear the turn signal indcator clicking behinde the glo

The signal flashing is a bad hazard switch. they all brake. if you hold the flasher buton just the right way the noise stops. sounds like your dash is shorted with the flasher ... 1998 GMC Blazer

I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan with the 3.3L engine and it seems to have what sounds like or could be a blown head gasket. It starts, but will not idle. runs rough, so badly that it wont stay running.

Pull the oil dipstick and see if you have a lot of bubbles in the oil. If your head gasket is blown you will have coolant mixing with oil causing the bubbles. If you don't see the bubbles, you may still have a bad head gasket but should consider tha ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

It doesnt do it usually when driving but if the engine is at normal operating temps and after a shut down for a few minutes it is dificult to start and the reduced engine power light flashes on the screen and it wont hardly run. Sometimes just turning it of and then back on everything is alright but lately i have to clear the code with my scanner to drive home with out problems for days. Help me?

You are not supposed to just clear the codes, but read them and interpret them.The reduced engine power light means it is going into limp home mode.You then are not supposed to drive it.Tell us the codes and them maybe we can help y ... Chevrolet C2500

Car wont start just clicks by the transmission. But when it did run sometimes took me three times of turning the key to get it started. My car is a 2000 dodge caravan

Needs new starter ... Cars & Trucks

I have an '02 dodge 1500 quad cab 4x4. After it runs a while, the engine will turn over but not start, If I let it sit for a day or two, it starts right up. Also, it wont idle. Any ideas?

So it doesnt start up when warm,but couple of days later,almost like the fuel pump is to weak to put out pressure ... Dodge Ram 1500

2001 Dodge Caravan Sport 3.3L engine On start up tha belt makes noise but the battery light is off. As it runs for a few minutes the battery light goes on. Then if I turn it off and start it up again the light will be off but returns after a few minutes. Is the problem the belt or both?

Have the alternator checked at auto zone. If you have not replaced your serpentine belt check for wear. Small cracks across the lenght of the belt are normal but if you are missing pieces of the inside grooves, your belt needs changing. If you have n ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

I bought a 1997 dodge caravan 2.4L engine I had some problems starting it up for the first time in over a year .finally i found out there was a short in the battery clasp , tried it again and it turned over on the first try .I let the van run for about an hour got in it and checked out the inside to see if everthing was working properly ,and then heard a loud gurgling sound looked under the hood and seen that the engine coolant was overflowing and steaming from the radiator everywhere how can i

Good Evening, on the drivers side below the air cleaner assembly on the frame rail is a blower control relay bolted down to the frame. First off check your fuses and relays for your fan and if those check out ok then I would say since it is a very co ... 1997 Dodge Caravan
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