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2000 Dodge Caravan, SE that is heating up pretty fast. It has sufficient radiator fluid. When I turn the air conditiong on, it heats up the engine even faster. I had my water pump changed for a new one in 2006, so I think that is ok. Wondering if it something with my thermal sensor? Thanks.

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Answers :

Cores may be blocked in radiator.
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2000 Dodge Caravan, SE that is heating up pretty fast. It has sufficient radiator fluid. When I turn the air conditiong on, it heats up the engine even faster. I had my water pump changed for a new one in 2006, so I think that is ok. Wondering if it something with my thermal sensor? Thanks.

Cores may be blocked in radiator. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Just put in a new water pump, the old was leaking some terrible. Changed the spark plugs and wires. I put in a new distributor cap, the other one was cracked, and I put a new rotor in. I added a MAS sensor because it would not start unless I poured gas in the carbureator. I had to put in a new fuel pump, and it works fine, but the vehicle, which is a 2001 Chevy Blazer, 4.3 liter engine still will not start unless you pour fuel into the carbureautor. It just appears to not be getting any gas at t

It sounds to me that your control module is bad It is located on the left side facing the engine on top of the intake ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

My geo will not rev up , i have , changed fuel pump, cleaned all and replaced all filters, changed fuel injector, check timing, change map sensor, check throttle postion sensor, changed water pump, changed gas tank, new spark plug, checked compression 140 psi, new air cleaner , not sure about O2 sensor, I have prayed for it and cussed at it HELLP!!!

... 1989 Geo Metro

Hi, I changed the water pump on the 2006, v6 3.8, twice. Both times i get leak from the connection. Am I not tightening the water pump bolts enough? The first time I changed it, it was leaking, that was the original. Put a new one on, within days it started leaking, changed the second one in the fall and now i just looked under that van and its got the same leak from the fall. So now I am back to square one, any thoughts on this would be helpful before i take it into the shop. Recap: tigh

I can give you some tips. Be sure to only use a light film of a quality black silicone sealant around the gasket or o'rings. If the bolt hole go into the water jacket, wrap the screws in teflon tape. Yes, you can strip or break the bolts so I persona ... 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 95 Honda accord I recently put in a timing belt a water pump got a new battery but now the car won't start at all. Here is the story the car was sitting for almost a year before I got it I had the oil changed put motor oil bought new fuses and replace the old ones then I got the timing belt replace with a new water pump. My belt broke and I had to put in another one and I had to buy a head gasket cap I really don't know what it was. So now my car kept dying on me and wouldn't start so I

Fisrt of all your alternator is not charging well n there is something draining your battery but can u explain 2 me more am willing to help you ... Cars & Trucks

Stalling problems my car keeps over heating and stalling and i cant seem to find the problem. ive changed the water pump,fan clutch,flushed radiator taken thermostat out put new one in and driven without it and it keeps overheating and dies>< i dont know if there is some kind of heat sensor or something thats bad can anyone help me?

Remove the raidator cap while running or watch the overflow tank for bubbles. If you see bubbles either way, most likely your cause of the overheating is a leaking head gasket. If you have a cooling system pressure tester, pump up the cooling system ... 1989 Ford Crown Victoria

2001 Dodge Intrepid SE, great condition, new water pump, timing chain, transmission lines, cam sensors, thermostat, head gaskets, raditor, 0 miles on oil change, Eagle R tires, DOESN'T RUN - NEEDS TIMING CHAIN and BATTERY whould i bye it for 1,400

After the repairs needed and the associated cost you will be above value for the vehicle, if you havent heard it run and know it needs a timing chain you run the risk of buying a car with twisted valves. resulting in the need of an engine ... Dodge Intrepid

Overheating ok 2002 pt cruiser replaced radiator cap thermostat temp sensor and the cooling fan and a brand new radiator. will run fine a few days then starts overheating again . no loss of anti freeze none i oil no oil in anti freeze. called 2 dealerships 2 different answers. one says water pump one says might not be water pump they do not know and cant give e a solution any one please help

Water pump ,its a plastic impeller and its loose on the shaft ,,,,,had one a while ago exactly the same but the first time i came across this on a saab i done the same as you ,changed everything ,felt a right you know what ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Changed water pump on 98 deville. water gushing out underneath water pump pulley at housing. when i took out old water pump no o-ring, new one came with o-ring, but leaks same place with or without o-ring installed. how can i get it to stop leaking?

... Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1999 dodge ram with a 460. I have very little heat and there is a mist that comes out of the vents when i turn the heater on. I unhooked the heater hoses and ran water through the core and it ran through with no problem. about 2 years ago I changed the water pump and put in a new thermostat. Last week I changed it again thinking that it was a falty one. This didn't help. When the top hose is hot the bottom one is cold even after 15 minutes of constant running. Can this be a problem?

Your heater core is bad. It's leaking coolant that the cause for the mist coming out the vents ... 1999 Dodge Ram

On my 1992 4.6 crown vic i am changing the motor and putting in a 1993. cv motor the pullies are rusty on the new motor but the ones on the 92 are nice and in good condition. do i need a special tool to remove the pullies and i want to switch over the water pump also do i need special tools for that also? and do i have to put in a new gasket at the same time on the water pump or is it reusable?

The only pulley that u need a special tool for is the Power steering pulley, the ware pump pulley just unbolts and the pump itself is held into the water jacket by 4 bolts, see photo below, I would not reuse the water pump get a new one.. You shou ... Ford Crown Victoria

The oil pressure on my dodge ram 1500 keeps dropping and won't go back up, the engine light is on the mechanic i took it too said it was the water pump got a completely brand new one didnt work changed and cleand all the oil filters oil change now hes saying that i need a new oil pump i think he just guessing can someone help me

Yes. Remove the pressure transducer and screw in a "known good" external pressure gauge.\012\012If you have correct pressure, the transducer (sender) may be faulty, check all wiring connections very well. If you find one connection terrib ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

I have a june 1985 ford f-250 4wd this was the first efi model its a 302 standard.when i first got the truck the fuel pump in the tank was changed but the one on the frame rail was bad changed that one and the truck still wouldn't start if you dump alittle fuel in the bottom air intake the truck will start and run but after a few minutes it would start to load up and run rough the fuel pressure regulator is new ,the egr is working, map sensor is new i did a full tune up and still nothing (i'm lo

Do this :\015\012Turn the key forward and listen for the fuel pump to pressurize it will make a high pitch sound. If you do not here if then the fuel pump is not kicking on. Might need two people to do this, one to turn the key while the other ... 1986 Ford F 250

Yea mate. 2H engine in my 84 troopy is using water i changed the thermostate and radiator cap not long ago put a new water pump in her and new hoses. its blowing the water back out into the water resevouir. there is no oil look to the water and no water in the engine oil? please help i've asked around and no one seems to be able to give me answers!!! cheers JOE

You either have a cracked block, or blown head gasket. Perform a compression check on each cylinder to get a better idea of where it is leaking. ... Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota camry 1995. water pump new, radiador new, houses new, temperature sensor new, termost new. but after change the het radiador. this car have problems with the cooler sistem. the sistem working goood the fan work in the time but the hot water make to much presion to the radiador and broke the tap because the sistem take air but I don't not from were because don't see antifreezer going aut o in the floor. wen the sistem take air the fan not work and the temperature going up. my cuestion i

Was the cooling system purged after the new radiator was installed? Purging is the process of running the vehicle at idle with the radiator cap removed and topping off the coolant as necessary. Once the car is fully warmed up and the cooling fans tur ... 1995 Toyota Camry

2001 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L - 4 months ago the water pump was leaking from the weephole behind the pulley. I replaced the water pump with one from NAPA, timing belt, etc. It ran great for a couple days until the brand new water pump began to leak from its weephole. I figured it was a faulty pump, took it off, put a new one on - same thing! New water pump leaking from the weephole! I did it once more with a new water pump from OReilly, same thing!! Finally I got fed up and ordered an OE Water

The only thing I can think on is belt tension. You are turning the tensioner counterclockwise and aligning the arrow with the cut out on the head right? But this is a guess only, even if the belt was too tight it should make noise and go longer tha ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

Hello Sir! I have a1993 Ford Escort LX 1.9L Engine Station Wagon. My radiator fan turns on only when the temperature reaches almost to the red mark. When the rad. fan comes on, the fan stays on only for one minute then shuts off. The temp. gage barely moves and the engine won?t cool off. I had the rad. cleaned. I installed a new Tstat., a new water temp., sensor switches, and a new water pump. After these repairs, the engine is still running hot. The only way that I can keep the engine running c

It sounds like either your temperature sender is U/S(but you replaced it right),or there is a problem with the relay that it operates(check this first)or short the sender wire/s and you will then know for sure which one it is.\015\012\015 ... 1993 Ford Escort 4 Door

I just got a 1988 735i was told radi ator was no good i replaced it and changed thermostat and water pump and all hoses it all looked like it was time to change idrove car home about 15 miles temp stayed alittel over half way up went to drive the next day and the main hose the one that tees off blew ahole in it its brand new why is it still running so hot as to blow a new hose soo fast! also transmission seems to be not working right its aouto matic seems like its just stuck in drive wont shift

Look for a blown headgasket, this would prevent the coolant from circulating properly and cause the motor to run hotter and also blow your hose because the water pump can't circulate the coolant fast enough. As far as the transmission goes you will n ... BMW X7 Series

I have a Nissan Patrol Y60 TD42. It overheats after running for 20 to 30 minutes. I changed the water pump, I changed the thermostat and the fan clutch assy. I even replaced the radiator with a serviced one and bought a new radiator cap. I even put in a new head gasket. The problem still exists.

I had this prob with my patrol but only under load up hills\015\012one can of water wetter fixed this very good produce helps to disapate heat ... 2009 Nissan GT-R

I have a 2005 Chevy Equinox that is leaking coolant. I have taken it to the shop and told that I need a new water pump. I had the water pump change and it was still leaking. So, I went back and I was told that I had a blown head gasket. Ok, so I had the head gaskets replaced and the engine is still leaking. I have been to several mechanics and no one can seem to indentify the problem. The weirdest part of all is that not that much coolant leaks on the ground, but the resouvir is empty. What'

When the head gaskets were done did they check for cracks in the heads? ... Cars & Trucks

I bought a UK spec E39 528i last year with an over heating problem (new head had been fitted)but still over heating.I bleed the water system and drove home just short of a 100 miles with no problem.Next day I drove a short distance,when she over heated,got here home ;et her cool down.Read up on bleeding,got the car front end up as far as possible. Still no luck,changed thermostat water-pump,then discovered the bottle on the side of the rad was leaking so I bought a new one,3 rad's later I dec

Remove the colas and repair or change it because the colas is not straight that's while there's pressure in pipes and inside water system .. the CO2 is going to mixed with water ... 1999 BMW 5 Series

2001 honda civic ex 206,000 miles. Overheating. Changed water pump, flushed radiator, changed thermostat, tested fan (good), pressure tested engine (good). Replaced fan sensor connection. Had sit for 30 minutes at a shop running but didnt overheat. Drive for about 20 minutes and stop at a light and it begins to overheat. Once moving the temp goes down. All repairs and tests were done at a Honda dealership . 1500 bucks later(got a new timimg belt since the pump was off) and still the same pr

... 2001 Honda Civic

1989 Jeep Comanche 2.5 throttle body 183,000 miles. Won't start.suspect not getting gas. History - Recent tune-up, oxygen sensor, crank angle sensor within the last 30,000 miles. Changed out water pump also, and all hoses. Fine one day....as in weekend fishing trip of over 600 miles. Tried carb cleaner: yep she rumbles! Got it going the longest about 1 minute and died. This is after the fuel filter change out. Yes I have it in right (out toward engine). Noticed some verbage in my chilton's abou

... 1991 Jeep Comanche

02 vw jetta tdi alh engine code no power on hills. before i saw the car it had a new turbo, cylinder head rebuild replaced one exhaust valve bent, #3 con rod bent, used fuel pump, and new rings. my first thoughts was no boost checked maf sensor it was a little slow but in range, checked dynamic timing it was out. adjusted to 60deg, had less power, changed injector pump, has better power. maf reads 855mg/sec and max boost is 2030mbar

1. Perform a compression test of the engine in order to check out the mechanical status. Air pressure must be (for new engines): 25 ... 31 bar (362 ... 450 psi). For used engines the minimum air pressure is: 19 bar (275 psi). The maximum permissiv ... Volkswagen Jetta

1995 dodge dakota 3.9L not getting any spark or fuel. Have changed fuel pump, ( engine started right up and ran a day then nothing again). Changed spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Replaced ecm (with a used one from salvage yard), ignition switch (not tumbler), and battery. This vehicle was given to my son from his grandfaher after it had sat a few years. Siphoned most gas from tank and replaced with new fuel and fuel treatment. This model truck has fuel pump, fuel qty sensor, and fuel

Ok, try to forget all you have done and start a fresh with a new outlook.\015\012\015\012If you have no spark and no fuel ALWAYS concentrate on the spark first. The reason for this is most engine management systems can identify a non-spar ... 1995 Dodge Dakota
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