Having problems with your 2000 Daewoo Leganza ?

Drivebelt is loose on my 2000 daewoo laganza,how do i get it tight.

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Answers :

Some have adjustments by a spring loaded pully wheel & they do go bad
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Drivebelt is loose on my 2000 daewoo laganza,how do i get it tight.

Some have adjustments by a spring loaded pully wheel & they do go bad ... 2000 Daewoo Leganza

My clutch pedal one day got all loose and wouldnt get tight then i pumped it 4 five min and then it would get tight it goes back and forth between tight and loose and when loose wont go in gear and when tight it is like normal not sure what 2 do.

Your clutch uses hydraulic fluid just like your brakes do. You have a "Master" Hydraulic clutch cylinder connected to your clutch pedal. And you have a Slave Hydraulic Clutch cylinder connected to your clutch assembly. There is a Leak that is getti ... Ford Escort

My Jeep liberty Rear suspension has something loose. When on and off the throttle the suspension twists and dog tracks! It's also clunky. I had it up on a lift and went around with a pry bar looking for loose components and had no luck. It does have a ball joint in the rear center. It could be loose but with the suspension hanging it's tight. I'm at a loss and it's getting worse. I had it in at the dealer and they found nothing???? Anyone I let drive it can feel the problem.

Problem is that most "ramp" type lifts have become obsolete. As you said, you can't find anything with the suspension hanging (bushings are loaded)Try checking it on the ground or up on four drive on ramps (careful though).And, shame on t ... 2003 Jeep Liberty

I have a 89 GMC Sierra 1500 with a loose steering column. I tightened the 2 bolts inside the tilt mechanism witch temporarily fixed the problem. I torn the column back down, (steering wheel, lock plate, and t/s ***.) to retighten bolts but they were still tight. The plastic/teflon knuckle behind the tilt mechanism looks like its separating or worn. Can't steer without wheel getting stuck, ignition switch tight, and shifter very tight. can it be removed and fixed with new parts?

... GMC Sierra

I get a thumping sound when driving that seems to get louder the faster you go , sounds like something loose underneath the car but everything seems tight

... Buick LaCrosse

Brake dragging After i changed the rear shoe and calibrated, after a while, the breakes self adjust so it gets too tight and start dragging and getting hot. I have to be loosing them with frecuency.It looks that the hand breake adjusting level dos not has a limit. Avery time i pull the hand breake, the level turns the adjusting star and does not have limit but the drum. Do you have any recomendation?

Had this before no end of times,their is a sprung piece of steel on the opposite side to the adjusting lever and you have left it off.drill a hole through backplate in line with adjuster and remove the auto adjuster,then when you service vehicle adju ... 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser

I can't get the rocker levers to adjust on a pontiac 400, too tight and I loose the compression on the right bank, too loose and they make noise

Collaped lifter or bad cam you have if an adjustment can't be made ... 1979 Pontiac Firebird

A few days ago my power steering started to get tighter and there is a feeling of something loose is left front. but after initial start no tightness or feeling or something loose just every once in awhile vibration. Tire is not wearing unevenly.

Normally when you get tightening at the steering wheel that means that the rack and pinion is failing. A rack and pinion can cause tightening then before you realize it your steering is back to normal. I would have it checked. Good Luck ... 2007 Pontiac G5 Gt Coupe

Not starting ive got spark in every cylinder. I also cleaned the contact points in the distributor. the engin is getting gas because after i try to start it i crank it a couple of times and pull the plugs out its coverd in gas. the engin was out of time so my dad put it back in time. The timing belt is loose on oneside but tight on the other anything wrong there? but ive even tried spraying either in each cylinder to try to get it to fire. anything im overlooking like a sensor? ?

Reck timing when installing belt belt should be tight on none tensioner side should be lose on tensioner side till u release tensioner then every thing should be even there should a little slack when turning crank after cking that go under dash above ... 1987 Honda Prelude

When wife filled the gas tank, she failed to get the gas cap tight and the light check gas cap may be loose came on. I can not get it off. I can hit the reset button and it goes off. But every time you restart it will ding and come back on. How do you turn it off.?

Hello bkbn.You have 2 choices.You can wait until the next time the car runs the test and finds it's good, or you could go to your local service garage and get them to turn it off for you.I understand in the USA Autozone runs free s ... 2005 Buick LeSabre

When starting my 2003 Olds Silhouette I have to let it crank for a while for it to start. This just started this past week after my son used it and put in some gas. I filled the tank after he had used it and I thought the gas cap was not on tight but I did not get the warning light on the dash, I had that several years ago. I don't know if the cap being loose can have an effect. Once I get it started it runs and sounds fine. If I restart it shortly after shutting it off it starts fine but i

This is a very common symptom when the fuel pump is about to fail. You need to get it diagnosed which most likely means leaving with a shop for a couple days so they can experience the problem and do testing ... 2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Recently my check engine light came on. When I had it checked I was told that it was something to do about gas, the technician said many times it is just a loose cap, which he said seemed to be on tight. He turned it off and the next time I filled it it came back on again. When I fill it all the way I can smell gas for a short time. My biggest concern is that I have to get my emissions test soon and I fear my truck will not pass. I was hoping to get just one more winter out of it, so I don't wan

When you next fill up with gas,turn the cap till it clicks about 6/7 times.AND DONT WORRY, S..T HAPPENS.what is murphys law......"if it aint fixed dont break it.... " ... Ford F-150

Why can i get the wheel bearings tight on the front hub, i torque to specs. and its still loose

... 1996 Ford Aspire

93 chevy van 5.7 belt is loose can't get it tight

... Cars & Trucks

The front seat belts won't retract. they just hang loose. They don't even get tight once I put them on. Is there any way I can fix it?

Spray crc or another lubricant into the retracter and pull a few times ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

Brakes locking and releasing pressure by itself. when in drive or reverse will not move even when depressing the gas pedal slightly. squeaky noise and smel from brakes. Master cylinder, booster, calipers? when pressure released from master cylinder issue resolves for period of time. brake pedal is loose when normal and when locked the brake pedal moves about half inch only very tight. what is the order of operations i should work in to get to the bottom of this? bleed brakes? i dont think theres

One thing it could be is the piston freezing up ... 1996 Kia Sephia

4l80e not seeing signal to shift above 2nd gear. Its a problem with the electrical connector to the valve body. I push on it and it'll shift fine for a day. I unplug the connector to find the male part that comes out of the transmission is loose and I can push it into the transmission if I wanted... I dont know what is supposed to hold it there but somehting just seems wrong with a connector that I think should be tight in the the tranny... anyone have any suggestions or...? on what to do to get

Your going to have to replace the connector, if your transmission is close to needing a oil and filter change. Have the transmission shop ether replace the harness or tighten up the connection when the transmission pan is dropped. 99% of the time a t ... 1997 Chevrolet C/K 3500

I have just replaced the radiator, thermostat, and radiator cap. all hoses top and bottom and electrics are hooked up correctly and tight. i am still loosing coolant / water but the weird thing is it seems to be coming from the back and front of the sump pan(eng) there is no mikly colour in the head and no water / coolant near the water punp on the outside. is there any chance of getting hold of a engine diagram as well as a cooling system diagram. cheers adrian

Hi Adrian,\015\012If you are getting water/coolant around the sump pan it sounds like you have a leaky core or welsh plug..\015\012This is a large disk which is used to seal the holes made when the engine and cylinder head was cast.. They do corrode ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

I removed the plastic lens from the front passenger side turn signal to replace the bulb and now the plastic lens is loose. It is only held on by one screw. How do I get the lens cover tight

Short of buying the part the scew goes into. try filling the hole with a small amount of body filler,Bondo. alow it to harden and drill a small hole into it to accept the screw. the drill should be about 2/3 the diamater if the scew. ... 1993 Ford Crown Victoria

Trying to get the head bolts off of my 2000 Daewoo Nubira Wagon and they really seem to be on there. Are they left handed threads, or they just on there really tight? Also, where can I find the torque sequence and torque specs? Thanks, Scott

... 2000 Daewoo Lanos

My speed ometer stopped working. I traced the cable from the dash to the transfer case and the speed sensor was loose. I was able to remove it by hand. it turns out thatthe threads were striped and I am not sure what I am getting into when I remove the retainer clip that holds the bolt like peice that I believe holds the gear in the transfer case. can I simply remove the retainer clip and replace the gear? If so my thought was to remove it and use lock tight and catch some threads when re mounti

Best bet would be to replace the sensor if its threads are stripped. ... 1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport

When ignition is turned off, I loose internal lights,radio and code,side mirrors and unable to lock the car via the key fob, I have checked the trip display for error codes and am getting code 905 CHECK 0

Fuses are a good thing check fuses under hood and under dash likely an under hood fuse is cooked ... Chrysler Voyager

Belts My alternator belt keeps rotating where the grooves face up and I keep tightning them but, no matter how tight i can get them they keep coming loose. Any ideas on how to fix this? Please help!

The belt might be loose or it is too worn . replace the belt . if that\015\012dont work then its your alternator. replace alternator. good luck!!! ... 1987 Nissan King Cab

I'm having problems with putting my serpentine belt on my 92 grand marquis. Why are there so many different belts for the same car. And also, its so hard to try and get the belt on and it to be really tight. Am i doing something wrong with the tensioner or is there another reason why its so loose

I have just replaced serpentine belts on my Mazda MPV 2.3 and Toyota Corolla 1.8, and I learnt a few things in the process. When you take off your old belt, measure it and buy the new one the same size 'cos these things don't stretch. For example, my ... 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis

My daewoo tacuma is looseing electric power momentarily. the power steering or likewise will suddenly die for a few seconds, or the engine cuts out totally, and will do it a few times in a row, also the engine will chug a few times as im travelling at speed, any ideas whats wrong as i think this is getting quite dangerous. thanks.

Remove battery take to shop have battery tested, cell may be going out. Check alternator, plugs, wires and distributors. ... 2002 Daewoo Nubira
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