Having problems with your 2000 Daewoo Lanos ?

Ive got a Daewoo lanos 2000 model that was working great till it got parked in a garage for 8 months. oil and fuel has been replaced, spark plugs and battery all good. wont run. the most success we've had is when the mechanic taking a look at it sprayed some deodorant down the air intake and it started and idled for a while before cutting out. we reckon it might have something to do with the fuel not getting where its supposed to. fuel pump works fine though. maybe computer sensors? Any ideas?

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Answers :

Change all the filters and sitting that long, I would check al the sensors. Take off the connections and spray them with WD 40. Check the feul line and the injectors. If it has a carburator, open the top of the carburator and clean out the jets. Make sure the float level is right. Good luck.
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Ive got a Daewoo lanos 2000 model that was working great till it got parked in a garage for 8 months. oil and fuel has been replaced, spark plugs and battery all good. wont run. the most success we've had is when the mechanic taking a look at it sprayed some deodorant down the air intake and it started and idled for a while before cutting out. we reckon it might have something to do with the fuel not getting where its supposed to. fuel pump works fine though. maybe computer sensors? Any ideas?

Change all the filters and sitting that long, I would check al the sensors. Take off the connections and spray them with WD 40. Check the feul line and the injectors. If it has a carburator, open the top of the carburator and clean out the jets. Make ... 2000 Daewoo Lanos

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Ive got a 99 vw polo 1.4, for the last month it has been losing power and cutting out, but is fine after a few miles when engine is warm. 4 days ago it cut out, now wont start atall. i replaced the rotary arm and distributor cap. got it started straight away. drove about 200 yards down the road and it cut out again. it turns over fine, its got spark,petrol, checked fuel pump (working). when i turn it over and it fails to start the oil light flashes on for a few seconds. does any one know whats u

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At the back of the engine in between the trans. and engine is a crank sensor. It's on the pass. side of the block. Follow the crank sensor wiring that runs under the engine to see if the harness is broken. If it's in good shape then replace the crank ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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The hit from behind avtivated the fuel cut off switch, its in the boot left side above the water resivouar. it has a black rubber cover just push it down to restart the fuel pump ... 1995 Ford Probe

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Did you test for spark? ... 1996 GMC Suburban

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Replace the fuel Pump relay in the Power distribution box under the hood. Also, start checking the wiring harness back to the fuel pump for shorts. Most likely this is the relay cutting out every time it is pumped or jiggled but it is possible, how ... 1990 Cadillac Deville

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I have a 2000 f250 5.4 it will turn over but not start.i have power coming from battery checked senors 5 an 7 are the ones that ive found to be the promblem i have only 18 pounds of fuel pressure fuel pump is good but put new on .ford dealer couldnt find any prombles cause at that time it would start the cut off going down the rd. now it will not run at all.but you can have some one put gas in under hood then turn over start for second then cut off please help.i got new pcm to

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I had this issue last summer. it turned out to be a weak fuel pump. Or more specifically the check valve in the fuel pump. It will buck and carry on when you goose it.\015\012\015\012Let it sit after you have run it for a while and the fu ... 1989 Dodge Dynasty

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When you turn the ignition to on you should here the fuel pump run. If you aren't hearing it then it sure sounds like the pump. Assuming nothing has happened to the car to affect electrical connections. I don't think there is a fuse for the pump b ... 2001 Chevrolet Camaro

My 97' Chevy Blazer starts but then cuts out all electrical seems to be working fine, replaced fuel filter and air filter my mechanic said the fuel system seems to be running normal and there was no need to replace the fuel pump. After the engine cuts out it fires right back up. Also before the truck dies the tachometer will fluctuate between 500 and 1500 it also happens while idling at red lights or in park. is there a sensor or relay that might be faulty or vacuum hose any info would be greatl

On the throttle body were the air filter hose attaches to there is a TPS sensor installed on the side of it. It has three wires coming from it. One is a ground and the other two are the hi and low sides to the reostat built into it. The reostat is li ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

I have 05 seebring and I will start to sputter like its out of gas but its not. it will not start back up at all. so I went and got $10 in a gas can put it in and it worked fine..... then 2 days later it happened again so I went and got more gas and of course started again. But I dont understand it because it still had about 1/4 tank in it. any suggestions on what might be the proplem will be helpfull. im thinking mabie fuel pump or injector?

I would guess you fuel gauge isn't reading correctly. ... Cars & Trucks

Hello I have a 1990 chevy lumina euro 4dr 120k..I have had all the sensors replaced, tps sensor and so on the fuel pump and fuel filter replaced as well..the problem is when I start the car its starts up and run but when I'm driving and come to a stop there a rough idle and it cuts off ..I notice during the winter when I start it up and drive it runs okay til the car warms up..does anyone have a solution???? Someone said it might be the throttle body??? I need help please I really do love my car

Tune up,coils ,air filter. ... Cars & Trucks

While driving my 1990 ford RV with a 460 engine . The engine cut out on me, i let it sit for a while and it started back up . This happened several times on my way home. When i got home i changed the in tank float , fuel pump & gas filter . On my next trip it happened again,i let it sit & it would start and i would go another 20 or 30 miles. I fnally took it to a ford dealer in PA were i got stuck and they changed the dist. & pickup. after paying $600.00 i got on the road and after 50 miles

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Got a mk3 golf vr6, wont start? been lyin for 8 months, then started first time and ran for 10mins and cut out, hasnt started since. feul pump was not pressuring on ignition so i bridged the fuse to get a constant feed and got fuel to ingection rail and blead it, doesnt seam to be cuming back through the return though?, i have took out the plugs and cleand them up but still no joy. not sure if a spark is present as been warned if you take out the plug and test i could fry the coil pack. really s

Hi I have golf car and I got the same problem.need to check the fuel pump.If it is ok then you need to need to disconnect the oxygen sensor 4 pin found on the left handside of the engine.try this.ok ... 1993 Volkswagen Golf

Hi all, i have a 2.0 jtd scudo van. starts and stops fine up until it reaches operating temp then it might cut out and will not start until cold...help..... it has had injectors, fuel, filter, fuel pump in tank, fuel pump in engine bay, various relays, crank sensor. but to no avail, something to to with engine temp...please help.

Have you tried the cheepest option? the engine temp switch. about £15. ... Fiat X1/9

My 1.4 hdi started up and cut out after about 10 seconds then would not start back up got it diognosed and it showed up low fuel presure it did start back up again but then done the same and cut out,

2006?? peugeot ---made in beloved france ,sorry mate but this is a dealer only job this car has encrypted software so whatever fault code showed its wrong unless the car is plugged in and connected via internet with factory .From an authorised dealer ... 2006 Peugeot 604

Not starting got fuel got spark got injection pulses but vehicle starts up and cuts out

Hook up a fuel pressure guage, the start and run fuel pump circuits are seperate, see if after it starts the pressure drops. ... 1997 Nissan Pickup
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