Having problems with your 2000 Daewoo Korando ?

The left indicator arm has come off-the wiring is still attached-can it be fixed or do i need a new one?

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Answers :

You snedd to replace the switch
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The left indicator arm has come off-the wiring is still attached-can it be fixed or do i need a new one?

You snedd to replace the switch ... 2000 Daewoo Korando

Im also having the same problem, I dropped it off to my mech..the other day, he says I needed a new radiator so I purchased a new one and he installed it, still overheating...then he says one of my fans is not comming on so we fixed that, I also had to buy a new radiator cap since the other was leaking. still overheating. Still overheating, he says we need a new water pump and so I bought one, still overheating, I had taken the thermostat out already but the car is still acting like it has one

Check your oil dip stick and see if it is milky looking if it is you have a blown head gasket and the water is leaking out of the cooling system into the oil and your overheating because your runing out of water ... 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora

1997 Nissan pickup XE 2wd 5 speed After warming up, pickup starts to buck (does not backfire) I thought is was misfiring so I did a basic tuneup including plug wires & fuel filter. Did not fix the problem. Took it to a mechanic. The computer code indicated the mass air flow sensor. (This had been replaced in 2003) He replaced it with a new one but problem still existed so he removed it & reinstalled the old one. At this point his best guess was the distributor because he could not reprodu

Has any one checked the true temperature of your engine the fan might be coming on but at\015\012the wrong temp you could have pre ignition and its firring ahead of time or the ma ... 1997 Nissan Pickup

I had my old catalytic converter turn red and was told by a work mechanic that I needed a new one. So I had a new one professionally installed. I have changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires. PCV valve, 2 02 oxygen sensors, and the converter is still turning red.Also I have had 2 dignostic test done on my 1991 cadillac eldorado, but even the new converter is still turning red. What can I do as I am spending money and no results. I need to know what I can do, to stop this. Thanks

Engine is running rich. Some reasons might be MAF sensor or computer. Is the engine light still on, or what are the codes you got from the previous scans? ... 1991 Cadillac Eldorado

The car refused to start, made clicking sounds @ the solenoid and the starter, still had current, the radio was working etc...So I bought a new solenoid which had an extra screw at the bottom where the old one had only one with a wire attached..Anyways with the new solenoid in the car doesn't make any noise trying to start it, a little noise at the starter but could it be I just wired the new solinoid wrong? I tried it different ways after it didn't work after i wired it the way it came off...An

First, put the old solenoid back on and see if you get the original clicking noise. If yes, you either wired the new one wrong or got a wrong and/or defective part. Your clicking noise can come from several places. First, make sure the battery is goo ... 1993 Mercury Topaz

Passenger side mirrior broken away from car--Oldsmobile Alero '03 I backed up into a mailbox on the side of the road and it broke the side mirror's plastic attachment away from the car. It is hanging on the side of the car now. It is still attached by a little bit on the bottom and by the eletrical wires. The eletrical wires still work, as I can still move the mirrior from inside the car. I'm wondering what I should do? Can I fix it myself? If so, what would need to be done and what tool

If your insurance were to cover that, you wouldn't ask a \015\012stranger on the internet,call the insurance agent\015\012\015\012You can remove the inner door panel and replace\015\012the mirror yourself,maybe,if you have aut ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 1990 buick lesarbe limited with the 3800. i just recently did a dinostic test and it said i need to replace my cam sensor, so i did. now the check engine light is still on and it still say i need a new cam sensor. what should i do... it thought i should get new wiring for the sensor but i would like some one else's opinoin before i go spend money.

You will need to replace the interrupter aka. cam magnet. This will require removing the timing cover and cam gear to put it in. Also while you are there replace the cam thrust spring,chain and tensioner. ... 1990 Buick LeSabre

How do you attach a power drivers side mirror on a 1996 GMC Jimmy? Existing mirror was knocked from mooring. Wiring still attached and intact. Mirror controls still work. Plastic connectors are broken. Can see how wiring is connected but can't see how I would fasten a new mirrior to the car if I bought one.

... 1996 GMC Jimmy

I have a problem with my reverse lights i found that the switch had been cut. so i went out a bought a brand new 1. i have now revmoved and installed the new part and the reverse lights still aint working can you plz help all the fuses are still fine i even bought new fuses and replace with the old one and still no go i don't no what to do and i need it fixed asap.

It sounds like you did everything correctly, the only 2 things I can think of is:\015\012\015\012Check contacts in reverse lamp housings and they're grounded\015\012\015\012And how about new bulbs? ... 1989 Honda CRX

Just a 05 ford f/150 lariat crewcab 5.4l 3v it needed new plugs and coils change all 8 started it it misfired still very bad could not drive I took to shop told me need new motor I brought it home unplugged some wires plugged back in ran it the next day ran fine for 2 weeks it started to hestate and sputter I change air filter and fuel filter started it could not drive it I found the fpdm hanging off crossmember got new one idle great drove it it was fine then it start to hestate bad and try to

EGR valve dirty. My car ran the same way when my EGR valve was dirty ... Ford F-150

My rear blinker on my 1996 1500 chevrolet silverado truck isn't working. I put 2 new bulbs ( the middle one is still working) in to fix the problem, but the new ones don't work now. Could it be the fuse? If so, where do I find the rear passenger fuse to replace it? Are there some extra fuses, or will I need to buy one? Thanks

Most likely it is a shorted or melted tailight printed circuit board. It is a very common problem. There is a left & right board,one for each taillight. They are available either side or as a pair at most auto parts stores. ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

My brake lights do not come on when i press the brakes. i have changed the switch for the brake lights but I still get nothing, which wire do I need to change because the brake light wire on my 2000 Esteem must be burnt out I just need to know the color of the wire so that ican change it and run a new one.

If you have a meter.... check the bulb socket for 12V DC with someone applying the brake or watch for a 12V DC pulse on the meter when the meter leads are on the socket contact with the emergency flashers on. (+) lead to socket contact and ( - ) l ... 2000 Suzuki Esteem

1987 GMC 3500 350 engine. engine stall and skipping, new plug ,new wire, new air filter, new pvc,new cap,new roter,new air line hose. still stall out when put in gear and skip when driven , need solution to fix problem.

Have the fuel pressure checked if it is weak,it will cause this . ... 1987 GMC VanDura

I need to know the wiring schematic for a 24 volt charging system on a 1994 chevrolet 3500 truck. The alternator has been checked and replaced but the new one is not charging the system. there is two wires cut and there is one that is red that runs to a solenoid. the alternator has an internal regulator and has been checked as well. what can i do to fix this current problem. the motor is a 6.5 turbo diesel.

... 1994 Chevrolet C3500

Where is the 2003 Pontiac Mini Van computer or brain located? My van has the check engine light on. (I got taken to the cleaners & billed almost $1000 and the problem still exists.) The mechanics have replaces 2 sensors; GM has replaced the wiring harness now they say I need a new computer? (A $500 Job.) I'll do it myself get a used one, & if it's just a matter of unplugging the harnesses & plugging the new one in I can do that. ( if I can get to it?)The Van runs rough, stalls & skips backfires

Hi.The main control module is called the ECU, PCM or ECM. The ECM is replaced only after testing the module and finding it faulty. The PCM does not fail very often.Replacing the ECM is no straightforward operation. After repla ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

2001 Windstar stopped running while driving. It started fine but was shaking thought I needed gas since my fuel light was one. Car stopped working before I got there right before it died the oil light and battery light came on. About a week before the check engine light was on. Towed the car home we replaced the fuel pump and filter. Still nothing. The battery is new. Then we saw that one of the arms was missing from the engine shut off module. Went to the junk yard got another arm for it. put i

... 2001 Ford Windstar

Buick 88-90 Der Sirs I am an owner of Buick Regal 1988 2,8l I am currently renowanting it Can you please help me out with the wiring system? I have changed my old speedometer board and put a new digital one from Buick Regal Limited 1990 3,1L. Now I need to change my wiring in the plug so that all the indicators on the board are connected and working. I need a scheme of seedometer cluster (plug) with description of all PIN's and cable colors for plugs in both car versions. Can you help me out?

Goback and get the harness that fits the cluster and plug it direct to the fuse block, Its the only way....Good luck pat from P,O ... 1988 Buick Regal

Blower motor will shut off at any time. Some times it works ,some time it doesnt.Had 2 shops look at it with one fixing it twice already,still not fixed,and trying to tell us it would need a new motor. Car is a 2006-Kia-Spectra.The other shop said it needs freon.Obvisouly they could not figure out the problem. The air is cold and when brought to shop the blower was working so I dont know what it is.

Its a wiring prob. ... Kia Spectra

Belt snapped looking for a picture where the pulleys are so i can see how to put this belt on. Its the one for the alternator.The other belt is still there and operational. I need to see how to take the other belt off to put the new one on. Also is there a tension pully there? If there is;is it supposed to be in a fixed position when there is no belt there? That's why i need to see a picture of it. Unless you can tell me.

U dont need no diagram or picture to change the belt just look how your old one is on there and change the belt by unscrewing the alternator bolts and push the alternator down and take the belt off. ... 2004 Nissan Sentra

My focus has a light vibration and the rpm goes slightly up and down but it only does it when its on idle or when iam in a stop light. When it does that, my panel lights kind of dim out as the rpm goes up and down. I already put new motorcraft sparkplugs and new wires but still the same. I just went to check the alternator, they test it with the machine and they told me it was overcharging, they told me i need to fix the regulator. do you think that will fixed the problem? thanks

What about a vaccum leak or weak batterys. Check the fuel pressure from the fuel pump also. ... 2000 Ford Focus

There is a yellow spiral wire sign on the right hand side of the fuel indicator on my 2003 Dodge Sprinter. What does that mean? If that indicates a problem, can I fix it myself and how? Or do I need to take it to service? My Sprinter still runs fine with that spiral wire sign on though! Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks. Josh.

... 2003 Dodge Sprinter


If the timing belt is ok check the following : the rotor turns , the coil wire is not open circuit , the wire to the coil has 12 volts with ignition on, the rotor points to no.1on distributor cap T.D. C. compression stroke ,the timing belt may hav ... 1991 Toyota Camry

No spark I had a bad set of plug wires and also a bad plug. I replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor on my 95 accord. When I tried starting it I had the plug wires crossed, fixed the wire problem and tried starting it again. There was no spark checked the coil and that checks out ok. I had the icm tested at a parts store and they told me that it was bad installed a new one and still no spark. I am wondering what is going on with this? By the way it is a 2.2 vtec engine.

Recheck all the spark plugs and make sure all the wires are grounded properly ... 1995 Honda Odyssey

Hello, I have a 2003 GMC Sierra the cd player doesn't work the radio and tape player do. I took it to an car audio place. This is what they told me> It would be over $400 to put in a new system becasue every thing ie, steering control for radio and door chimes are all attached and I would need all new wiring to be compatible with a new cd/radio player. He suggested they send out my old one to be repaired. I got a call today saying the repair alone would be $250. That seems very high to me. What

Well they r probably right. I put an aftermarket stereo in my 03 and the harness alone was over $100. There is one thing u can try......key off, remove the radio fuse under the hood and turn the key on for 30 seconds.....then turn key off and reinsta ... 2003 GMC Sierra

I replaced my break switch on my 2002 dodge dakota because it wasn't going out of park, now my break lights won't come on. I tried 2 new Switches in case 1 was bad but still no luck. I noticed not all the wires were connected on the old one and maybe that is the problem, but I don't know what color wire goes into each terminal. I know 1 and 2 work lights 3 and 4 work abs and 5 and 6 work speed control (which has never worked, maybe because it wasn't hooked up) But I need to know what color wire

... 2002 Dodge Dakota Club Cab
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