Having problems with your 2000 Chrysler LHS ?

I have a 2000 LHS Crysler I bought at auction. The instrument panel lights will not turn off even when the car is off. It is killing the battery. We checked the fuse inside the car and under the hood, they are both fine. We disconnected the radio to see if it had any connection, but it made no difference.

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Answers :

Sounds like the dimmer switch is bad
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I have a 2000 LHS Crysler I bought at auction. The instrument panel lights will not turn off even when the car is off. It is killing the battery. We checked the fuse inside the car and under the hood, they are both fine. We disconnected the radio to see if it had any connection, but it made no difference.

Sounds like the dimmer switch is bad ... 2000 Chrysler LHS

Radio Dead I've got an 1997 LS-400 - best car I ever had. The radio has always worked fine - but for some of the display graphics dying out. Last week I had the timing belt replaced. I get the car back - it runs fine, but as I'm driving down the road, I see the radio is blank. I hit the power button - nothing. I brought it back to mechanic - he says it has nothing to do with him. He says "radio must have died". He checked the fuse under the hood and in fuse panel inside car - which were good. He

When it comes to independent auto shops, its tough to get them to take responsibility if they did something wrong, thats why most people with a car as nice as your wouldnt trust it to just any shop. Theres nothing in a timing belt job that would caus ... 1997 Lexus LS 400

05 jetta gls- battery keeps going dead- had alternator and battery tested-fine. with car out of ignition and radio turned off, when you open the door you can hear a pop from the speaker- like the amp is still on? could this be the drain? also- hood latch sensor needs to be disconnected in order for the alarm to "chirp". apparently the sensor is faulty, could this drain the battery?

I think you answered your own question; I highly suspect the amp. I am an experienced audio repair tech. Your description infers you have a separate amp; it should have a heavy power, a heavy ground, and a light remote (to the amp on and ... 2007 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 Sedan

MBZ E320 CDI (2003), The CD, Radio and navigation system not working. The car battery became flat after having my car parked for 35 days, so I jump started the car and it started fine. But the CD, radio and navigation system does not seem to be working now. I have checked all the fuses on the driver side dashboard and the boot, all the fuses seem to be fine. I disconnected the battery for about 5 minutes thinking it will reset the system but no luck. Can someone please help?

Your radio/nav system needs a code. Go the your dealer's parts department , give them the VIN of your car( should be free $0). Punch in the code through the car radio and your radio/nav system should work right away. ... 2008 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz C Class

Headlights are draining my battery. i replaced the alternator because i noticed a severe drain, my cars radio cut out and my engine almost quit. after installing the new alt. everything seemed fine until the weather dictated the need 4 headlights. the car ran fine untill the battery got very low under 11v. at home i performed some diagnostics disconnected all amp wires, turned radio off and headlights. checked the voltage the alt was doing its job battery charging and read 14.5v at idle. reconn

Sounds like you have a shorted wire somewhere. ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

I have a 1994 honda civic...the battery was disconnected and reconnected .... now the radio doesnt work.and it worked fine before hand..the car was purchased used and am probably 4th owner...is there some code i need to try and get radio working again i read somewhere that there was some security thing that disabled everything when battery was disconnected...is this true??

You have activated the theft deterrent feature of your radio, u will need the code that came with the owners packet when the car was sold, if u don't have that u will need to pull the radio out and get the model and serial number off the radio and go ... 1994 Honda Civic

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima. Last night I jump started a friend's car. The jumper cables were connected wrong. We saw smoke and instantly disconnected them. I drove home fine, but this morning my car won't start. It has gas, the lights and radio are working fine so it's not the battery (is it?). I keep hearing my main fuse may be blown. How do I know? About how much/long wold that take to correct this problem?

Did you see the smoke before or after you jumpstarted the car? if it was before the cables were hooked up incorrectly and with the switched polarity it can not only kill your battery but also computer components. if the smoke was after the jump start ... Nissan Altima

WEIRD PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey people!! So this is my problem. today started my car perfectly fine drove it around and what not beautiful day as well. The car's radio was taken out keep in mind of all this. So i decicded to put in my own deck, I disconnected the battery to be safe. and hooked up the deck to the harnesses and what not but now the car won't start. Everytime I try to start it the alarm goes off the windows won't go up and my remote does not work. My car is a 1998 VW passat 1.8t

Need to have computer reprogramed .lost memory when u disconected battery ... 1998 Volkswagen Passat

Mopar remote start issue. It was installed by the dealer and worked fine for a while but now It will try to start, (radio comes on, seat moves forward, etc,) and i can hear clicking noise from under the hood, but it never actually tries to start the car, and just beeps twice. I don't think it is a hood switch issue because if i open the hood to engage the switch and try to start, it come back immediatly with 2 beeps. With hood closed i can hear clicking noise and it takes a few seconds befor

Many of these remote start units are defective or the install was done with the wrong type of connectors and a poor connection is the problem, suggest the best thing to do is have the dealer who installed it take a look at their work. ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I am experiencing an intermittent no start problem (no starter, radio doesn't work with key in the on position, doors locks get accuated) with a 2003 Jetta TDI. If I disconnect the battery and reconnect it the car will start without problem except the brake warning light and some others flash and the warning beeper sounds. The flashing lights and beeping sometimes also happens when I open the windows when the car is running. The car runs fine.

First check your parking brake is fully released. If the parking brake lever is slighty applied. It will give you the "BRAKE" or(!) warning light and the chime will sound.---- Get the brake system cleaned , might just be a wheel sensor. Mine ac ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

When we tried to start our 2007 Suzuki XL-7 this morning, we heard a loud crack (like an electrical spark). Now when you turn on the key. all lights, radio, etc. work fine. Turning the key to start the engine results in a single click from under the hood but the starter does not turn. Battery connections are good and battery is fine (all other electrical systems work fine and do not drag down when trying to start the car as would happen with a weak battery or bad battery connection). Is there a

Check the start solenoid, starter side, when you turn the key... The battery side will always be hot, the starter side should be hot when you turn the key. ... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

Radio code My radio was working fine, I got out of my car and went into a store came out and it just stopped working. It was reading error. I input my code, which is correct because I had used it a few times before and it is not working. I have disconnected the battery and also took out the head unit unplugging it from the back and nothing has worked. I don't know what else to do

Replace the radio, something in the fuses probably not working. ... 2003 Acura 3.2TL

Well the first time it happened i had just started the car and was pulling out of a parking spot. i found that the 40amp fuse under the hood had blown. i thought it was because i had the a/c,the radio and the lights on. i went to the autoparts store and replaced the fuse nad it was fine for about a month. today i was comming back from lunch and it ran fine untill i pulled into the parking spot. it died and when i went to replace the fuse this time it blew right away. i unhooked the battery hopin

Hi. You have a serious short somewhere. To get to the bottom of this without a lot of guess work get your car into an autoelectric repair shop. These shops have all of the diagnostic equipment to find the electrical problem right away so you will ... Pontiac Grand Prix

2006 Ford focus zx4 St..replaces the alternator last night car ran fine all day I came home for lunch and then I went to leave to go back to work about 35 min later and the car would not start wouldn't even turn over dash lights work. windows radio door locks all works but it wont turn over at all I turn the key and its like the battery is dead and the odometer wont read Milagros just dashes like this ----- -------- I checked the fuses under the Hood and steer

... Cars & Trucks

Having trouble w/2008 equinox. Battery is fine, won't crank to start though. Accidentally disconnected fuses. Mistook the fusebox (where there is a pos. post)) for battery spot, so I slightly lifted fuse box area (disconnecting some), then reconnected. Now it won't start, but car radio, wipers, lights, etc. come on. HELP PLEASE!!

... 2008 Chevrolet Equinox

When trying to load a CD the radio displays the message "INITIALIZING" then nothing happens. The radio itself works fine. could it be because I just got the car back from the body shop and the battery was disconnected.

That might be true. I'm not sure, but it could be the CD because it's scratched up. it is probably because the battery was disconnected. Hope this helps!?\012\012\012Please rate solution - Thanks. ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

I changed out the stock stereo in my 2007 chrysler 300 base car. Now the a/c cluster does not work. Any ideas? All fuses are good, stereo works fine. I don't see any broken wires. Now there was two connectors going to the stock radio and I just needed one. I can't beleive that a/c control goes through the radio connector. Also I have the airbag inop caution lit on the dash while I am driving. Is there a firewall disconnect somewhere that I may have pulled loose that is common to both problems?

Need a diagram for radio wiring for 2006 chrysler 300 touring ... Chrysler 300

2004 Durango - did not move for 5 days. Started today and ran fine for about 5 or maybe 10 seconds then slowly died. Will not turn over now. Interior, exterior lights, dash, overhead, windows, seats, radio all work fine. Disconnected battery to allow reset while I cleaned the terminals. Also tried to jump start with brand new truck. Get nothing except the car door ding.

Load test the battery because i has volys doesnt mean it has amps if tested fine you have a short to ground somewhere maube internal on the solenoid hit it while somebody else turns the key a starter solenoid can weld it self in place due to arcing b ... 2004 Dodge Durango

Car ran fine earlier today. Parked it and now it won't start. Battery is fine, radio, lights, accessories all work. Starter motor does not click when key is turned. Dead silence under the hood when key is turned. I have checked the ground via battery cable and no luck. Could the starter motor have died?

Sound like a starter go to bad or died. You can do a few tests to diagnose a starting system problem without \015\012any tools or measuring equipment. Turn on the headlights and start \015\012cranking. If lights go out, you probably have a poor batte ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

2001 Sunfire; electrical. Suddenly have no headlamps, gauges, or radio. It starts and runs fine. Checked all fuses in car and under hood. Look OK. What could it be?

When I changed out my Ignition switch with a new one I had the same issue. If I remember correctly it was an Anti-Theft problem. I had to reset my Anti-Theft to get them back. Should be able to google how to do that as I have since forgotten. Hope th ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

Was starting sluggishly then went to walgreens and turned off car and it wouldn't start. Got a new battery. Same thing. I hear a click under the hood when I try to turn the key buy nothing. Lights radio ect all works fine. Please help. ashley

This means that the battery is probably good. Next you need to check if the cables are bad or the starter is bad. Corrosion on the cables can prevent the starter from receiving enough power to start. With a voltmeter, first make sure that ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Code wire(s) I hope someone can solve a code wire connection problem Iam having. I had a transmission put in my car sometime ago and the mechnic told me that he had to disconnect the code wires under the dashbroad in order for the transmissiom to shift beyond 1st gear(Automatic). At the time I thought why would he need to do that? Anyway, the transmission shifts fine but the problem is after I had reinstalled a new battery I could not put the code in to get my radio to come back on again because

I have a saab 900 se, my car stereo has a few connections on the back you just plug them in. once you have power enter the code 2455 or 2544. oh get a couple of scewers to get the radio out unless you have the tool. these codes work on my car. or whe ... 1995 Saab 900

The turn signal lights turn on but don't blink and also the under the hood light, the trunk light and the "dome" light inside the car don't come on at all. I checked the fuses and they all look fine. And also the radio doesn't work, only the tape player works.

Congratulations on owning one of Americas best cars. For sure your blinker flasher is most likely dead. This can cause some problems so replace that first. Second check a fusible link coming from the positive side of the battery cable. This is usua ... Buick Century

My radio is not working in my car. It was fine and then one day it just wasn't working; which has also affected my door chimes. I've checked the fuses and wiring and everything seems to be fine. The radio is working properly...maybe it's the amp? It's a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix with the Monsoon system ("Bose" appears on the display part on the radio). Also, my car seems to have trouble starting. When I start my car, it'll try to start, but then immediately shuts off (sputters and dies). So

Get a new radio. Or an aftermarket radio with $180 adaptor. Sucks, but the radio ties into the security of the car, which may be effecting your starter. Sorry, these are probably the only options.\015\012\015\012Heres a link about securit ... Pontiac Grand Prix

A few days ago, I turned my car, a 1995 Ford Taurus, on and everything was working fine and then it was almost as if the car had stalled, but it was still driving. The radio turned off, the power steering turned off, but when I shut it off and turned it back on, everything worked fine. Until today. I drove it around fine all day,and when I went to my friend's and was about to leave, the car wouldn't start. It sounds like the battery is dead, but the lights, radio, windows all worked. There was n

Could be a short it a wire or ur batter ends could be bad ... 1995 Ford Taurus
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