Having problems with your 2000 Chevrolet Venture ?

How many temperature sensors are there on a 2000 chevy venture & where are they located? Fan is not coming on and gage is not working?

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How many temperature sensors are there on a 2000 chevy venture & where are they located? Fan is not coming on and gage is not working?

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I have a 2008 Malibu LS, 4 cylinder.My engine light has been on and at the same time my temperature gage does not work and the fan keeps running, then the engine light went out for a couple of days, the temperature gage worked, but sometime the engine light was off and the temperature gage still worked. The temperature gage can be working and you are driving and all of a sudden it stops working. Someonoe suggested a sensor. Does anyone know what kind of sensor and where and how hard is it to ch

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Hi I have 1995 bmw 318 covertible and I have some fan radiator problem in my car. after 15 min car engime working the temperature lavel go to high. Because the fan radiator no turn on (no work). But, if I put the aircondiotiner work(on) the fan star work and the temperature car come to normal lavel. I was think than problem is the fan sensor(radiator fan switch) and I replace for new radiator fan switch and the problem still the same. I would like to know how many sensor have the fan radiator.

That has 2 sensors one ac and one cooling should b a sensor on shroud near cooling fan ... BMW 318

My 2006 Grand Prix has been over heating for a while now. I saw that the coolant fans are not coming on, even when the AC is on. I've tested the relays and they seem to be working, and I would like to replaced the coolant temperature sensor, but I can't seem to find it on my car. Can anyone help me locate the sensor? Thanks

Here is my solution ... 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

Hi I have 1995 bmw 318 covertible and I have some fan radiator problem in my car. after 15 min car engime working the temperature lavel go to high. Because the fan radiator no turn on (no work). But, if I put the aircondiotiner work(on) the fan star work and the temperature car come to normal lavel. I was think than problem is the fan sensor(radiator fan switch) and I replace for new radiator fan switch and the problem still the same. I would like to know how i can fix this problem.. ..please s

Check all your fuses and if theyr fine it may b the fan sensor ... 1995 BMW 3 Series

Radiator Fan for 94 centry does not come on. Engine overheats. I assume temp sensor is faulty. I have hot wired the fan to ensure the fan does work, but without those wires... no luck. I hate to just replace things without some amount of confirmation that that is the problem, but I also needed to know for sure where it is located. I asume there are 2 sensors because the one sending the temp to the dash gauge seems to work ok, just nothing telling the computer to turn on the fan...

The ECM turns on the fan when the coolant sensor reaches a set temp. the fan is also turned on when the AC is on. there is also a fan relay in the circuit. none of these are very expensive. if the fan works when you apply direct voltage, the fan is g ... 1994 Buick Century

I have a chrysler 2002 3.8L T&C. The radiator fans are not coming on all the time and sometimes the engine gets a little on the warm side. It hasn't overheated yet but we did stop driving it until we get the problem fixed. To fix the problem I first replaced the temperature sensor located on the firewall side of the thermostat. This did not fix the problem. Next I replaced the fan relay located on the steel bumper between the plastic bumper and the radiator. The fan still does not come on

Visually inspect the air conditioner condensor on the front of the radiator as well as any exposed radiator on the front. if it has a large number of embedded bugs this could lower the airflow and allow the vehicle to get warm, a quick fix for this i ... 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

Spark plug have 97 sunfire with a 2.2 in it but put in motor from a 96 2.2 was wondering if the gapping inthe plugs is different also haveuing probs with the cooling fan when put new motor in it worked for while then engine light came on hasnet worked since , noticed the realy switch was backwards bought new one replaced fan temp gage sensor still nothing will come on if you unplug the gauge sensor but shuts off when you plug it back , any ideas.

It may be a problem with either the computer or the temp gauge is rated to low or high ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

1985 FIrebird SE 2.8 six cylinder, missing AC, could this stop the electric fan from coming on? I have replaced fan sensor and relay, still no fan. It works hooked up to the battery, but not when it is hooked up correctly. I have checked the wires,ok. The sensor was located on the left front side of the intake. Also, what is the sensor next to it? It is larger and has two wires.

How about fuses, are there any fuses related to the fan? ... 1985 Pontiac Firebird

I have a 2002 malibu and the cooling fans won't come on with the a/c off on there own even if the temp goes in the red. If you turn the a/c on the fans will come on and run until the temp goes down to where the fans should cut off even if you turn the a/c off after the fans start. I have replaced the temperature sensor and checked the fuses and relays and they all seem to be fine. Both fans are working as well.

Don't do what he did i did that and now my car will not pass the smog when i want to sell it so you should just try to sell it like that before it gets worse!!! ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

I own an 1999 VW passat. I noticed that the passenger fan is not working? where do i locate the fan temperature sensor? Can I test the fan to make sure it's working?

I believe the other fan comes on when the A/C is running. I would run the engine and turn on the A/C and see if both fans work. You can check the plug going into the fan to check for power with a test light. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Cooling fans not coming on. Fuses are ok, replaced both relays. I know fans are good...used jumper wire from battery to fans to make sure they were working. Only thing else i can think of is sensor, any body tell me where the sensor is located?

The temp sensor is located next to thermostat housing. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

When I unplug the temperature sensor the radiator fans work. I replaced the sensor and the thermostat and plugged the sensor back in and the radiator fan is still not coming on (causing overheating). What's up? A Fuse? A short? Patrick

Does the temp gauge go over 240 degrees? these coolant fans do not come untill 232 degres try turning the ac on and see if the fans come on then,if these 2 things are true this is normal,ck this 1st,hope this helps ... Pontiac Grand Prix

2001 Eurovan trouble code PO118. engine coolant temp circuit high input? Sounds like a temperature sensor issue as the van operates fine and the engine coolant temp is normal and cooling fan comes on correctly. The check engine light with this code comes on for a while and then goes off. Where is this sensor located on the engine? Thanks - Michael Sim

... 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan

Raditor fan does not come on when the temp. comes up. The fan works and the fuse is ok. Is there a heat sensor that turns on the relay, if so where is it located? 1992 4 cyl Dodge Dakato.

Usually there is a temperature fan relay. It is located either in the fuse box or on the strut mount. Good luck! ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

I have 1998 Subaru Legacy. Only one cooling fan is coming on. I check it by direct battery power. It works. Do both fans have seperat sensors? Where are they located? Should they both come on at the same time?

... 1995 Subaru Legacy

The engine temperature gauge suddenly stopped working on my 2006 S60. I assume it is the sensor as the car is running fine, the heater and engine cooling fan are working properly. I haven't been able to find a Haynes manual for the car so I'm not sure where the sensor is located.

I'm afraid that my online resource doesn't have data on this vehicle. Which means that the best source of information will be a Repair Manual from the manufacturer, or a Haynes or Chilton manual if available.\015\012\015\012One can try to ... 2006 Volvo S60

I have an over heating problem. Symptoms, overheating, radiator fans not working but both work when you have air conditioning on so guess wiring and relay are fine. I have replaced the temperature sensor and the thermostat, flush radiator but no change. Have discover that there is no water flow, ran car till over heating, fans did not come on, boiling water bubbling out of overflow tank, top radiator hose is hot but the bottom radiator hose is cold. Could this be an air lock? I am wondering if i

Fan switch on thermostat housing is bad replace it ... 2001 Honda Civic

I have a Cadillac 2000 STS with the V8 Northstar engine. Can you help me locate the water temperature/coolant sensor. I am trying to get thru why it is boiling over the resevoir box and into the engine comp. I think the cooling fans are not coming on and also the gauge (inside car)only goes up halfway. If the water is that hot it should to me seem to read even higher and I have heard that the fan also may work off the same sensor as the temp gauge. I have looked at the 2 30amp fuses and they are

This could be a faulty surge tank cap, common problem.The cap is designed to hold 16 psi pressure,if it fails, the coolant will escape.The cap only costs a few dollars so it's worth changing it to see if this solves your problem. ... Cadillac STS

I have a 300zx non turbo , it is not leaking coolant , electric fan is working good but whene i drive on a hyway , the temperature start going up like 3/4 on the gage, as soon i star driving in the city the temperature starts going down to 1/2 gage. i was thinking that is a timing problem because i change the timing belt 2 years ago and probably the crank angle sensor needs to be graduated. please let me know what do you think

I doubt very seriously the temp problem has anything to do with the timing issue. It sounds more like the water pump is going bad or you have low coolant. When your moving the fan should be free wheeling if it isn't the clutch is bad or the Fan moto ... Nissan 300ZX

I have a 2001 Ford Explorer XLT V8, the check engine light is on, and my temperature gauge is not working. I took it to my local auto parts store and had it coded, it came up to the enging coolant sensor, I changed it and the temperature gauge is still not working. The fan is coming on so I know it's not overheating, what else can I look at to fix the problem

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Van overheating when stuck in traffic fan not coming on changed two sensors engine temperature and temperature controlno change. Fan does work when put power to it externally. Van still overheating when left to idle in stop and go traffic

U should check for a faulty thermostat first, they are only a few quid and easily replaced. if no change ur most likely faults are a blocked radiator or faulty water pump. u dont sayhow old ur van is but after the thermostat go to the radiator, when ... 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager

1998 subaru forester temperature gage goes up then down to normal after a few minutes. Simultaneously the heater air temperature goes from cold to hot almost at the same time perhaps indicating stuck closed thermostat? The fan does work properly - both first one then eventually both fans come on.

Could be a sticky thermistat. they are cheap so i would change it anyway at least you will know it isnt that ... 1998 Subaru Forester

Car overheats, fan doesn't come on, where is the temperature sensor located?

... 1985 Plymouth Reliant

Where is located the temperature gage sensor for a Mazda MPV 2001

One should be on the radiator, one on the engine, check it on the radiator, this is controlling the fan ... 2001 Mazda MPV
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