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2000 s10 extreme died while i was driving it was wierd

\015 But it died on me on the highway i know its a fuel problem cause when i spray starting fluid it will try to stay on but dies. ive changed my fuel pump not to long ago \302\240and i still hear it turn on so im not sure what caused it to die could a sensor or the filter cause that to happen? my battery is good.\015\012any suggestions please let me know thanks..\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

It is either a bad sensor or plugged fuel filter. Very possible it is the throttle position sensor or leaky injector. Most likely bad sensor.. If check engine light is on, than surely bad sensor.
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2000 s10 extreme died while i was driving it was wierd

It is either a bad sensor or plugged fuel filter. Very possible it is the throttle position sensor or leaky injector. Most likely bad sensor.. If check engine light is on, than surely bad sensor. ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 2002 xtype jag. It will just die while I am driving! It will restart, and I have had to throw it into neutral to restart because I am in traffic! Only once, after stalling four times in one drive, did I have some trouble starting it the third and especially the fourth time. But it did start and drove fine. But it is extremely scary to be driving and not know when it's going to die. I am going to check fuses today, brought it to dealer and a mechanic. Dealer was no help whatsoever

The Jaguar has a number of electrical problems...among which is a worse problem than you have right now. It can select reverse when idling at a stop !The emergency brake can also automatically apply its self at any speed .Thes ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

I have an Audi 80 1.8 petrol 1989. The car starts from cold with no trouble settling to a normal idle speed. However as you drive for a mile or so and come to slow down the engine dies to a extremely rough and lumpy running - barely above a stall. Pressing the accelorator produces no revs and the engine ''hunts'' firing only on a one or two cylinders. Eventually the car will start again and as long as the revs are kept high it will drive again, although when the revs go lower the engine dies aga

Also check the vacuum system and the injector insert o-rings for air leaks.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1989 Audi 80

I have a 1993 s10 blazer 4.3l 6cyl cpi. this truck is hard to start unless you put fuel in the intake by hand. i have replace the fuel pump, engine temp sensor, fuel filter, spark plungs and wires. when i driving and the engine warms up it whats to die unless i punch the gas and has die when driving. i use a fuel gage and it reads at 54-56.

I had the same problem in my 91' s10 blazer. Drain the tank, then put about 5 gallons of premium gas. After that put fuel system cleaner and sea foam in the tank. Let it sit their for about an hour. try to crank up the car (you might have to put gas ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Car misses at least a few times when I drive it and DIES sometimes while I'm driving. This is EXTREMELY dangerous as the car is an automatic and has to be put into park or neutral to try and restart. NOT GOOD when on a highway, etc. This has been happening since I owned the car for the last six months. Only had 50,000 miles when I got it and all appears to be in good shape. Even mechanics have looked it over and can't find anything wrong. Now my "check engine" light is on. When it died while dri

You surely need this checked out. Take to a locial parts store and let them run the codes to tell you exactually what this is . It is free to have this done At Autozone ,Advance, Napa, good luck to you. ... Subaru Legacy

2001 F150 While driving in light rain engine died comming to stop. Attempted to restart and acted like low batterry (no tick just slight turn and stop). Twenty minutes later It had slow crank and attempted to run but extremely rough like firing on two cylinders. This morning again slow crank and extremely rough trying to run. Temps were good, Battery full charge, and I did not drive threw any big puddles. Any suggestions?

AUTO SHOP OWNER\012\012\012Welcome to fixya\012\012Hello\012\012 \012\012I hav ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

I have a 1992 chevy s10 blazer 4x4 4.3 v6 and when i drive it and it gets warm and i come to a stop the oil pressure drops to 0 and the whole truck starts shaking but when i take back off it goes up unless im driving a long distance it will drop to 0 and stay there

Y0ou need to get the oil pressure sending unit checkd if it is working and your oil pressure is really that low then I suspect your oil pump is failing and your engine will soon lock up on you starnding you wherever it fails. This can't be post poned ... 1992 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

My 2000 Oldsmobile alero I just bought two days ago dies whenever I brake to much... at every stop light if I don't ease into the brake the rpms will drop to 0 ant the car will stall and then die... I tried tightening the throttle line so that it would idle higher and now I turn on the car and the Rpm shoot to 4000 and the check engine light came on but when I put it in drive it idles at 1500 rpm... what do I do to stop it from dying or stalling at red lights

Is a code showing on the dash sounds like an fast idle sensor ... Cars & Trucks

2000 chevy s10 runs for a few minutes then dies. Had fuel pump, fuel pump relay and fuel filter replaced at shop but the thing will still not run properly. You have to keep your foot on gas to keep it from dying so the idle has to be above 1500 rpms to stay running. If you let foot off gas it dies. So you have to keep foot on gas pedal and one on brake to drive it. Someone help me I am about to run the thing off a bridge

I doubt very much this is electrical. Rather do a visual inspection for vacuum pipes that are leaking or have become dislodged especially around the throttle body(Where the throttle cable is connected to) and plenumb chamber. If you find a place that ... Chevrolet S 10

My 1995 chevy s10 engine will start looping when put into reverse and dies like something is locking up also will do it in drive at times

... Chevrolet S 10

1994 cadillac sedan deville 4.9 dies while i'm driving but then starts back up but only seems to be doing it in the extreme heat. We already replaced the egr valve the plugs & wires and the i

Fuel pressure regulator I guarantee you ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

S10 Extreme has drive shaft vibration and shop

Could be a u-joint. Check it by moving the drive shaft side to side, if no play in the u-joints then they are not bad. If you need to replace the drive shaft I would suggest you find one at a salvage yard versus paying that much for a new one. ... Chevrolet S 10

S10 dies while driving and will restart in neutral

... Cars & Trucks

94 s10 ss erery now &then when i drive it dies on me some days alot more than others this is under normal driving cond.

Ignition module or fuel filter clogging ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Montero, new battery and new alternator. Car loses charge while driving, can actually see the battery gauge going from 16 to 12 in ten minuets then gets to 8 and radio goes off and lights dim till it gets to 0 and dies...if I get a jump for 5 min. it will drive another 5-10 minuets before it does the same thing. If I charge it with a charger for 3 hours it will run for 20 minuets before starting to lose battery power and get's down to 12 by the time I get home, then it s

You need to check the charging system. Take a volt OHM meter and go to the positive and then the negative posts. It will tell you how many volts it is putting out. If it is not charging at least 13.9 volts, then you bought a faulty alternator. If ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

1994 Lexus SC: has 175,000 miles, drives great. Lately, will not hold idle at all. I could be travelling 65 mph, but if I completely take my foot off the accelerator, it will drop to 0 rpm and die. Same at slow or medium speeds. Starts up easily, but dies unless I throttle it with ACCELERATOR constantly at 500 rpm or higher. Problem developed gradually.

Your throttle body needs to be cleaned and serviced, it's possible that your idle air control motor is dirty internally or gone bad also. If it starts up cold ok and idle's ok then starts stalling after it warm's up you just need to have the throttle ... Lexus SC 400

Bought this used last week, it ran like a bat out of hell until a couple of days ago. First it started sputtering and having issues getting up to speed and then today it just totally bogged down and stopped and then died. After it sits a while you can drive it for short distances at a very very slow speed until it dies once again. Two things that I probably should not of done, one is steam cleaned the engine and tworan it extremely low on fuel, i mean really really low. I'm leaning towards .

Well thanks for being honest about the low fuel and the steam clean.To test the fuel pump you will need to attach a pressure gauge to the fuel line and measure the pressure with the fuel pump running. There is usually a gauge attachment port n ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

I have a 1989 chevy s10 blazer 4.3l 4wd i just replaced the fuel pump and drove it to town while driving it dies and now the pump wont turn on but sometimes it will and act fine then dies after like 3 or 4 miles please help

Try the fuel pump relay or try another fuel pump. ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Strange problem I have a bmw 328 E36 model,now the problem whit it is,that when it is cold it run like a horse powerfull as it should be.But,when it gets hot at normal running temp it ideal normaly but if i should turn the stearing weel(p/s) the engen just dies it dosnt struggel the needel just drops to 0 this also happens when i am driving,when im stepping on the clutch it dies evrything is in good condishon and electronicly 100%.Im thinking it could be heatseize on the pisstions but mabe anyon

Maybe it is a ,air regulator ... 1997 BMW 328

Hi,i have a 96 accord 4 cyl. vtec. just recently there has beeen a power loss issue. i have changed the alternator,check the ignition switch,tested fuses , battery seems fine,connections are good no corrosion,but cannot find problem. the car will start drive for abit then gauge lights start dimming out ,speed and tact go to 0, till the car dies out it wont restart.its jumps fast,ande runs for alittle while then same,everything dims out and dies

Check the alternator voltage , it has to be 13.8 to 14.4 vdc. it sounds like your car is running off the battery alone. Sometimes a bad battery will take out an alternator,and after replacing it goes again.Check all connections,and check the feedback ... 1996 Honda Accord

Got a 92 s10 blazer 4.3L vin w. Cant seem to find a diagnostic machine that can read a vehicle this old. It has always had a slight miss and recently developed a problem with dieing while in drive at an idle. currently it will fire and run for about 2 seconds then dies. when tryin to restart it usually wont fire and you start to smell gas as if its flooded. i have given this truck a complete tune up, new fluids and o2 sensor. im running out or ideas,

It's aldl jump the diag connector and wait for flashes ... 1992 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Car dies My discovery only has this problem when it is extremely humid or I drive through a little water. The car will either quit running or acts like it is being deprived of fuel when I drive through a puddle of water. It sounds like an electrical problem but I don't know. I can wait a few minutes and it will run fine.

Look under the car and see if the altinator is easly got to. if it is then that means water can get to it also. if it is realy humid, then that might mean you need a new one all together. ... 1998 Land Rover Discovery

89 s10 blazer v6 4.6 going at speed then cuts off?like no gas put in neutral and crank put in drive works again after a few miles(miles vary } then dies again while costing start back up and and fine for for a little while the does all over again all the way home.at all speeds same standing still give it gas it revs up but sooner or later cuts off start again and fine till dies again? fuel pump or not dont want to replace if not

What ever is killn it is heat related possiable fuelpump swap out fuel pump relay with anuther or could be ignition module mounted in distributator ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Bogging out my car was ok for 40 miles than it started to go hay wire, the rpm gauge was dropping to 0, than the car would die and not start up for awhile, after we pushed it and let it sit it started up agian, than .2 miles later it died out again, than started up after it sat for 2ish min. than i was able to start it and drive it home, i live 5-6 miles away and it was fine.

Good evening and welcome to fixya\015\012you gotta hate problems like this one. the alternator in this vehicle uses an internal voltage regulator, you will probably want to start by checking the output of the alt. in amps should be between 90 ... 1993 Pontiac Firebird

I have a 2002 hyundai elantra I have replaced the alternator and got a new battery well it ran for one day then while driving it the next day there was a big clunk like something fell out of the motor then the RPM dropped to 0 then it died. Now the battery is dead and it will start if it is jumped it will run for about maybe 2 minutes then the RPM drops and it dies. So what i am asking is is there a relay or fuse or sensor that has failed or did I get a bad alternator??? Please help ASAP I miss

Crank sensor will cause similar stalling issues. You may have got a bad alternator, if the battery light is on after you jump it, probably needs a new, new alternator. make sure all your connections are tight and plugged in, both on battery and alt ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra
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