Having problems with your 2000 Chevrolet Blazer ?

2000 blazer 4.3 starts and dies

\015 Drove fine all day pull in my buddies driveway left it running idle was fine for 15 minutes then just dies and does not start back up...let it sit for alittle while then starts up idles ok then lowers then dies..\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2003 Chevy Blazer dies after starting. About 3 weeks ago my blazer started dying when I started it or I stopped at a traffic light. I took it to the shop and got a tune up. Now its doing it again. This doesnt happen all the time but this morning I couldnt get it to stay going at all. It starts but if I let off the gas it dies.

It's starving for fuel. The main component there is the MAS -- mass airflow sensor, very common to go bad. Tap on it and sometimes that will make it rev lower or stall. It's inline with the black tubing that goes to the air filter. They run around $2 ... 2003 Chevrolet Blazer

Bogging out my car was ok for 40 miles than it started to go hay wire, the rpm gauge was dropping to 0, than the car would die and not start up for awhile, after we pushed it and let it sit it started up agian, than .2 miles later it died out again, than started up after it sat for 2ish min. than i was able to start it and drive it home, i live 5-6 miles away and it was fine.

Good evening and welcome to fixya\015\012you gotta hate problems like this one. the alternator in this vehicle uses an internal voltage regulator, you will probably want to start by checking the output of the alt. in amps should be between 90 ... 1993 Pontiac Firebird

I have a 95 Chevy blazer s10. IM have a fuel problem. The fuel pump.in running and getting gas,to the fuel rail if I go out to start it for the first time it starts for about a min dies if I take the negative battery terminal off for 10 sec it resets the pcm it will start for about a min and dies and it will start every Time I resets the Pcm does this indicated the pcm is bad?

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My 97 blazer overheated and stalled out on me. steam was rolling out of the engine and I let it sit for the night. the next day i went to start it and it took a little while for it to start. i had to give it a little bit of gas for it to start and once it did it only ran for about 30 seconds then died on me again. when the blazer started, it bogged and shook so i didn't put it into gear. any suggestions? what all is messed up? how much do you think it'll b to get it fixed?

The overheated issue makes me think you blew a headgasket. Best bet is to do a chemical block test before you spend any money on other parts. This test will confirm gasoline is in the coolant. If you just added coolant because you were low then you ... 1999 Dodge Durango

94' blazer will not strart just died one day while driving it .i replaced fuel pump,fuel filter,fuel ragulater, if you spray starting fluid in it it will start but then die whin the starting fluid burns off dont know what to do now some one please help it has a vortec 6cylender 4.3 liter tds motor

Check to make sure they sold you the right fuel pump. they are two pumps for a 4.3 ones a vortek and one is a throtlle body. the eighth digit of the vin will tell you one is a vin w and one is a vin z. the throtlle body only puts out about 11psi of p ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

2001 chevy blazer extreme 4.3 L has ran fine, than last night truck acted like it was running out of fuel, died than I stopped put gas in and it started up but was making weird sound. Drove for less than a quarter of a mile and the truck acted like i was fouling a plug. Pulled over got it started and drove for about 15miles and truck died again could not get it started. Sounds like it wants to turn but does not have enough fuel to turn it over. Changed plugs, wires, cap&rotor,fuel filter, fuel p

Check for voltage at fuel pump connecter when key turned to run position should have 12 volts for 10 seconds and 12 volts when cranking ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

1994 Chevy Blazer problems. Car starts and runs for a bit. Dies later and won't restart. Next day it will start and dies later. Have changed EGR, O2 Sensor, Fuel Pump three times, fuel filter. No luck. Funny thing happens whae it dies though, the electrical system goes down. Gauges and dash go blank and no power. Could this be a computer problem. Codes say nothing wrong. ECM?? Need help.

Have you checked the battery after it died. I would check and see if the alternator is putting anything out. If its not, then i would look into the pink and brown ignition wire that runs the alternator and gauges and such. If any problems with this w ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

My car was running fine, then died..the rpms drop from 1000 to 0 and the car dies. No problem starting, but holding the idle

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Blazer died let it set for a few days started up changed plugs fuel filter ran bout ten days then died again no wont start at all

Do you know if it is a tbi or a cpi? Have you checked for fuel pressure or spark? ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

Abs light well i have a 98 honda accord v6. the abs light started to come on and when it did my cars idle would go down below 1,000 rpms and then it would die i would start it up again and it would run fine. a coule of weeks later when i was going down the road the abs light would come on and my rpm would go down and my speed amotor would go down to 0 speed and when it would do this my radio would make this noise light stadic going through it. so id pull off the road and my car would die.

1. Your fuel pump is going bad.2. Your brake pads has gone flat too.3. Have a look at your plugs and fuses.See an expert if you are confused.Please rate afterall has been looked at. ... 1998 Honda Accord

98 buick lesabre oil pressure dropped to 0 and engine died. added 1 quart oil, waited 30 minutes, started and drove 5 miles then oil pressure dropped to 0 and engine died. does this sound like a bad oil pump? where is the oil pump and is it hard to change for a "handy" person? thank you.

My sister had the same problem. There are 2 sensors that can cause this when they go bad. One is the oil pressure switch, which is located near the oil filter. When the PCM reads this switch, and gets a low reading, it will automatically kill the eng ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

Hi,i have a 96 accord 4 cyl. vtec. just recently there has beeen a power loss issue. i have changed the alternator,check the ignition switch,tested fuses , battery seems fine,connections are good no corrosion,but cannot find problem. the car will start drive for abit then gauge lights start dimming out ,speed and tact go to 0, till the car dies out it wont restart.its jumps fast,ande runs for alittle while then same,everything dims out and dies

Check the alternator voltage , it has to be 13.8 to 14.4 vdc. it sounds like your car is running off the battery alone. Sometimes a bad battery will take out an alternator,and after replacing it goes again.Check all connections,and check the feedback ... 1996 Honda Accord

I ahve a 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer 4X4 with the CPI 4.3L V-6, and I'm having a hard start problem. The owner claims they changed the fuel pump, filter, and injector/spider. I did a tune up on it, plugs, cap, rotor (wires ohmed out good), and ignition control module, but it'll die when it get hot, and won't start for a while after words. There is also a hesitation when you hit the gas 25% or more then it dies. I'm stumped.

... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

2003 Dodge Neon Sxt standard transmission runs great but recently has started suddenly trying to die. I will be cruising in 5th gear and feel a sudden jolt and look down to see my gauges all fall to 0 before returning to where they were and I'm cruising again. Sometimes this will happen when I am in neutral and the car will die but starts back up no problem and runs fine. It doesn't happen often but it seems to be progressing. It almost seems like some kind of electrical short to me. The check e

Could be a lose ground somewhere. check the wires from your batery and alternator. specifically the grounds. no ground no power. ... 2003 Dodge Neon

My 2003 nissan sentra has trouble starting. It usually starts and dosen't die by the second or third try. The speedometer will jump from 0 to 1 or 0 to 2 when I am driving and then cut off. Or sometimes the speedometer will jump up and down as the car jerks. When I press on the gas my car makes a coughing sound. I am afraid my car is on the verge of breaking. What do I do?

Good day, try to check the coils spark plugs air filter i hope this tips will help you. ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

89 s10 blazer v6 4.6 going at speed then cuts off?like no gas put in neutral and crank put in drive works again after a few miles(miles vary } then dies again while costing start back up and and fine for for a little while the does all over again all the way home.at all speeds same standing still give it gas it revs up but sooner or later cuts off start again and fine till dies again? fuel pump or not dont want to replace if not

What ever is killn it is heat related possiable fuelpump swap out fuel pump relay with anuther or could be ignition module mounted in distributator ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

My 1999 s10 blazer will start up fine and drive like nothing is wrong until the motor gets warm then it starts cutting out, then it starts losing power no matter how much gas i give it than eventually dies. If i let it set for a min or two it will start right back up like nothing is wrong but will start doing the same thing again.

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My blazer just turned off on me yesterday. I thought it was mabe not enough fuel but after i refueled it it only started once and shut back off. now i cant get it started for nothing iv put gas and treatment in the tank. it still wont start. any ideas as to what it could be . the key turns and the engine sounds like it wants to start. iv tryed starting it up so many times that the battery is dying had to jump it a few times.

Run fault codes check as it may be a failed cam/crank position sensor that will not allow it to start or some other faulty sensor that is the problem. Do not waste money until you know what you have to replace ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

My wife's 1991 Saab 900i starts and runs fine from a cold start but with a "hot" start on a hot day the car will start, but the engine oscillates between 0-2500 RPM and lacks power. In this condition it dies when the accelerator pedal is pressed and is undriveable. After waiting anywhere from 10-90 minutes the car will again start and run OK.

In a case like this you can have allot of thing's going on to cause this, you really need to have the computer control system for the fuel injection tested for trouble codes before u buy any parts, but based on my experience two thing ar ... 1991 Saab 9000

2002 Blazer will not start. It fires and sounds like it is going to start every time I turn the key, but will not start. Sometimes it sounds like it starts, but dies immediately. (within 1 or 2 second

If you know its getting fuel then lest talk about spark check the spark plug wires and the spark plugs if you got spark see if your getting air check the air filter if its to dirty it wont start beacuse clean air wont come through ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

92 Chevy Blazer s 10 4 .3 Vortec Died at a stop sgin, will not start, not the fuel pump-will not start with starter fluid down throttle,had no spark from coil replacwd that now i have spark- still no start, changed distributor and ignition module still not starting

Check for cam/crank position failure. Run fault codes to determine fault. ... Cars & Trucks

My 98 pontiac grand prix sometimes will die going down the road sometimes it will start right back up sometimes it doesnt it takes a little while and also right before it dies sometimes tge rpms will go down to 0 and then it will die but sometimes that doesnt happen it just dies also you can sometimes smell gas fumes inside the car

... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

I Have a 2002 blazer that starts but motor dies, surges when accelerating

If this engine is a VORTEC then you may have a problem with the internal fuel system. Under the top plenum there is a fuel reg and poppet valves that inject fuel into the cylinders. Sometimes the tubes that run fuel from the reg to the valves can lea ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

Starting problems I have 96 Blazer that will not start. Starter turns but will not crank to engine. Had initial problem about a a week and a half ago and thought it was a dying battery. Jump successful from a another vehicle. 2ed occurrence a few days ago. Again jumped. I got it home and had battery tested. Pros said it was ok. Installed back in car and wouldnt start even after jump. I've seen posts about moisture in distributors and faulty Crankshaft Positioning Sensors. Can anybody he

Check the battery connections and cables, I have seen them corrode inside the insulation and cause high resistance. Do a load check at a point other than the battery posts. ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

Sometimes my 2000 chevy blazer will not start. If I hit the gas tank while it is being started it will sometimes start. I am wondering if this is a fuel pump problem or a fuel filter problem. It never sputters or dies while driving it. The gas gage will not register below half a tank no matter how much gas is in the car.

Your fuel pump is going out, I would change the fuel pump as soon as possible, possibly with very little gas in the tank because the gas tank has to be removed to replace the fuel pump, and sometimes the gas tank straps will break when removed, g ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer
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