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My200cateras left front door makes a cracking nise when I open and have to hold or it wont stay open.It slams right baack, Have to keep open with hand or wont be able to get out of car.

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Answers :

The door check link on the car has likely failed, which is not an uncommon problem. Replace the check link at a body shop or dealer...sometimes there needs to be an added brace installed for reinforcement. Good luck.
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My200cateras left front door makes a cracking nise when I open and have to hold or it wont stay open.It slams right baack, Have to keep open with hand or wont be able to get out of car.

The door check link on the car has likely failed, which is not an uncommon problem. Replace the check link at a body shop or dealer...sometimes there needs to be an added brace installed for reinforcement. Good luck. ... 2000 Cadillac Catera

I opened the golf td1 3003 mk4 and the drivers door opened but the alarm started going for a bit. after that the remot control wont work as with the electric windows , however i can open the doors with the key in drivers door but boot wont open . the key will go into tailgate/boot but it wont turn at all, the 10amp fuse keeps blowing and i have used about 6 of them so far car works but elec windows and central locking and boot stuck fast. tried to get the boot plastics apart from inside but can

Sounds like your convenience module is on the fritz ... Volkswagen Golf

My 1993 dodge shadow es wont start.. if it does then it dies right away... i was driving my car when suddenly it started to **** and the engine wanted to die then it did and the check engine light came on but it wont stay on... i went under the hood and in the left hand side by the alternator i heard a zaping kind of noise like if you would put the positive and negative jumper cables together... i went to start my car today it started then died right away then it would not start again... ANY IDE

You could have a spark plug wire off or bad plug wires shorting to the head. There could be a shorted cable/wire to your alternator. The easiest way to check for shorts is to disconnect your positive or negative battery cable. Make sure your ignit ... 1993 Dodge Shadow

My heater in the Mercedes c240 1999 car is not working well. One side of the heater (left hand side is ok) but the right hand side keeps on blowing out hot air even when it is on the cold setting. Any ideas? Also, the engine fan (cooling fan) keeps coming on and it seems to be draining the battery. When I pull out the fuse to this cooling fan, the coolant sensor light stays on and car seems to overheat somewhat. Could this have anythiing to do with the heater blowing hot air? Thanks!

The control valve unit behind the dash either broke or stuck. the car has two set of control valves, one for passenger and on for the driver. It common for the unit to fail on all cars some has better luck than others. inside of the valves made out o ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

While driving the car squeels as i turn the wheel, it will make more noise when going left rather than right. open the hood and it sounds like the noise is coming from in or around the PS pump. However when i jack up the car and keep the front right wheel off the ground and turn the car on and turn the wheel there is very little noise. and yes there is PS fluid in the pump, it is leeking but very very very slowly.

Replace all PS Pump fluid with synthetic oil fluid and add a stop leak to system , probably you have extreme cavitation in old fluid . ... Cars & Trucks

The ECL and check engine light come on everytime the car starts. that is if it starts. In the heat or just randomly the car wont start. it will crank but wont start.the only time the car does start is when the ECL and check engine lights come on. this usually happens during the day. also, at night the computer keeps the right headlight from working and the brights from working. when i flick the brights on the lights go out. This problem even messes up the LCD screen in the center of gauge cluste

WHAT YEAR AND TYPE? ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Open Circuit and my car cuts off sometimes while sitting and will start right back up, sometimes it takes several tries. I keep having to replace the heat sensor behind the passenger headlight. I just did and now I am having this problem. Have had open circuit problem right after we replace the heat sensor the first time. I never had the cut off problem until now though. Help please

Hello. I want you to get your car's computer scanned for starters. If you have an AAMCO repair shop nearby they now scan for free. Some auto parts stores also scan for free. Do that first. It may pinpoint your problem. If it does not solve the ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I've been working on a 2004 Kia Rio and it still dosent wanna act right. The motor has been rebuilt a few years ago along with the transmission, and ever since the trans build I keep having Codes come up and the car wont accelerate properly and wont go over 30 mph, and also idels very high. I myself dont own this car but I have done work to it, It is owned by my brother in-law and im gonna describe this the best i can. I only have the recent codes which have been coming up each time, but the fir

You have a or some loose wires my friend. check carefully all the grounds one may be loose from the previous repair work look on trans grab the big ground cable from battery and see if it s loose at the bolt check area of intake manifold for loose gr ... 2004 Kia Rio

1994 camry 4cyl. was running great. drove it to work and shut it off, then went to start it back up and it shut right off, wont idle. I can keep it running by keeping my foot on gas and its not running rough at all. car has 258,000 miles. awesome car....

Have your idle control switch check, easy and inexpensive to replace. The idle control switch is what keep the engine stay idle. also have your throttle body clean by a professional having that many miles, it will give you better gas mileage ... 1994 Toyota Camry

Passenger Airbag I cannot for the life of me find a clue as to how the passenger airbag would open on my 2005 Buick LeSabre Custom Sedan which I have just bought. On the right hand side of the panel I can read "Airbag" but do not see a possible opening and that part of the panel is one piece that extends to the other side of the car. Cannot find a sketch of any kind showing that part of the car. Would appreciate any assistance rendered. Thanks

Trust Me LoL It Is There And It Can And WILL Most CERTANTLY DEPLOY AS NEEDED they are Just Much better at Concieling them. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Timing belt i replaced the timing belt got the car to start..first problem...it started but the drive belt tensioner wont stop moving now and it is making a knocking noise everytime it bangs ...second..the car wont turn off when i turn it off it will run for like another minute or two...third i have a broken throttle position sensor..will replacing the throttle position sensor and the drive belt tensioner fix my problems...or did i not time the engine right when i changed the belt..keep in mind

You obviously need to replace your TPS, and you may need a new belt tensioner as well. On these cars the timing belt setup is not about no 1 cylinder being top dead center. Here are the proper steps to do a timing belt on this vehicle:\015\012 ... 1996 Ford Escort 4 Door

I have 2001 camry car. Sometimes the break get locks up and stop running the car. but it will keep moving slowly and won't be able stop the car. two times i stopped the car with hand break and moving side of the road. What will be the problem?

... 2001 Toyota Camry

I have a 97 honda civic dx the right hand bottom ball joint break causing the cv axle to break i replaced both and tried the car but the car wouldnt move so i put a new cluth in the car still wont mov

If you can raise front of vechicle wheels off the ground with transmission out of park if you can turn one wheel and the other wheel turns there is no tranmsmission internal damage to the final drive gear.if you put in new clutch need adjust clutch. ... 1997 Honda Civic

I have a 1990 lexus ls 400. the alarm keeps going off everytime the door is opened and then it wont start. the keys DO NOT work for locking or unlocking the car. what can i do to get the alarm to stop and to get the car to start. i have school that starts in 6 days and my wife is about give birth any day now, so must get this car going without having to take it in. not sure if this means anything but i noticed that when battery is connected that every time i try to unlock the passenger side doo

... Cars & Trucks

Interior problem 1999 Lincoln Continental V8, Vehicle doors are closed and insrtument panel tells me one of the rear doors is ajar. this leaves me with the problem of not being able to read mileage and adjust any of cars handling features and also doors will not lock while car is running. Sometimes while im driving it will automatically lock and problem resolves itself but once a door is opened the problem exist once again. I know that with older cars the switch is right on doors jam but not in

The door switch is part of the door catch assembly. Try spraying some WD40 into the catch and opening and closing the door several times. If the cam inside the catch will not free itself off, you will need a new catch.\015\012Hope this helps... ... 1999 Lincoln Town Car

Water leaking I noticed a puddle of water underneath my Neon (pretty near the front right tire). After opening the engine hood I was able to find the hose that was leaking. Well, it's not a simple crack or hole in the hose, but the hose seems to be "open ended". I don't know much about cars, but i figure that the open hose is either entirely cut or it is supposed to be attached to some part of the engine/cooling system. Is there any website where I could find pictures that would tell me, where

Hi, Its the ac/heater condensate hose and its supposed to be like that. A puddle of water under your car is normal especially when the weather is hot and humid. ... 2002 Dodge Neon

I have a 05 chevy cavalier. I just put new headlights in and now all of a sudden my car alarm keeps going off. (The horn blows and my dome light flashes) Also right before I installed the headlights, my car radio doesn't go off with the car it is suppose too go off when you open the door, and for the past two weeks sometimes it will go off other times it don't. What could be wrong, is there anything I can do to fix it

Disconnect battery for about 10 minutes. then reconnect. gives alarm time to reset and everything should be working fine.when headlight went out it broke the circuit to alarm . now all you have to do is reset. ez ... 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 93 Isuzu rodeo check trans light keeps coming on and then the transmission starts to lock up (wont go) then i have to cut the car off and then it runs fine recently now my left turning signal is not working the voltage hand moves instead of the turning signal coming on that hand moves like the turning signal.

... 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

Car battery keeps dying, I have to get a jump everytime i turn off the car cuz it wont turn back on. it usually takes a few tries to get it jumped. a couple times i've got it jumped and it turns right back off. the headlights are still bright as can be, radio works fine. is it my battery or alternator?

Possibley both load test req.for batt. d.c. voltage meter for engine running volt output 13.5-14.5 ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Mitsubishi 1995 FTO - The lock to the trunk will open using the switch located to the right of the driver, on the floor, in front of the petrol cap switch; however, the trunk will not open using the key manually. This car was recently purchased second hand and was not accompanied by an owners manual or repair manual. i believe the latch inside is missing a component, but i require a picture of the mechanism to confirm this. the key cannot even turn the lock. Can you help?

... 2003 Bentley Continental GT

Seat alhambra 2.0 petrol 1998 beeping noise when unlocking car and wont always start had no problems went to go to work wouldnt start jump started fine left idling to charge battery went out in it ok then tried bit later wouldnt start tried again half hour later and started but keep getting beeping noise when unlocking the car and opening the door

Does ur car has a burglar alarm? ... 2000 Ford Focus

Have a Jaguar x type 2003 model when I try and lock the car from the key fob it wont lock and the horn sounds twice I have to lock it via key in drivers door still beeps twice but does lock the car. Interior light stays on. when i return the light has gone off and I can unlock via key fob. during the day and night the alarm keeps sounding every now and again , i have been told there is a problem with the passenger door . when the problem first started i used to be able to slam the passenger door

Its propably the door courtesy switch. Remove it, clean the wire and contacts and try that. Hope that helps ... 2003 Jaguar X-Type

Window mazda mvp 2000 driver window.motor seems to work,at closed window position if tried to open, you can do it for few inches and being able to closed it again.Howevere if you keep holding the switch, then the window stops in the middle.At this point the switch neither rolls down nor rools up the window but you could still hear the noise of the motor. with the help of one hand pushing up and the other hand holding the switch. it is possible to roll up the window. It is evident that wiondow is

Take off door panel and see if window has fallen off the track. may have to replace window motor as it is part of the window regulator is inside the motor and that maybe what is out. ... 1992 Mercury Cougar

I just replaced the battery on my 94 montero and it still wont hold a charge. everything will be fine for a while but then the radio goes out and the spedometer reads 0 mph as well as the RPM. The battery meter says it has no power. The car will then only go about 30 mph so I pulled over and turned it off and it wont start. Finally after turning all everything including the headlights off for 20 mins it started back up but keeps having the same problem. I am charging the battery right now b

Check all your grounds for a good connection and same with the positive terminal check for a loose connection clean the cable ends good . all it takes is a bad ground not making connection . ... 1994 Mitsubishi Montero

My e320 mercedes runs fine and starts every time until it gets hot and im idling it stalls and will not turnover until i let the car get cool . i have in the past been able to drive while its hot as long as i keep my foot on gas while im stopped i need a solid fix i know im asking alot but i have financial problems right now and need this car to get to work desperatly seeking a mircle

... Mercedes-Benz E320
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